Super Bowl Betting Apps

Super Bowl betting apps provide access to the biggest game of the year. The Super Bowl is the biggest betting event in the US sports world each season, so convenience is crucial. That’s why you should understand what these apps are and how they work in order to maximize your betting experience.

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More and more people are gambling online and connecting to apps devoted to everything from sports betting to casino gambling. In the US, no sporting event looms larger than the Super Bowl, especially in terms of betting. That’s why it makes sense that the world of sports gambling apps, which are offshoots of top gambling websites, should intertwine with the Super Bowl.

In the following article, we’ll explain all that you need to know to get involved in the world of Super Bowl betting apps. We’ll also talk about the best Super Bowl betting apps available to you, what you should be looking for in an app, and what kinds of bets you can make. On top of that, we’ll get into the advantages that you can expect from real money mobile betting for Super Bowl LV and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Best Super Bowl 55 Betting Apps

The 2021 Super Bowl is scheduled to pit the two best teams in the NFL against one another. So. why would you settle for anything less than the very best Super Bowl betting apps? Above is our list of the best choices for wagering access to the Super Bowl.

How can we say for sure that these are the finest Super Bowl gambling apps on the market? Well, for one, we’ve done the research for you. That means you can rest assured that these apps have been tested and come out looking strong compared to many others.

In addition, we also listen to the feedback of other online gamblers. These are the people who gamble on sports on a regular basis and know what it takes for an app to be effective. These apps have already established a solid reputation in the market and, as you’ll see as we go through them, they each have their own unique qualities to recommend them as well.

BetUS App

BetUSBetUS is another provider with a long and decorated track record within the sports betting industry having been in business since 1994. BetUS has operated a highly-rated real money online sportsbook for years, and their transition into the mobile game has been seamless, as well.

As is the case with a few of our other highly-rated Super Bowl betting apps, BetUS is good about promoting its various bonus offers. New users can grab a sizable 100% bonus on first deposits up to $2,500! That bonus amount jumps to 150% if you happen to make your deposit in the app via Bitcoin, which is a nice perk for fans of crypto.

The deposit process is very easy with the BetUS mobile app. This means you can fund your account, collect your bonus, and get those Super Bowl bets placed in a matter of minutes, even if you’re not necessarily handy with your smartphone. This is another app that relies on a simplistic layout, which means you don’t have to be a tech wiz to place your bets quickly and easily.

  • Super Bowl Betting Bonuses:
    • New Customers: 100% Welcome Bonus Up To $2,500 – Use Code: JOIN125
    • Existing Customers: 50% Re-up Bonus Up To $10,000 + 25% for Crypto Deposits – Use Code: No Code Needed
  • Mobile Page Speed: 6 Seconds
  • Time to Find Super Bowl Odds: 20 Seconds
  • Banking Options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bank Wire, Cash Transfer
  • Restricted States: Allowed in All 50 States

MyBookie App

MyBookieOne of the strong points of MyBookie is how they do an excellent job of personalizing the app to what you want. If you have betting preferences, you’ll see that their Super Bowl betting app caters to those preferences. In that way, you get a customized experience that maximizes the impact of the bets you want to make.

MyBookie has completely renovated its live betting section, which will undoubtedly come in handy when it comes to getting Super Bowl 55 betting. Things can change in an instant throughout a game, and MyBookie’s easy-to-use live betting options allow you to react to those developments in real-time. Thanks to MyBookie’s easily-navigable layout, you can get your Super Bowl bets within seconds of firing up the app! They have streamlined the process to make the live betting experience as quick and straightforward as possible.

New users should also take advantage of MyBookie’s 50% sports betting deposit bonus, which is advertised prominently on the sportsbook’s homepage inside the mobile app. You can pad your bankroll with bonus funds up to 50% of the amount of your first deposit in the app, and you can then use that cash to get even more action on the big game.

