Gambling Apps of the Future

There is no question that we have come a long way in the way we access
information in a very short period of time. It seems like only yesterday that we
were able to send our first text messages from our flip phones, and now we have
the computing power of a PC in the palms of our hands. While this all seems like
science fiction, we are still in the infancy of this technological revolution.
Now that we have all this power in devices that fit in our pockets, the next
step is to develop technology to harness all that new-found energy.

The online gambling world has always been at the forefront of technological
advancements. From moving to a no-download version of games
while retaining the same quality to the first games developed for mobile devices and wearables, the
gambling industry has been an early adopter of most new technology.

When it comes to gambling apps, online gambling companies are actually a bit behind due
to the impact that legislation of gambling had on the app platform owners. Now,
while we are caught up to the rest of the world in what these apps can do, we
need to take a look at where technology is headed and how best the gambling app
industry can be ready for what is coming next.

What Are the Best Features of an App Today?

Before we look ahead to the future of gambling apps, we should point out the
features of the current crop of apps that are critical to a site’s success no
matter the delivery method. Our team of reviewers will not give high marks or
recommend apps that don’t have this set of criteria knocked out of the park.


It may go without saying, but having a gambling app that always stays
connected and doesn’t require restarting has a major impact on the overall
player experience. While we are aware that players need to have strong
connections to avoid any delays in gameplay or errors in the app, if the app
isn’t built with the strength to handle the speed of play, issues can still
arise. Apps are constantly being updated with improvements, which is both a
blessing and a curse. If an app update is rushed out, it may cause more problems
than it was intended to fix in the first place.

Games Selection

Having a reliable gambling app is important, but having one that offers you
all the games you want to play in one location is equally as important.

While there are apps that serve individual games markets, there are also many apps
from sites that offer multiple products.

These have to have excellent navigation
tools, so you can move between games easily and without frustration. The quality
of the product can also be traced to the software providers in play and how
easily their games are ported into the app environment. Not all gambling
software companies are alike, so when we write our reviews, we are looking for
the suites of games that offer the best quality of graphics along with the most
titles in one place.


Finally, the gambling app customer support is something that is a constant
work in progress. At first, when you had an issue with your app, you were
directed back to the web form of the website, which can be a pain for many

Improvements followed, and today you can be given a link to a telephone
number that will dial directly from your device, or you can use the live chat
functionality that has become very popular. This tool allows you to get an agent
in real time right in the app, and this means less going back and forth to a
browser if you are being given instructions to address your current issue.

What Can We Expect from Apps in the Future?

At the very least, we expect the items we discussed in the last section to
continue to be improved as the future of gambling apps rolls on. However, we are
also seeing new delivery methods and internal technological advancements that
are going to have an impact on the gambling apps of the future. Here are a few
things that we have noticed that will no doubt be implemented into the newest

Artificial Intelligence

This is where we are seeing some significant moving of the needle. These
days, companies like Google and Apple are investing heavily in AI, and this will
have an effect on everyone’s lives, including that of the online gambler.

Starting with the learning capabilities of programs like Siri and Alexa, you
will soon have a gambling app tailored to your personal preferences, with games
you like being forced to the front of the line upon login. The software is going
to be able to track your behavior at the games and will be able to suggest
bonuses and promotions based on the results of your play. All of this adds up to
a far more personalized gaming experience, making each player’s app slightly
different than the others.

Augmented Reality

The early reaction to augmented reality in the gaming world was obvious when
you look at how the world took to a game like Pokemon Go. We can see an easy
transition into online gambling, with the idea of building games based on what a
person is looking at or where they are located the first likely steps.

Someone Playing Pokeman Go

Imagine a bingo game where, in order to win, you needed to collect pieces that you had to
travel to locally? The possibilities are limitless, and in regions where
gambling is more woven into the fabric of the culture, these games will be an
easy add.

Virtual Reality

The early versions of virtual reality casino games
have been received with a lukewarm response, but we think that is more a factor of the technology rather
than the games themselves. As players have shown with their love of live dealer
casino games and live streamed sporting events, it is only a matter of time
before all three are married in an immersive gambling experience.

Imagine being able to walk into a virtual racetrack, where you can see the races right in
front of you, but you can also pull up your favorite slot machine while you are
waiting for post time…this is soon going to be something you will be able to
experience. One hurdle that has to be overcome is the cost of the VR headset. We
are not quite there yet, with the best experiences requiring the details that
come from an expensive headset. You can expect these costs to be driven down in
the coming years and with that a much higher adoption rate.

Live Streaming Capabilities

Live streaming of sporting events has made it easier than ever to watch
sports from around the world without needing a cable company to offer access.
Many sportsbooks currently offer “gray market” feeds of sporting events, but we
see a time coming soon when you will be able to subscribe to any sport you want
to watch, eliminating the need for cable whatsoever.

Where the gambling app is likely to fit into this is a second screen filter for the sport being streamed.
This will feature updated live odds and stats, allowing you to log into your
betting account and make wagers while watching the stream right from within the
app itself.


If you look at how far we have come in the mobile app world in the last
decade, it is awe-inspiring. Today, we can do almost anything with an app, and
while it seems like there aren’t many stones left unturned when it comes to what
our mobile devices can do, in reality, we are only at the tip of the iceberg.

The gambling world should be getting ready for all the new technology that is
going to change the way we access games in our apps and what we may be able to
bet on as a result of these improvements. The best sites will be looking ahead
to how they can tailor offers to players on a more personalized basis, as well
as looking to work with software developers who are at the forefront of these
new technologies. Make no mistake – gambling apps are here to stay and will be
some of the first to take the risk of adopting new technologies to improve the
overall experience for online gamblers around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Gambling App Track My Movements More Than a Browser-Based Game?

Currently, a gambling app is likely to ask you to enable location services
when you are using the app. This is to ensure that you are playing from an
approved jurisdiction. This works the same in a browser-based version of the
games, so you are not being tracked any differently at this time. Now, when
beacon technology becomes more integrated with online gambling, you may find
that you are being geo-targeted with ads and offers based on your location. This
will be something that you will need to be comfortable with, as location
services will still need to be on to play the games.

Will I Be Able to Play Games Without an Internet Connection?

There is currently technology being developed that would allow you to play
certain games without an internet connection. This is most likely going to start
with lottery-style games like scratch cards, where you will be able to
pre-purchase cards that have an outcome already predetermined. Then, you will
only need to have a connection to validate all the games and have your balance
updated on the servers in case you want to make a withdrawal. Full casino games
with random number generators may take longer to accomplish, but we can see a
time where the entire game is loaded onto your device. This does open up a whole
host of security concerns for the operator, so until additional layers of
security can be implemented, we don’t think we will see this launched.

How Likely Is It That My Personal Information Will Be Exposed by a Gambling App?

Gambling apps need to be approved by the individual service provider, and
each has their own set of minimum requirements when it comes to securing
personal data. If you see a gambling app in an app store, you can be assured
that it has met these requirements. However, that does not eliminate the risk
altogether, which is why we always suggest you use a third-party e-wallet type
of payment solution that anonymizes your information before you pass the info
over to the gambling site itself. You can never fully protect yourself online,
but there are steps that you, the gambling app operator, and the platform
provider can take to put your information in the least vulnerable position.