Top Lottery Apps for 2021

Are you interested in the possibility of playing the lottery from home using a smartphone or tablet? If so, we’ve got you covered. On this page, we’ll equip you with our choices for the best lottery apps currently available. In addition, you’ll find lots of other helpful details about them, so you can determine if using one is a good fit for you or not.

If you’re ready to begin playing the lottery from your smartphone or tablet, this is the section for you. Here, you’ll find our hand-picked selections for the top lottery apps in the industry. After a complete review of all possible operations, these are the ones our team determined were the best of the best. In the section that follows, we’ll provide you with some of the search criteria we used to help us choose our top real money lottery apps.

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
#1 Las Atlantis Logo
Las Atlantis
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#2 BetUS Casino Logo
BetUS Casino
150% Up To $3,000 Visit Site
#3 Wild Casino Logo
Wild Casino
250% Up To $5,000 Visit Site
#4 Super Slots Logo
Super Slots
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#5 Vegas Casino Online Logo
Vegas Casino Online
100% Up To $11,000 Visit Site

Some of you checking out this page might be looking to learn more about these apps before you bet real money on the lottery. If that’s the case for you, keep scrolling below. We’ve packed this page with tons of other helpful information about online apps you can use to play the lottery. Simply head back to the chart above when you’re ready to experience some of the best choices for yourself.

Up first, we wanted to provide you with a quick preview of everything we’ll cover on this detailed page about lottery apps. If you’d like to skip ahead, feel free to check out some of the different sections we’ve provided for you below.

What Makes a Great Lottery App?

Up next, we wanted to provide you with some color about what we believe makes an excellent lottery app. While there are many gambling apps for playing the lottery, not all are created equal. Below, you’ll learn about what our team was in search of when they worked to come up with our list of suggestions in the section above.

Vast Collection of Lottery Games

If you’re going to use an online lottery app, it’s essential you locate one with a large assortment of lottery games you can choose from. By doing this, you’ll have a remarkable variety of options to choose from when you’d like to play the lottery online. Each of our recommendations above offers one of the most significant collections of lottery games in the industry.

Safe and Trustworthy

Lottery on iPhoneUnfortunately, not all gambling apps are safe places for you to play online. With that in mind, our team looked for apps we knew we could trust to help protect you and your hard-earned dollars. If you perform your own search for an app to play the lottery with, don’t overlook this vital aspect to ensure you don’t end up playing on an app that isn’t safe or trustworthy.

Real Money Bonuses and Promotions

It’s pretty common to find bonus opportunities on lottery apps. However, you shouldn’t just settle for any collection of bonuses and promotions. Instead, you should work with an app that provides you with industry-leading bonus potential. With that in mind, all our recommendations above offer some of the best promotional offers currently available.

Quality Customer Service

Often overlooked, excellent customer service is something you’ll want to look for in a superb real money lottery app. While you may not need their help too often, it’s crucial you’ve got it there when you need it. By choosing one of our featured apps above, you’ll be working with some of the top customer service teams in the industry. Thanks to this, you’ll receive fast and helpful support from top-notch agents.

Sizeable Assortment of Banking Methods

Something else we think helps make an online lottery app excellent is having a broad assortment of banking options for account deposits and withdrawals. All the choices on our list of recommendations provide a vast collection of methods like bank transfers and credit cards to help make it quick and easy for you to move your money onto and off their platforms. Be wary of any apps for playing the lottery with a limited lineup of banking options to help keep things flexible for yourself.

If you’re planning to go about your own search for a lottery app, we’d urge you to keep our selection criteria in mind. By following guidelines similar to ours, you’ll be more likely to ensure yourself an excellent online lottery experience.

Types of Lottery Apps

Did you know there are different types of real money lottery apps in the market? If not, we’ve got you covered. In this portion of our review of apps for playing the lottery for real money, we’ll discuss the different kinds that are popular within the industry.


iPhone Lottery Apps

Not surprisingly, users of the Apple iPhone and iPad also have a set of lottery apps available to be used on their phones and tablets. By selecting one of these Apple-specific apps, you’ll be able to quickly gamble on the lottery online in a matter of moments.

Some of you visiting this page might be looking to gamble on more than just lottery using an app. If that’s the case, don’t miss the link where you can view our selections for the best Apple casino apps in the business.


