Meet Our Video Personality – Drew Goldfarb


Drew is a two-time EMMY-nominated sportscaster and has been a sports fan his
entire life. Goldfarb began covering sports and sports betting professionally in 2007. A recipient
of eight Associated Press Awards since 2010, 2015 EMMY Award nominee (NATAS
Suncoast Chapter), winner of the 2018 WVBA Award for Best Sportscast, and 2019
EMMY Award nominee (NATAS Ohio Valley Chapter), he has earned recognition for
his work covering sports at all levels throughout his career, including being
highlighted by his alma mater, Florida State University, and by his high school
during its 25th Anniversary celebration. Goldfarb has experience in reporting,
anchoring, hosting, play-by-play, and voiceover work. Also, he holds a degree in
Media Production from Florida State University (B.S., ’10) and is highly-trained
in both shooting and editing video for film, TV, and news.

Goldfarb got his first professional job covering sports at 18 years old doing
play-by-play for the Tallahassee Titans of the American Indoor Football
Association. He spent over two years working at WCTV (Tallahassee, FL) while in
college, serving primarily as an Associate Producer while also hosting an on-air
segment and occasionally reporting. He also worked extensively with Seminole
Productions, Florida State’s in-house and student-powered production team. Upon
graduation, he accepted a job in Tupelo, Mississippi, as the Weekend Sports
Anchor/Reporter for WTVA, covering Ole Miss and Mississippi State athletics in
addition to high school and JUCO sports.

In mid-2013, Drew was named the pregame, postgame and intermissions host for
Florida Panthers TV broadcasts on FOX Sports Florida. During his tenure in South
Florida, he began freelancing as a play-by-play broadcaster, host and sideline
reporter for various sporting events. In 2016, he was brought on-board by WOWK
(Charleston, WV) to help re-launch the station’s dormant sports department. In
addition to serving as the Sports Director and primary Sports Anchor for WOWK,
he also became the host of WVU Football’s two-hour pregame show, Mountaineer
GameDay. Goldfarb left WOWK in late 2018, moving to Las Vegas and beginning to
cover sports betting for, primarily through the Odds On
YouTube channel.

Whether it’s through work or on his own, Drew stays involved in the
community, including serving as an official business sponsor of Hockey Saves,
Inc. Hockey Saves a charity that Drew has been involved with from their launch
and helps provide a mental health outlet for servicemen and women through
hockey. In January 2019, he and his girlfriend (now fiancee) adopted a dog they
named Adelaide, an adorable and high-energy Border Collie mix.

More About Drew Goldfarb

Fun Facts

  • Dubbed “Farbsy” by former Florida Panther Scottie Upshall
  • I’ve lived in five states (New York, Florida, Mississippi, West
    Virginia, Nevada)
  • I’ve visited nearly every Major League Baseball team’s stadium at least
    once, including two separate ballparks for the Florida/Miami Marlins, New
    York Mets and New York Yankees
  • My first wager in Las Vegas was putting $20 on Game 7 of the 2011 NHL
    Stanley Cup Final
  • I attended my first WNBA game (Miami Sol) nearly 20 years prior to my
    first NBA game (Philadelphia 76ers)
  • I play rec league ice hockey whenever possible and prefer to play as a
    Left Wing, though I played Goalie in roller hockey as a kid


Would Gordon Ramsey Approve of Your Cooking?

Probably not, because he’s Gordon Ramsey, but I can make a pretty decent salmon.

How Do You Feel About Putting Pineapple on Pizza?

Pineapple is great. Pizza is better. Putting pineapple on a pizza should come with a mandatory prison sentence.

New York or Chicago Style Pizza?

New York Pizza, 100%. I was born on Long Island, so there’s zero hesitation
for me here. Chicago-style pizza is fine when you’re in the mood for it.
However, it’s not pizza, it’s a casserole. I’ve never been in the mood for pizza
and had Chicago-style on my mind. Give me a beautiful thin-crust New York slice.

Toliet Paper, Over or Under?

Over, unless you have a cat. Even then, just close the cat out of the bathroom.

In One Sentence, How Would You Sum up the Internet?

An endless supply of information and knowledge overshadowed by memes and opinions.

What Would the World Be like If It Was Filled with Only Male and Female Copies of You?

Very LOUD!

What Is a Fun Way to Answer Everyday Questions like “How’s It Going?” or “What Do You Do?”

I like the Ace Ventura quote from the end of the first movie when Dan Marino
asks Ace for a piece of gum… “That’s none of your business and I’ll thank you
for staying out of my personal affairs.”

Favorite Vlog

Why the NCAA Should Pay Athletes

How and Why the NCAA Should Pay Athletes

One of my favorite videos and articles to do (so far) was the first “To The
Point” segment, where I discussed college athletes and why the NCAA needs to pay
them. Paying college football and basketball players has been something I’ve had
a million debates about in the last ten years or so, and getting to present my
thoughts and proposed solution to this hot-button topic just felt right.



Year Born


Graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Communications


AP Best Sports Story Award Winner (Florida)


AP Best Sports Story Award Winner (Florida)


AP Best Sportscaster Award Winner (Mississippi)


Regional Emmy Award Nominee (Ohio Valley)


WVBA Best Sportscast Award Winner


Regional Emmy Award Nominee (Ohio Valley)


Got Engaged!

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