Best iPhone Craps Apps

If you have ever been to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or any other major casino hub, you have probably seen people playing craps. And if you’re a veteran of the gambling scene, there’s a good chance you’ve even played a few rounds yourself.

If you want to bring the casino experience home, you will want iPhone craps apps that live up to your lofty standards. Regardless of what you’re looking for, the following suggestions are among the very best iPhone craps apps on the market today.

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Craps is one of the most exciting casino dice games you’ll find, which is why you may often hear people yelling or shouting in excitement around the craps tables. There is definitely something to be said for enjoying a full craps experience at an old-fashioned casino, but going to a casino isn’t always the most convenient option. Sometimes, life gets in the way.

That’s why it’s neat that you can now play craps even if you’re not physically located inside a casino. Thanks to the wonders of smartphones, you can enjoy the thrills of the game via your mobile device through real money iPhone craps apps. Millions of people around the world have iPhones. And as a result, there is a seemingly endless supply of viable real money craps apps for iPhone available for download.

Why Are These the Best iPhone Craps Apps?

Security and Safety

Craps DiceFirst and foremost, you want your online gambling experience to be as safe and secure as possible. Unfortunately, there are some seedy sites out there that don’t have your best interests in mind. If your personal information falls into the wrong hands, trying to rectify the situation can be a massive headache. Frankly, you shouldn’t have to worry about such things. You’re just trying to enjoy some craps games for iPhone, right?

We will only refer you to mobile craps casinos for iPhone that take any and all necessary security measures to keep your information safe. Password encryption and two-factor authentication are just a couple of the basic steps that can go a long way toward making certain that your mobile craps experience is risk-free.

Customer Service

Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to call for help. Should you run into any issues as you embark on your mobile craps career, you may need to consult the help of an expert. If you have any questions, concerns, complaints, or comments, the best craps apps for iPhone have teams of professional customer service reps waiting for your call. You can typically reach them via phone call, email, or live chat session, and most apps pride themselves on responding to your requests as quickly as possible.

Wide Variety of Banking Options

Some banks won’t allow their customers to make financial transactions with betting operators. While most real money craps iPhone apps accept debit cards, you may need to use an alternative banking option if your bank puts up a roadblock. Fortunately, the top-rated online iPhone craps apps are always expanding their horizons when it comes to payment methods.

In addition to debit cards, most apps accept major credit cards, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrency. So, all that Bitcoin you’ve mined over the years can finally be put to good use!

It’s good to have options when it comes to banking methods at craps casino sites.

Graphics, Design, and User Interface

Craps iPhone apps are supposed to be convenient. You also don’t want to be straining your eyes as you stare at an iPhone screen for an extended period of time. App developers know this, which is why you will often find surprisingly high-quality graphics and displays on the best real money craps apps in the industry. A positive aesthetics experience can be a surprisingly important part of what separates the mediocre craps iPhone apps from the great ones. This is the 21st century after all.

You should also be able to find your way around the app freely and easily. An app with a clean, easily-navigable interface can help enhance the process altogether. Ease of use is an underrated feature.

Why Play Craps on Your iPhone?

Online Gambling Bonuses

Who doesn’t like free money? While the atmosphere of a live Las Vegas craps table may be tough to replicate on your iPhone, there are other perks of the mobile experience that you won’t find in a real casino. Bonuses are a major part of mobile gambling. Sites are trying to differentiate themselves from the competition, which is why they are constantly advertising their plentiful bonus offers.

Real money craps apps for iPhone are no different. The sites are offering to fund your account with extra cash just for signing up. What’s not to like about that? Not all bonus offers are the same, which is why it will be worth your while to shop around in search of the most advantageous bonus.

Some online casino sites are even willing to go up to or over a 100% bonus on your first deposit!

All you have to do is remember to enter the promo code attached to your bonus at the time you make your deposit. That extra cash will instantly show up in your betting bankroll, and you can then use it to play craps on your iPhone.