  • Super Bowl Betting Bonuses:
    • New Customers: 50% Welcome Bonus Up To $1,000 – Use Code: MYB50
    • Existing Customers: 25% Reload Bonus Up To $500 – Use Code: MYB25
  • Mobile Page Speed: 3.5 Seconds
  • Time to Find Super Bowl Odds: 12 Seconds
  • Banking Options: Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Person 2 Person
  • Restricted States: PA, NJ, NV, NY

Bovada App

BovadaChances are, if you’re a sports fan, you’ve heard the name Bovada before. That’s because many of the networks broadcasting games will quote Bovada’s odds when they talk about the betting angle for the games. That kind of brand recognition can only be achieved by years of excellence in the industry. Bovada has been one of the most well-respected names in the sports betting realm for years, and with good reason.

Super Bowl betting online with the Bovada app is noteworthy because of its unique offerings. This Super Bowl 55 betting app is happy to promote its sports welcome bonus, which is a bonus of 50% on top of your initial deposit amount up to $250. That means you can add up to $250 in bonus funds if you deposit the maximum of $500 into your account while redeeming the requisite bonus code.

Bovada is also known for offering a wide variety of betting opportunities that you won’t find on any other Super Bowl betting app. Prop betting has exploded in popularity in recent years, and Bovada’s oddsmakers clearly pride themselves on posting as many prop bets as possible. With the Bovada app, you can bet on props like the length of the pregame national anthem, whether the coin flip will result in heads or tails, and even what color Gatorade will be dumped onto the winning coach!

  • Super Bowl Betting Bonuses:
    • New Customers: 50% Welcome Bonus Up To $250 – Use Code: No Code Needed
    • Bitcoin Exclusive: 75% Welcome Bonus Up To $750 – Use Code: BTCSWB750
  • Mobile Page Speed: 3 Seconds
  • Time to Find Super Bowl Odds: 7 Seconds
  • Banking Options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, UnionPay, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Zelle, Voucher
  • Restricted States: DE, MD, NJ, NV

BetOnline App

BetOnlineBetOnline’s mobile app is yet another that offers a fun, easy, and compelling live betting experience. In-game betting has exploded in popularity in recent years, and millions of dollars are wagered every single year on the Super Bowl after the game has already kicked off. If you want to get in on the action after the game has already gotten underway, we recommend firing up the BetOnline app.

That’s because this app makes it easy to place and track your live wagers. BetOnline’s app displays up-to-the-minute odds right in the middle of the screen, with the betting options menu on the left side. Any wagers you select will appear in your bet slip on the right side of the screen. You can easily place a single wager on the Super Bowl this way or combine multiple selections into a parlay if you’re in search of a bigger payday!

BetOnline offers some of the most competitive Super Bowl betting lines you’ll find in the industry, and there is no better way to get in on the action than by utilizing their trusted and comprehensive mobile sports betting app.

  • Super Bowl Betting Bonuses:
    • New Customers: 50% Welcome Bonus Up To $1,000 – Use Code: BOL1000
    • Existing Customers: 25% Reload Bonus Up To $250 – Use Code: LIFEBONUS
  • Mobile Page Speed: 4 Seconds
  • Time to Find Super Bowl Odds: 8 Seconds
  • Banking Options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, Person 2 Person, Money Order, Wire Transfer, Cashiers Check
  • Restricted States: Allowed in All 50 States

Why These Are the Best Apps for Super Bowl Betting

We could go on and on about why each one of these Super Bowl 2021 betting apps stands above the rest. And we gave you a little bit of detail above about our reasoning. But in truth, each of these apps for real money Super Bowl betting online are rock-solid in each of the following areas, areas which are crucial to the NFL online betting experience.

Banking Options

We told you above how several of these apps have bonuses that are tailored to Bitcoin users and owners of other cryptocurrency coins. Right off the bat, that should tell you about the variety they provide in terms of banking. You might not have those options at other Super Bowl betting apps.

On top of the crypto, these apps also allow you to fund your accounts with bank transfers, e-wallets, credit cards, and other methods.

The more choices you have at NFL Super Bowl betting apps, the more likely it is that you’ll find a banking method that makes the most sense to you. And that will improve your overall experience while gambling online.

Fast Payouts

This characteristic goes hand in hand with the banking at Super Bowl sportsbook apps. If you win your bets on Super Bowl LV, or any other sporting event, you want to make sure that you receive the payback you’re owed and that it will happen within a respectable timeframe.

