Top Lottery Apps for 2022

Sometimes the simplest forms of gambling are the best. Sometimes you want to be in the action with a chance to win an enormous jackpot, but you really don’t want to have to do any work. If you’re looking for that sort of relaxing rush, then playing the lottery is a great fit for you. But sometimes you don’t have the time to make it to the gas station, or your state or country might not have the ability for you to play the lottery games you want. This is where lottery apps come in!

If you’d like to get started with the best, most versatile, and most trusted lottery apps available, check out one of the top options we have listed for you below.

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What Makes a Great Lottery App

When selecting the best lottery app for you, it can be a challenge to know which is the right choice. The best place to start (besides just trusting our experts) is to know what makes a lottery app great and what makes one subpar. Knowing these factors should make it easy for you to decide the best lottery app or betting website for you. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that make a great lottery app or lottery betting website.

The Size of the Lottery Jackpots

The lottery is a simple game to play. You generally just pick some numbers and wait to see if the numbers that are drawn match your numbers. So why do people play the lottery if it’s easy? The money! People play the lottery because it is an easy way to win huge jackpots and life-changing money.

Because of this, the size of the jackpots offered is important to look at when selecting the best lottery app for you. Is the largest always the best? Surprisingly, not always. For most of you, it’s going to be the bigger, the better. The more money that you can win playing the lottery online, the better you’re going to like it.

But the larger the jackpot, the tougher that lottery pool usually is to win, which means you are going to win less frequently (if at all). This is why some lottery players like lottery apps and lottery betting sites that offer the ability to play smaller lottery pools as well. The jackpots won’t be as large on these, but they’ll be easier to win, making them more appealing. But you don’t want these jackpots to be so small that it’s not enticing and exciting for you.

Ultimately, it’s going to come down to your personal preference, but this is important to consider when selecting a lottery betting app.

The Regularity of Drawings

People download lottery apps or join lottery betting sites because they want to get into the action. If there is only one drawing a month or just once a week, that’s not great. If drawings are only offered once a week, and you miss that night, you’ll have to wait an entire week until you can get back in the action.

When we’re looking to pick out the best online lottery apps or lottery betting sites, we always look for the regularity of drawings. In this situation, it’s not really up to personal preference like it was with jackpot size. More frequency is always going to be better. At a bare minimum, you should be able to get into the mix at least every couple of days, if not every single day.

The Number of Lottery Pool Choices and Formats

Not only is the frequency of lottery drawings important, but the options you have when it comes to the different games and formats also matter. If every single lottery option on the site lets you pick four numbers and that’s it, you might get bored if that is not your preferred betting format. We want to see a healthy mix of lotteries that let you pick 3, 4, 5, and 6 numbers, ones that require you to pick special winning balls, lotteries that have special multiplier options, and anything else creative that’s on the market.

You don’t have to use all of the options, but you do want to have them at your disposal in case you feel like mixing things up.

The Ease of Use

Lottery Ticket

Playing the lottery in person is easy. You go up to the teller, tell them what you want, and they click a button and print things out for you. What’s the point of playing online or in a lottery app if things are challenging and require a lot of extra work? The entire point of lottery apps and lottery betting sites is to make things easier on you and allow you to get into the action quicker and more frequently.

When we are looking for the top lottery apps and lottery betting sites, we take a long look at the quality of their game interface. Can you easily select the lottery game you want? Can you easily select your numbers? Do they have an option to save and replay your favorite number sets? Is it challenging to get money on or off the site? What are their cash-out options, and how long does it take to get paid?

These are just a few of the most important questions we look to answer when analyzing the quality of a lottery app and its user interface.

Trust and Reliability

One of the reasons a lot of people like to play the lottery in person is that they know things are legit. They know that if they win, they are going to get paid without any issues. The fear that this is not the case when playing with a lottery app or a lottery betting site is a big reason that slows people down from jumping right in.

Here’s the good news. There are plenty of incredible lottery apps and lottery betting sites out there that are trustworthy and reliable. They offer fair games, fair withdrawals, and fast and reliable payouts. Most of the top lottery apps and betting sites have third-party companies audit their systems regularly in order to demonstrate to you that everything is on the up and up.

