Pavo Jurkic

Hello ya'll and welcome to my Author Profile Page on which I'll give you a fair amount of behind-the-scenes info about myself. First of all, it has to be said that I've been a part of the esports industry as a full-time freelancer for roughly 3 years already.

I've mainly been working as a content creator and post editor for several esports-based websites prior to joining the team. I've worked closely with esports content managers which turned me into a detail-oriented content creator with a great amount of knowledge regarding the ins and outs of this industry.

However, my love for all things esports started out much before that; much before I ever imagined I'd end up working as a full-time freelancer. It all started out with PC gaming, but developed into an obsession with the esports industry once the first skin betting websites came out. Come to think of it, gaming, esports, and betting are my hobbies and my jobs; it's a bit complicated but I'm loving it just the way it is.. so hopefully you'll enjoy my pieces knowing I'm as passionate about them as you are!



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