Best Online Sports Betting Sites

One of the great things about sports betting using the internet is that you have a huge choice of online destinations where you can place your wagers. Some of these are operated by the biggest names in gambling, and there are plenty that are of a really high standard. Unfortunately, though, there are also some that are probably best avoided.

While online sports betting itself is relatively easy to do choosing where to bet is a little more difficult. For the best possible experience you really want to bet somewhere that is reliable, trustworthy and has plenty to offer, but with so many places to choose from it can be something of a challenge to know which are good are which are not. We have researched hundreds of sites and compiled the following list of the very sports betting sites around.

Top Betting Sites by Sport

Most of the leading sportsbooks allow you to wager on all the major sports, and many of the less mainstream ones too. Certainly, our above recommendations provide excellent coverage of pretty much any sport that you can bet on and are great options if you like to gamble on a variety of different sports. If, however, you tend to focus mainly on just one sport then there are a number of sites that are particularly suitable for gambling on specific sports. You might like to take a look at Multiple Sports the following rankings we have compiled of the best sites for some of the most popular sports.

How We Rank Sites

Our process for ranking gambling websites is really quite straightforward. We carry out extensive research and test a large number of sites, looking at exactly what it is that makes the top sites stand out from the rest. There are a number of factors that we believe make a big difference to the quality of a site, and it is primarily these factors that we take into account when deciding which places to recommend to our reader.

Quite simply, the sites that perform the best across all the relevant areas are the ones that we rank the highest. First and foremost, we take great care to only recommend those places that are reputable and that we feel can be trusted completely. This is because we believe it is very important to know that your funds are safe when you are wagering online for real money. There are several other considerations too, the most important of which we've explained in more detail.

Bonuses and rewards are great as they can present you with some excellent added value just for placing your bets as normal. However, it is important to note that they usually come with terms and conditions that must be met. For example, a sign up bonus typically has to be wagered a certain number of times before it can be withdrawn. When ranking sportsbooks we look closely not just at the size of the bonuses and rewards that are on offer, but also the requirements and how friendly they are to the customer.

Sites that consistently offer generous odds and lines will generally be ranked higher, as this is obviously something that is of great benefit to customers. The same is true for sites that offer a good range of sports and different wagers that can be placed, as these are also things that are important to customers. Overall usability is, of course, a big factor, as it should be as easy as possible to get your chosen bets placed.

We also take into account the banking options that are available for depositing and withdrawing. It should be a simple process to add funds into your account, and withdraw your winnings, and a good site should offer plenty of options. Our recommended sites all offer a wide range of different methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, bank wires and e-wallets. Furthermore, they also ensure that withdrawals are processed swiftly so that you can get your winnings paid out nice and quickly.

BallSomething else we look at are any additional features on offer that can help to enhance your online betting experience. For example, many sites will contain a wealth of sports related information and statistics that can help you make your picks. You will often find preview articles for sporting events too, which can be very interesting and useful, and other tools that can assist you with your betting. Being able to check your complete wagering history, for example, is a great help if you want to look at what sports you do well on and what sports you don't.

One of the most popular features has become a mobile betting option. Most major betting sites now offer the ability to bet right from your cell phone or tablet. Not all have adapted this feature yet, so if this is a feature you would like, make sure to try our mobile sports betting sites page for a list of the top rated options.

We should mention another particular feature that has become common at many online sportsbooks - in play sports betting, also known as live betting. The basic idea of this is that you can place wagers during a sporting event as opposed to before it starts. Depending on which sport you are wagering on, there will be a range of different bets available with odds updated as the action takes place.

This enables you take get a feel for a how a game or match is going before deciding what bets to make, and it has proved to be incredibly popular. It is has, as we have mentioned, become commonplace at sports betting sites, but not everywhere does it particularly well. We have compiled a list of places that are particularly good for this type of betting, which you can find on the following page - live betting sites.

Online Sports Betting & The Law

One aspect of online sports betting that can be complicated is the legalities involved. There is no one set of laws relating to online gambling and they vary from one part of the world to the next and, as a result of this, many gambling websites cater specifically for residents of certain countries. With that being said, however, there are also many that accept customers from all over the world. When you are deciding where to sign up, it is a good idea to check that residents of your country are welcomed.

It is also worth checking out your local gambling laws too, just to be safe. Although we have are not aware of anyone ever being prosecuted for placing a bet online, the fact there are so many different gambling laws throughout the world makes it impossible to categorically state what is legal and what is not. We are not qualified to give legal advice so it is best for you to do your own research in this respect. We would say, though, that the confusing legal issues are another good reason for making sure that you only use reputable betting sites.