Top Rated Casino Apps of 2020

Not interested in digging into all the different types of apps there are? If
you would rather just read about which casino apps we think are the best, then
we have you covered. Our team of experts has been reviewing casinos for years,
and when apps became the popular way to deliver these games, we went back to
every site to determine the value of their native app.

The end result of this labor is the list you see below. These casino apps
bring you the best combination of game quality, customer support, and
promotions. Now, you may not recognize a couple of these names, as these are
companies that started as mobile-first organizations and may not have the length
of time in the industry as many of the incumbents. What we can tell you is that
you won’t go wrong with any of the following casino apps.

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If you are a fan of playing online casino games, then you are probably very
excited about the prospect of playing them in a casino app for your phone or
tablet. It makes sense, as the table games and slot machines are the perfect
shape to fit the screens of these devices. However, the underlying platform
operators have been slow on the uptake, causing the market to be behind other
industries when it comes to app penetration.

While Apple and Google may be slow to approve casino apps in certain markets,
the desire of players to use this method to play their favorite casino games is
undeniable. The market continues to shift to mobile from PC for game delivery,
and the advent of social casino apps only served to speed up the migration.
Today, you will indeed find hundreds of casino apps that have been approved for
use on your device, but then the problem is trying to decide which apps are
right for you. This is where this section of our site aims to help – by looking
at the best options for casino apps as well as the different categories within,
you should come away with a much clearer focus of what apps are the best for
your gaming behavior.

Types of Casino Apps

If you were to type “Casino” in the search bar of your mobile’s App Store,
you might be surprised at the sheer volume of responses.

Ultimately, the choice
you make will be based on what you want to get out of the app itself.

We have
taken the time to detail each of the following categories of casino apps with
its own page, but here is an overview of what you are likely to find when you
are hunting for a place to play.

iPhone Casino Apps

While the iPhone is one of the more popular phones on the market today, the
iOS is dwarfed by the number of Android users. Still, iOS users include a large
number of gamblers, and despite the company’s conservative approach to approving
gambling apps, there are now many choices for players who use this operating
system. We will look at iPhone casino apps from all angles, giving you a clear
determination of which is the best for you to try.

Android Casino Apps

As we mentioned, there are far more mobile phone users on the Android
platform than any other, and this leaves casino operators salivating at the idea
of having these users play on their casino apps. The Google Play store has been
more lenient in general when it comes to approving these apps, and this page
will help you understand which casino apps are the most popular on the Android

Slots Apps

When you enter a casino, you can tell which games are the most successful –
just look for the rows of “one-armed bandits.” In the casino app world, slots
are also king, and the best sites offer hundreds of titles to players. There are
some apps that are dedicated exclusively to slots play, and this page will
review these as well as try to explain the reasons someone would use a slots app
instead of a full casino app. Check out our page dedicated to helping you learn everything you need to know about slots app:

Blackjack Apps

Almost everyone knows how to play the classic version of blackjack (if you
don’t, we have a full strategy section for you to check out!). Having said that,
the original rules of 21 have been modified many times to bring more intrigue to
the game, resulting in dozens of different variants now being available. This
section will focus on the expansion of the game over the years, including a look
at how a blackjack-only app stacks up against other casino options.

Roulette Apps

Roulette is a game that has made an easy transition from land-based casino to
PC to mobile. These days, the game remains one of the easiest for a player to
learn, and with a roulette app, players can now enjoy all the different versions
of the game. This page will review the differences between the different
variants of roulette and why one is better than another. We also look at the
best offers on your phone for roulette players.

Social Casino Apps

In the last decade, it seems that social media has taken over our lives. This
includes the way many people look at casino games. The introduction of the
social casino app is bringing more potential real money gamblers to the
forefront, but what are the differences between the two? This page will clear
the air about social casinos and how they make money, along with an introduction
to the best social casinos for real money players to try.

