Best Apps for Betting on the NFL in 2021

NFL LogoCalling all NFL fans! The 2021-2022 season has begun, and there are more options to bet on all of the games than ever before. Millions are choosing to make their football bets using just a smart device. With that in mind, this page should explain everything you need to know about NFL betting apps.

This NFL season is expected to be the most bet on one in history. The vast majority of wagers placed on the season will be done from the comfort of home or on the go.

Here’s what you need to know.

Finding the Best NFL Betting App

The US sports betting industry has evolved tremendously over the past few years. There was a time when only a few websites were offering odds on football in the United States. Times have changed, and there are now a huge number of fantastic options available for football fans to bet on every game of the season.

NFL betting apps are more popular than ever before. Fans love the ability to make football bets using just a smartphone.

Below are some of the very best football betting apps for 2021.

BetUS App on iPhone


One of the betting platforms that has flown under the radar over the years is BetUS. This could be due to a lack of marketing. Regardless, it is one of the best online sports betting sites in the world and has great mobile football betting options.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes this mobile platform fantastic. It’s simply a fantastic overall NFL gambling app. Many also love the promotions being offered here, particularly the welcome bonus that is available for new members.

Bovada on iPhone


There aren’t many online sports betting companies with the name recognition of Bovada. In the years this company has been around, it has developed a massive user base around the United States. It is known for its sleek design and safe payment options.

Bovada has received very few complaints over the years. There is a helpful customer support system set in place available to answer all of your questions. Any fans looking to bet on football using a phone will love what Bovada has to offer.

MyBookie Sportsbook on iPhone


MyBookie is one of the newer online sports betting platforms to break into the US market. It has already generated a massive user base in a relatively short amount of time. That is in part due to the site’s incredible mobile football betting options.

From a design point of view, this is one of the sleekest mobile betting platforms in the world. It’s perfect, even for those completely new to sports betting. Those looking for a modern betting platform with a wide range of great football betting options will love this mobile NFL betting app.

BetOnline Sportsbook on iPhone


Many sports betting fans in the United States have heard of BetOnline before. This website launched about a decade ago and has grown to become one of the most recognizable sports gambling brands in the world. BetOnline is also known for providing one of the best mobile football betting apps around.

This mobile platform is sleek, easy to use, and offers a huge range of wagering options. In fact, there are more unique prop betting options provided here than almost anywhere else. That includes wagers on things like how many points a team will win by. Check it out today!

NFL Gambling Apps vs. NFL Betting Sites

BetUS LaptopJust a decade ago, the vast majority of online sports bets that were placed in the United States were made through betting websites. That is no longer the case. Most football fans now prefer to make their wagers using their phones.

There are some notable differences between these platforms. Below is a quick description of each one.

Apps for Betting on the NFL

Mobile sports betting has taken over in recent years. Essentially, real money NFL betting apps are simply mobile platforms offering options to bet on the National Football League. The word “app” may be a little misleading to some readers, though.

Generally speaking, these are simply mobile football betting sites. They do not need to be downloaded and are instead accessed using your phone’s browser. The best football betting apps will offer all of the same types of wagering options that desktop sites do.

NFL Betting Sites

Some bettors may be a little more familiar with online NFL betting sites. These are accessed using a laptop or a computer. These sites are often large, and some find them slightly easier to navigate through.

The main criticism is that these websites cannot be accessed with a smartphone. They are great for those that prefer to make their wagers using their desktop computer. Feel free to check out our list of the top NFL betting sites by hitting the link below.

What to Look for in an NFL Betting App

Mobile NFL betting apps are easy to find. Some, of course, are known for being a little better than others. There are a few simple steps that everyone can take to ensure that the app they decide to join is safe and fun.

Below are some of the steps you should take before deciding to sign up to any mobile NFL betting apps.

Safe Payment Options

There is nothing more important than safety when gambling online. It’s highly recommended to only join NFL mobile betting sites that provide you were secure payment options. You will always want to ensure that the money you are wagering with is secure.

Specific types of payments differ from app to app. Keep an eye out for the ones that allow for a variety of depositing and withdrawing options. The best NFL betting apps also set low fees for these payments and have short processing times.

Great NFL Moneyline Odds

Moneyline betting is the most common form of football betting around. For those unfamiliar, this is simply betting on which team will win a specific game. Some sites are known for providing their members with better moneyline odds than others.

Spend a little time comparing the moneyline odds being offered by different mobile NFL gambling apps. You will begin to see which ones are the best. This should help you better choose which of these platforms to join.

Helpful Customer Support System

Even the most experienced sports bettors can sometimes run into problems while making wagers online. To combat this issue, many NFL betting apps provide customer support systems. Some are more effective than others.