Basically, if you ensure that you’re using one of the top lottery apps (like the ones we have suggested at the top of the page), you can be confident that the drawings are going to be fair and that you’re going to get paid all of your money fast if you are lucky enough to win.

Types of Lottery Apps

Did you know there are different types of real money lottery apps in the market? If not, we’ve got you covered. In this portion of our review of apps for playing the lottery for real money, we’ll discuss the different kinds that are popular within the industry.


iPhone Lottery Apps

Not surprisingly, users of the Apple iPhone and iPad also have a set of lottery apps available to be used on their phones and tablets. By selecting one of these Apple-specific apps, you’ll be able to quickly gamble on the lottery online in a matter of moments.

Some of you visiting this page might be looking to gamble on more than just lottery using an app. If that’s the case, don’t miss the link where you can view our selections for the best Apple casino apps in the business.


Android Lottery Apps

Up first, one of the main types in the market are those designed to work with Android devices specifically. These programs are perfected to ensure that users of Android tablets and smartphones can play the lottery online with ease.

Are you interested in using an online casino app to play games in addition to the lottery? If so, we’ve collected a list of the top Android casino apps currently available. You can explore our selections for the top Android casino apps here.


Windows Lottery Apps

While Windows phones and tablets are not nearly as popular as their Apple and Android counterparts, there are still many individuals using them. Another options for playing the lottery on a mobile device is Windows phones and tablets.

The good news for these folks is there are lottery apps specifically designed to work with Windows devices. By choosing one of these, you’ll have the most optimal experience with your online app for betting real money on the lottery.

Lottery Apps vs. Lottery Betting Websites

So, you may have noticed that while the title of this page is lottery apps, we’ve also been talking about something called lottery betting sites. Are these the same things, or is there a difference? Great question. They are different, but they serve the same purpose. They both will get you plugged into the lottery action you’re looking for, but they’ll go about it slightly differently. Let’s take a look at the difference between lottery apps and lottery betting sites.

Lottery Apps

A lottery app is a program that you’re going to download onto your phone or tablet through the app store for your specific device type (like the iOS/Apple store or the Android store). These are much like other apps where they will leave an icon on your desktop for you to click and open a fully immersive program.

There are several pros of using a lottery app. First, they give you access to some of the more mainstream lottery systems. In fact, many states and countries have their own apps for each of their lottery products. Second, lottery apps that pay real money give you a fully immersive experience that some people are a fan of.

But there are also some drawbacks. First, you have to download the app, and you also have to periodically download updates which will take up space on your device and possibly also annoy you. Second, you’re not going to be able to use your lottery app from your desktop or laptop computer. You’ll only be able to use it from the device that you have the lottery app downloaded on.

Lastly, you will have to wade through quite a few options to make sure you’re using a lottery app that allows you to play for real money. There are a lot of play-money or social casino lottery apps that will mimic the traditional lottery system that you are used to but won’t allow you to have the chance to win big. They might allow you to win rewards or small amounts of money, but not the big money that you’re looking for. In case you are curious, any of the mobile lottery apps referenced or linked to from this page are not this format; they are all the ones where you play for real money and have the chance to win a lot of real money. That’s the kind of stuff that gets our juices going.

Lottery Betting Sites

The other option you have to scratch your virtual lottery itch is a lottery betting website. This is very similar to a lottery app in the sense that you can play all your favorite games for real money, but there are some big differences you should be aware of. For us, we tend to prefer lottery betting sites over lottery apps, but our interests might not be the same as yours, so please choose the option that fits you best. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of lottery betting sites, specifically in comparison to lottery apps.

The first pro of using a lottery betting site is that you can use it on any device you have, including your computer, phone, or tablet, without ever having to download anything. They utilize mobile-friendly websites that you can access straight from your web browser. They will look just as good as using the app and actually might be a little better because updates are applied automatically without you having to make any additional downloads.

