Best Football Betting Sites

Football is one of the most popular sports to wager on. Betting on it is particularly prevalent in North America, as you would expect, but it is also common in many other parts of the world too. Because of this popularity, it is not hard to find a betting site where you can wager on the sport online. Pretty much every sportsbook covers football, so you are quite literally spoilt for choice. While this is obviously a good thing, it does also mean it can be difficult to know which one you should use. We can help in this regard, as we have compiled the following list of the best football betting sites around.

This is not just a random list of places you can bet; we have compared a huge number of sports betting sites, examining what they have to offer in order to determine which are the very best for wagering on football. We are extremely confident that you will have a positive and enjoyable experience if you decide to use any of these sites, as we are very particular about the places we recommend and look very closely at several different factors when ranking them.

If you are keen to get started right now then you can go right ahead and visit one of the sites we have listed above. If you want to know exactly why it is that we recommend them, we have explained about our ranking criteria in more detail below. We have also provided information on the various forms of football you can bet on, along with a short guide to betting on the sport and a brief history of football betting.

Ranking Criteria

There are many factors that we take into account when rating football betting websites and, in our opinion, these are the things that really separate the leaders from all the rest. Some of them will seem more important to you than others, but we believe they all have a significant impact on just how much you enjoy using a site and how much you get out of the experience. We should also make it very clear that we only ever recommend those places that are entirely reliable and trustworthy.NFL Football Betting

One of the first things we look at is the overall usability, as one of the main advantages of placing your bets online should be that it is easy to do. The leading online gambling sites tend to be very well designed, and easy to navigate with a user-friendly interface. As part of making things as easy as possible, a site should also offer plenty of options for depositing funds - so this is something else that we take a close look at too. Options should ideally include credit cards, debit cards, money transfer, bank wire and a range of e-wallet services.

Also important is the value of any bonuses and rewards that are on offer. Most places at least offer a signup bonus, or deposit bonus, which are of course great for new customers. We strongly believe regular customers deserve to be rewarded too, so we prefer to recommend places that have some kind of loyalty scheme in place. We also like to see regular promotions and contests, and things like reduced juice lines. Bonuses and rewards won't necessarily make a huge difference to you, but you should certainly try and get any extra value if you can.

Something that can make a big difference to you is getting the best football odds you can. So many people put little or no effort into this, but it really can have a significant impact on how successful you are. Regardless of whether you are an expert gambler who regularly makes winning wagers, or a recreational bettor that places very occasional bets, you should always try and get the best odds available.

The sites we recommend are all generally competitive in this regard, but we should mention that it can be a good idea to have accounts at a few different places. This way, for any particular wager you can check who is offering the best odds and then place it there.

The points that we have mentioned here are by no means everything that we consider when we are ranking football betting sites, but they are certainly among the most important. Ultimately, choosing where to place your wagers is a personal decision and you must decide what it is that means the most to you. It is however, absolutely vital that you stick to safe gambling sites that have a good reputation and look after their customers. Everywhere that we recommend meets these criteria, and you really won't go wrong with any of our recommendations.

Football Betting Markets

When most people think of betting on football, they think of the National Football League (NFL). The NFL is certainly the most popular betting market for the sport, with lots of matches taking place throughout the season and plenty of wagering opportunities. The culmination of the season, the Super Bowl, is one of the biggest sporting events in the world and this game alone attracts a huge amount of betting interest.

However, there are many other forms of the game you can bet on too. College football in America (which is run by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the NCAA) attracts large audiences, and is also heavily wagered on. Most sportsbooks cover this as well as the NFL, and many even cover high school football. You can also bet on the United Football League (UFL), which is the second tier of professional football in America, as well as leagues from other countries - such as the Canadian Football League (CFL).

How to Bet on Football

Betting on football can be relatively straightforward, if you stick to simple wagers such as on the point spread or on totals. These are the two most popular types of football bets, followed closely by the moneyline bet. You then have more complicated bets, such as parlays and teasers. The leading football betting sites offer all these types of wagers, and more, and it is a good idea to be familiar with them if you can. Although it is perfectly possible to make some money by just making the simple wagers, you can greatly increase your overall chances if you widen your options.

We have provided more information about all these different wagers in our article on how to bet on football. We hired a professional bettor to write that article, along with more excellent content that we provide on this website. He has also written some advanced betting strategy, that covers subjects such as handicapping the market and prop betting.

The more you understand about football betting, and the strategy involved, the more likely you are to be profitable. It is certainly worth taking the time to read some of these articles to see what you can learn. With a solid grasp of strategy and an account at a recommended site, you should have everything you need to get started.

History of Football Betting

Betting on football has a history as long as the sport itself, and has evolved over time just like the game has. Things were very different back in the early days, and football betting was essentially an underground industry that was pretty much a law unto itself. It had something of a bad reputation, and no regulation, but plenty of people still enjoyed placing bets on games. It was eventually banned, everywhere except Las Vegas.

Vegas quickly became the hub of football betting, and to this day there remains many sportsbooks in the city that take huge amounts of wagering on the sport. It is the internet that is the real home of football betting today though, with hundreds of gambling sites accepting wagers from customers from all around the world. Using these sites is far and away the easiest and most convenient to bet on this, or any other sport, but must stress again just how important it is to only use reputable destinations such as those that we recommend here on