Some of the banking options are faster than others, of course. But the bottom line is that these Super Bowl gambling apps will make sure to set the process in motion as soon as you make your withdrawal request. And that will shave down the time between when you win and when you get paid.

Variety of Super Bowl Betting Choices

The Super Bowl is a unique event in that there are seemingly endless ways to bet on the big game (more on those in a moment). But that won’t mean much to you if the Super Bowl betting app you choose doesn’t give you access to all of those wagers. As a result, you’ll want to make sure that your apps can run the gamut from the simplest to the most complex, as these online Super Bowl betting apps do.

Of course, there are more events on which you can wager than the Super Bowl. These apps will provide coverage for you in every possible way with all of the major sports. As a matter of fact, they also feature casino gambling action on the apps to really give you the full spectrum of wagering.

Quality of User Interface

iPhone AppWhat you’ll find when you encounter lesser Super Bowl betting applications is that you’ll feel like you’re looking at a big, confusing jumble. It will be difficult to find the bets you want to make and just to get around the app in general. That problem is compounded in mobile betting, because you’ll be dealing with much smaller screens like those of tablets, smartphones, even watches.

The best mobile sportsbook apps have solved this problem by giving you a clean look. You’ll be able to find everything with no problem at all, including all the bets you want to make, your account information, and all the promotions you might want to enjoy. Having that kind of quality app will make it enjoyable anytime you log in to bet on the Super Bowl from your mobile phone.

Customer Service and Support

There are a number of ways that customer service can come into play on a real money Super Bowl betting app. Obviously, you might encounter a problem making a wager or receiving payment, in which case you’ll want a representative to handle it for you. But you might also want the customer service to help you find the promotions and wagers that will suit you the best.

The first part of customer service at the best Super Bowl wagering apps is that they’ll offer you a number of ways to get in touch with them. From there, you’ll find that the response time is rapid, making it feel like you’re the top priority. Finally, these top Super Bowl betting apps know how to make their customers happy, sometimes even before the customers themselves know what they want.

Lucrative Real Money Bonuses

When we talked about the top 2021 Super Bowl betting apps above, we told you about specific bonuses from each one. If you explore those apps, you’ll find many other bonuses and promotions that we didn’t mention. And plenty of those bonuses can indeed be applied to your Super Bowl wager.

When it comes to bonuses, there is more than just the size of the bonus.

You also have to consider the rollover restrictions put in place by the various apps to ensure betting action comes from the bonuses. The best Super Bowl betting apps will have those rollovers in place, but they will be reasonable and less burdensome than those offered by sports betting app competitors.

Live Super Bowl Betting

This is the area of the sports betting world that has gained the most momentum over the past few years. We expect live betting on the 2021 Super Bowl to topple all previous live betting forays to this point. Live betting is a must-have for competitive Super Bowl betting apps.

It keeps you in the action all the way through a game like the Super Bowl. We’ve all been there before, where we’ve made a bet at the start of the game and are seemingly on the losing end of it about five minutes into the action. With live betting action at Super Bowl betting apps, you can stay in it until the final gun.

Device Compatibility

Nowadays, most people use their smartphones for just about everything. Banking, communicating, shopping, the list goes on. Why should placing bets on the Super Bowl be any different? Every single one of the best sites for betting on the Super Bowl has developed its own corresponding mobile app that you can download straight to your device.

Devices Used for Mobile Super Bowl Betting

Data and Graph Provided by:

While the vast majority of mobile Super Bowl bettors place their bets using their Apple devices, you don’t have to have an iPhone or an iPad to bet on the big game. As you can see, nearly 32% of the total number of bettors using their mobile devices to bet on the Super Bowl do so with a Samsung device. Nearly 14% uses Google, LG, Motorola, or other types of devices to do their wagering.

So, you should have no trouble finding a quality Super Bowl betting app that happens to be compatible with your preferred device. At this point, you would be hard-pressed to find a highly-rated app that doesn’t work on your choice of smartphone or tablet to cater to your Super Bowl wagering needs.

Reputation and Trustworthiness

We saved the most important part of Super Bowl betting apps for last. You’ll be betting with real money on these apps, which means you need to be assured that you can trust what’s going to happen is on the up and up. Sadly, there are apps out there that try to scam people.

