Soccer Betting Strategy

Soccer Betting Strategy

Most people bet on soccer for one, or both, of the following two reasons.

  • Because they want to make money!
  • Because they enjoy it!

Everyone who bets on soccer, or any sport for that matter, obviously sets out to win! However, not everyone bets with the primary focus of making money. There are lots of recreational soccer bettors who simply enjoy placing a few wagers just for the thrill of it. Although they always hope to win, they're not overly concerned if they lose. Which is just as well, because most of them do, unfortunately, end up losing.

The majority of people who bet on soccer for fun are actually very knowledgeable about the sport, but this knowledge alone isn't enough to make them winning bettors. They'll probably make accurate predictions every now and then, but they just simply won't put enough thought into what they are betting and why. They are more likely to act on instinct.

There's nothing at all wrong with betting purely for the purposes of entertainment and losing some money in the process. That's just fine, as long the losses are affordable. Anyone who wants to regularly and consistently win money needs to take things more seriously though, as it takes a great deal of time and effort.

That's where this section can help. We've provided some simple tips and advice on this page, along with details of some basic strategies you can use to improve your chances of winning. We've covered some more advanced strategies too, for when you're ready to take things to the next level.

Getting the Simple Things Right

One of the first rules of betting on any sport is to get the simple things right. There's no point in trying to run before you can walk. If you want to become a successful bettor, you've got to begin with the basics. So that's what we're starting with here.

The following tips mostly apply to sports betting in general, but some are specific to soccer. Although they won't necessarily be enough to turn you into a consistent winner straight away, they'll certainly put you on the road to success. They'll help you form good habits right from the outset If you're new to soccer betting, and they might just help you correct the mistakes you've been making if you've been betting for awhile.

  • Have a Dedicated Bankroll
  • Be Patient & Selective
  • Bet Online
  • Compare Odds
  • Spend Time on Research
  • Understand the Concept of Value
  • Narrow Your Focus
  • Consider Alternative Wagers
  • Know the Key Factors
  • Beware of Personal Bias
Have a Dedicated Bankroll

We strongly recommend having a dedicated bankroll for your betting, regardless of whether you're betting primarily for fun or primarily for profit. This is super easy to do, as it just requires you to set aside a sum of money that's specifically for the purposes of betting. You might be surprised at just how much this will help you.

It can help you to stick to a budget, which is vitally important, and it can help you to manage your money better in terms of how much you stake. One of the biggest mistakes that bettors make is not managing their money correctly, and this invariably leads to them losing more than they should. Even skilled bettors are unlikely to win in the long run without practicing proper bankroll management.

Be Patient & Selective

Soccer's a great sport to bet on for many reasons. One specific reason is the fact that there are so many betting opportunities. There are soccer matches being played virtually every day, so you'll never be short of a chance to get some money down.

However, you shouldn't feel like you've got to bet on every game: far from it in fact. You'll do much better in the long run if you're selective and only place wagers when you're confident there's a good reason to do so. Be patient, wait for the right opportunities, and don't bet for the sake of it.

Bet Online

There are several advantages to placing your soccer wagers online. Not only is it the easiest and most convenient option, the odds tend to be better too. There's also a better variety of wagers available, and bonuses and rewards to benefit from. Many betting sites regularly have special offers for soccer, such as enhanced multiples, money back offers, and free bets. These can really help a bankroll expand over time.

There's one key point to remember here though. Not all betting sites are of the same standard, so your choice of site matters. It's worth spending some time checking out the various options, or you can simply go with any of our recommendations.

Compare Odds

If you were buying a new TV, you'd probably shop around for the best price. This is common sense, as it's clearly a good idea to get the best possible value for money. The same principle applies when betting. By shopping around for the best odds each time you place a wager; you can maximize your potential returns. This can have a significant impact on your long-term profits.

Spend Time on Research

You can't be expected to make accurate soccer betting predictions unless you keep up to date with the sport. This means spending time on research. You don't have to spend every free moment you have on this, but you can just avoid it either. Staying on top of things such as injuries, suspensions and current form is the only way you can make truly informed judgments.

The good news is that part of your research should involve watching the games, which is enjoyable for most bettors. it will help make analyzing the different teams and players you'll be betting on easier too.

One final point: the close season is a great time to carry out some in-depth research and analysis. Basically, it helps get you ready for the following season. Don't forget about your betting the moment the season ends, as you can give yourself a big advantage by spending your time wisely during the off season. Please see the following article for some additional advice on this, along with some suggestions on how to make the best use of the close season.

Understand the Concept of Value

Successful betting isn't as simple as trying to predict what will happen and then placing the appropriate wagers. You also need to determine whether or not any given wager offers positive expected value, as this is really the only way to make profits in the long run.

Bettors often ignore the concept of value, but it's something you really need to fully understand. Learning how to determine whether a wager offers value or not is vital to your chances of success.