Video Poker Apps

Video Poker has long been considered a niche game in a casino.
The game is loved by those who play it, but it definitely doesn’t get the same
traffic as slots or table games. However, with the introduction of mobile
casino play, video poker could see a significant bump. The game is the
perfect size for the screens of phones and tablets, and the action that
comes from the 5 Card Draw variants is infectious. Having video poker
available in app format is a great way to introduce the game to many new
players, and we believe once they play it, video poker will be added to
the regular circuit of casino play.

Other Real Money Gambling Apps

Why Use a Casino App?

While the online gambling world is definitely shifting from PCs to mobile
(like everything else in our lives), many casino players wonder why the need to
switch? While there are benefits to playing on a PC, as the computing power and
the screen resolution of mobile devices continue to improve with each new
release, it is important for everyone to understand a couple of the main reasons
why someone would choose to play games on a casino app.


This is likely the biggest reason players continue to shift to playing real
money casino games on their phones with an app. Casino games can be played for
as little as a couple of spins or as long as a blackjack session that goes on
for hours. In either case, the potential to play these great games from anywhere
you are sitting opens the door to extending your enjoyment. Even if you are on
the go and want to play some slot machines while waiting for your plane to
depart, or you just would rather play from your couch instead of sitting in the
room where the PC is located, there is no doubt that casino apps make the games
far more convenient to access.


Many readers have sent us questions about how best to learn new casino games,
especially before they make trips to land-based casinos. This is where casino
apps can come in handy, especially those that offer the games for play chips. We
have heard stories of players who are intimidated by a live craps table going to
the bar or their hotel room, pulling up a casino app on their mobile device, and
giving the game a go until they feel comfortable enough to go back onto the
casino floor!

Craps Dice on an iPhone

While this may be an extreme example, there is no doubt that casino apps are
a great way to learn to play some of the games you are not yet familiar with in
a lobby. We always encourage our readers to review our casino strategy section
to find out about a game that they haven’t tried. Then, you can pull up a casino
app with the game, and while you follow along on your PC, you can seamlessly
play the game on your mobile device.


Casino games are growing in popularity around the world, and a lot of that
growth comes from the fact that players can now play games online. While PC
casino gaming helped move the industry, it is mobile gambling and casino apps
that will lead the charge into the future.

With more global smartphone users than PC users, the market is there for the taking, and as system operators
continue to improve their view on gambling apps, we are going to see an influx
of amazing content coming from casino apps long into the future.

If you want to read more casino app reviews than the ones we listed at the
top of this page, we think you should head over to our review section, where you
will find ratings for hundreds of online casinos, both for mobile and PC play.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know a Casino App Is Safe?

All apps, whether they are for gambling or not, have to meet a minimum
standard of safety and security laid out by the system operators. When a casino
app is sent to Apple or Google for review, the companies check these security
protocols to ensure that no player data can be exposed. Further measures to
ensure safety can be taken by players, such as checking our reviews to see which
apps come from sites that have acquired gambling licenses from an approved

What Do I Do If I Get Disconnected While Playing on a Casino App?

Getting disconnected is an issue that faces most mobile users. Whether it is
hitting a dead zone or your battery dying, sometimes you will be playing your
favorite casino game and won’t be able to complete the hand or spin. As the
gameplay and results actually take place on the server, what happens to your
hand is dependent on the game you are playing and the stage of the gameplay. For
example, if you are playing roulette and have made bets only to have your game
end, then when you log back in, you will be brought right back to the table
where the end result of the spin will be listed. To fully understand what
happens, you should refer to the individual casino app’s terms and conditions

Can I Use a Casino App in the United States?

While most social casino and free chip casino apps are available for play in
the United States, at this time, you cannot access a real money casino app. Both
Apple and Google are following the lead of the US government, which has for the
most part taken a strong stance against online casino gambling. Now, you may be
able to access real money casino games from your mobile browser if your casino
is open to US play, but those who want to use an app will have to wait for a
shift in the regulatory environment before the system operators allow these
games to be downloaded.