Thankfully, the Super Bowl gambling apps we’ve listed have all been around long enough that they can boast impressive reputations in the industry. They’ve done well for their customers and are always looking for ways to improve. If you use these particular apps for Super Bowl betting on mobile, you can enjoy peace of mind while you place your wagers.

Bets You Can Place on Super Bowl Betting Apps

If you’re new to Super Bowl betting online, or betting on football in general, you might be surprised at how many types of bets are available to you at various apps. It goes well beyond who is going to win the 2021 Super Bowl. Take a look at some of the options available to you.

Moneyline Super Bowl Betting

This is the most basic of all Super Bowl bets. You’re basically picking which team is going to win the game. But the oddsmakers at real money Super Bowl betting apps use the moneyline to ensure that each side of the bet is equally represented.

Here are the three factors involved in a moneyline wager:

  • A base of 100 units (dollars, euros, etc.) is used.
  • The favorite’s line, which has a minus sign next to it, shows how much you would have to wager to win 100 should they win the game.
  • The underdog’s line, which has a plus sign next to it, shows how much you get if you wager 100 should they win the game.

Let’s use a potential Super Bowl LV matchup as an example. Take a look:

Chiefs vs Saints
Super Bowl Moneyline Betting
Kansas City Chiefs
New Orleans Saints

This line says you have to bet $180 to win a $100 profit should the Chiefs win. On the other hand, the Saints would get $220 in return for a $100 wager if they win the game. As you can tell, the Saints are the underdog in this contest.

Keep in mind, you can bet different amounts than the ones specified by the moneyline when NFL betting online. The ratio of how much you win compared to how much you bet is what the moneyline establishes. That stays in place no matter the size of your wager.

Betting the Spread

The point spread is used as a way for the bookmaker to make money by evening out two teams who might otherwise be separated by talent level (i.e. a favorite and an underdog). When the oddsmaker awards points to the underdog in the game, the idea is that the final score will end up roughly even when those points are applied.

To cover the spread, the favorite has to win the game by more points than the spread specifies. As for the underdog, they must either win the game or lose by less than the point spread. Take a look at an example:

Bills vs Seahawks
Super Bowl Spread Betting
Buffalo Bills
-3.5 (-110)
Seattle Seahawks
+3.5 (-110)

The Bills have to win by at least 4 points to cover the spread. Meanwhile, the underdog Seahawks have to either win the game or lose by 3 points or less. Note that there is still a moneyline involved with a spread bet.

If there is a betting spread that includes a whole number, a push could happen. For example, if a spread was -5 and the favorite ended up winning by 5 points, all bets would be returned.

Totals or Over/Under Bets

When it comes to totals bets at real money apps for Super Bowl betting, you’re not betting on who will win the game. Instead, you’re betting on the number of points that are scored in the game by both teams. This is also known as an over/under bet.

For example, this is the totals line for a potential 2021 Super Bowl matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Steelers vs Buccaneers
Super Bowl Over/Under Betting
Over 45
Under 45

Imagine that the final score of the game ends up Pittsburgh 27, Tampa Bay 21. The two scores are added up to make 48. Since 48 is more than 45, the over bet is the winner in this case.

Totals bets are useful if you think you can determine how the game will be contested. Sometimes, it can be easier to judge whether a game will be high-scoring or low-scoring rather than who will win. There are plenty of apps that offer totals bets for Super Bowl 2021.

Super Bowl Futures Bets

The idea behind a futures wager is to pick the winner of something, such as the Super Bowl, well before the actual event occurs. In the case of betting on the Super Bowl via the moneyline, if you were to bet on a team before the playoffs began, you’d be incurring the risk that the team might not even get to the game—let alone win it. To compensate for that risk, you get much more lucrative Super Bowl betting odds than you would for other bets made right before the game.

For Example

The odds on the Seattle Seahawks before the beginning of the playoffs to win the 2021 Super Bowl was at +1400. You’d be betting $100 to win $1400 in return, getting $14 back for every $1 you bet. The Seahawks will have to get through three rounds of NFC playoffs, then beat the AFC representative to take home the trophy for Super Bowl LV.

