NBA Betting Apps for 2021

The best NBA betting sites now offer corresponding mobile sports betting apps, so that you can place your basketball bets on the go via your smartphone or tablet. The following are the very best apps for NBA betting:

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
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While football may be the most popular sport in the United States, it’s not impossible to think that the NBA may be the most popular American sport on an international scale. Basketball has made serious strides in terms of popularity in recent years, both domestically and globally. While betting interest in the NBA pales in comparison to the NFL stateside, there are still billions of dollars wagered on the United States’ top pro basketball league on an annual basis.

The NBA is truly a year-round phenomenon. While the games themselves still attract most of the betting interest, basketball fans can now place bets on the NBA even during the offseason. That’s because NBA betting apps have stepped up their game with regards to offerings in recent years.

What should you look for in online NBA betting apps? We’re glad you asked.

Best Real Money NBA Betting Apps

  • Bovada – Biggest name in online sports betting offering countless NBA betting options.
  • MyBookie – Live NBA betting lines with a comprehensive betting experience.
  • BetOnline – New-look layout makes mobile betting on the NBA easier than ever before.
  • BetNow – Attractive real money bonuses from one of the industry’s longest-running providers.
  • – Top-rated betting site for safety and security offering competitive NBA betting odds.

After careful analysis, we have found that these real money betting apps offer the best NBA betting experience. They have the best NBA betting lines and odds online, but they also provide the safest and most secure platforms for mobile betting.

What Makes These the Best Apps for Betting on the NBA?

Safety and Security

Betting on the NBA online should be safe. While regulating the internet has proven to be a difficult endeavor at times, it’s still entirely possible to enjoy a safe and profitable online wagering experience. You likely won’t be able to enjoy yourself if you’re having to worry about your personal data falling into the wrong hands.

Rest assured knowing that every platform we recommend checks every necessary box when it comes to safety and security. These NBA betting apps offer measures like password encryption and two-factor authentication to make sure that you’re in sole control of your online betting account. The top-ranked NBA betting providers take the same safety measures with their mobile apps that they do with their traditional web-based sites.

Banking Options

Bitcoin BasketballIt’s good to have options, right? Why should processing your mobile betting payments be any different? You have to fund your account if you want to place real money NBA bets online. Mobile online sportsbooks for NBA betting accept a variety of different payment options, including debit or credit cards, e-wallets, wire transfers, and even cryptocurrency!

Not all banks or credit card companies allow customers to make payments with betting operators. So, you may be forced into seeking an alternative way to deposit into or withdraw from your mobile betting account. Thankfully, most of the top-rated NBA betting apps nowadays accept Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies. They’re adding new payment options all the time, so you should have no issue finding one that suits your needs.

NBA Betting Coverage

The NBA is hugely popular, so the vast majority of online sports betting sites offer a wealth of NBA betting options. NBA betting sites with apps like Bovada, BetOnline, MyBookie, and the others listed in the table above pride themselves in their comprehensive NBA offerings. Obviously, if you want to bet on basketball via a mobile device, you’ll need to choose any one of the reputable sports betting apps we listed at the top of the page.

NBA Betting Odds and Lines

There are countless ways to bet on a NBA basketball game. Not every single site is going to see every game the same way. But you can be sure that the real money NBA betting apps we recommend will be among the very best in the industry when it comes to updating their odds and offering prices similar to those you’ll find in Las Vegas sportsbooks.

You don’t have to feel like you’re getting a cheapened version of the NBA wagering experience just because you happen to be doing so on a mobile betting app.

Live NBA Betting

NBA Live OddsJust because you happen to miss tipoff doesn’t mean you have missed out on a potentially-profitable NBA betting endeavor. Live in-play betting has become a staple of the offerings you’ll find at the best betting apps for NBA. Live betting odds are always fluctuating to reflect the latest developments as a game is happening. In-play betting is particularly appealing to hardcore NBA fans familiar with the intricacies of the game.

You can wager on point spreads, moneylines, and game/half/quarter point totals with live betting offered at the highest-rated NBA betting apps.

