Basketball Betting Apps

Basketball is a truly global sport, rivaling only soccer in popularity from a
team game perspective. The rise of the NBA and some larger-than-life characters,
along with the introduction of foreign players to the best leagues around the
world, has increased the visibility of the sport. With that comes the increased
desire to bet on basketball.

Mobile betting in combination with live in-game betting on basketball further
increased the revenues from gambling on the sport. Today, with the basketball
betting apps you can download to your device and the streaming access to games
from across the globe, more enthusiasts can become gamblers. This page will
explore what you should be looking for when searching for the right basketball
betting app.

The Best Basketball Apps

Let’s cut to the chase here: we know that many of you are just interested in
letting the experts do the heavy lifting. We have a team of reviewers who spend
their days looking at every online gambling app, reviewing each on a
sport-by-sport basis. When it came time to look at the best basketball betting
apps, the team used slightly different criteria based on the way the sport works
(more on this below).

The result of our extensive research is the list that we present to you here.
This list represents the top basketball betting apps for iOS and Android. This
list includes many brands that you may be familiar with and maybe a couple of
new ones, but what we can assure you is that each of these apps provides the
best options for all your basketball betting needs.

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What to Look for in a Basketball Betting App

There are a lot of things that our staff looks for when reviewing an online
gambling app. For each sport, there are some nuances that must be taken into
consideration, which is why we thought you might like to know some of the
criteria we use when coming up with our ratings.

Streaming Options

As we mentioned, the game of basketball is now truly a global game, with some
of the European and Asian leagues becoming quite competitive. As a result, these
games are becoming more interesting from a gambling perspective, but they are
hard to find on TV to watch. We look for basketball betting apps that allow you
to stream games either from within the app or by redirecting you to the mobile
site. In either case, these apps bring you closer to the games on which you are
betting so that you can pay close attention to the results.

Types of Bets Available

Of course, the most popular bet type for most sports is the outcome of the
game, but with basketball, in particular, there are so many more bet types to
consider. The best basketball betting apps are those that offer bets on far more
than the final score. You want to find sites that will let you bet on halftime
and quarter scores, as well as the totals for each of the sections of the game.
We’ll talk more about these bets and prop bets a little further down, but the
bottom line is that if the app doesn’t give you at least the basics of betting
options, it isn’t considered good enough for us to recommend.

Live Betting

Basketball is the kind of sport that lends itself very well to in-game
betting. To really take advantage of lines that are fluid as a game moves along,
having a great betting app is a necessity.

Someone Betting on NBA Basketball

When you think about how quickly a
game can change hands, you want to be able to bring up the live betting odds
just as quickly to avoid missing out on a great bet.

We are always on the hunt for basketball betting apps that not only have
in-game betting, but we also test the speed of the refreshing of odds for live
betting to ensure you are playing with apps that don’t have any lag time from
the speed of the desktop site.


Almost all online gambling sites offer a bonus of some sort (yes, there are a
few that don’t, even in this age). The promotions we look for when ranking the
basketball betting apps are the ones that are either sport-specific or
mobile-specific, and you would be surprised how many offers are out there that
are drilled down to this level.

Some sites will offer free bets to players who make their bets via a mobile
device, and this will include apps. Others will give you a special bonus just
for downloading and installing an app on your phone or tablet. Finally, there
are some apps that offer you free bets or insurance if you make combination bets
on basketball that come up short of being a winner. In all these cases, the
offer helps limit your exposure, which can really add up over your betting

Basketball Betting Basics

Okay, now that you know what basketball betting apps are the best for you to
download to your devices, let’s take a minute to talk about the basics of
betting on basketball. This will be a short overview – the real deep dive into
strategy can be found on our basketball betting guide page.

What Bets to Choose?

When it comes to making a bet on the result of a game, you have two choices –
spread betting or moneyline betting. Spread betting in basketball is an
aggravating prospect, as the number of stoppages and foul shots taken near the
end of a game can have a massive impact on whether a team covers the spread or
not. Moneyline bets, on the other hand, force you to lay extra money on
favorites to win the game outright, which in itself is an additional risk. We
aren’t saying that one is better than the other, but it really depends on your
bankroll and how much you are willing to risk.

As far as combining bets go, if you are really on one side of a bet, you
could always parlay two different parts of the game together to improve your
odds. For example, you could bet on your team winning the first half as well as
the game, and even if they are a heavy favorite, you can still improve your

What Are Prop Bets?

Prop betting is very popular in basketball, mainly because there are simply
so many to choose from in one game. It typically starts with bets on the total
number of points scored by one individual player, and these bets tend to be
Over/Under bets. There are also bets on the number of fouls given up, the number
of free throws made or three-pointers missed…there really are too many to list
on this page. Prop betting keeps you interested right through the game.

For the rest of the basics on basketball betting, as well as some stories
from the professional gambler ranks, you should definitely check out our
basketball betting guide.

How to Find and Download a Basketball Betting App

You know what app you want to use; now you need to get it on your phone. This
section may seem trivial to many of you, but bear with us here as we walk you
through the process. The easiest thing for you to do is to click on any of the
links of the apps we have recommended on this page, which will take you right to
the download process for either Android or iOS. If you would rather search for
other apps, then the process is listed below.

First, you need to pull up the app store on your device. This is likely the
Apple App Store or the Google Play store.From there, you can search for sports
betting apps (or basketball betting), and the list of the most popular apps will
be displayed. Bear in mind that the most popular apps aren’t necessarily the
best for you to use, so you should cross-reference these apps with our reviews
to see if there is anything negative we have reported.

Once you select an app, you click the download button, and within seconds,
the app will be on your device. From there, you can do one of two things: create
an account if you are a new player, or log in using your credentials from the
desktop version of the site. Once you are logged in, you can fund your account
via any of the available methods, and then you are off to the races!


There is no question that the growth in basketball globally is going to
continue for many years. With that will come an increased interest in betting on
the sport.

Apps may continue to evolve, and the introduction of new technology
to our devices like virtual reality may put us closer to the action, but the
rush of betting on the outcome of a game or an individual shot can never be
replaced. By using the best basketball betting apps that we have discussed on
this page, your gaming experience from your mobile device is no doubt going to
be a positive one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is One Type of Bet Better Than Another?

This really comes down to personal preference. Some of our reviewers swear by
betting on the first-half lines only so that foul shots late in a game don’t
have an effect on the bet. Others play only props because it is way more fun,
and they can get more bets in during a game. Whichever bet you choose, our only
recommendation is to bet within your means and remember that they don’t run
sportsbooks to give away money.

How Much Money Can I Win Betting on Basketball?

Again, this is more of a subjective question to answer. It really is a factor
of the number of bets you make and the size of your wagers. However, if we were
to put things in the simplest terms, professional sports gamblers would consider
being right 60% of the time to be a huge success. So, keep that in mind when you
start betting on basketball (or any sport). Keep track of your wins and losses
and do whatever you can to be on the positive side of the ledger.

What Payment Methods Can I Use with a Basketball Betting App?

Each site has their own set of payment methods, most of which will be the
same whether you are making a deposit via your phone or your desktop. One
difference may be that in the app world, you can actually make a deposit via
your app store account. This will make it slightly faster to make your deposits,
and as the deposit is considered an in-app purchase, there is far less of a risk
of it being rejected.