Best Video Poker iPhone Apps of 2021

Recent technological advancements have made it easier than ever to play poker online without having to leave your house. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your couch. Nowadays, you can download video poker iPhone apps straight to your smartphone.

Our team of experts has done the heavy lifting for you when it comes to identifying the best iPhone video poker apps available today. The apps listed below are the cream of the crop for modern mobile video poker:

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
Wild Casino
250% Up To $5,000 Visit Site
Las Atlantis
280% Up To $14,000 Visit Site
Super Slots
250% Up To $6,000 Visit Site
BetUS Casino
200% Up To $5,000 Visit Site
Bovada Casino
100% Up To $3,000 Visit Site

Video poker is appealing to players because it essentially combines two of the most popular casino games—slots and poker—into one. Instead of trying to match the symbols on a reel like a classic slots game, the reels feature poker cards. Players are dealt hands of five cards one at a time and they have to decide whether to discard one before the next is revealed. If the full five-card hand is a winning poker combination, you win!

If you have a smartphone, the chances are pretty good that your phone happens to be an iPhone. Fortunately, all of the best real money video poker apps in the industry are compatible with iOS, Apple’s iPhone software. Video poker apps for iPhone are a fun way to pass some time if you’re a casual player. They can also be incredibly profitable if you’re serious about your mobile video poker.

What Makes These the Best iPhone Video Poker Apps?

Video Poker Game Variety

The most common type of video poker game is a standard Five-Card Draw. As mentioned in the open, you are dealt five cards, and the object of the game is to get the best possible combination to maximize your payout. However, the top online iPhone video poker apps offer a wide variety of different game formats to keep you entertained. 

Jacks or Better is a very common version of Five-Card Draw that you’ll find in a video poker app. In this game, you win if your final five-card hand has two or more jacks. You can earn even bigger payouts if you happen to have a flush or a full house. 

Deuces Wild is another fun version of the game. As you can probably tell by the name, all the twos are wild. Double Bonus is a variation of Jacks or Better in which a bonus payout is included if you happen to draw four aces. A Double Double Bonus game will offer bonus payouts if you land on a four of a kind.

Check out this page for a complete list of video poker offerings

Safety and Security

Video Poker MachineIf you’re playing a real money video poker game on your iPhone, you are putting your own hard-earned money on the line. So, the last thing you want is for that money to get into the wrong hands. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance that you only utilize a real money video poker app for iPhone that rates well when it comes to safety and security. Not all providers take the same security precautions as others, unfortunately. 

On the bright side, you can rest assured knowing that we would never recommend any video poker iPhone apps that don’t check all of the necessary boxes when it comes to keeping your personal information safe. Every single iPhone video poker app listed in the table above is safe to use.

iPhone Video Poker App Customer Service

Should you run into any problems during your video poker adventures, it will be useful to have a helping hand. The best video poker apps for iPhone take all the necessary security precautions, and the same can be said about their customer service. If you hit a snag, you want that issue resolved as quickly as possible. The best operators in the industry employ teams of professionals that are standing by and ready to help you if you have any questions, concerns, or complaints. Top iPhone video poker apps have courteous representatives that are eager to help with any issues you may encounter.

Graphics, Design, and User Interface

Staring at a mobile screen can be hard on your eyes. So, when considering which iPhone video poker apps to download, make sure you’re choosing one that offers a user-friendly interface and high-quality graphics. Not only does this make the experience more aesthetically pleasing, but a clean interface helps streamline the process and make everything more user-friendly. You should be able to play real money video poker on your iPhone without the difficulty of navigating a complicated app.

Wide Variety of Banking Options

Nowadays, real money video poker isn’t just limited to players using credit cards. Some banks still won’t allow customers to make financial transactions with known betting providers, which is why the best iPhone video poker apps in the industry accept an array of alternative banking methods. 

In addition to most major credit cards, you can use an e-wallet or your preferred type of cryptocurrency to make your monetary transactions as well. Just about every online video poker iPhone app accepts Bitcoin and a number of other popular crypto options. Make sure to browse a few of the iPhone video poker apps we listed for their available banking methods.

Why Play Real Money Video Poker on Your iPhone?

Online Gambling Bonuses

Nothing beats free money. With so many options out there, iPhone video poker apps have to go above and beyond to try and sell themselves to you. One way they can separate themselves from the rest of the field is by offering attractive bonuses. So, when you make your first deposit on an iPhone video poker app, you can recoup some extra cash if you enter the requisite promotional code.

