Best Apps for Betting on Golf in 2021

Like many other sports, the popularity surrounding professional golf only continues to grow. As a result, more and more opportunities for betting real money on golf are now available through various sportsbooks.

And today, one of the most popular ways to bet on golf for real money is through golf betting apps. Not only do these apps offer a unique betting experience, but they also make it quicker and easier to place bets on your favorite golfer in real-time. The table below is our list of the best golf betting apps on the market:

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
125% Up To $2,500 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
50% Up To $250 Visit Site

If you’re looking for in-depth information, then you’ve come to the right place! This page will take a closer look at betting on golf using an app, discuss the differences between apps and online sportsbooks, go over different app promotions you can claim, and much more! Once you’ve signed up at the best apps for betting on golf, you’ll be ready to start wagering.

Want to save some time? Use these jump links to find the section you are looking for. By the time you reach the end of this page, you will be fully ready to bet on golf with an app on your smartphone or other device.

Top Overall App for Betting on Golf – MyBookie

MyBookie Sportsbook on iPhone

If you’re on the hunt for the top golf betting app on the market that can help you win money, then look no further than MyBookie.

MyBookie is one of the best sportsbook apps out there and accepts bettors from all over the US. Not only do they allow you to pick from a long list of payment options, but they also feature some of the most attractive betting odds and payouts in the industry.

If you are planning on creating a new account with MyBookie, they offer an initial deposit bonus that will match 150% of your deposit worth up to $750. Of all the apps where you can bet on golf for real money, this one is the best.

With how many gray areas surround online sports betting, many people wonder about the legality of betting on golf for real money. Is it legal, is it illegal, or does nobody really know?

The answer to this question will depend entirely on where you are located. Betting on golf falls under the umbrella of sports betting, so any location that allows for sports betting has also consequently legalized real money golf betting.

However, there is another layer to this. While some locations may have legalized sports betting, this does not necessarily mean that they have legalized sports betting that is done online.

This is where you will need to do your own research. If you are looking for online golf betting for real money, you will need to start by finding out what the internet laws in your location are in.

If you live in a location that has allowed for legal online sports gambling, then there should not be much standing between yourself and playing online golf betting games legally!

Legality of Golf Gambling Apps

Golf Clubs

Another popular question about the legality of real money golf betting is if you can legally use an app to place your bets.

The answer to this question is the same as before: it depends on where you are when placing the bet.

Some countries do not allow apps to be used, especially at live tournaments because it is believed that they give an unfair advantage over bettors who are not at the tournament. Other countries believe that gambling apps make it too easy for underage bettors to come onto the scene.

However, some countries across the world have fully legalized golf and other types of sports betting through the use of apps. Again, be sure to check your local laws before you try and bet on golf for real money using an app.

Finding Golf Betting Apps in Three Simple Steps

Never used a real money golf betting app before? No problem! Getting started is super simple and can be completed in a matter of minutes following a few simple steps:

Golf Ball

  • Find the Right Golf Betting App for You
  • Download the App to Your Smartphone
  • Add the app to your Home Screen

Find the Right Golf Betting App for You

Finding the right golf betting app for you is the first and most important step in the process of getting started betting on golf through an app. And in order to find the best platform for your needs, you need to take a few things into consideration.

First and foremost, you will need to know which golf betting apps are available for the location you live in. Depending on the gambling company who owns the app, you may not be able to access their sportsbook from where you live.

Another thing to take into consideration is the features you are looking for in a golf betting app. For example, are you looking for an app that offers live betting? Or are you just interested in placing bets on the major tournaments like The Masters and PGA Championship?


And finally, how much money do you want to spend each month (or week) on your golf bets? Some apps charge a flat fee for signing up to use their services. Others take a small percentage of your winnings as commission. And some apps offer monthly membership fees that provide certain perks such as free access to daily lines and better odds.

These questions will help narrow down the golf betting apps available to you and give you an idea of which ones you might be most interested in using. Once you have your options narrowed down, make sure you read customer reviews and testimonials to learn as much about the pros and cons of each specific betting app. Once you’re sure that your choices are legitimate and safe to download, you can move on to the next step.