If they were to make it to the 2021 Super Bowl and you bet on them right before the game to win on the moneyline, chances are that the odds you’d get would be modest. But if you take them weeks before the game, you can really win a lot for a small amount of money at Super Bowl betting apps.

Super Bowl Props

Props are bets that don’t have much to do with the actual outcome of the game; they are instead based around one aspect of it. The Super Bowl is perhaps the most popular event for all props. For example, some of the prop wagers you might be able to make include:

  • Which player will win the Most Valuable Player award?
  • How will the first points of the game be scored?
  • What will be the first song sung by the musical artist at halftime?

The possibilities for props are practically endless. They can be attached to any one of the individual players in the game. Many people see props (short for “proposition betting) as fun diversions.

But the truth is that using props as part of your mobile betting on the Super Bowl can give you much more lucrative opportunities to win big on a single bet than spread or moneyline betting can. If you take your time and do your research, you can really take advantage of these bets via mobile Super Bowl betting apps.

Super Bowl Squares

GSorg Super Bowl SquaresSquares are popular at the Super Bowl because they can be done in an informal way by the host of a party or among a group of friends. They are almost like a lottery because, in most cases, the numbers you end up with on the squares—which determine if you win or not—are chosen at random. But because there are so many possible outcomes, you can win a lot for a single wager, and that goes for squares found at real money Super Bowl betting apps as well.

The most common Super Bowl squares feature a 10×10 grid of blocks. On the top of the grid is the name of one team along with the numbers 0 through 9. And on the left side is the name of the other team and 0 through 9 again.

The numbers represent the score at the end of a given time period. Most squares bets are tallied at the end of each quarter and at the end of the game, with the latter usually paying off the most. As an example of what you might get in a Super Bowl square:

  • Team A = 4
  • Team B = 7

If, at the end of any of the specified time period, the number in the ones column of Team A’s score is 4 and the number in the ones column of Team B’s score is 7, you would win the amount. Scores that would qualify include:

  • Team A: 14, Team B: 7
  • Team B: 17, Team A: 14
  • Team A: 44, Team B: 27

And so on. Squares are a lot of fun and bring a lot of excitement. But if you get lucky, they can be like a Super Bowl lottery ticket getting cashed in.

Super Bowl 2021 Betting Resources

Maybe you’re someone who follows the NFL religiously and knows the ins and outs of every team. If so, perhaps you can make an informed wager on your own. But we’re aware that the Super Bowl is known for drawing in casual fans, who might need some information to help them out.

We’re here to do just that. Look around our site (or follow the links below) and we’ve got you covered with everything from blogs covering all the Super Bowl news, how to watch the Super Bowl, and even our own expert picks. Follow along, and you’re likely to become a knowledgeable bettor when placing real money bets on Super Bowl 2021 betting apps in no time at all.

Super Bowl LV Countdown

Countdown toSUPER BOWL 56
Super Bowl

How to Watch Super Bowl 55

  • Networks:
    • United States – NBC
    • Spanish Language Broadcast – ESPN Deportes
    • UK and Ireland – BBC One
  • Network Streaming:,, and NBC Sports app
  • Streaming Services: DirecTV Now, Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV

2022 Super Bowl Betting Odds

Kansas City Chiefs +500 +500 +600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +800 +600 +700
Green Bay Packers +800 +1200 +1200
Buffalo Bills +1100 +1400 +1000
Baltimore Ravens +1200 +1800 +1200
San Francisco 49ers +1400 +1800 +2000
Los Angeles Rams +1400 +1500 +1200
Cleveland Browns +1600 +2200 +2800
New Orleans Saints +1800 +2500 +1500
Seattle Seahawks +2000 +2500 +2000
Miami Dolphins +2500 +3300 +2500
Indianapolis Colts +2500 +2800 +2500
Pittsburgh Steelers +2800 +3000 +2500
Dallas Cowboys +2800 +3500 +2800
Tennessee Titans +2800 +3500 +2800
Arizona Cardinals +3300 +5000 +4000
Los Angeles Chargers +3300 +4000 +3300
New England Patriots +4000 +4000 +3300
Minnesota Vikings +5000 +5500 +3300
Philadelphia Eagles +5000 +6600 +5000
Las Vegas Raiders +5000 +6000 +5000
Washington Football Team +5000 +7000 +6600
Atlanta Falcons +5000 +6600 +6600
Chicago Bears +6600 +6600 +4000
Denver Broncos +6600 +8000 +5000
Jacksonville Jaguars +6600 +10000 +15000
Carolina Panthers +6600 +5500 +6600
New York Giants +6600 +8000 +6600
New York Jets +8000 +10000 +10000
Cincinnati Bengals +10000 +1000 +10000
Houston Texans +12500 +15000 +6600
Detroit Lions +12500 +15000 +15000

