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The ability to bet on horse races over the internet is more than just a matter of convenience. Instead of being limited to the local racetrack (if there's even one anywhere near you), you can bet on races that take place around the world. There is so much more opportunity to make money and put your handicapping skills to use now that you're not limited to the few races held at your local track.

The best horse racing betting sites give you access to all the major tracks of the world. They give you the same types of bets that you would have in person but with a much greater variety of races to choose from. You also get to take part in promos, get bonuses and sometimes even watch live races from the comfort of home.

Our primary goal with this page is to match you with a betting site that can meet your needs. Primarily, we want you to find a site that is safe, reputable and fair. Below are what we consider to be the best horse racing betting sites on the internet.

Why These Sites?

Once upon a time, each of us here at was just another bettor. We didn't run websites or give out recommendations. We simply visited gambling sites, placed bets and hoped to win. What we all came to realize at one point was that there were some major quality control issues in the industry. Some sites were obviously well-run by professionals while others seemed to be run by a bunch of amateurs.

Now that we have considerably more experience, we know what to look for in a betting site. We rank the best sites according to their ability to pay winners, their race selection, the types of bets they have on offer and whether or not their prices are fair. When you put it all together, you get a clear picture of which sites truly are the best.

The above sites get high marks in all the most important categories. We've done business with every site above and can tell you from our experience that each one is a good, safe place to do your betting. It's not even a question that these sites will give you the best experience possible in horse betting.

Here's a look at what the above sites have to offer.

A Reputation for Safety

Online betting in all its forms requires a certain degree of trust. The first time you place a real money bet at a new website, it's natural to wonder if you'll really be paid at the end of it all. A site can only earn the trust of the betting community by consistently paying its winners over the long term. If that trust is ever broken, there's no reason to trust that site in the future.

Fair Prices

It doesn't take much effort to compare the payout odds offered by different horse racing sites. This is one of the first things we check after we establish a site's reputation for safety. There are plenty of safe sites out there, but not all of them pay the same odds. The more frequently you bet on horses, the bigger the impact the odds have on your long term success.

Access to Many Racetracks

One of the primary advantages to doing your horse betting online is that you're not limited to the racetrack in your city or state. The top racing sites cover all the major events at all the major racetracks of the world. You can even try different forms of horse racing if you're so inclined. There wouldn't be much reason to bet online if you didn't have access to many racetracks.

Bonuses and Promotions

We don't consider bonuses and promotions to be the end-all of horse racing, but they definitely don't hurt. If two sites rank closely in all other factors, we choose the one that offers the most lucrative bonuses and promotions. Why not get a little extra cash while you do your betting?

Depositing and Withdrawing

Credit Card DepositsAfter you settle on a horse racing site, the next step is to make an account and deposit some money. Deposit methods vary from site to site, but the most common for US players are the credit card and the cash transfer. We prefer to use credit cards whenever possible because it's as easy as typing in your number and hitting the "confirm" button.

Sometimes customers from the United States have problems depositing with credit cards. This happens because some card issuers automatically block all transactions to betting sites. In that case, you might want to look into making a cash transfer deposit. With this method, you visit your local cash transfer station (think MoneyGram) and send actual cash to the betting site. Once the site receives your money, it credits your account with the funds.

Customers outside the United States have access to a greater variety of deposit methods. You can deposit via credit card, electronic funds transfer and e-wallets such as Skrill. In most cases, deposits are processed free of charge.

Odds are you won't have any trouble making a deposit. It's a pretty straightforward process once you have an account. Just visit the cashier and you'll see a list of deposit methods with instructions for making your first deposit.

Hopefully, you do well and end up cashing out some money. This is where the difference between good horse betting sites and bad ones becomes most apparent. Withdrawing from a high quality site should be as easy as logging in and visiting the cashier.

Players from the United States can usually choose one of three withdrawal methods: cash transfer, paper check in the mail and electronic funds transfer. Our personal favorite is the electronic funds transfer because it's so easy, but the other methods work just as well.

Customers from other parts of the world normally have access to those same withdrawal methods plus the option to cash back out to an e-wallet account. Most betting sites process one withdrawal per month for free. If you make more than one withdrawal per month, you'll probably have to pay a small fee for each withdrawal.

If you took our advice and signed up at a safe horse racing site, you'll also have access to a quality customer support team. The support people can help you out if you have any problems depositing or withdrawing.

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