BetUS Mobile App Review

BetUSThe BetUS app is one that gives you access to everything you can find on the regular website albeit on a mobile device. Technically, the app is a mobile version of the online sportsbook and gambling website of the same name. But it’s designed in a way that makes it easy to use on any smart device.

In the following BetUS app review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about their mobile betting apps. We’ll explain how it works and what you get out of it. In addition, we’ll talk about how you can sign up for the app and start playing and betting, while also answering any key questions that often come up.

  • US Players: Yes
  • Website:
  • Welcome Bonus: 125% Up To $3,125 (100% Up To $2,500 for Sports, 25% Up To $625 for Casino)
  • Software Providers: Digital Gaming Solutions, Nucleus Gaming, Mobitaz Solutions
  • Banking Methods: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Cash Transfer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bank Wire Transfers

BetUS App Features

When you visit the mobile BetUS app, you’ll basically get everything you would from the main website but in a mobile setting. This site has been in existence since 1994, during which time, it has established an impressive reputation among gamblers. And you’ll find that the mobile site delivers on that reputation as well.

With BetUS, you get a full-service casino and real money online sportsbook all in one application.

That means you can essentially focus all your betting action on this single app. You don’t need to spread your betting capital around to different apps and sites, which can put you at risk and threaten both your personal identity and your funds if those organizations aren’t reputable.

We’ll get into what each specific part of they offer in this BetUS app review. But in general, this is what you can expect from BetUS:

  • A set of bonuses that run the gamut from ones tailored to casual players to others meant for hardcore gamblers.
  • Multiple banking options that make it easy for you to find the right methods of deposits and withdrawals.
  • Nice features built around the actual gambling operations on the app, such as articles to help out sports bettors with their picks.
  • Contests and sweepstakes that give you more ways to win.
  • Extra betting offerings such as esports to draw in a wide swath of customers.
  • Top-notch customer service to help you with any problems that might arise.
  • A sharp interface that is simple to navigate so that you can get wherever you need to go.

BetUS Mobile Sportsbook App

The BetUS mobile sportsbook app is ideal for the sports fan who likes a little bit of everything when they wager. “Variety” is the operative word when it comes to this setup in every possible way. Take a look at some of the standout features of the BetUS mobile app:

Outstanding Selection of Events

BetUS iPhoneIt would be hard to name a sport that isn’t covered by the BetUS app. That includes the major sports like football, baseball, and basketball, but it also covers individual sports like golf and tennis, as well as specialty events like the Olympics. There is basically a game or event going on just about all the time all over the world, and BetUS gives you the chance to bet on it.

Competitive Odds

Savvy sports bettors know how important it is to find the odds that make for the most lucrative wagers. BetUS can certainly offer those kinds of odds to you. If you shop around, it’s rare you’ll find other sites giving better odds than what can be found on the BetUS sports betting app.

Live Betting

It is crucial these days to have this arena of sports wagering covered. Fans love that they have the chance to bet on the fly, even as a game is in progress. There aren’t many apps out there better for live sports betting than BetUS. BetUS gives you the full range of live betting options so that you can always find some angle to exploit.

Expert Picks

You don’t have to know everything about every game to make money off it. By offering articles about the sports covered and expert picks on that action, BetUS is doing a lot of the research for you. It allows you to win like those who follow the action day in and day out without having to show that kind of diligence.

Horse Racing Wagering

Horse racing is the sport most associated with wagering in the world, as it has been for hundreds of years. There is nothing like the thrill of having your horse pushing towards the line with a chance to win. And with the BetUS sportsbook app, you don’t have to make it out to the track to take advantage of it.

Types of Bets Available at BetUS Mobile Sportsbook App

When you make wagers at the BetUS app, some of them will largely be based on the type of sport on which you’re wagering. For the most part, however, you can find these major wagers with the most competitive odds on the real money BetUS app:

  • Moneyline Betting

    These wagers allow you to simply bet on the outcome of a contest, i.e., who wins. The odds are set up so that betting on the favorite will return you better payback than if you bet on the favorite. Moneyline wagers are excellent if you want to keep it simple or if you are just learning to bet real money on sports.

  • Betting the Spread

    Spread wagers are the most popular type of football bets, and football is the most popular betting sport in the United States. With a spread bet, the favorite “gives” points and the underdog “gets points.” You can bet on the other side, factoring in the spread, to try and “beat the spread.” These wagers are not only popular in football but in the majority of the sports.