These Super Bowl 56 odds are updated continuously to give you the most up-to-date look at NFL teams’ chances to win the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Betting Blogs

Super Bowl betting is big business these days. Billions of dollars are wagered on the NFL’s championship game every year. With NFL betting apps upping their number of offerings with each passing year, trying to navigate your way through all of the betting options at your disposal can be dizzying. That’s why our team of pros is on hand to help give you the best possible advice for betting on the Super Bowl for money you could ask for, free of charge.

Free NFL Picks

Our NFL betting picks sections is constantly updated to give you the most accurate and detailed analysis of everything leading up to Super Bowl Sunday! Be sure to check back frequently, as our pages are updated on a daily basis with new information geared toward help you win money betting on the Super Bowl.

Benefits of Using Mobile Apps to Bet on the Super Bowl

  • Convenience: You don’t have to be at a physical sportsbook to place bets on apps for real money Super Bowl betting, nor do you have to be tethered to your computer. You can bet from wherever you are, which can come in handy when you want to make a bet on the fly.
  • Versatility: With betting websites, you might have a hard time making a bet on any other device besides your computer. But Super Bowl wagering apps are meant for your phone, your tablet, or any other smart device you might have. Again, that leaves you with the option of making a sudden bet on a whim.
  • Live Super Bowl Betting Online: This is a difficult thing to pull off in a physical location, such as a casino or sportsbook. You might have to deal with lines at tellers’ windows or betting kiosks, which means you could get shut out of the wager you want to make. With mobile Super Bowl betting apps, everything is accessible at the exact moment that you need it.
  • Variety of Betting Options: At a physical location, you will generally have limited options. But with NFL betting apps, you’re likely to find a much wider selection of wagers. You get to make the bets you want.
  • Best Super Bowl Odds: When you’re at a sportsbook in person, you have to go with the odds they provide. But if you check out different Super Bowl gambling apps, you can often pinpoint odds that are most favorable to you. This will give you a better chance of winning and improve your potential profit margin.
  • Real Money Bonuses: When you walk into a sportsbook, you won’t be provided any bonus offers. You’ll probably have to seek out some customer assistance to claim any kind of promotion, and even after that process, you might not get much. With Super Bowl betting apps, it’s all right there for you when you sign on.

Super Bowl Betting Sites vs Super Bowl Betting Apps

In many ways, the mobile Super Bowl betting experience has been designed to mimic the online sports betting experience as closely as possible. The vast majority of major online sportsbooks have developed their corresponding apps in order to give their users a comprehensive mobile experience very similar to the one they would enjoy on a desktop or laptop computer.

However, there are still a few advantages that come with betting on the Super Bowl via mobile apps as opposed to using a traditional sports betting site.

Popularity of Mobile Super Bowl Betting

Back in the day, the best and only way to wager on the Super Bowl would be to haul off to your nearest land-based casino. Fortunately, thanks to advancements in technology, you no longer have to make such an effort if you want to get some action on the big game. Frankly, it has never been easier to bet on the Super Bowl, even if you’re nowhere near a traditional in-person sportsbook.
Online Super Bowl Bets Placed by Device

Data and Graph Provided by:

If you have a cellular signal or functioning WiFi service, you can wager on the game from almost anywhere. These days, the vast majority of online Super Bowl bets are placed via mobile phone. Nearly half of all bets on the Super Bowl come in from smartphones, while another 35% or so are placed via desktop or laptop computers. The remaining 17% of online Super Bowl bets are made using a tablet, such as an iPad or Microsoft Surface Pro.