Second, lottery betting sites also have other casino options in case you win big and want to play something else or want a change of pace. Lottery betting sites are not exclusive to the lottery. They will have lottery-exclusive sections that will feel much like lottery apps, but they will also have dedicated sections for the other casino games that you might want to play. You never have to use them or even look at them, but the option will be there in case that is something you’re interested in.

How Do Real Money Lottery Apps Work?

Lottery apps are thankfully pretty straightforward and user-friendly. They don’t require you to drive anywhere, grab any of those tiny pencils and fill out any lottery slips, or wait in line at a gas station to get your tickets printed. Lottery apps are a convenient way for you to get your tickets in action in a matter of seconds or minutes from anywhere you are with a smart device and a phone or internet connection.

Here are the steps to get started with a lottery app. These steps are relatively the same for a lottery betting website. We will include a few notes about the differences.

Step 1

Download the lottery app that you want to use or navigate to the lottery website you’re interested in.

Step 2

Create a free account and navigate to the game selection area. On a lottery app, that will be the first screen you see. On a lottery betting site, this will be in the directory listing or a tab at the top of the page.

Step 3

Pick out the lottery game that you want to play. You should have plenty of options to choose from, and it should clearly lay out how much a ticket is, what the criteria are to win, how big the jackpot is, and when the next drawing will be.

Step 4

Once you’ve picked out a lottery you want to be in, navigate over to the deposit screen and add money to your lottery app or lottery betting site account. You have a lot of different deposit options, so you should have no problems getting money loaded on quickly. Here’s a link to all of the online gambling app deposit options available to you. The options will vary by site, but you should have plenty to choose from that will work for you.

Step 5

Navigate back to the game you want to play and select that you want to purchase a ticket. Input your numbers and click submit. That’s it! All you have to do now is sit back and wait for the numbers to be drawn to see if you win!

Are Lottery Apps for the Same Lotteries I See on TV and at the Gas Station?


Yes and no. You can certainly get into some of the major lotteries that you see on TV or that are for sale at your local land-based establishments through a lottery app. Not all of these lotteries are available via app, but a lot of them are.

Some of the lotteries available are not the ones that you are probably familiar with as they are put on and run by the company that runs the lottery app or online lottery betting site. While they may be new to you, it does not mean you can’t win a boatload of cash from them. A lot of these lottery pools are not limited to one state or one country. Many of them allow players from all over the world to get involved, which can mean larger prize pools and bigger wins if you pick the right numbers.

If you’re specifically looking to play a particular lottery from your state or country, and you don’t see it on any of the lottery apps or lottery betting sites we’ve recommended, you can always try Googling to see if there is a state or country-sponsored app available. Otherwise, we recommend checking out some of the newer worldwide options that you can get through the top lottery sites we’ve recommended.

Games Similar to the Lottery

If you love playing the lottery but maybe want to try something different, you have a lot of options to choose from. There are plenty of casino games and gambling games that are similar to the lottery but offer a slightly different online gambling experience. Below, we’ve got some great information to introduce you to a few of these games that you might be interested in. We’ve also included some links to get you started playing these great games right now.


A popular casino game that you can play at land-based casinos, as well as online casinos, is keno. In fact, you can also usually play keno in restaurants inside the casino if they have that set up. Keno is a lot like the lottery except that it is continually running. So, you can basically be involved in a mini-lottery every few minutes, 24 hours a day.

Keno tickets are usually cheaper than a traditional lottery ticket, and while the prize pools are smaller than major lotteries, there are still ways for you to win big. You also usually have the option of selecting how many numbers you want to try and guess. The more numbers you choose, the less you get paid for getting them right. But you also have the opportunity to win bigger if you do hit more of those numbers, so that is something to watch.

If you like lottery action and want to be involved in a continuously running lottery, you’ll want to check out keno. There are even video keno games that allow you to have complete control over the speed of the action.


Chances are you probably played this game as a kid, but did you know that it’s a super popular and potentially lucrative casino game? Yup. You can win big playing your favorite kid’s game in the casino or online. In some countries, bingo is one of the most popular gambling games available with the prize pools getting huge because of the popularity.

While you might not consider this to be much like the lottery, it is somewhat similar. With the lottery, you’re picking numbers and hoping those numbers get called out. With bingo, you aren’t picking your numbers (they are given to you), but you are again hoping that those numbers get called. The only difference is the numbers you need have to form some sort of pattern to win.