Android Lottery Apps

Up first, one of the main types in the market are those designed to work with Android devices specifically. These programs are perfected to ensure that users of Android tablets and smartphones can play the lottery online with ease.

Are you interested in using an online casino app to play games in addition to the lottery? If so, we’ve collected a list of the top Android casino apps currently available. You can explore our selections for the top Android casino apps here.


Windows Lottery Apps

While Windows phones and tablets are not nearly as popular as their Apple and Android counterparts, there are still many individuals using them. Another options for playing the lottery on a mobile device is Windows phones and tablets.

The good news for these folks is there are lottery apps specifically designed to work with Windows devices. By choosing one of these, you’ll have the most optimal experience with your online app for betting real money on the lottery.

Reasons to Use a Lottery App

If you’ve ended up on this page, chances are good you’ve never used a lottery app before, and you’re wondering if it’s right for you or not. If that’s the case, be sure to review the details included in this section. Here, we’ve featured some of the top reasons why we love using apps to play lottery online. After checking these out, you’ll have a better idea if trying them out might be good for you or not.

Real Money Lottery Games

LotteryUp first, one of the significant reasons to consider using a lottery app is because they allow you the ability to bet real money on lottery games online. With these, you’ll have the chance to win money if your lottery picks go in your favor.

Convenience and Mobility

Do you hate having to stop by a local store to buy your lottery tickets? If so, then you’ll probably love the convenience of being able to play the lottery online using these top apps. Not only can you play from home, but you’ll also have access to more games using a lottery app than you will from your local store. Check out our suggestions to see for yourself just how much faster and easier it is to play the lottery online from home.

Bonuses and Promotions

When you play the lottery in person at your local stores, you usually won’t find any bonuses or promotions going on. However, lottery casino apps often have several offers that folks playing the lottery can take advantage of. These bonus perks can come in the form of bonus cash, free tickets, and more. Check out our list of suggestions to get a feel for the excellent value you’ll find when real money gambling online.

Conclusion on Lottery Mobile Apps

If you’re interested in playing the lottery from home using a mobile device, you’ve got plenty of reliable and safe operations to choose from. We’re confident you’ll have a top-notch experience if you decide to use one of our suggested lottery apps at the top of this page. If you’ve never tried one out before, it’s worth experiencing for yourself to see just how great and convenient they are.

Are you interested in gambling on more than just lottery using an online app? If so, you won’t want to miss out on the page we’ve included a link to below. Here, you’ll get access to our selections for the top overall online gambling apps. No matter if you’re into casino games or sports betting, you’ll find the best of the best on this page.

Thanks for stopping by to check out our in-depth guide about online lottery apps, and good luck with all your future lottery action!

Real Money Lottery Apps FAQ

Before we let you go, we also wanted to provide you with a handful of frequently asked questions about lottery gambling apps. If you’re still searching for some answers, we hope the FAQs included below will be able to assist you.

Are These Lottery Apps Safe to Use?

Yes. As our team was searching for the best lottery apps in the business, one of the things they looked into was the safety of each operation. After our in-depth review, we’re confident you’ll be protected if you choose to play lottery online using one of our recommendations.

Is It Free to Download These Lottery Apps?

Yes! We made sure all our suggested apps provided a free download to clients. You should never have to pay to download an app, so if you come across one that does charge you a fee, we’d suggest not using it.

How Many Lottery Apps Should I Download?

If you’re new to using an app to play the lottery online, we’d suggest getting things rolling with just one app at first. Later on, you can add in more lottery casino apps if you enjoy using more than one at a time. By using multiple apps to play the lottery, you’ll have an increased assortment of lottery games and more chances to earn bonus cash.

What Kind of Devices Do These Lottery Apps Work On?

No matter what sort of mobile device you’re working with, there’s a real money app on our list of recommendations above which should work for you. From smartphones to tablets across significant software providers like Android and Apple, there’s an app for playing the lottery that will work perfectly with your device of choice.

Is It Legal for Me to Use a Lottery App?

The answer to this question depends on where you live and the local laws which impact online gambling. Unfortunately, we can’t provide an answer here to help answer everyone’s questions. However, we have built an in-depth page centered on gambling laws. Check out the link below to view detailed information for countries all around the globe.