The Best Android Gambling Apps of 2021

As internet gambling moved into the mid-2000s, a lot was happening in both
the gaming world and the world of technology as a whole. Casino games were able
to be played without having to download a huge piece of software to your desktop
computer, and with that change, players were now able to access games from any
computer with a browser and an internet connection. At the same time, the mobile
phone was changing as well. The days of the phone having a tiny screen and being
used mainly for phone calls was disappearing, being replaced with a series of
devices that gave you a chance to access the internet without using a computer.

As these devices entered the market, the gambling industry was quick to
pounce on the new opportunity. However, the initial game releases were not
player-friendly, and with so many different devices and operating systems, it
seemed like more hassle than it was worth to build them. Add in the fact that
many countries hadn’t decided upon the regulation of online gambling as a whole
in those days, and you can see why this stalled.

However, a couple of tipping points really forced the changes that we see
today. First, devices went from being phone-first to being focused on data.
Processors became powerful enough to replicate many of the functions of a
desktop, only in a smaller surface area. Second, as these devices started to
flood the market, a platform operator called Android gained enough traction to
be purchased by Google. Ultimately, smartphones became commonplace amongst the
public, and the Android operating system was loaded on the majority of the

As the smartphone grew in popularity, Google realized that there was a demand
for programs similar to those downloaded to PCs. Just like that, the Android app
was born. Soon, players were able to access a huge selection of apps from the
Google Play store. The gambling industry was very excited to be getting involved
in this space, but it took some time for Android to play nicely. These days,
Android gambling apps are commonplace in the Google Play store, and we thought
it would be helpful to break down all the apps you might come across when
looking for a game to play.

The History of Gambling Apps on Android

Let’s start with a look at how Android gambling apps came to be. As we
mentioned, when the initial discussion of native apps began for the company,
developers were lining up to build and ship apps for their companies. The
gambling industry, which had always been on the forefront of technology, threw
its hat in the ring as well. However, initially, these apps were not approved
for entry onto the platform.

Google has had a long history with online gambling. The search engine
business made millions from online gaming sites paying for keyword clicks. In
fact, the business got so competitive that a site could have to pay several
dollars per click, a figure Google never received from any other industry.
Finally, the heated competition and the outcry against online gambling caught up
with AdWords. Google banned the purchase of PPC advertising for gambling

Android Logo

It is no surprise, then, that it took Google a long time to come around to
approving real money gambling apps for their operating system. However, as the
smartphone technology improved, people were able to perform many of their daily
tasks from a mobile version of a website just as easily as they did from the
desktop. As a result, gaming operators were able to convert their websites to a
more mobile-friendly format, and players could now play the no-download version
of games right from a device.

Seeing that sites were already offering this without Google being able to
turn them off, it became tougher for the company to deny having native apps of
the same games available for their users. Finally, they settled on approving
apps but only in jurisdictions where online gambling was not illegal. Today,
there are hundreds of gambling apps available for download onto the majority of
Android phones and tablets in the majority of countries where the phones exist.

What Are the Best Android Gambling Apps Available?

To answer this question, we really have to look at what a player is looking
for when selecting an app. Our team reviews hundreds of apps (you can read some
details of that process further down). From our reviews, we asked our team of
experts to compile a list of the Android gambling apps that we would most highly
recommend to users.

As you can see from this list, there is a wide array of companies, from full
sports betting and casino operators to some more niche products. Whatever the
case, each of these apps has been given the highest marks from our team. This
allows us to feel confident that if you choose any of them, your overall
experience will be very enjoyable.

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
Las Atlantis
280% Up To $14,000 Visit Site
Wild Casino
250% Up To $5,000 Visit Site
125% Up To $2,500 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
50% Up To $250 Visit Site

Attributes of a Great Android Gambling App

When you have hundreds of apps to choose from, and the Android operating
system is on over 75% of all the mobile phones and tablets on the market today,
it is no small task to review and rate each one. Our team is very proud of the
work they do with each company, going into great detail about all facets of the
business and the technology. All of this work is meant to help you weed out any
potential disasters and only select the apps that are the best for your gambling
needs. We thought we would give you a peek behind the curtain, so here are some
of the most important attributes we look for in an Android gambling app when
coming up with our rankings.

Game Selection

We think that this is probably the most important factor when selecting an
app for your phone or tablet – or PC, for that matter. Having great graphics and
design is nice, but if the app doesn’t offer the games that you are interested
in playing (or could become interested in the future), then it isn’t worth
downloading in the first place. We think the best apps not only offer the
classic games but also add in the most recent variants of games like blackjack
and video poker for those players who are looking to make things more

Customer Support

When you are downloading apps to your Android device and are at the mercy of
internet connections to these devices, you are likely going to have more
questions than if you were playing games on your PC. Not every gambling app
offers the same level of service, and for us, it is important that the quality
and options for communicating with a site match your needs. We look for apps
that have support features like live chat and FAQ built right into the app
rather than sending you to a website to find a solution to your issue.

Payment Methods

Of course, having great games and customer service is all for naught if you
aren’t able to make a deposit and play on the Android app of your choice.
Payment processing has always been a delicate subject in this industry, and
adding a new delivery method for games only complicated matters. One positive
sign is that in some countries, you can have your in-app deposits attached to
your Google Play account, meaning you don’t have to enter any more banking
information. While this is still not the case in many locations, we look for the
apps that offer the most payment options to players and more importantly allow
you to make deposits and withdrawals from the app rather than having to go to a
web page to complete the transaction.

