The Best Poker Apps of 2021

We know that many of you that have come to this page are already well versed
in the poker app market and are really just looking for the best place to play.
While we always encourage our readers to enjoy our comprehensive pages, we are
happy to get you on your way with a list of some of our favorite poker apps.
This list contains apps that allow players to play cash games and tournaments
for real money. When we review a site, we look to see what limits can be played
from the app, as well as a complete review of all the promotions that can help
you be a winning player.

While some of these apps may not be available in the country from where you
are trying to play, we have tried to compile a list that reaches the majority of
our readers, and the quality of these sites cannot be denied.

The introduction of online poker was a complete game-changer not only for
that sport but for online gambling as a whole. For the first time, players could
get together in large groups online to create massive tournaments, and for many
players, this was their first foray into the world of online gambling. While
many players have gone on to add sports betting and casino play, the majority of
poker players tend to stick to that game.

The online poker industry has been rocked by a couple of changes in
regulations, particularly in the United States, which provided a significant
amount of traffic for the online sites. For the operators that have remained in
the poker space since the events of 2006 and 2011, it has been a long climb back
to profitability. Thankfully, during the last decade, poker as a whole has
remained popular, and while the online games are smaller than once before, the
introduction of new delivery methods has made the game more accessible than ever

Online poker apps are some of the most popular of any gaming apps downloaded
to iOS or Android devices, and these days, more players find themselves in front
of a phone or tablet for their poker play than ever before. Whether you are
playing for free or real money, there is a poker app for you, and this page will
cover all the types of apps you will find when you search your device’s app

Why Use a Poker App?

There are many players who are very comfortable playing poker on a PC and may
not truly understand the benefits of playing the same game from an app on a
phone or tablet. We don’t think either way is wrong, but let’s review some of
the top reasons that players could benefit from playing a poker app.


Let’s face it: we almost always have a device within arm’s reach these days.
With most of our daily activities and responsibilities being available to manage
in app format, smartphones have really changed the way we approach both work and
leisure time. From a poker perspective, you may get the urge to play a game at
any time of the day. Being able to log into an account and start playing without
getting up and starting up your PC may save you valuable time you could spend
winning hands!


We all know that a poker tournament can take a long time. While the online
tournaments move much faster than a live event, the number of players who enter
can be in the thousands. When you sit down to start a tournament, you, of
course, are planning to be there until the very end.

What happens if you need to get up from your seat?

Or if you have to go somewhere during the event?

If you are playing from a PC, that means having to sit out hands, one of which could be the
difference between winning and losing. Playing a poker app allows you to get up
to use the bathroom, stretch your legs, or take your kids to the park, all
without having to stop playing.


Over the last 20 years, there have been a lot of poker players who complain
about their health after long sessions of sitting at a table. Having your poker
game in app format means that you can move positions more easily. By switching
chairs, playing standing up, or taking the game outside for some fresh air, you
are doing a great service to your body, and over the course of a tournament that
could take hours to complete, the toll can be devastating.

We are bombarded by ways to motivate us to keep moving, and for poker
players, this means picking up your app and taking it with you wherever you go.
We want all of our readers to be healthy enough to continue enjoying online
gambling, so whatever you need to do to stay active, we encourage that behavior!

Types of Poker Apps

Now that you have a clear picture of the benefits of playing poker using an
app, let’s take a look at what you will find when searching for one to download.
Not all apps are built the same or offer the same experience, so you need to do
a little research to make sure the game you are selecting meets your criteria.
Each of these sections also includes a link to a page with some more detail.

iPhone Poker Apps

The iPhone has revolutionized the way we ingest information and has done so
in a very stylish way. Apple has always been known to march to the beat of its
own drum, and this is the case when it comes to its position on online gambling
apps. For the longest time, it would only approve poker apps that didn’t allow
players to make a deposit. While the company’s stance has lightened over the
years, it is still a long approval process, so if you are using an iPhone, you
may find fewer options than you expected.

Android Poker Apps

Google has been a little faster in responding to the growing demand for poker apps, and as a result, players will find more options in the Google Play store
for their Android devices than Apple users. The games will be the same, but as
Android supports so many more devices, the sizing of screens becomes critical to
the overall development of a poker app.

Learn to Play Poker Apps

Regardless of what device you use, there are many of you who want or need to
learn the game. Poker is an easy game to learn but a difficult one to master, so
it is always good to have access to the best tips online. There are many poker
apps for Android and iPhone that are designed for learning purposes.

Texas Hold’em Poker Apps

Despite it being one of the newer variants of the game, Texas Hold’em is by
far the most popular of all the poker games being played today. The introduction
of this game to the public via the World Series of Poker and other televised
events blew the game up in popularity, and this is no different when the
delivery method is switched to apps.

We will show you the best sites for Texas
Hold’em players, along with links to some strategy pages that are bound to help
you improve your overall play.

Poker with Friends Apps

Many poker players are not interested in getting into huge tournaments with a
bunch of strangers, and would much rather play privately with their friends.
There are many poker apps that are designed with this in mind.
These apps give players the ability to create their own games,
within a set of parameters, and then send out invitations to their friends so
a “home game” can be played right from a phone or tablet.


If the introduction of online poker created the first real poker boom, then
we are certain that poker apps are going to be the driving force behind the next
major growth curve. Playing poker via an app, no matter what device you are
using, makes it so much easier to access the game you love from everywhere, and
the fact that more people have smartphones and tablets than PCs today opens up
the possibility of bringing new players to these sites. We hope that after
reading this page, you have a much better appreciation for the benefits of using
a poker app and that you have an excellent experience no matter which app you

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Get Disconnected While Playing on a Poker App?

This is a common question and also a common occurrence. Connections, no
matter how strong, will drop on occasion. This isn’t limited to players using a
poker app, so most sites have a well-defined policy on dropped connections. In
most cases, the hand will continue (it isn’t fair to other players otherwise),
and when you are reconnected, you will see the result of the hand and will be
able to sit back down at a table. If you get disconnected because of an issue
with the app provider itself, then there will be another set of terms for
refunding players. You should read the terms and conditions of whatever poker
app you use to get the full details.

Can I Use a Poker App Without Wifi?

This is a bit of a trick question. Most apps will allow you to play the games
with only a cellular connection. However, in most cases, a WiFi connection will
be faster, especially if you live in a remote area. Some sites load the entire
game onto your phone with the app installation, but these games are going to be
play money only. Real money games require a central server, which means you need
at the very least a 3G connection to be comfortable.

How Do I Know a Poker App Is Safe?

Poker app safety starts first and foremost with the app ecosystem. Both
Google and Apple have a list of security measures they require all apps to have
built into their code to protect personal information from falling into the
wrong hands. This doesn’t always protect players, but it is a good start. Also,
you want to choose poker apps offered by companies that have either a gaming
license or a seal of approval from a third-party auditing firm whose job is to
ensure that the random number generator is working to industry standards.

Doesn’t Having an App Make It Easier for Collusion Among Players?

When online poker began, there were many complaints about players sitting
next to one another and playing online games, therefore being able to
communicate about the hands they were playing. The industry started to wise up
about this problem and instituted policies that block more than one account
being used on the same IP. While this doesn’t entirely stop players from
colluding, it does make it much more difficult. On top of that, most sites have
fraud detection software in place that is looking for unusual playing patterns.
If anything is found that isn’t the norm, accounts are reviewed and possibly
suspended for rule-breaking behavior.