Narrow Your Focus

We mentioned earlier how many soccer matches are played around the world, and how important it is to be selective when choosing which matches to bet on. To expand on this a little further, it's also advisable to narrow your focus in terms of which leagues and competitions you bet on.

There are lots of different soccer leagues and competitions, and they each have their own unique characteristics. The more you understand about these characteristics, the more likely you are to make accurate predictions about the results. It's not realistic to think you can become an expert on each and every one of these leagues though, so you stand a far better of chance of success if you focus on just one or two.

Recommended Reading

Our article discussing the different soccer betting markets provides some insight into the advantages and disadvantages of the various competitions and leagues you can bet on.

Consider Alternative Wagers

A lot of soccer bettors spend most of their time trying to pick the winners of soccer matches. This approach is fine, but it's not necessarily the optimal one. There are many other ways to bet on soccer, and it's a good idea to consider them all. The best value is often found in wagers other than simply backing the winner of a single match.

In the following article we explain all the different types of soccer bet in detail. This is worth reading through if you're not familiar with all the options available.

Know the Key Factors

There's a wide range of factors that can affect the outcome of soccer matches. It's easy to assume that the "best" team is always going to win, but soccer is rarely that simple. Current form, style of play, injuries and suspensions are just a few of the things that can lead to unexpected results.

Understanding all the factors that can influence soccer matches is essential if you want to make genuinely informed judgments and consistently accurate predictions. You also need to learn how to assess these factors. Please take a look at the following article for some advice on this aspect of soccer betting.

Beware of Personal Bias

Most soccer bettors are also fans of the sport, and they usually support at least one team. Having a favorite team makes watching the games more exciting. However, we need to put our prejudice aside when betting on the sport. A bias towards certain teams can really cloud your judgment when making selections, and this can be costly.

The ideal approach is to simply avoid wagering on anything involving your preferred team(s) or their direct rivals, but we know that a lot people don't like to do this. If you really must bet when you have some level of emotional involvement, please try to remove the emotion from your decision making process as best you can.

Basic Soccer Betting Strategy

After getting the simple things right, the next step is to start considering some basic strategies you can use when betting on soccer. Each of the following articles covers one or more basic soccer strategies that you should be aware of. You won't necessarily want to use them all, but it would be advisable to at least be familiar with each one.

Win-Draw-Win Strategy

The most straightforward way to wager on soccer is on the win-draw-win markets. This involves predicting which team will win an individual match, or whether it will end in a draw. In this article we provide some useful strategy advice for making such predictions.

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Live Soccer Betting Strategy

Live soccer betting has become incredibly popular over the last few years, and it offers a lot of opportunities for finding good value wagers. If you know your soccer, and follow the advice in this article, there's a good chance you can make some money from this form of betting.

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Backing Big Favorites

One of the most obvious soccer betting strategies is to consistently back big favorites. It's a simple strategy, and logic would suggest that you'll win far more often than you lose. There's obviously more to it than that though, as we explain in this article.

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Predicting Upsets

A good way to find value in soccer matches is to look for opportunities where you think an upset is likely. It's hard to predict upsets of course, as they're unexpected by definition, but this is definitely a strategy that can be profitable in the long run with the correct approach.

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Strategy for Soccer Accumulators

Accumulators, or parlays, are hands down the most popular soccer wagers. They're also very difficult to make money from, and most bettors make a lot of mistakes with this type of wager. They can be profitable though, if you use the right strategies.

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Backing Both Teams to Score

This is an interesting wager that has steadily increased in popularity over the years. It's popular partly because people often think it's easy to predict when both teams are going to score in a match. Although this is true to some extent, there's still a lot to consider with this wager.

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Betting on Total Goals

Similar to the other strategies mentioned, betting on total goals can be very profitable with the right approach. In this article we look at the various different ways to bet on the number of goals scored in a soccer match, and also offer some useful advice for making accurate predictions.

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Matched Betting with Free Bets

Matched betting with free bets is a strategy that can be used to make guaranteed profits. Although these profits won't make you rich, using this strategy is a useful way for beginners to build up their betting bankroll.

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Advanced Soccer Betting Strategy

It's definitely possible to make money from betting on soccer just by sticking to the basic strategies. However, there are also some more advanced strategies that can increase your chances of success even further. We look at these in the following articles. Please note that we don't generally recommend that bettors move on to these strategies until they have gained some experience.

Soccer Spread Betting Strategy

Spread betting is high risk, but it also offers the potential for high returns. Although it's not something we recommend for beginners or casual bettors, it's a very exciting way to wager that also offers the chance to make attractive profits. Read more in this article.

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Asian Handicap Betting Strategy

The Asian Handicap is one of the more complex ways to wager on soccer. Many bettors choose to avoid it for that precise reason, but it can be very profitable for those who know what they're doing. This article explains the Asian Handicap in detail, and looks at some alternative strategies to use.

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