Bet From Anywhere, Anytime

Super Betting Odds on iPhoneBe honest. The primary advantage of betting online as opposed to doing so at a traditional land-based sportsbook is the convenience. While placing Super Bowl bets on your computer is extremely convenient, you can easily argue that doing so on your mobile smartphone or tablet is even easier.

With a mobile sportsbook, you can place your bets on Super Bowl 55 even if you’re not on your couch and in front of the TV. As long as you have a functioning cellular or WiFi signal, you can get those bets in from wherever you are.

Shop for Lines

Having access to a quality Super Bowl betting app makes it even easier to shop for the best lines. Line shopping is a critical skill for any sports bettor. One way to find an edge in the odds is by shopping around at different online sportsbooks to find the lines that you deem to be most advantageous. It’s much quicker and easier to shop for Super Bowl betting lines if you have multiple different betting apps at your fingertips.

Bet Quickly

Getting your bets placed before the odds shift is also important. This is especially true when it comes to live in-game bets. Odds can change in an instant, especially considering every highly-rated Super Bowl betting provider is good about adjusting their lines in real time.

Being able to fire up your mobile app within a matter of seconds and getting those bets placed before the lines change can be the difference between a profitable day and a losing day.

Track Your Bets

Watching the Super Bowl is a lot more fun if you have a little bit of money on the line. The top-ranked mobile apps for betting on the Super Bowl have all made it incredibly easy to keep track of all of your bets as the game is ongoing. If you see that one of your bets is trending in the wrong direction, you can quickly place another wager in an attempt to offset your losses. Live bet tracking is a new wrinkle offered at mobile sportsbooks that you certainly can’t enjoy at a traditional land-based sportsbook.

Types of Real Money Super Bowl Betting Apps


iPhone Super Bowl Betting Apps

You can download any of the highest-rated Super Bowl LV betting apps right to your iPhone free of charge, and you can start placing your bets within a matter of seconds (depending on your internet speed). These Super Bowl betting apps for iPhone offer all of the same excellent features you’ll find at the best Super Bowl betting sites!


Android Super Bowl Betting Apps

You can download any of the best football betting apps to your Android phone, which can help you enjoy a quicker and more streamlined mobile Super Bowl betting experience. The best real money Super Bowl betting apps for Android allow you to do everything that you normally do on your standard online NFL betting site.

BetMGM Logo

Land-Based Sportsbook Apps

More and more states are voting to open their own legal sports betting industries since the Supreme Court made it legal to do so back in 2018. If you happen to live in a state with legalized mobile sports betting, there are all sorts of reputable Super Bowl betting apps you can download straight to your mobile device in addition to the offshore operators above!

How to Get Started Mobile Super Bowl Betting

Download a Super Bowl Betting App
Remember to keep in mind that these apps take up space on your device. Make sure you have enough storage. The download shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.
Sign Up and Create an Account
Once you provide your name, some personal information, and a password, you’ll be ready to start the process of making your deposits. In some cases, Super Bowl 55 betting apps might require a quick email confirmation.
Add Real Money to Your Account
Provide your financial information on the NFL betting sites with apps. Remember when we told you how a variety of funding options could really help you out? This is why. We strongly suggest making sure your preferred method of withdrawal and deposit is included at the app of your choice.
Claim a Super Bowl Betting Bonus
At this point, you’ll be able to choose the bonus that works for you. You might have to enter a bonus code to activate the bonus. Once you do, you’ll see the bonus amount within your account.
Start Betting on the Super Bowl Via Mobile
Once you get closer to Super Bowl 55, you’ll see a dedicated page with all the bets available. Pick how much you want to wager, what type of wager you want to make, and what your choice is for the bet and get ready to start collecting your winnings from Super Bowl betting online.

Super Bowl Betting Apps FAQ

Are Super Bowl Betting Apps Legal in the US?

The question of online gambling in the United States and its legality has long been a dicey one. There are state laws and federal laws that are often at odds with each other. And that doesn’t take into account the fact that the Super Bowl betting applications we talked about above are often located overseas in areas where sports gambling online is legal.