Our experts highly recommend joining a site with an in-depth support system, available 24/7. The best ones seem to be live chat options. It’s usually a good idea to avoid the apps that providing email support to their members.

Unique Football Betting Options

Moneyline odds are certainly fun for casual bettors. Some prefer more unique prop football bets, though. Many football betting apps recognize that fact and now provide their members with a huge range of fantastic NFL prop betting options.

Some sites offer more of these wagers than others. If you want to make a variety of football bets, make sure that you join a site that actually provides them! These should be easy to locate, even for new sports bettors.

Different Betting Options on NFL Apps

Not long ago, football betting in the US was extremely limited. Finding a betting site was difficult. Once you did, it was even harder to locate more than just a few basic types of bets available on games.

It’s incredible to see how far this form of gambling has come. NFL betting apps now provide their members with a huge range of unique types of wagers. This gives bettors more opportunities to win.

Below are three of the most common types of football bets you will come across.

Football Moneyline Odds

We briefly touched on moneyline odds above. This is a bet on which team will win a particular game. Odds are provided for each team and generally, there is a favorite and an underdog. Your payout will differ based on these odds and how much you are willing to wager.


San Francisco 49ers
New England Patriots

Many love the simplicity of moneyline betting. There are very few intangibles. With some effective research and knowledge of the game, it’s possible to win big. Of course, these moneyline odds do not offer the same types of massive winning opportunities as other types of bets.

Football Over/Under Odds

Over/under betting is another popular form of sports wagering. It can differ from sport to sport. In football, this is a bet on whether or not a certain number of points will be earned over the course of a single game.


Over 42.5
Under 42.5

It’s uncommon for these types of odds to offer players massive payouts. Generally, the odds for both the over and under are fairly close. They can offer some great quick payouts, though, and can end up helping significantly when included in parlays.

Football Prop Betting Odds

Prop betting has grown steadily more popular over the past decade. Nowadays, it’s common to find NFL betting apps that provide a huge range of unique prop bets for their players. That even includes odds on things like which team will win the opening game coin toss!

Example: Atlanta Falcons Exact Number of Touchdowns

  • 1: +200
  • 2: +205
  • 3: +325
  • 4: +500
  • 5: +2000
  • 6 or more: +4000

More experienced sports bettors love the types of odds that prop bets offer. As you can see with the example above, these bets can provide some staggering opportunities to cash out. Keep in mind that prop bets are often much harder to pick correctly!

How to Sign Up With a Football Betting App

The process of joining a mobile NFL betting app may seem daunting to some. This is perfectly understandable. Fortunately, the process has gotten significantly easier over the years. In fact, most mobile football betting sites take less than 10 minutes to join!

Below are some screenshots that will explain the process of joining one of the most popular NFL gambling apps in the world right now, BetUS.

BetUS Website Screenshot

Below is a look at the sign-up sheet. Here, you simply enter some basic information including your phone number and email address. Once you’ve filled the information out, you are ready to move forward! Keep in mind that you must be at least 18 years old to join.

BetUS Sign Up Screen

Next, BetUS will allow you to take advantage of one of its incredible welcome bonuses. These can help to add serious money onto your first deposit. Keep in mind that these sometimes come with rollover requirements, forcing you to wager a certain amount of money before a withdrawal can be made.

BetUS Sign Up Screen

Lastly, you will come across the deposit page. Below are some of the available depositing options available through BetUS. Simply choose an option and deposit the amount of money that works for you! Afterward, you can begin making bets.

Five Tips to Win Playing On Football Betting Apps

FootballBy now, you may be ready to join an NFL betting app and begin making wagers. Great! Some may still be curious about how exactly to win with this kind of sports betting. Our experts have come up with many helpful tips to do so.

Below are five basic tips that should help to increase your odds of placing winning football bets.

Always Put Research Into the Bets You Plan to Make

Betting on football is easier today than ever before. In fact, real money NFL betting apps allow fans to quickly make bets even while on the go. With that being said, it’s always a good idea to put research into the wagers you plan on making. Making blind bets and crossing your fingers often results in disappointment.

Never Bet Based on Emotion

Football remains the most popular sport in the United States. Millions of people are true diehard fans of certain teams and players. It’s never a smart idea for these fans to make wagers based on emotion, though. Taking a purely analytical approach to your sports betting process will increase your odds of winning. At times, that could even mean betting against your favorite team!

Keep Your Parlays Small

Parlay betting can be an excellent way to increase your payouts. These are simply multiple individual wagers combined into one.

For a parlay to win, each of these individual bets needs to be correct.

Some make the mistake of forming massive parlays in hopes of taking home a huge payout. It is much smarter to keep these parlays small and realistic.