  • Totals or Over/Under Bets

    Totals wagers are also known as over/under bets, since you’ll be taking either the over or under side when you bet. The oddsmakers try to guess how many points or goals will be scored in a single game by the teams. You then try to guess if the actual total will exceed (over) or fall short (under) of that total.

  • Prop Bets

    Prop bets are essentially associated with aspects of the game other than the final score. For example, you might bet on the statistical performance of an individual player in a game. The Super Bowl is a big spot for prop bets, as people like to wager on the entertainment aspects of the game like the halftime performance.

  • Futures Bets

    A futures wager lets you bet on an event that is well down the road, calendar-wise, from when you make the bet. The idea behind a future bet is that you get to lock in the odds when you make the bet. You’ll often get much more favorable odds in this manner than if you were betting a game right before it takes place.

  • Pari-Mutuel Wagers

    These are the wagers that form the main betting system in horse racing. With pari-mutuel wagering, the odds are based on the totality of the bets placed on a race, which means the odds aren’t truly settled until the race begins. In other words, the odds are actually set by the bettors instead of by the oddsmakers.

BetUS Mobile Casino

BetUS iPhoneIf sports wagering isn’t quite your thing, or maybe it is but you just want some variety, the BetUS mobile app has you covered with an excellent selection of casino games. Getting to a casino is not easy for some, either because there isn’t one close or because the hassles that accompany the trip are too much. We found during our BetUS app review that you have everything you need to enjoy the full casino experience, while also taking advantage of these features:

  • Live-Dealer Games: Some people who love the idea of casinos shy away from the online experience sometimes because they feel it lacks the atmosphere of the real thing. One way to approximate that experience is to play one of BetUS mobile casino app’s live dealer games. You’ll be interacting with an actual person in charge of running the game, which will make you feel as if you’re right in the action.
  • Advantageous Action: Many online casinos only include the versions of games that stack the odds against the players. But the BetUS app rectifies that by including specific versions of the top casino games with the best payback percentages. That will make a difference in your betting bottom line.
  • Free Play: We don’t mean by this the free spins that are a part of certain promotions. Instead, we’re talking about the ability to try some of the casino games on the BetUS casino app with nothing at the stake. Having this ability lets you decide if the games you’re trying out are worth playing for real money.
  • Casino-Specific Promotions: Because BetUS is perhaps known more as a sports betting site, you might think that all the promotions they offer are targeted at the sportsbook. But as you’ll see when we get to the section on the real money bonuses offered on the BetUS mobile app, there is a nice balance offered. You can find special offers that give your casino action a positive boost.
  • Variety Within Variety: We’re about to tell you about all the games available at the BetUS mobile casino. But even with those general categories of games, you’ll find many options at your disposal. For instance, there are six different styles of video poker alone on the BetUS app for you to try.

Casino Games on the BetUS App

As we mentioned, the variety we found during this BetUS app review is outstanding. Below is a list of some of the games that you’ll find on the mobile site. Choose your favorite or try out a bunch and see what fits the best.



Try to beat the dealer and get to 21 without going over. This game is extremely popular in casinos because of the high payback percentage that it offers. At the mobile BetUS app, there are many ways you can stretch out from the standard version of the game. Try out unique twists such as Double Exposure, Spanish Blackjack, and Switch Blackjack.



Like all the best online casino apps, BetUS provides you with a wide range of slots options, including old favorites and new creations. You’ll also find low limits for minimum bets starting at a penny, which is a great option for casual players. With all the choices available, the action should never grow stale.

Video Poker

Video Poker

This is another casino favorite because of how it combines the self-contained play of slot machines with the strategic aspect of table games. You can keep the action simple with standard Jacks or Better video poker. Or you can switch it up with unique pay tables like Aces and Eights or with wild card action like Jokers Wild.



You’d be surprised how the thrill of watching to see if your number is the winning one on each spin translates to the online experience. With roulette at the BetUS app, you can go for the gusto by picking a single number on the board. Or you could go with wagers which cover more of the board and give you a better chance at some sort of positive payback.



It all comes down to a roll of the virtual dice with craps at the mobile BetUS app. You get the full spectrum of wagers for this unique game. And yes, you can let it ride with a hot roller in an effort to see your winnings multiply.



This is a unique game where you don’t have as much control of the action but can still win big. It’s all a matter of choosing which side to bet. Or you can bet on a tie and hope for bigger payback on a single bet on this option known for bringing in the high rollers.


One-Player Poker

There are ways to get your poker action without bringing in other players. The BetUS certainly gives you many choices in this respect. Select from options like Pai Gow, Caribbean Stud, and Let It Ride, among many others.

