Jim Beviglia

Jim Beviglia joined GamblingSites.org as a staff writer in August of 2018, parlaying his years of freelance writing into contributions on a number of different topics. He handles the sport of horse racing for GamblingSites.org, in terms of both its history and current important races. In addition, he examines the intersection between the worlds of cryptocurrency and online gambling in a weekly blog.

On top of that, Jim has stretched out to write sports blogs for GamblingSites.org ranging from baseball to golf to hockey, as well as helping out with both breaking news items and explanatory video poker articles.

Jim is a lifelong resident of Old Forge, Pennsylvania, a small town in the Northeastern part of the state. His writing career has included just about everything you could imagine, including content writing, blogs, and public relations. And, for the past decade, Jim has been deeply involved in writing about music, both for magazines and as the author of five books on the topic.

For his full-time job, Jim handles the television and track announcing duties at a harness racing establishment near his home. He spends as much time as possible with his wife Marie and daughter Daniele, both of whom are used to hearing his long-winded monologues about either the struggles of his Fantasy baseball team or which Beatles song is definitively the best.


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