Real Money Poker Apps for iPhone

While online poker may not be quite as popular as it was during its heyday in the mid-2000s, there is still a large segment of the population that enjoys playing the game via the internet. There is certainly something to be said about having the ability to win big money from the comfort of your own home. It beats doing so in a smoky casino surrounded by a bunch of complete strangers, that’s for sure.

Over the past few years, online poker sites have taken the next step. Now, you have the option to play real money poker on your iPhone. This means you can play the game from literally anywhere, as long as you have working Wi-Fi or cellular data. Some apps are free to download, while others may cost you a few bucks.

The best poker room apps for iPhone in the industry aren’t free. That said, you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for given the bevy of different poker apps available nowadays. The apps listed below are ranked by our dedicated team of experts as the best iPhone poker apps you’ll find in 2021.

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
#1 BetOnline Poker Logo
BetOnline Poker
100% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
#2 Bovada Poker Logo
Bovada Poker
100% Up To $500 Visit Site
#3 SB Poker Logo
SB Poker
100% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
#4 Ignition Poker Logo
Ignition Poker
100% Up To $1,000 Visit Site

Why Are These the Best Online Poker Apps for iPhone?

Safety and Security

You won’t be able to enjoy your mobile poker experience if you don’t feel as though you’re safe. Fortunately, every single real money poker app recommended in the table above checks all of the necessary boxes when it comes to safety and security. Playing real money online poker is a lot safer than it was when the internet was still in its early days, but there are still some sketchy operators out there that don’t have your best interests in mind.

The best online poker apps for iPhone take your security more seriously than others. Measures like password encryption and two-factor authentication are just a couple of steps the top poker sites are willing to take to help make sure your personal information stays safe.

Customer Service

Should you encounter any issues during your mobile poker experience, it’s nice to know that help is right around the corner. While developers try their best to make sure their apps run smoothly, technical issues will still happen from time to time.

So, if you have any questions, concerns, or complaints, the top iPhone poker apps employ teams of customer service experts that can come to your aid as quickly as possible.

Seeking help shouldn’t be difficult, and plenty of poker sites have customer service representatives available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Wide Variety of Banking Options

It’s good to have options, isn’t it? Making a deposit or a withdrawal using your preferred iPhone poker app should be no exception. A site’s banking options could prove to be the difference between you downloading the app or going in another direction. Some regions have more strict laws and regulations when it comes to making financial transactions with known betting entities, which is a major reason why having a variety of options is crucial.

The top online poker sites accept major credit cards. They will also accept e-wallets, like PayPal, or even cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. If you’re an iPhone user, there’s a decent chance you like to use Apple Pay as well. Fortunately, Apple Pay is another banking option supported by the vast majority of iPhone poker apps.

Poker Game Variety

If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance you’ve played real money online poker at some point in the past. Whether you’ve played at a casino, over the internet, or casually with friends and family, you probably have some familiarity with the game already.

The most popular poker game in the world is Texas Hold’em, but the top real money poker apps for iPhone offer a variety of different games to keep you entertained. Whether you want to play poker for free or for real money, be on the lookout for the following offerings.

Texas Hold’em

As mentioned, you’ll find Texas Hold’em on just about any of the iPhone poker apps that pay real money you download. Texas Hold’em is the game most casual poker players are familiar with, especially because that’s what they play at the World Series of Poker and other major tournaments.

The dealer gives each player a pair of cards from a standard 52-card deck. The goal of the game is to finish with the best possible five-card hand. Five total community cards will be played in the middle of the table, which means the players have seven cards from which to choose the best five-card hand.

Games of Texas Hold’em are generally quick, and there are plenty of strategies that you can employ to improve your prospects of success.

Omaha Poker

Omaha iPhoneReal money Omaha poker is essentially Texas Hold’em, but with a fun and exciting twist. Rather than being dealt just two hole cards like in Texas Hold’em, when playing Ohama poker you get four. However, they can play just two of those four in their actual hand.

Omaha has five community cards, as well, including a flop, turn, and river, just like you’ll find in Texas Hold’em. The action comes quick in Omaha, and it’s a fun variation that you’ll certainly find using any of the highest-rated iPhone apps for playing poker.

Five-Card Draw

If you’re looking for a simpler game, perhaps Five-Card Draw is up your alley. While it may not be as popular as Texas Hold’em or Omaha, playing Five-Card Draw is a good way to learn the ropes if you happen to be a beginner. You will find no shortage of Five-Card Draw cash games and tournaments using mobile poker apps as well.

As is the case with the other games, the object of the game is to win with the best possible five-card hand. The poker hands are ranked below from strongest to weakest:

  1. Royal flush
  2. Straight flush
  3. Four of a kind
  4. Full house
  5. Flush
  6. Straight
  7. Three of a kind
  8. Two pair
  9. One pair
  10. High card

The dealer simply gives each player five cards, and the player with the best possible hand at the end is the winner.

Seven-Card Stud

Seven-Card Stud is a popular poker game that doesn’t involve a flop or community cards. It’s available on most iPhone poker apps where you can win real money. Each player is dealt two cards face-down and a third face-up. The two face-down cards are your hole cards, and you’re the only player that knows what they are. Players will decide based on those three cards whether to move forward or to fold.

In all, players will be dealt three face-down cards and four cards face-up. Players have to then choose the best possible five-card hand from the seven. The rankings are the same as those listed above, with a royal flush being the top possible outcome.