Promotions and Offers

This is the final large-scale item we look at when completing our app
reviews. The types of promotions and bonuses that a gambling site offers players
are the most compelling reason to become a depositing player. Think about it –
if you are looking to play blackjack on your Android phone or tablet, you have
dozens of excellent options. What is likely to sway you is what kind of offer
the site makes you for your deposit. This can be in the form of bonus dollars,
free spins, or tangible goods. We take an in-depth look at these options when we
are reviewing the site, highlighting which offers may be app-specific.

Types of Android Gambling Apps

When you first type “gambling” into the Google Play store, you may be
overwhelmed with the number of responses. Sites like ours are built to help you
through the clutter, both by giving you detailed reviews and ratings of all the
apps we can get our hands on and also by breaking down the different types of
apps that exist so that you can narrow your search. Here are the different
categories that you will find Android apps for in your search.

Android Betting Apps

Android Betting

Sports betting is growing in popularity in many areas of the world, and in
some countries, it is woven into the fabric of the culture itself. Having an app
on your Android device dedicated to sports betting gives you a chance to see the
odds faster, find and place your bets in an intuitive manner, and continue to
monitor the odds and in-game betting while watching a match all from your mobile device.

Android Slots Apps

Android Slots

Slot machines are far and away the most diverse of all the online casino
game. There are literally thousands of games available, and we look to recommend
Android slots apps that offer the best quality of content without overwhelming
you with the sheer number of available slots. Also, if a company offers some of
the huge networked progressive jackpot games, then it gets an even bigger boost
from us.

Android Baccarat Apps

Android Baccarat

Baccarat is an interesting game in that it is very popular with a very small
segment of gamblers and almost non-existent in the minds of the rest. Android
baccarat apps are plentiful, although many of them are part of a larger casino
offering. The best part about having a baccarat app on you is that you can find
the play money version of the game to practice at any time until you are ready
to jump in and play for real cash.

Android Roulette Apps

Android Roulette

The game of roulette is probably the most social of all the casino games.
However, it can be pretty isolating when you are playing online. These days,
there has been a growth in the multiplayer versions of the game, and so we look
for the Android apps that offer this game. These tables will have a robust chat
feature to go along with great graphics and sounds, all coming together to
present the best version of roulette you will find online.

Android Video Poker Apps

Android Video Poker

Video poker is another game that is only enjoyed by a small percentage of
gamblers, but we are convinced that this is just because no one quite
understands the betting. We have seen some great video poker apps for Android,
and to us, the best ones not only offer the most titles but also a detailed set
of instructions on how to play, as well as the paytable for each game. This
would go a long way to making the game more popular with a larger percentage of

Android Blackjack Apps

Android Blackjack

While many casino games suit the delivery method of a mobile device,
blackjack is the kind of game that is perfect for play from a phone or tablet.
The game doesn’t require much time, so having a blackjack app on your device
means you can pull up a table quickly and play as many hands as you are able to . The best blackjack apps for Android are the ones that
offer the most variants of the game, so you have the best selection when you are
ready to deal the cards.

Android Craps Apps

Android Craps

While craps is probably the most exciting game to play in a land-based casino
(haven’t you heard the roar coming from a table across the casino floor?), it is
still a game with a lot of nuances and strategy involved. While we encourage you
to read our craps section, we think you will find some great options for
downloading craps apps to your Android device. However, the majority of them are
full casino apps that offer a great craps table.

Android Lottery Apps

Android Lottery

The lottery benefits from being legal in places where online gambling
is still a gray area. As a result, there are probably more lottery-style
apps in the Google Play store than any other game. We look for apps that allow
you to play local lottery games and give you a chance to get
rich from winning a massive jackpot in a different country. In either case, we
expect the apps to be built with an easy interface, so there
aren’t any issues buying your tickets.

Android Keno Apps

Android Keno

Keno is a game that is enjoyed by a group of players who are more interested
in the entertainment than the chance to win money. Even though the odds are
highly stacked against you in this game, we still want to find the best Android
versions of keno for you to choose from. This may include apps that have great
loyalty programs or bonuses, as you are going to want to preserve as much of
your bankroll as possible.

Android Horse Racing Apps

Android Horse Racing

Horse racing continues to be popular with more of a niche crowd, but the
purses are high enough that people want to bet on the races.
The best horse racing apps not only take your action on horse
races from around the world but also offer you live streaming of the races. These races can be hard to come by with regular TV broadcasts, so
adding the ability to see the races unfold gives these apps far more credibility
in our books.

Android Poker Apps

Android Poker

Poker remains very popular despite all the struggles the online game has
faced over the years. The good news for players is that the game continues to
grow on a global scale, and today there are many Android poker apps that you can
use to play in big tournaments, private games with your friends, and even to
learn new games that you haven’t tried before! The benefit of downloading an
Android poker app is that the game graphics are going to be of higher quality
than the browser version, and there should be less lag, which is important when
you are trying to make timed decisions during play.


We are really just scratching the surface of the potential of Android
gambling apps. While we have come a long way in the last few years, the quality
of the devices is going to keep improving. Also, with the addition of new
technology like augmented reality and virtual reality, the way we interact with
gambling apps could be very different in the future.

One thing is for certain:
players are playing more games on their mobile devices than ever before,
including real money gamblers, and as long as Android continues to allow these
apps in their Google Play store, we will keep reviewing them and letting you
know which are the best for your gaming pleasure.