Alternatively, if you already use a golf betting site, you can check and see if they have a mobile app created.

Download the App to Your Smartphone

Now that you have decided which app you want to use, you will need to download it to your smartphone. This step is super simple, and only requires you to press the download button next to your chosen golf betting apps.

The app store may ask you to verify that you are over the age of 18 to download an app that offers gambling. Accept this, and continue on to complete the download process.

Add the App to Your Home Screen

Now that your chosen golf betting app is downloaded, you can get started placing bets. But first, it’s important to add the app to your home screen so that you will be able to access it at any time with just a few clicks.

This step involves finding where you downloaded or stored your new app (for example, your newly-downloaded betting app could be in your “Downloads” folder). On smartphone screens, press and hold for a second until all apps wiggle, then drag the app to wherever you would like on your home screen.

For the most convenient betting experience possible, place the app somewhere that you will be able to click on immediately after you unlock your smartphone. This will put placing real money bets on golf just a tap away.


You do not have to download the mobile golf betting app from the site you choose. More often than not, there will be a mobile friendly version of the website that you can bet with and not have to download the app.

Golf Betting Apps vs. Online Sportsbooks

There are some key differences between golf betting apps and online sportsbooks that you should know about before you download an app and start betting. Although these differences do not necessarily make one option better than the other, they can make a difference in your overall user experience.

Some key differences between golf betting apps and online sportsbooks include:

  • User Interface
  • Special Features
  • Live Betting
  • Payment Options

User Interface

The user interface is the first and most obvious difference between using a golf betting app and using a sports betting site. Each golf betting app and online sportsbook software has a different look and feel, and some bettors prefer one type of interface over the other.

Although both types of golf betting platforms have similar functionality, there are differences in terms of what is contained within each platform. For example, many apps do not feature all of the bells and whistles that betting sites do and may have less options in their navigation menu.

Both golf betting apps and online sportsbooks feature live results that update on the go (although some apps will also display pre-game odds). These platforms also include specialized statistics such as hole information, individual player data, weather reports, ball tracking information and head-to-head breakdowns.

Special Features

Many golf betting apps offer special features that you will not find at online sportsbooks. One example is betting on golf tournaments that are not televised. These bettors will be able to bet on golf tournaments taking place around the world in real-time, even if the event is not being televised.

Another type of special feature that apps often offer is exclusive golf prop bets that are available for a limited time only. For example, golf prop bets may only be available during the major golf championships or when elite athletes are playing at their best.

Betting odds offered by golf app platforms tend to lean toward the more conservative side, meaning they focus on low risk/low reward lines instead of high risk/high reward options.

This is done for two reasons:

1) It can take some time for golf handicappers and casual golf fans to determine golfers’ strengths and weaknesses. In golf betting, it is just as important to know when a golfer will play poorly as it is to know when they will play well.

2) It might take some time for golf handicappers and fans to figure out who has the potential to win a tournament. The betting odds on golf apps don’t encourage bettors to seek big payouts on players with little chance of winning in favor of golfers who are more probable but offer lower payouts.

Live Betting


The live-betting feature is offered by both real money gambling apps and online sportsbooks, although golf betting apps typically do not offer as many live options.

Live betting is all about flexibility, so bettors should be able to adjust their wagers on the fly based on the action of the golf tournament. Available golf bets are likely to include matchups, head-to-heads, and other similar types of wagers.

Special golf prop bets are another example of what golf bettors can place during a tournament using an app or site that has a live betting feature. This would work just like any other type of golf bet but with some key differences:

  • Golfers have to prepare for specific scenarios that will occur during a round or tournament, such as overcoming adverse weather conditions or making golf putts on the final hole.
  • Golf prop bets can be offered by golf apps and sportsbooks for short periods of time, only during tournaments or when elite athletes are playing at their best.
  • Golf props typically require you to predict how golfers will respond in certain scenarios that may or may not transpire during an actual tournament. For example, competitors might need to hit specific shots out of certain types of lies on the fairway. Alternatively, they might need to make a long putt on the 18th green to win a bet.

