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At GamblingSites.org, we aim to be the most comprehensive gambling resource on the Internet. Our stated mission is to help visitors get the best possible gambling experience they can, and an important aspect of that is helping them find the best places to do real money betting and gambling.

There are thousands of websites where you can find recommendations for gambling online, but we believe that ours has a lot more to offer than most. This is not just because we provide so much in the way of information and advice on such a wide range of gambling related topics, but also because of how we go about rating and ranking gambling sites.

We don't randomly decide which gambling sites to recommend to our readers, or simply list the best known. We put an enormous amount of time and effort into compiling accurate rankings of the very best sites, in a variety of categories, based on comprehensive assessments carried out.

On this page, we explain how we go about ranking and rating gambling sites, and give you reasons why you should trust our recommendations. We want to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will be using only top-quality, safe, and trustworthy gambling sites.

Safety First

We look at a broad range of factors when assessing gambling sites, some of which are more important than others. It's our view that no single factor is more important than safety. We firmly believe it's essential for a gambling site to be safe and secure, and we make absolutely sure every single one we recommend is exactly that.

The very first step in our rating process is, therefore, to evaluate safety and security. We do this before we consider anything else a site may have to offer, and only those that meet the necessary standards make our shortlist for further assessment.

To determine whether an online gambling operation is suitably safe and secure, we conduct some initial research. There are several things we do, including the following:

  • Ensure there's a proper betting or gaming license in place, issued by an appropriate licensing authority.
  • Check whether they allow third-party audits.
  • Assess security measures in place for protecting customer data and preventing unauthorized account access.
  • Ensure use of suitable encryption technology to provide secure financial transactions.
  • Check the betting and gaming software used and ensure it meets industry standards.
  • Check that a suitable complaints procedure is in place.

Look for any negative reports from customers, particularly reports of non-payment.

We carry out a few additional tests, and once we have analyzed our findings, we make a judgment on overall safety and security. If we have any concerns at all about a site, then it won't be considered for our rankings.

Our safety evaluations are ongoing, such that if a site has failed our checks in the past, it may be considered in the future if it improves as required. Equally, a site that has passed previously will be removed from our rankings if their standards have dropped.

Assessing Key Areas

Once a site has made our shortlist, the next stage is to assess how they perform in other areas we believe are particularly important. Certain key areas apply to all sites, while some are specific to the different types of gambling available.

Key Areas of Assessment for All Sites

  • Ease of Use
  • Sign Up Bonus (including terms & conditions)
  • Deposit Options
  • Deposit Fees (if applicable)
  • Speed of Withdrawals
  • Withdrawal Fees (if applicable)
  • Withdrawal Limits (if applicable)
  • Minimum & Maximum Stakes
  • Customer Service
  • Ongoing Bonuses/Rewards/Promotions
  • Site/Software Compatibility

Areas of Assessment for Specific Types of Gambling

Sports Betting




Sports Covered

Betting Interface

Odds & Lines Available

Betting Options

Game Selection

Game Software


Comp Points

Jackpots Available

Number of Players

Range of Games

Tournament Play

Software Quality

Features Available

Social Aspect

Game Selection

Game Software


Jackpots Available

Please note that these lists are by no means exhaustive, and several other factors are also taken into account. We have simply listed those that carry the most weight when compiling our rankings.

Further Assessment

If you spend a considerable time looking around our website, you'll probably notice that we rank the top sites in a variety of categories. For example, we rank the best online casinos overall, and we also rank the best casinos for live dealer games as well as the best for no-download games.

To effectively compile the rankings for the more precise categories, we look at some additional factors to determine which sites can be considered. We therefore have to carry out some further assessments to analyze the relevant attributes required for all categories covered.

Once this stage is complete, we can move on to assigning ratings.

Assigning Ratings & Compiling Rankings

The process we use for rating gambling sites is actually quite complex, but the fundamental principle is straightforward. For each site, we assign values to each relevant factor looked at during our assessment. It's basically a simple scoring system, with the top scoring sites getting ranked the highest.

What makes it more complicated is that we weight these values. Weightings are based on how important we feel each factor is, and also on relevance to the particular category for which we are compiling rankings. Thus, you may see some sites appear at the top of the rankings for several different categories, but only in one or two.

We won’t go into exact detail about the mathematics involved in assigning ratings and weighting values, as it really won’t make for interesting reading. Let us just say that we take great care to make sure our rankings are as accurate as they possibly can be.

Why Trust Our Recommendations?

Many people get nervous when first trying out a gambling site which can detract from the overall experience. We want to prevent this from happening where we can, so we try to ensure that our readers feel comfortable following our recommendations. Having read how we assess and rate the sites we rank, you hopefully already have some peace of mind.

As you can see, our rankings are based on a combination of extensive research and thorough testing. The members of our team responsible for the rankings are all active gamblers, and their personal experiences at sites are very much taken into account. The simple truth is that we know what gamblers want and what makes for a good gambling site.

Please also note that we regularly reassess sites and update our rankings accordingly. As a result, we genuinely believe that all our rankings represent the very best options currently available in the relevant category.

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