Why Play Poker on Your iPhone?

Online Gambling Bonuses

BetOnline Poker BonusOne aspect of the mobile poker experience that beats in-person poker is the ability to collect bonus offers. Real Money online poker sites want to attract your business, which is why most of them are willing to give you free money just for signing up and making a deposit into your online poker account. All you have to do is enter the attached promotional code at the time you make that deposit, and your new balance will be reflected instantly.

Bonus offers vary from site to site or, in this case, iPhone poker apps. Some may be fairly modest, like a 25% bonus on top of your initial deposit. Others may be a bit more generous, as some are willing to match your deposit dollar-for-dollar up to 100%! These bonuses come with limits (maximum of $2,000, for example), but taking advantage of bonus offers is still a very easy way to grow your bankroll without having to have placed a single wager.

Real Money Poker Options

There is money to be made in the world of online poker. While novice players may prefer free games in order to learn the ropes, experienced poker players are hunting for real money action. That’s why it’s nice to see that there is no shortage of real money poker apps out there available to iPhone users.

Whether you prefer a good old-fashioned game of Texas Hold’em, Omaha, or Five-Card Draw, there is a little something out there for everybody on iPhone poker room apps.


If you’re playing poker on your phone, the last thing you want it to be is a hassle. Smartphones were created with convenience in mind, so why should your mobile poker experience be anything less? If you’re looking for a quick game of online poker to kill some time, the top iPhone poker apps have you covered. If you’re looking to grind out some high-stakes games via your mobile device, the apps can accomplish that goal for you, too.

You can afford to have high standards when it comes to choosing online iPhone poker apps. There are enough quality options out there to where you can go down your list of preferences and make sure you find the perfect option rather than settling for a lesser one. Online poker should be all about convenience.

Free iPhone Poker Apps

If you’re not looking to spend any money to download an iPhone poker app, you don’t have to. There are countless options you can download right to your phone, free of charge. While most of the free apps don’t include real money poker games, you can still take advantage of the free apps if you’re new to the game. Playing poker for free is the best possible way to get the hang of playing without having to put real money on the line.

Some of the best poker apps in the App Store are listed below. Some are single-player options you can utilize to practice your poker skills, while others are free iPhone poker apps to play with friends:

House of Blackjack App


House of Blackjack App

Zynga Poker

House of Blackjack App

Texas Hold’em

House of Blackjack App


House of Blackjack App

Poker Heat

House of Blackjack App


How to Download iPhone Poker Apps

You can access the list of available poker apps using your iPhone’s app store, which should be easy to find on your phone’s home screen. Type poker on the app store search bar and an array of options will come up right away. You can customize your search to only show free poker apps, or you can sort your list to include paid options, too.

Poker Cards and ChipsYou can read user reviews to get a better idea about what a certain app has to offer, and the app store uses a five-star rating system. The highest-rated iPhone poker apps will almost always be the first search results that come up.

Once you’ve found the app you’re looking for, click “download.” You may be prompted to enter your Apple Store password before the download can go through, and you have to make sure that your phone has enough available storage to fit in the new app. The downloading process should only take a few seconds.

Once your app is ready, you’ll have to create an account before embarking on your mobile poker endeavors. Enter a username, password, and valid email address. If you’re playing poker for real money, you’ll have to make a deposit. Choose your preferred banking method and enter the amount of cash you want to put into your bankroll. Remember to enter the promo code attached to your bonus before submitting.

Once that’s all done, you’re ready to play real money poker on your iPhone!

iPhone Poker Apps FAQ

Can I Play Poker for Real Money on My iPhone?

Yes, you can play poker for real money on your iPhone. In fact, it’s recommended! Nothing beats the convenience of being able to play a few hands while you’re on the go. Or, if you find yourself at home with some time to kill, why not sidle up to the virtual table and throw down a few bucks? You don’t have to plan for a virtual game of real money poker the way you would if you were having to make the trek to the nearest casino. iPhone poker apps for real money deliver all the convenience.

Is It Safe to Play Online Poker From Your iPhone?

As long as you take the necessary precautions and play at gambling sites with the best poker apps, it is certainly safe to play poker on your iPhone. The highest-rated poker apps you will find in the Apple app store are the safest in the industry. If a site doesn’t rate out well when it comes to safety, its rating and reviews will reflect as much.

What If I Don’t Own an iPhone or Apple Device?

If you’re a smartphone owner that doesn’t happen to own an iPhone, you can still play poker online. Apple may have been the first to broach the smartphone realm, but it wasn’t the last. A number of other companies have released their own versions of the iPhone since, and many of those operating systems are supported by sites with corresponding mobile apps. If you use Android, for example, you should have no trouble finding plenty of real money poker apps compatible with your device.

Can I Play Poker on My iPhone for Free?

Yes! Not every poker app for iPhone pays real money. In fact, most of them aren’t. If you’re just looking for some casual fun to pass the time, or if you’re interested in honing your skills, there are plenty of free poker apps available for download.

Conclusion on Real Money iPhone Poker Apps

Thanks to technological advancements, you don’t have to head all the way to Las Vegas or Atlantic City if you want to play competitive poker. Whether you’re playing for real money or casually just trying to pass the time, there are countless poker iPhone apps available to you. Playing a few hands of poker on your iPhone has never been easier, more convenient, or potentially profitable. So, what are you waiting for?