Real Money Craps Options

Lots of people head to Las Vegas with dreams of striking it rich. Thanks to technology, though, the pilgrimage to the Nevada desert is no longer a necessity if you have dreams of grandeur. You can play craps on your iPhone for real money, even if you’re not in a traditional casino town. Real money craps iPhone apps may cost a few dollars at the time of your download, but they offer countless real money games that can help you win that money back, and more!


Nothing beats the convenience of playing craps on your mobile phone. You don’t have to pack up the car, drive 100 miles, and brave a smoky, crowded casino just to play a few rounds. That alone makes the iPhone craps apps experience worth it. The download process is easy. The sign-up process is easy. The deposit process is easy. And the betting process is easy, too. Convenience is the #1 reason most people opt to play craps via a mobile device.

Free iPhone Craps Apps

While you have plenty of real money options at your disposal, not everyone is in the market for the same thing. You may be new to craps, for example. Or you just want to enjoy a few casual rounds without the stress involved with risking actual money. Fortunately, there’s a little something for everybody. You will also find plenty of free craps apps for iPhone that deliver a different experience than their paid counterparts.

Some of the best craps games on the app store are listed below:

Craps - Casino Style!

Craps – Casino Style!

Vegas Craps by Pokerist

Vegas Craps by Pokerist

Craps Master 3D

Craps Master 3D

How to Download iPhone Craps Apps

As mentioned previously, downloading an app to your iPhone is simple. Search “craps” in your Apple app store and you’ll see the countless options that pop up right away. Sort through the list. Once you’ve found the one you want, click “download.” See? We said it was easy.

If you haven’t already signed up for a betting account on the app’s regular website, you can do so through the app. Enter the prompted information (username, password, email address, etc.) before making your way to the deposit screen. You’ll have to fund your account before you can partake in real money craps games.

Pick your banking method of choice and enter the amount of money you’d like to put into your account. Remember to enter the promotional code tied to your bonus offer so you can recoup that extra cash, too.

After that, you’re ready to play craps for real money on your iPhone!

Real Money iPhone Craps Apps FAQ

Can I Play Craps for Real Money on My iPhone?

Yes! In fact, it’s recommended. There are plenty of advantages to playing real money craps games on your iPhone as opposed to doing so at a land-based casino. Bonuses and other promotions speak for themselves, but so does the convenience. There are plenty of reasons you should be playing craps for real money on your iPhone.

Is It Safe to Play Craps on My iPhone?

If you take the right precautions, you should have no issues when it comes to safety while utilizing iPhone craps apps. Like we said before, we will only recommend apps that are top-of-the-line in terms of safety and security. If you take note of the safety measures listed earlier, you can enjoy a safe and profitable time playing craps online.

What If I Don’t Own an iPhone or Apple Device?

No iPhone? No problem! All of the top-rated craps apps compatible with iPhone’s software will also work with other devices. So, if you happen to have an Android instead of an iPhone, you’re in luck. The best iPhone craps apps in the industry are able to function with every major smartphone operating system, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding an app that works with your device.

Is It Easy to Play Craps From Your iPhone?

It has definitely never been easier to play craps on your iPhone. If you follow the download steps outlined above, you can have your account up and running within just a few minutes! As we have said, it’s hard to beat the convenience of playing casino games on your smartphone or tablet.

Do iPhone Craps Apps Offer Fast Payouts?

The best craps iPhone apps make a point to pay you your winnings as quickly as possible. If you win a round, you shouldn’t have to wait for days at a time to see that cash reflected in your betting account. Unlike the old days, you should see your winnings show up in short order. Long wait times are a thing of the past when it comes to fast payouts.

Withdrawal speeds have also never been faster than they are now. So, you can transfer that money from your betting account to your bank account with minimal trouble. Making a wire transfer or using an e-wallet is the easiest method, but you can always have a check mailed to your physical address, if that’s what you prefer.

iPhone Craps Apps Conclusion

Playing craps on your iPhone is supposed to be easy, fun, and profitable. If you download one of the top-rated apps listed in the table at the top of this page, that’s the exact kind of experience you’ll be able to enjoy. Whether you’re playing competitively with real money on the line, or if you’re just in the market for a laid back, free betting experience, these apps will deliver what you’re looking for.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your iPhone craps career today!