NBA Betting Bonuses

You will find no shortage of promotions at NBA betting sites or mobile sports betting apps. These bonuses are designed to attract your business while also keeping existing customers always coming back for more. Welcome bonuses have become a standard offering around the industry. The sites are essentially offering you free cash in exchange for your sign-up. So, once you create an account and make your first deposit, you can also recoup some extra money via promotional offers that you can then use to place real money NBA bets on your app. It’s a win-win.

Most NBA basketball betting apps will also offer additional daily and weekly bonuses in addition to reload bonuses that you can attach to any subsequent deposit you make. You can multiply your bankroll several times over before you even place your first bet. What’s not to like? Take the time to shop around for the best NBA bonus offers, as not every site or app offers the same promotions.


The main thing that separates mobile or online betting from traditional in-person betting is the convenience. There’s nothing easier than opening up your preferred NBA mobile betting app and having a bet placed within a matter of minutes. You can bet real money on NBA with these apps from anywhere, and you can even follow the game in real-time to keep an eye on how your bets are faring. Betting online or via a smartphone or tablet is infinitely more convenient than hauling over to the nearest land-based casino to place your NBA bets.

Types of Bets You Can Place on NBA Betting Apps

Point Spread

One way for oddsmakers to level the playing field is by slapping every game with a point spread. Not every team is evenly-matched from a talent perspective in the NBA, which is why you’ll see a point spread on every matchup at online NBA betting apps.

The point spread is designed to make it more appealing to wager on the underdog. For example, Team A may be listed as a 7-point favorite over Team B. If you’re betting on Team B to cover the spread, they either have to lose the game by fewer than 7 points or win the game outright. If you’re betting on Team A to cover the spread, they have to win the game by at least 8 points.

Thunder vs Rockets
NBA Point Spread Bet
Houston Rockets
+1.5 (-110)
Oklahoma City Thunder
-1.5 (-110)

Both sides of the spread will usually come with similar odds, most commonly -110 at mobile NBA sportsbooks.

NBA Moneyline Bets

With the moneyline, you’re simply picking the winner of the game. Unlike the point spread, the moneyline isn’t designed to try and level the playing field. Betting on the underdog will give you more upside considering that team will face longer odds, but they also have substantially lower chances of actually winning. If you’re using reputable real money betting apps to bet on NBA games, you’re sure to find plenty of moneyline bets.

Lakers vs Clippers
NBA Moneyline Bet
Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Clippers


The over/under, otherwise known as the total, is an estimate of the total points oddsmakers expect to be scored in a given game by both teams combined. You can bet the over or the under. As is the case with the point spread, both sides of totals bets typically come with similar odds.

Bucks vs Celtics
NBA Over/Under Bet
Over 225 Points
Under 225 Points

Real money NBA betting apps tend to diversify their offerings with regard to the totals. In addition to game totals, you will also find over/under odds for individual quarters or halves. You can also bet the over/under for just one of the teams in a game if you’d prefer as well.

NBA Prop Bets

Most tend to associate prop betting with the NFL, but most mobile betting apps also offer an array of props for other sports. The NBA is certainly no exception. If you’re looking for a more unique way to attack a game from a betting perspective, it’s worth your time to browse the vast number of props attributed to each and every contest.

How Many Points Will Lebron James Score Tonight?
NBA Prop Bet
Over 25 Points
Under 25 Points

NBA sportsbook apps offer player-specific props, such as how many points a certain player will score, how an over/under on total rebounds for a player. You can find statistical props for just about every player in every game on certain real money basketball betting apps. There is typically edge in these odds, which can make NBA prop betting a profitable endeavor.


NBA bettors can also wager on future happenings. The best mobile NBA betting apps offer futures odds on a variety of subjects, including the NBA champion, Eastern and Western Conference champions, and division champions.

Apps will also post individual player futures on postseason awards like MVP, Sixth Man of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and Most Improved Player. If you’re willing to wait a little longer to cash your bets, the futures market is rife with appealing options.

How to Get Started Mobile NBA Betting

1. Download Your NBA Betting App

If you’ve ever downloaded an app to your smartphone before, you’ll know the download process is incredibly easy. Entering “NBA betting” or “sports betting” into your smartphone’s app store search bar will bring up a host of options. We recommend consulting our extensive and detailed online betting site reviews to help you determine which online NBA betting apps are best to download.