Live betting is also available on online sportsbooks but is not nearly as popular among bettors because it requires more research than single-line wagers. This is because bettors need to predict which golfers will win in head-to-head matchups instead of predicting tournament winners with moneylines.

Payment Options


The final difference that we mention between golf gambling apps and online sportsbooks is the payment options that may be available for you to use. At times, an app may not able to provide as many payment options to bettors. This is because apps are still being fully developed and may not have as many connections with transaction-processing companies as established online sportsbooks do.

However, golf sites and golf apps that specialize in golf betting tend to offer the following payment options:

  • Credit Card – These are accepted by nearly every golf betting app and site.
  • Prepaid Debit Card – These types of cards may be linked directly to prepaid accounts that golf bettors can top-up. A golf app or site might not provide the option to use a prepaid debit card for withdrawal but allow bettors to deposit funds into their account with this type of payment.
  • Electronic Check – It’s possible to use these online golf apps and sites. However, this is a less-popular option because it can take a few days for money sent by an electronic check to clear at the sportsbook you are using. This will cause delays on your end as well as the bookie’s end because bets cannot be logged until money is received.
  • E-wallet – Most online sportsbooks—websites or apps—have the option of using a third-party payment service to complete fast, secure transactions. This type of payment service may be offered as an independent contractor or as part of a larger platform.

Live Betting on Golf With Apps

MyBookie App

When it comes to live betting on golf using apps, there are many great options. However, it should be noted that you will not find nearly as many live betting options on golf betting apps than you will on online sportsbooks.

This is because browser-based sportsbooks have the ability to update faster and handle a larger amount of traffic. If thousands of people are trying to place live bets on a golf tournament at the same time using the same app, then there’s a chance the app will crash and those bettors will be excluded from live betting.

Therefore, many apps simply choose not to include live betting. However, as we mentioned above, there are still many advanced golf betting apps that offer live betting, you will just need to do your research in order to find them.

Other Helpful Golf Apps

Are you a fan of not only betting on golf, but also playing it? You are in luck! There are many options out there that can help you improve your game and track your results. These are some of the best:



This is by far the best overall golf improvement app. It provides tips and lessons, information on the wind speed and elevation of where you are playing, and even has a GPS for every course. If you golf frequently, you simply cannot pass this app up.



Hole19 supports over 40,000 golf courses worldwide and helps you measure the distance between your ball and the hole. It also has a shot tracker to see how long your last shot was.

Coach's Eye

Coach’s Eye

Coach’s Eye is a unique app because it is a video platform that helps you review your swinging technique. You can record yourself hitting the ball, and then receive free tips and advice while watching a slow-motion replay of your shot.

Common Golf Betting Promotions Found on Betting Apps

One of the best things about using an app to bet on golf for money is all the different bonuses and promotionsthat you will gain access to. Sportsbooks are frequently offering these promotions to try and retain a loyal bettor base, especially with the amount of competition that exists in the sports betting sites industry.

When you choose to sign up with a golf betting app, you will likely come across these common bonuses and promotions:

  • Deposit Bonuses
  • Risk-Free Bets
  • Odds Multipliers

Deposit Bonuses

MyBookie Betting

Deposit bonuses are perhaps the most common type of bonus that you will find on any app that you choose to download. These typically occur on two occasions:

  • When you first sign up for a real money golf betting app
  • When the sportsbook is running a promotion on a specific payment method

When you first sign up for a sports betting app, you will most likely be given the option to cash in on an initial deposit bonus. This is a percentage that the betting app will match with your initial deposit to help give you a bigger starting bankroll. The standard deposit bonus can range anywhere from 30% to upwards of 100%, depending on the sportsbook. But every app will also have a cap on how much they will match.

Another time you will see deposit bonuses being offered is when a golf betting app has a promo on a specific payment method. Sometimes, these promotions happen randomly without any sort of special reason. However, they are typically most common for popular cryptocurrencies, such as:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin

Risk-Free Bets

Risk-free bets are another popular betting promotion that you will come across on golf betting apps. As their name suggests, these promotional bets allow you to make a bet without having to risk any of your own money. And the best part is that you are still eligible to receive a payout!