Look for Great Underdog Opportunities

Oddsmakers tend to know what they are doing. Every once in a while, however, you make come across a set of odds that seem incorrect. This can sometimes create lucrative opportunities for bettors. Keep an eye out for great underdog opportunities and be willing to pull the trigger on these underdogs if your research backs up the idea that they can win.

Never Bet More Money Than You Can Afford to Lose

Some experienced football bettors are able to win large amounts of money on a regular basis. Of course, NFL betting apps also make it easy to lose cash. It’s recommended to only bet what you are willing to lose. If you begin to notice a trend of losing, it may be smart to take a break.

Traditional NFL Fantasy Football Apps vs. Daily Fantasy Football Apps

Fantasy sports remains one of the most popular social sports games in the country. Millions take part in fantasy football to test their NFL knowledge against family and friends. A huge number of popular football fantasy sports apps are available right now.

For many years, daily fantasy sports was one of the only options available for those in the US to make any types of “wagers” on sports. For those unaware, DFS is an accelerated form of fantasy sports that take place over a single day. There are a huge number of popular NFL daily fantasy sports apps available around the United States, too.

There are some key differences between these apps and traditional NFL betting apps. Below is a quick description of how these two fantasy sports applications work.

Traditional Fantasy Football Apps

Fantasy football is simple. It requires participants to form a “fantasy” team of real players competing in the NFL. These participants are given points based on how their fantasy players perform over the course of a season.

Traditional fantasy NFL does not offer any real money. Social circles will often have side bets related to their fantasy sports leagues. You will not find any US fantasy football apps offering payouts, though.

Daily Fantasy Football Apps

Daily fantasy sports grew incredibly popular over the past few years. Prior to PASPA’s removal, it was one of the only ways for sports fans to earn money based on their sporting knowledge. Daily fantasy football apps work in the same way as traditional football apps, aside from the fact that winners are decided over the course of a single day.

DFS football apps can offer some great opportunities to win money. Most agree that correctly picking DFS teams is more difficult than traditional sports betting, though. As football betting grows around the country, daily fantasy football seems to become less popular.

How to Add an NFL Betting Site to Your Homepage

In the event that your NFL betting site does not have an app version of their sportsbook, there is a quick trick you can use to make placing your bets even faster. All you need to do is add a shortcut to your mobile device’s home page.

Doing this is quick and easy if you follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Visit the mobile version of the online sportsbook
  2. Use site’s settings to create a shortcut
  3. Name your shortcut
  4. Choose a place for your shortcut

Note: The following screenshot examples were captured using an Android device. Apple users may find slight differences in the steps.

Step 1: Visit the Mobile Version of the Online Sportsbook

BetUS on iPhone

Using your smartphone, navigate to the mobile version of the online sportsbook that you want to add to your homepage.

Step 2: Use Site’s Settings to Create a Shortcut

Next you will navigate to the website’s settings in order to create a shortcut. To find this section, click on the three dots in the top right corner of your browser.


From there, a list will drop down below. Click on “Add to Home Screen” or “Create Shortcut.”

BetUS Addition to Home Screen

Step 3: Name Your Shortcut


Once you choose to add the web page to your home screen, you will be prompted to name the shortcut. Choose something that is simple and that will make it easy for you to find.

Step 4: Choose a Place for Your Shortcut

Once you name your shortcut, all that is left to do is find it on your homepage and move it to wherever you would like. You now have a shortcut for your NFL betting site that works similarly to an app!

BetUS App Example

Mobile NFL Betting Apps FAQ

Do NFL Betting Apps Need to Be Downloaded?

There are some NFL gambling apps available that can be downloaded. Many of the best ones can simply be accessed using a mobile web browser. That includes the ones featured earlier on this page.

Can I Bet on College Football Through Mobile NFL Betting Applications?

The vast majority of NFL fans are also fans of college football. Most of the NFL mobile betting sites operating today provide college football odds as a result. If college football wagering is what you are after, make sure to find a site that provides it!

How Long Does It Take to Sign Up to a Mobile Betting App for the NFL?

The US online sports betting industry has come a long way. It now takes less than 10 minutes to join almost all football betting apps. You simply enter your basic information, make a deposit into your account, and you’re ready to go.

Do NFL Betting Apps Offer Casino Gambling Options?

Some mobile NFL betting apps (including some of the ones listed on this page) act as both online sportsbooks and casino sites. This gives gamblers a wide range of fun things to choose from. Not all of them do, though. Spend a little time looking at what exactly these different platforms provide to their members.

What Kind of Football Bets Can I Make Through Online NFL Betting Applications?

Every mobile football betting app is different. Some are basic and provide a limited set of moneyline odds. Others are extensive, offering unique football prop betting options on things like what color Gatorade will be thrown on a winning coach. Join the app that provides the types of bets you are looking for.