Once you have made that decision, click “download,” and the app will show up on your smartphone typically within seconds.

2. Create an Account and Sign Up

BetOnline Signup PageYou’ll have to create an account in your chosen NBA betting app if you haven’t already done so. Click the “Sign Up” or “Join” button on the app’s homepage. On the next page, type in the necessary personal information (username, password, etc.) and you’re ready to roll!

3. Make a Deposit and Collect Your Bonus

If you want to place real money NBA bets on your mobile device, you first have to put some cash into your account. Navigate your way to the deposit page and choose your preferred banking option. Remember, most NBA betting sites with apps now accept Bitcoin, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Enter the amount of cash you’d like to deposit into your account. Before submitting, though, be sure to type in the promotional code attached to your welcome bonus. That way, you can inflate that bankroll before you’ve even placed your first wager. Double-check to make sure everything is correct and submit. Your new betting balance will show up instantly.

4. Shop for NBA Betting Lines

There are countless ways to bet on every single NBA game. Once you have cash in your account, find your way to your app’s NBA betting page and sort through the bevy of betting options. Point spreads, moneylines, totals, props, futures, you name it. It’s worth your while to become a member at a few different online sportsbooks so that you can shop for lines and try to uncover some potential discrepancies in the odds. That’s the best way for bettors to identify value in the odds.

5. Bet on the NBA From Your Phone

Now, it’s time for the fun part. Once you’ve read your way through the lines and found the best wagers at the top-rated NBA betting apps, placing the actual wager is a piece of cake. Enter the amount of money you want to bet on your bet slip. Remember to never risk more than you’re okay with potentially losing if the outcome doesn’t go your way. Once you’ve submitted the bet, you’re all set!

NBA Betting Apps FAQ

Is It Legal to Bet on the NBA With a Mobile Betting App?

Nearly 20 states have voted to legalize and regulate sports betting in the United States since the Supreme Court struck down PASPA in May of 2018. However, you don’t have to be in one of those states in order to legally bet on the NBA online.

Because the vast majority of top-tier NBA basketball betting apps listed above operate offshore, you don’t have to worry about breaking the law if you place a real money NBA bet. Anti-gambling laws in the US are designed to specifically target operators looking to run a sportsbook illegally. The laws don’t punish bettors from actually placing bets.

So, yes, it is legal to bet on the NBA online using your favorite basketball betting apps!

What Are the Best NBA Betting Apps?

Consulting the table at the very top of this page is your best option when it comes to identifying the best apps for NBA betting via a mobile device. Those apps check every box with regard to what you’re looking for. Banking options, competitive NBA odds, fast payouts, safety and security, and attractive bonuses are just a few of the qualities that make these the best apps in the industry today.

Which Devices Support Apps for Betting on NBA Games?

Thanks to smartphones, it’s never been easier to place bets on the NBA on-the-go. Apple’s iPhone was a trailblazer in the smartphone market, and a number of other companies have since tried to replicate Apple’s success. Just about every NBA sportsbook app works with iPhone’s iOS software, but you don’t have to have an iPhone to take advantage.

These apps are optimized to work on a number of different operating systems, as well. Be it Android, Windows Phone, LG, or whatever else, you should have no problem finding an app that functions with your device of choice.

Can I Use More Than One Real Money NBA Betting App?

As mentioned, we recommend signing up with multiple mobile NBA gambling apps. That way, you can shop for lines and still place bets at sites that offer the most attractive odds. Not every sportsbook is going to see every game the same way, which is something you can use to your advantage as a diligent bettor. It’s not easy to find edge in the modern betting marketplace, which is why you have to use any little edge you can find.

There is nothing preventing you from signing up and betting using a number of different betting apps for NBA.

Is It Safe to Bet on the NBA Using a Mobile Sports Betting App?

Real money betting online isn’t always safe, but the NBA sportsbook apps referenced above are top-of-the-line when it comes to safety and security. Be sure to read reviews before you sign up so you can be sure that you’re only risking your money on apps or sites that rate out well with regard to safety. You can safely wager at mobile NBA betting apps if you’re careful about where you take your business.

Remember, we would never refer you to an app that doesn’t take your security seriously.