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Gambling over the internet can be a tricky endeavor. Online betting has been one of the fastest-growing industries in the world for years now, and it's only getting bigger and bigger. These days, there is no shortage of gambling sites available to the masses, and it's an industry growing at a particularly rapid pace in the United States.

Our mission at is to help you sort through the vast array of options and identify the best and safest places for you to win some money. Whether it's traditional casino games, poker, or sports betting, we have you covered. Keeping you up to date and in the know regarding the ever-changing landscape of the online betting world is priority No. 1.

We have assembled a deep and talented team of writers, web developers and gambling know-it-alls to try and help give you, the reader, an insightful edge. We focus primarily on online betting, and we aim not only to inform but to entertain along the way. We are constantly updating our rankings of the best gambling sites available to betting public, and we do our best to stay on top of the latest happenings and trends in the industry.

Here, you can get to know our team!

Team Leader

The Team Leader is essentially the head honcho. The person in charge is tasked with keeping everything in order and keeping everyone motivated. The Team Leader's chief duties are to make sure the site keeps humming along nicely while also overseeing any and all projects and ideas that come from their team's members.

Kody Miller, the "Michael Scott" of, knows how to make the most of his spare time. He loves spending time with his family and playing with his baby daughter. Kody is an avid fan of all things Marvel. He loves sports, especially playing soccer, but has come down with the unfortunate affliction of being a fan of the NFL's Buffalo Bills. Kody is known to his co-workers as the "Michael Scott" of the office, and basically just watches The Office on repeat.

Assistant to the Team Leader

The Assistant to the Team Leader is the Dwight Schrute of the entire operation... for better or worse. The Assistant's duties aren't much different from those of the Team Leader. Basically, the Assistant to the Team Leader just gets to do whatever the Team Leader doesn't want to do. The Assistant helps the person in charge maintain the site's direction and help out in any other areas wherever needed.

Skye Fitton, Assistant to the Team Leader, has plenty of other things keeping her busy when she's not co-managing Skye owns a side business, designing and baking customary cakes for all occasions. She has a deep interest in the music industry and has been playing piano for 12+ years. Apart from baking and composing songs, Skye is also an aspiring pencil artist, and draws whenever she gets the chance.

Content Writers

If you don't have Content Writers, you don't have a site to begin with. We have both full-time writers on staff as well as a number of freelancers helping out here and there. Content Writers are there to breathe life into the ideas and projects that come down the pike. We have writers covering sports, casino games, general gambling, poker, entertainment, cryptocurrency and casino reviews. We've certainly got the bases covered.

Editors and Content Managers

Content Managers and Editors essentially exist to make sure the Content Writers are able to successfully convey their ideas. Keeping up with trends, making sure the site's content is legitimate and engaging and keeping things on a normal schedule are the primary duties of the Content Managers and Editors. The gatekeepers of, essentially.

Taylor Baker, one of our Editors and Content Managers, has an eclectic group of interests outside of work. Playing video games and reading comic books are some of his more traditional hobbies, but he also dabbles in archery, bicycle/metal restoration, and art.

Web Developers

You also don't have a website if you don't have Web Developers. These folks make sure the site stays up and running smoothly while fixing whatever little bugs and other issues may arise. The Web Developers make sure everything behind the scenes with the site is running like a well-oiled machine.

Gregg Ferris, one of our web developers here at, is quite an outdoorsman. Gregg likes to spend his spare time with his kids, hunting, camping, and shooting guns. He is an expert in Krav, and holds his own classes, teaching these military self-defense techniques to all ages.

Brock Wright,'s other web developer, is more of the laid-back type. He likes to either plop down on the couch and watch football or play the video game Rocket League whenever he's not working. Brock is a phenomenal drummer and has been sharpening his skills for the past 17 years. After a long day of work, he looks forward to taking his 3-foot iguana, Mimi, out for a stroll.

Graphic Designers and Video Editors

The job of the Graphic Designers and Video Editors is self-explanatory. See all those fancy videos and other media we have on the site? These people are in charge of everything in that realm. Splicing video while adding in some neat graphics takes an awful lot of time and effort, but the Graphic Designers and Video Editors live for this.

Benjamin Piche is one of's graphic designers as well as our video editor. Being a family man, he enjoys spending time with his kids and is very crafty around the house. Benjamin built a Pompeii pizza oven in his own backyard. He spends his spare time playing jazz guitar, and drawing cartoon characters for fun.

Emanuel De Lavallaz is one of the more experienced individuals here at A web designer since 2000, Emanuel is passionate about all things graphic arts, technology, astronomy, and electronics. He tries to keep up with the latest news in the world of science and is a huge fan of the New England Patriots.

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