These risk-free bets will have a cap on them so that you cannot place a massive free wager and in return receive a massive payout. This would put real money gambling apps out of business.

Odds Multipliers

Odds multipliers are a bit less common to see and are usually only offered to loyal bettors who have wagered a set amount of money with the golf betting app throughout the history of their betting account.

Odds multipliers promotions are when the sportsbook will offer you an increased multiplier on the odds of your chosen golf bet, which increases your potential payout. The odds will be boosted anywhere from 1.1x to 3x depending on the promotion that is running and how long you have been a member with that app.

Golf betting apps are a very easy way to place wagers online, and most of them give players access to more promotions than they would find through traditional sportsbooks.

Sites With the Best Golf Bonuses


The Masters Tournament Betting Apps

Masters Tournament

One of the most popular golf tournaments is the Masters Tournament. And this tournament is not only big among viewers and fans, but among avid golf bettors as well.

Most bettors place bets on the Masters Tournament based on who they think will win and walk away with the grand prize.

In addition to placing bets that a particular player will win during this tournament, many also check out who will be placed second or third overall.

There are many betting apps out there that offer odds for the Masters Tournament. And the best part is that these apps will all be competing with one another for your money, meaning that there is always extremely attractive betting odds available for the Masters Tournament.

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If you are new to real money golf betting, then you should take a minute to learn about the different types of bets that you have to choose from.

Golf Betting Strategy

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Golf Betting FAQ

Are Golf Betting Apps Safe to Use?

There are many fake betting apps out there, but overall, platforms that are made by a reputable gambling company are completely safe to use. Refer to our list at the top of this page for some of the top golf betting apps on the market.

What Are the Best Golf Betting Apps?

The best golf betting apps are without a doubt those offered by BetUS,, and MyBookie. Depending on your preferences, you may find that any one of these apps could be considered the best for betting on golf for real money.

Can I Win Money Using Golf Betting Apps?

Yes, you can win money using golf betting apps the same way you can when using an online sportsbook. So long as the app is legitimate and licensed to facilitate real money sports betting, then you will be able to win real money with them.

Are Apps for Golf Betting Legal?

Betting apps themselves are 100% legal to use in most countries, so long as the proper licensing is in place. The legality of golf betting itself depends on where you live and what bets you wish to make. We are not lawyers. It’s best to always check your country and local gambling laws before attempting to download and bet real money using a golf betting app.

What Kinds of Golf Bets Are Available Through Apps?

Golf betting apps allow you to make moneyline bets, totals, futures, props, and more!

What Are Live Betting Golf Odds?

Live golf betting odds are just like any other golf sportsbook or golf betting site in that they allow golf bettors to make bets on matches while the game is taking place. There are two primary types of live golf bets available: live golf moneylines and live golf point spreads.

Will My Golf Betting App Require a Deposit?

To begin gambling, you will usually be required to make a deposit. You should consult each betting app you want to use for their deposit requirements as it will vary.

Are There Any Golf Betting Apps That Offer Free Play?

Yes, golf betting apps that offer free play do exist. However, these free bets are typically run as promotions, and you will be capped on how much you can earn from them.

Are Golf Betting Apps Compatible With My Apple Device?

Yes, there are golf betting apps on the market that are designed for iOS systems, meaning you can use them on any of your updated Apple devices, including smartwatches.

Can I Use Golf Betting Apps With My Android Device?

Yes, golf betting apps compatible with Android devices do exist. In fact, the majority that you find in an app store will be compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

Do I Need Any Special Equipment to Use Real Money Golf Betting Apps?

The only thing you need in order to download and use real money golf betting apps is a smart device and a connection to the internet.

What Type of Payment Options Are Available Through Golf Betting Apps?

Golf betting apps accept many of the same payment options that online sportsbooks do, such as:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Bank wire transfers
  • Pay by phone
  • Cryptocurrency

Each app will accept different forms of payments, so you may need to do some research before you download it and sign up.