Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

Many people find that the easiest to way bet on horse racing it to use an online betting site, and it is certainly the most straightforward. All you need to do is a join a suitable betting site, deposit funds and you can then place your bets with just a few clicks of the mouse. The majority of online betting sites allow you to place bets on horse racing, although some are of course better than others. Below we have listed the best betting sites that, in our opinion, are the best options when betting online.

These horse racing betting sites are all highly recommended, based on a combination of our own experiences and extensive research. We are confident that if you choose to sign up with one, or more, of these sites you will have a very good betting experience. These sites all have a long and established history of taking online bets and providing a high quality and safe betting service.

Choosing an Online Horse Racing Site

Choosing which online horse racing betting site to use is a something you should put a bit of thought into. Those sites which we have listed above are all excellent options, but it is still important that you select the site most suited to your personal requirements. There are certain factors that we take into consideration when deciding which racing sites to recommend to visitors of our site, and some of these will be more relevant to you than others. Below is a list of factors which we believe are particularly significant when it comes to choosing a site and further down the page we discuss why these are important.

Horse Betting
  • Promotions and Bonuses
  • Coverage of Races
  • Competitive Prices
  • Deposit Options
  • Betting Tools & Information
  • Customer Service

Promotions & Bonuses at Online Betting Sites

Online horse racing betting is very popular, and as such there are a large number of online betting sites where you can place bets on horse racing. This makes online horse betting a competitive industry, and many of the sites work very hard to attract new customers and keep them happy. One of the more common ways they do this is by offering bonuses to customers and running various promotions to provide some extra value. An example of this is sign up bonus, or first-time deposit bonus, that most racing sites will offer new customers. The basic idea of these is that they encourage you to sign up and make a deposit. These bonuses can take the form of extra money added into your betting account for you to bet with, or free bets that you can place however you want.

Horse Racing Sites

Sign bonuses give you a great bit of extra value just for trying out a new betting site, but the real value often comes from the other promotions that the best online horse racing betting sites typically offer. If you choose your site carefully, you can make a decent amount of extra money through these promotions - which vary from site to site. For example, some will offer a rebate or cash-back program where you get a percentage of your losses refunded back to you on a weekly or monthly basis. Others will offer you bonuses based on how much you bet, regardless of whether you win or lose. Most online horse racing sites will also have special promotions for the larger horse races, such as offering a percentage of your money back if the favorite wins.

Coverage at Online Racing Sites

If you are going to be betting on a lot of horse races, then you should choose a site that has good coverage of horse racing. Some betting sites will only cover the big races, while others will only cover horse racing in certain countries. The best sites, though, will cover all kinds of horse races from around the world meaning you have a wide choice of races to bet on and the best chance of finding some winning bets. Before signing up anywhere, you should be sure that they cover any specific types of horse racing that you want to bet on.

It is also worth bearing in mind what else a betting site offers when you are deciding which to join. For example, if you are a sports betting enthusiast in general then you will probably want to use an all-in-one gambling site that covers other major sports too. The best options for those can be found right on our homepage, here at Most of the best horse racing sites, such as those we have listed on this page, do tend to have betting options on the majority of sports. You'll also find that they will have a range of casino games too, and a poker room, which is useful if you enjoy those things as well.

Competitive Prices

The odds, or prices, on horses can often vary quite significantly from one site to another. If you are placing a lot of wagers on horse races then making sure that you get good odds can make a big difference to how much money you win in the long run. The top online horse racing sites will generally be very competitive when it comes to the prices on offer, but it is usually worth shopping around a little bit to try and get the very best odds. This is why we would generally recommend that you have accounts at more than one site, so you can easily find the best price and then place your bets accordingly.

Deposit Options

In order to place real money bets online, you will first need to deposit some funds into your betting account. As a rule, the best sites will offer a range of deposit methods that enable you do this easily. Typically, you will find that you can deposit using debit or credit cards, bank transfer, or a number of popular e-wallet services. If you have a preferred deposit method, then it is worth checking out if a site has that method available. You should also check to see what withdrawal methods are available too, for cashing out any winnings.

Betting Tools & Information

The best horse racing betting sites have a number of additional features that help make betting easier for their customers.  These can include things such as up-to-date information on the weather conditions at racecourses, lists of the most popular bets on any given day and access to your complete betting history so you can see where you are doing well and where you might not be. You will also often find useful statistics on horses, jockeys and trainers (which can be very helpful when it comes to deciding which bets to make) and even analysis and advice on upcoming races.

Such features can really make a difference how successful you are at betting on horse racing - as the more information you have about the horses and the races the more likely you are to win money. Another useful feature that most of the top betting sites now offer is live streaming of the races as they take place. This is great for those of you that enjoy the excitement of watching a race being run, particularly if you are betting on races that have limited television coverage and have no other way to watch them.

Customer Service

Looking after customers is a big priority for the most reputable sites, and they take customer service very seriously. When we research horse racing betting sites, we look very carefully at the level of service provided and only recommend those that perform well in this respect. The betting sites we have listed all have responsive and helpful customer support that will deal with any problems or queries you have in a timely and efficient manner.