Bonuses do tend to vary from app to app. Some video poker online casinos may offer a 25% bonus on your initial deposit, while others may offer a bonus of up to 100%! You can use the bonus cash to play real money video poker on your iPhone. You can’t withdraw that bonus, but taking advantage of the offer is a great way to inflate your bankroll right away.

Real Money Video Poker Options

Video Poker in iPhoneThere are plenty of video poker games for iPhone that operate free of charge. If you’re looking to kill some time or practice before you play for real money, you should have no issue finding a plethora of viable apps available for download. However, the real thrill comes when you play video poker with real money on the line. Fortunately, there are countless real money iPhone video poker apps out there, too!

You have lots of options at your disposal. Trying to navigate your way to find the perfect app can be daunting at first, but that’s why we’re here. It’s important that you make sure a real money video poker app for iPhone has everything you are looking for. 


As mentioned, playing video poker on your iPhone is a lot more convenient than playing poker at a traditional sportsbook. While gambling at a casino is something everyone should experience at least once, nothing beats the ease of playing a few hands without having to leave your house. Whether you’re playing for free or playing with real cash on the line, one of the biggest perks of the mobile betting experience is that you can’t beat the convenience.

Free iPhone Video Poker Apps

While there is quite a bit of thrill involved with playing video poker for real money, sometimes you just want a more casual experience. That’s why it’s nice that you’ll find plenty of free video poker apps available for download on your iPhone. Many of the free apps will offer quality games that you’ll also find via real money apps, albeit without the same buzz you may get by putting real money on the line.

Some of the best video poker apps on the app store are listed below: 

Vegas Nights Slots App

Video Poker Deluxe Casino

Vegas Nights Slots App

Video Poker by Pokerist

Vegas Nights Slots App

Video Poker Classic

How to Download iPhone Video Poker Apps

If you use the checklist above, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the best real money video poker apps for the iPhone. Once you have settled on the one you want, the download and signup processes are incredibly easy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you have to click the “download” button next to your app of choice in the Apple app store. 

Once the download is over with, tap on it to open up the online casino. If you haven’t already signed up for an account, you can do so within the iPhone video poker app. Enter a username, password, and email address, as well as any other required personal information. Next, head to the deposit screen so that you can fund your account. Choose your preferred banking method and enter the amount of money you’d like to deposit. Don’t forget to type in that promo code so you can collect your bonus as well. 

Once your account has money in it, you’re ready to play!

iPhone Video Poker Apps FAQ

Can I Play Video Poker for Real Money on My iPhone?

Yes, you can! Technology is great, isn’t it? It has never been easier to make money playing video poker than it is today. If you’re looking for an experience that differs from the offerings you’ll find at standard poker sites, then mobile video poker might be right up your alley. With a wide variety of different games and cash prizes available at top-rated iPhone video poker apps where you win money, what are you waiting for?

Is It Safe to Play Video Poker on My iPhone?

Some iPhone gambling apps are safer than others. While not every video poker app available for iPhone is secure, you won’t find an unsafe option among those listed above. Our team of experts takes your safety as seriously as possible, which means they would never refer you to an app that has a dicey track record when it comes to security. So, if you take the right precautions, it is very safe to play video poker on your iPhone.

What If I Don’t Own an iPhone or Apple Device?

While not owning an iPhone may put you in the minority, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck when it comes to playing mobile video poker. That’s because many of the same apps that offer compatibility with Apple devices are also compatible with other operating systems. In fact, most Apple-friendly video poker apps will also work without issue on your Android device.

No iPhone? No problem!

Can I Play Mobile Video Poker for Free?

If you’re just getting started with video poker, you probably don’t want to dive in head-first. The smart way to go is to play a few rounds for free just to get your feet wet. Once you feel like you’re ready to take your game to the next level, that’s when you should download a few real money video poker games for iPhone.

And that’s why it’s a good thing that there are tons of free video poker apps. Whether you’re looking to play competitively or just wanting to learn the ropes, many of the apps rival the paid versions in terms of quality. So, even if you’re not spending any money, you can still get a high-quality mobile video poker experience.

Conclusion on Video Poker iPhone Apps

Video poker is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to play poker via mobile device. While it may not be exactly the same as the poker you may be used to playing, the combination of slots and poker make for a unique experience that you may not be able to find at your nearest casino. 

Why wait any longer? There are plenty of safe iPhone video poker apps that pay real money, so you should hop on as soon as you can! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize that nothing beats the video poker experience you’ll get on your iPhone.