Casino War


If you want some casino action that takes you back to your childhood, you can take a shot at this game at BetUS. It’s similar to the game you might have played head to head with your friend on a rainy day. But in this case, you can win big playing it on the BetUS app.

BetUS App Bonuses

Throughout the article, we’ve hinted at some of the bonuses that you can expect from the BetUS mobile site. Let’s take a look at some of the major bonuses in detail. That will help you decide when you sign up which of these promotions are the best for you.

Bonus Type Bonus Code Redeem Now
BetUS Logo

Sign-Up Bonus
125% Up To $3,125 JOIN125 Redeem Now
BetUS Logo

Crypto Sign-Up Bonus
150% Up To $7,500 SU150CRYPT Redeem Now
BetUS Logo

Casino Sign-Up Bonus
150% Up To $3,000 CAS150 Redeem Now
BetUS Logo

Cash Sign-Up Bonus
10% Cash + 20% Casino Bonus Up To $2,500 10CASH Redeem Now
BetUS Logo

Sports Re-Up Bonus
Up to 50% (+25% With Crypto) No Code Needed Redeem Now
BetUS Logo

1st Crypto Deposit Bonus
150% Up To $7,500 RU150CRYPT Redeem Now
BetUS Logo

Slots Match Bonus
125% Slot Bonus Up To $1,250 WINTER125 Redeem Now
BetUS Logo

Cash Re-Up Bonus
10% Cash + 20% Casino Bonus Up To $2,500 RU10CASH Redeem Now

125% Sign-Up Bonus

Welcome bonuses are key for betting apps, as they are the way that these businesses draw in new customers. The BetUS app starts you off very well, offering 100% of your initial deposit for sports wagers and another 25% for a casino deposit if you use the code: “JOIN125“. The end result of that gets up to $3,125 upon signing up for the app.

150% Crypto Bonus

BetUS BonusMany betting apps are anxious to get involved with cryptocurrency, so much so that they add incentives for their gamblers to use it. Such is the case with the BetUS mobile app, which pumps up its welcome bonus by 25% in order to get people using crypto for deposits and withdrawals. The BetUS app accepts all the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Use the promo code, “SU150CRYPT“, to claim this bonus at BetUS.

150% Casino Bonus

We told you earlier that one of the ways that the BetUS online casino app does its job for casino games players is by helping out in the bonus department, and here is some evidence of that. The 150% boost to your deposit will help, as will the very reasonable rollover rate for casino games of 30 times your deposit and your bonus. It only takes a minimum deposit of $50 to take advantage of this bonus if you use the code: “CAS150“.

10% Cash Bonus + 20% Casino Bonus

Both new and existing players at BetUS should take advantage of their 10% cash + 20% casino bonus! You can unlock this bonus when you deposit a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $2,500 on the site. You can redeem this bonus on every single deposit you make at BetUS, which makes it one of the better deposit bonuses you’ll find in the industry.

The 10% cash bonus has a 3x rollover, while the 20% casino bonus comes attached with a 30x playthrough requirement. The casino deposit bonus will expire 14 days after your account is credited, so don’t waste time! You can claim this attractive bonus offer with the promo code “10CASH” at the time you make your first deposit. If you’re a returning player making a subsequent deposit at BetUS, you can grab this bonus offer with the code “RU10CASH” at checkout.

50% Sports Re-Up Bonus

This bonus applies to sports bettors who want to make a new deposit into an existing account. The more that you deposit, the higher your percentage match will be, with the 50% saved for those who deposit over $10,000. Re-up bonuses are a nice way for the BetUS app to help out existing players instead of just newcomers to the mobile site.

First Crypto Deposit Bonus

BetUS BonusThe name of this bonus refers to those existing players at the BetUS app who may have deposited in the past in a more traditional manner such as credit cards. If you’re one of those players and make your next deposit in cryptocurrency, you’ll be looking at bonuses of 100% for sports and 50% for casino action if you use the BetUS bonus code, “RU150CRYPT“. Again, it’s a good reason to try out cryptocurrency, which is an ideal method of payment and withdrawal for online gambling because of the quick settlements it offers and the privacy it ensures.

125% Slot Bonus

BetUS is home to one of the most impressive collections of online slot machines you’ll find anywhere. So, it only makes sense that you might be interested in taking advantage of the site’s 125% slots bonus up to $1,250! This is yet another bonus offer you can redeem on every single deposit you make on the site. All you have to do to claim your bonus is use the promo code “WINTER125” at the time you make your deposit.