If you like playing the lottery and lottery apps, you should probably also give bingo a try as it’s relatively similar except it requires you to be a bit more engaged which could be something that you’re looking for.

Scratch-Off Apps

Most of you that have purchased lottery tickets at a gas station or brick-and-mortar establishment have also seen the scratch-off tickets for sale. While they are wildly different than how the lottery works, they are still usually run by the lottery companies and seem to go hand in hand with the traditional lottery. For those of you that might be lost, these are the little tickets that you purchase and then scratch off with a quarter or coin to see if you win. Typically, it’s a little game that you play, and if your card fulfills certain criteria, you are a winner.

What’s great is that scratch-offs are no longer just things you have to purchase in person. You can now play them online through scratch-off apps that still allow you to scratch and still allow you the chance to win big! You also don’t have to worry about all of the leftover residue from the scratch-off ticket ending up all over your lap. It’s the little things in life, right? If you want to check out online scratch-off apps, we highly recommend checking out the link below to get started playing right now.

If you want to learn more about scratch-off apps, we have an entire page dedicated to the subject that you can find here.

Get Started with the Best Lottery Apps Right Now!

Ready to get into the online lottery action right now? Ready to win big with a lottery app or lottery betting site? You’re only minutes away from being right in the heart of the action. To get started, you have two options. One – you can scroll back to the top of the guide and choose the lottery app or lottery betting site that is the right fit for you. Feel free to check out multiple options and decide which has the look, feel, and games you want.

Your second option if you need a little more assistance is to scroll back up to the “How do lottery apps work?” section where we have step by step instructions to get you started right now.

Good luck, and we hope you pick the right numbers and win big!

Real Money Lottery Apps FAQ

Before we let you go, we also wanted to provide you with a handful of frequently asked questions about lottery gambling apps. If you’re still searching for some answers, we hope the FAQs included below will be able to assist you.

Are Lottery Apps Legit?

Yes! Lottery apps and lottery betting sites are 100% completely legit. This is, of course, assuming that you are playing with a reputable lottery app and not just grabbing the first app that pops up or the first website you see on Google. If you’re using a quality, trusted lottery app or lottery gambling site, then it is 100% legit.

The money that you can win is real. The massive jackpots are real. The drawings are fair and real. It’s the same as playing the lottery in a land-based establishment, but you don’t have to leave where you are sitting right now to get into the action.

Are These Lottery Apps Safe to Use?

Yes. As our team was searching for the best lottery apps in the business, one of the things they looked into was the safety of each operation. After our in-depth review, we’re confident you’ll be protected if you choose to play lottery online using one of our recommendations.

Is It Free to Download These Lottery Apps?

Yes! We made sure all our suggested apps provided a free download to clients. You should never have to pay to download an app, so if you come across one that does charge you a fee, we’d suggest not using it.

How Many Lottery Apps Should I Download?

If you’re new to using an app to play the lottery online, we’d suggest getting things rolling with just one app at first. Later on, you can add in more lottery casino apps if you enjoy using more than one at a time. By using multiple apps to play the lottery, you’ll have an increased assortment of lottery games and more chances to earn bonus cash.

What Kind of Devices Do These Lottery Apps Work On?

No matter what sort of mobile device you’re working with, there’s a real money app on our list of recommendations above which should work for you. From smartphones to tablets across significant software providers like Android and Apple, there’s an app for playing the lottery that will work perfectly with your device of choice.

Is It Legal for Me to Use a Lottery App?

The answer to this question depends on where you live and the local laws which impact online gambling. Unfortunately, we can’t provide an answer here to help answer everyone’s questions. However, we have built an in-depth page centered on gambling laws. Check out the link below to view detailed information for countries all around the globe.

Do Mobile Lottery Apps Payout Instantly?

All lottery apps will be different, so there isn’t a clear answer here. What we would recommend is looking at the online casino or lottery app banking options and reading their withdraw times for each method. Your payout time will vary greatly depending on the withdrawal option that you choose.