Best Sites for High Stake Gamblers

Gambling for high stakes is something many people like to do. There are those who are simply very wealthy and prefer to gamble with large amounts of money. There are also those who gamble purely for the sheer thrill of it and love the excitement factor of large stakes. Then there are the serious sports bettors, who like to place big wagers when they are very confident of a bet coming in.

Many regular gamblers fancy the occasional shot at high stakes just to see how it feels. Because gambling sites typically have wagering and deposit limits in place, it's not always possible to bet and play at the stakes you want. There are a few places, however, that are more flexible in terms of the size of stakes available and the deposits you can make. We compiled the following list of our rankings for the best high stakes gambling sites.

About These Sites

At, we rank the best places for real money betting and gaming in a variety of categories. We want to make it easy for our readers to find sites suitable for their own personal requirements and preferences. In order for our rankings to be accurate and up to date, we constantly research and test a wide range of sites.

Based on our findings, we have hand-picked sites for those interested in high stakes gambling. These are the very best options, because they all offer high betting limits and allow big deposits. They are very safe to use, as they are very reputable and extremely trustworthy. Also, they meet the highest standards in all the key areas.

Large Online Deposits

MoneyIf you want to play for big money, you'll need to make big deposits. Although the leading sites make it as easy as possible to get your funds online, it can be a bit of a challenge if you want to deposit large sums. This isn't necessarily the sites' fault, and you may find that there are limits imposed by banks and payment processors when it comes to gambling transactions.

The best sites, such as those we list here, will work well if you do want to make sizable deposits. First, you should get in touch with them and explain what you would like to do. They will then advise you on the most efficient method to get your required funds into an online account. You'll get all the help you need every step of the way, and it's unlikely that you will encounter much difficulty.

You probably have to go through a verification process, which can be a little time-consuming, but it's ultimately for your own good. You'll need to provide proof of identity, which protects against potentially fraudulent transactions and is something sites must require to comply with gambling license rules. Once verified, you'll be good to go. Generally, the best way to make big deposits is via bank transfer or wire, but some of the popular e-wallets are also viable options.

Increasing Betting Limits & Table Maximums

By default, the vast majority of gambling sites have betting limits for sports wagers and table maximums for casino games. This is essentially for the protection of customers to ensure they don't play above their means. However, it's usually possible to get these increased to a suitable level. You just need to contact customer support and ask.

If you are consistently betting or playing at high stakes, you'll probably be invited to join a VIP program of some type. Most places have special deals in place for their high rolling customers, and these typically provide a host of benefits. You can expect to be assigned a dedicated account manager, who will deal with any questions or problems you have and make sure you are well looked after.

You'll almost certainly be offered increased bonuses and rewards too and gain access to special promotions reserved for high-value customers. You can potentially gain a lot of extra value out of them, so you should definitely find out exactly what you are entitled to. You may even get offered gifts and other treats, such as trips to major sporting events or hospitality at other venues.

Importance of Responsible Gambling

At the risk of sounding patronizing, by no means our intention, we should point out that it's very important to practice responsible gambling. While the vast majority of people can gamble happily without it ever becoming a problem, some people find themselves losing control and playing for stakes they simply cannot afford.

We want all of our readers to have fun and enjoy themselves, without gambling causing any undue harm or stress. If you ever feel that things are getting out of hand, please stop. Most gambling sites will allow you to self-exclude yourself if necessary to prevent things from getting worse. We provided further advice on this subject on our gambling addiction page.

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