Online sports betting is completely legal in the following US states:

  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • West Virginia

There are other states with a limited form of online betting allowed, while several others are on the verge of legalizing it. As far as betting with an overseas site, that’s another story.

When you’re dealing with an offshore site or app, the burden of legality is on those taking the bets (the operator). In other words, you (the gambler) won’t face any legal consequences for making Super Bowl bets at these apps. To sum it up, wagering with the best Super Bowl betting apps won’t cause trouble.

Can I Really Win Real Money on These Super Bowl Betting Apps?

You absolutely can. Of course, that means depositing money into an account and risking some of it on a wager on the Super Bowl or some other sporting event. If you win the bet, you will win real money in return.

How Many Super Bowl Betting Apps Are There?

Online sports betting is a massive industry, so there is no shortage of operators out there looking to get their slice of the pie. While there are thousands of different Super Bowl betting apps from which to choose, trying to sort through all of those options by yourself can be a daunting task. That’s why we have instead employed our team of experts to sift through them all and rank them for quality. There are plenty of decent Super Bowl betting apps out there, but we recommend you choose from those listed in the table at the top of this page. Every app we recommend has been vetted to meet our high standards for quality.

Where Can I Bet on the Super Bowl From My Phone?

While you may have lots of different options when it comes to where to place your mobile Super Bowl bets, we advise taking a much more selective approach. Every single one of our top-ranked Super Bowl betting apps have different pros and cons, so taking the time to read our thorough reviews in order to determine which of them best meets what you’re looking for. You’ll find that the best apps referred to in the table above offer the most comprehensive mobile Super Bowl betting experiences.

What Are the Best Apps for Real Money Super Bowl Betting?

To refresh your memory, take a look at our list above at the top of the page. You can’t go wrong with any of those mobile Super Bowl gambling apps.

Can I Use More Than One Super Bowl Betting App?

You can indeed use more than one gambling app. In fact, doing so can often give you a little bit of an advantage. It comes down to a technique called line shopping.

Imagine that you wanted to wager on an underdog with the point spread in a game. Let’s say that you get the following lines for that underdog at two different betting apps with Super Bowl odds:

  • Site A: +6
  • Site B: +7 ½

Assuming there is no big difference in the moneyline attached to these spreads, you’re better off betting with Site B. After all, you’re getting one extra point-and-a-half, which can make a difference between winning and losing the bet. That’s a perfect example of why you should consider shopping around for multiple 2021 Super Bowl betting apps.

Why Should I Trust These Super Bowl Gambling Apps?

We believe that the apps we’ve listed are the gold standard in the mobile sports betting industry. They’ve been around for a while, so they’ve already faced every possible situation. In addition, they have the kind of capital to pay off all bets made.

More than anything else, though, they’ve proven time and again that they’re reliable in protecting your money and paying it out. If you don’t believe us, check out some feedback from other sports bettors. We expect that they’ll back us up on the excellence of the Super Bowl betting apps we’ve profiled here.

How Many Different Types of Bets Do the Best Super Bowl Betting Apps Offer?

Betting on the result of the game may be the most popular way to wager on a Super Bowl, but it’s far from the only way to do so. The best Super Bowl betting apps pride themselves on their coverage, which means they offer countless ways to get action on the big game. Every one of our highest-ranked Super Bowl betting apps offers other options like alternative lines, prop bets, live bets, and futures bets to keep you occupied leading up to (and through) kickoff.

How Much Money Is Bet on the Super Bowl Every Year?

The Super Bowl seems to grow in terms of betting interest every year. Take a look at what was wagered for the Super Bowl in Nevada sportsbooks over the past three years:

  • Super Bowl LII (2018): $158.6 million
  • Super Bowl LIII (2019): $145.9 million
  • Super Bowl LIV (2020): $154.7 million

Keep in mind, those totals don’t take into account other US sportsbooks. It also fails to recognize the effect of online sportsbooks all over the world—which tend to keep their handles private—or money bet on the game informally or illegally through bookmakers. All totaled, you can expect the amount of money bet on Super Bowl in 2021 to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 billion to $6 billion.