Live Dealer Blackjack

Online casino games have proved to be very popular with a wide range of people. They are great fun, and it's really an easy way to gamble without having to leave the house. The biggest drawback for people that are used to playing in real live casinos is that the virtual games just don't offer quite the same experience. This is no longer much of an issue, however, as many casino sites now offer live dealer games.

These games have been around for a while, but they have become a lot more common recently. A lot of players find them far more enjoyable than graphic-based casino games as they are that much more realistic. Live blackjack, in particular, is a real favorite. If you are not familiar with how live dealer blackjack works, we explain it on this page. We also list the best casinos where it is available.

Best Casino Sites for Live Blackjack

Despite the popularity of live blackjack games, not every online casino offers them as of yet. You still have plenty of options, but you do want to be selective about where you join. Not all casinos are of the same standard; and the quality of live games, in particular, can vary significantly. We have put together the following list that contains the best live dealer blackjack casinos around at this moment.

  • Bovada Casino
  • Winpalace Casino

The casino sites on this list are our top recommendations for those looking to play live dealer blackjack in 2017. They are all very reliable sites with great reputations for being safe and trustworthy operations. We honestly don't believe you'll find any better. So if you are looking for a place to join today, you need not look any further.

What is Live Dealer Blackjack?

If you have played any virtual versions of blackjack at an online casino, then you'll be familiar with the graphical representations of the cards as they are dealt. These games are powered by a random number generator that selects the next card to be dealt. Live dealer blackjack, on the other hand, is basically what the name suggests: blackjack played with a live dealer.

With live versions of the game, you get to watch a video stream of a real person dealing real cards at an actual blackjack table. The video stream is in real time, and the dealer reacts according to your decisions just as he or she would if you were in a brick and mortar casino. You start by placing your chosen stake and are dealt two cards as normal. You decide what move to make and the dealer takes the appropriate action.

The rules of the game are exactly the same: it's just a different way of playing. It's obviously that much more realistic and a more fully immersive experience. You almost feel like you are actually playing in a casino. At many of the top live dealer sites, you even have the option of chatting to the dealer and other players at the same table.

Differences Between Live Blackjack and Virtual Blackjack

In a practical sense, there's not really much difference between a live dealer blackjack game and a virtual version. The rules don't change and you still have the same chance of winning. Neither one is particularly better nor worse than the other; it's simply a matter of personal preference.

Generally speaking, the biggest advantage of the live version is that it's more realistic. This isn't necessarily a big deal to everyone, but there are those who enjoy it that much more. It's also an excellent choice for anyone a bit cynical about the fairness of online casinos. By playing live blackjack and actually watching a real person deal the cards, there can be no doubt at all that the game is being played the way it should be.

There are a couple of disadvantages compared to the virtual version, although these are fairly minor. As you would probably expect, the games run a little slower due to the physical dealing of the cards. You'll play a few less hands. Also, a live dealer casino can only place so many tables in operation. In theory, you may occasionally have to wait for a seat to open up if there are a lot of players online at the same time. This is pretty rare.

If you haven't tried live dealer blackjack, it's certainly worth giving it a try. You may find you like it, or you may still prefer the virtual version. Either way, you won't know until you try. We suggest signing up at one of our recommended casino sites and seeing for yourself.

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