Important Names in Gambling

The big names and important people in gambling don't get the credit they deserve. Each of the people described in these biographies was instrumental in shaping gambling as we know it today. Some of these people were pioneers while others improved on the existing ideas of the time.

Without these peoples' contributions, both online and brick-and-mortar gambling would look very different today. Sure, other people would have eventually come in and filled the voids, but we wouldn't have the same level of gaming and extravagance that we have now. These bios tell the stories of the people behind the innovations that make modern gambling what it is.

On top of all that, these stories just make for plain, good reading. It's interesting to see how these diverse characters all came to join the gambling industry, build their empires, and change everything around them. Some of these people were born with almost nothing and became billionaires. Others have more modest fortunes, but they all show the unique grit it requires to succeed in business.


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Criminals or Businessmen?

There's something interesting that you'll notice about the online gambling gurus detailed in these biographies. Many of these people were considered criminals at some point. Countries around the world have an odd assortment of laws that address gambling and especially gambling on the internet.

For example, William Hill got started as an underground bookie who took illegal bets in the UK before bookmaking was even legal there. Some people would call him a common criminal, but his name now adorns one of the most respected and successful gambling sites in the world.

The same also goes for many of our US-based gambling barons. Ron Sacco was arrested numerous times and served multiple stints in prison. At one point, it was even alleged that he was in bed with the New York mafia. The FBI considered him a wanted criminal and pursued him around the world.

But was Ron Sacco really such a bad guy? Sure, he broke the law, but he also employed hundreds of people and ran one of the first honest bookmaking websites open to US customers. If he would have been born in the UK, then he wouldn't have had a single legal problem. Because he happened to be a US citizen, he earned a name of infamy among law enforcement circles.

We're not arguing that any of these people were saints. Whenever you have a cash based business such as gambling or short-term loans, you're bound to attract unsavory characters. What we do ask is that you read these bios with an open mind. At times, it seems the law of the land is open to nothing more than the whims of the powers that be.

One day, you may be a perfectly upstanding, tax-paying citizen with an honest business. The next, you're being compared to terrorists and other violent criminals. The arbitrary lines that define the law don't always provide us with the clearest picture of someone's true character.

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