You will unlock this bonus offer on any deposit of at least $75 with the aforementioned code. The bonus funds can then be used on approved slots, and they will expire two weeks after you have made your deposit. The bonus comes with a maximum cashout amount of $7,500, and a 25x rollover requirement applies.

BetUS App System Requirement

As we mentioned earlier in this review of the BetUS app, the app technically isn’t really an app at all. You won’t be able to find it at the app store on any of the mobile devices you have. And yet you can easily get access to the BetUS games and features, as well as sign up for an account and gamble for real money on such a device.

It’s a very simple process. All you have to do is search for BetUS on whatever search engine you might use on your device. At that point, you’ll see the link come up at the top, and you can just click on it and be taken directly to the website, which will be adjusted based on the fact that it is being accessed on a mobile device.

The good part of this scenario is that there is no download involved whatsoever. You can just access the BetUS mobile site whenever you want. This allows you to avoid any instances where you have to worry about taking up too much space on your phone or even going over your data limit.

BetUS App for iPhone And Android

We bring up these two brands because they are the dominant ones in the world of technology. Chances are if you don’t have one, you have the other (or maybe you have both.) They both have deep ecosystems which allow you to control your content across multiple devices.

It is important to realize that you won’t find the BetUS iPhone app and the BetUS Android app in the app store..

And again, it’s because the app technically doesn’t exist. Mobile gambling takes place via a mobile-friendly version of the BetUS site, which automatically fires up when you log on to the site via a mobile device.

As a result, both Apple and Android users can indeed use BetUS in a mobile format. This means that the app/site is available on just about every well-known mobile device on the market. And that’s really all that matters.

How to Get Started With the BetUS Mobile App

Head to BetUS on Your Smartphone or Tablet
You’ll be taken to a mobile version of the gambling site. Take a look around at all the different features, check out some of the casino games or sports bets available, see what the bonuses are all about. All of this you can do even before signing up at the site, but you can’t play for real money until you register.
Sign Up and Create an Account
Click on the “join” icon on the main page once you’re ready to sign up. Enter your name, birthdate, cellphone number, email address, and mobile number. Doing this will ensure that you can enter the site whenever you need and pick up right where you left off.
Fund Your Account and Choose a BetUS Bonus
We told you earlier about all the different banking options at the BetUS app. You’ll choose one and enter the necessary data along with how much you want to deposit. On your main account page, you’ll be able to tell which bonuses apply to you. Pick one out and, if applicable, enter the bonus code for that promotion. Then, you’ll see the bonus money show up.
Start Gambling for Real Money on the BetUS App
Check out all the different sports bets available to you. Or go to the casino, choose a game, and start playing.
Collect Your Winnings From BetUS
Check out the terms and conditions on the BetUS app to see what their guidelines are for withdrawals (along with rollover betting requirements for bonus money). Once you have that down, you can make a withdrawal request for the money from your gambling account to come back to you personally.


Is It Legal to Wager on the BetUS App?

Even though United States gambling laws for both online sportsbooks and online casino real money gambling sites are a bit confusing, you don’t have to worry. The BetUS app comes courtesy of an organization located outside of the United States. Its location has laws that allow for legal online gambling in all forms, which means that you, as the bettor, are in the clear when betting with the BetUS real money gambling app.

Can I Win Real Money on the BetUS Gambling App?

You can win real money with the app as long as you are betting with real money. Just fund your gambling account and allot some of it for a bankroll, either for casino gambling or sports bets. Once real money is at stake, you will win real money in return according to the odds put forth by the BetUS app.

Will I Be Able to Play for Free at BetUS Mobile Casino?

There are opportunities for you to play some BetUS online casino games at absolutely no monetary risk. The drawback, however, is that you won’t win any real money in return when you play for free. Using free play at the BetUS app can help you determine which casino games you might most like to play.

Can I Collect the Bonuses I Get on the BetUS Sportsbook App Without Betting?

Like most top real money betting sites, BetUS app includes rollover restrictions which require you must bet a certain amount before you can collect any winnings from a bonus. This amount is usually some number multiplied by the sum of the bonus and the deposit. Once you’ve reached that total, what’s left in your bonus account can indeed be withdrawn.

Why Are Some Rollovers on BetUS Bonuses Higher Than Others?

The rollover multipliers are adjusted based on the likelihood of the bets being won. In addition, they will also depend on the average size of the wagers being made. For instance, you’re more likely to bet more with a single sports wager than you would playing a single hand of video poker, so the rollover has to reflect that in some way.