Red Dog Casino Mobile App

Red Dog CasinoIn the following article, we’ll let you know everything you need to know about the Red Dog Casino app. We’ll tell you about its various features, the different games available to you, and the bonuses that will be awaiting you when you sign up. On top of that, we’ll take a look at its strengths and weaknesses while also answering some crucial questions you might have about the site.

  • US Players: Yes
  • Website:
  • Welcome Bonus: 225% Welcome Bonus Up To $12,250 + 20% BTC Deposit
  • Software Providers: RealTime Gaming
  • Banking Methods: Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Neosurf, BitcoinPay

When it comes to casino apps, you can find many of them if you look the stores at Apple, Android, or some other company offering a mobile device. But not all of them stack up very well when you consider all the things you need from a top online gambling site. With the Red Dog Casino app, you can play on a mobile device and be assured that you’ll have just as fine an experience as you would at a gambling website or land-based casino.

In the following article, we’ll let you know everything you need to know about the Red Dog mobile casino app. We’ll tell you about its various features, the different games available to you, and the bonuses that will be awaiting you when you sign up. On top of that, we’ll take a look at its strengths and weaknesses while also answering some crucial questions you might have about the site.

Red Dog Casino App Features

When you sign up for the Red Dog Casino gambling app, you get access to all the features they offer. And as one of the top gambling sites, the foundation is already there for an excellent experience. The good news is that the app does indeed make all of those features come to life in a mobile experience.

Take a look at what you can expect from the Red Dog Casino mobile app.

Flexibility to Play From Any Device

Red Dog CasinoThis is the main convenience that you get from playing on any casino app. Instead of having to try to make it to the casino, or having to be stuck to your home computer, you can gamble for real money on any device that you happen to have. That could mean your tablet, your phone, or anything that you can take with you so that you can gamble for real money anytime, anywhere.

Fresh Bonuses and Promotions

We’re going to talk in-depth about some of the standard bonuses that are available at the Red Dog Casino app. But the people who run the site are very good about coming up with daily bonuses that can spice up your action. It’s just a matter of checking back into the app every day to see what they have to offer you.

Solid and Secure Software

In terms of software, it’s hard to find one better for online casino action than RealTime Gaming. They are proven in the industry as one that you can trust to provide your real-money action without having to worry about glitches or breakdowns. That kind of peace of mind is worth more than the gaudy bonuses offered by newer sites that can’t provide reliable software.

Customer Service

The Red Dog Casino app promises customer service representatives who are available to you at any time of any day. Considering that you might be playing late at night or early in the morning or just at some point in the day when you have a few minutes, it’s nice to know that you can always get assistance. And we know that their assistance for their real money casino app actually helps out and isn’t just lip service.

Fast Payouts of Winnings

The whole reason you’re gambling at a casino app is because you want to win big money and actually be able to get your hands on it. With the Red Dog Casino app, you can be assured that you’ll get your money back in a hurry.

Not having to wait forever to collect your winnings can really make a huge difference in your experience.

Sharp User Interface

When you’re going to be spending a lot of time at a casino app, it can help when the look of it is clean and sharp. The Red Dog online casino app delivers that with inviting colors and graphics. It’s also fun how the site mascot, a dog named “Red,” is your unofficial guide to everything before you.

Red Dog Mobile Casino

When you’re dealing with a RealTime Gaming-based casino like the one that governs the Red Dog Casino app, you know you’re going to get games that are a bit off the beaten path from what American audiences might be used to in their local casinos, especially in terms of the slots. That can take a bit of an adjustment period, but the games offer competitive payback on the whole, which is the most important factor when you get down to it.

  • 194 online slots
  • 16 video poker games
  • 21 table games
  • 11 specialty games

Software and Design

We mentioned above about the presence of “Red” to guide you around the site. This is just a little touch, but it makes quite a bit of difference when you get down to it. It makes the Red Dog Casino mobile app seem a little less impersonal than many other online gambling operations and adds an element of fun to the proceedings at this real money gambling app.

RealTime GamingWhen you check out the site, which you can do without downloading or signing up, you’ll notice how easy and smooth it is to get around. The same can be said for the app. Even if you’re brand new to the world of online gambling, you shouldn’t have any trouble maneuvering to get where you need to go.

It’s also nice to know that the Red Dog mobile casino app offers you three different ways of taking advantage of customer service. You can do so via phone, email, or live chat. That gives you plenty of options should a problem arise.

Red Dog Casino Real Money Poker Options

There are no live dealer poker offerings for the Red Dog gambling app, which is a bit of a bummer. Still, those looking to get their poker action in can do so via automatic dealer games. The selection at the app includes the following:

  • Caribbean Draw Poker
  • Caribbean Hold’em
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Texas Hold’em Bonus
  • Tri-Card Poker

Red Dog Casino Bonuses and Promotions

As we mentioned above, the real money Red Dog Casino app offers bonuses on the regular, many of which will pop up from day to day. That’s why you should always keep checking back to see what’s available to you. But in terms of the standby bonuses at this app, we found the following.

Bonus Type Details Bonus Code Redeem Now
Red Dog Casino Logo

Welcome Bonus
225% Up To $12,250 WAGGINGTAILS Redeem Now
Red Dog Casino Logo

24/7 Casino Bonus
120% on Deposits of $30+ 135% on Deposits of $75+ 160% on Deposits of $150+ SUPERDOG Redeem Now
Red Dog Casino Logo

Game of the Month
110% + 10 Free Spins or 140% + 40 Free Spins GOLDENFROG Redeem Now

Red Dog Casino Welcome Bonus

Any casino app worth its salt should have a bonus waiting for you just for signing up. The good news is that the Red Dog Casino gambling app has one of the best ones that we could find in the online sphere. What you get back for your deposit will certainly entice you to get started.

First of all, you get 225% on top of your initial deposit, meaning that you’re getting more than two times what you put in added to your gambling account. This welcome bonus comes with a 35x wager requirement and the bonus needs to be used on slots, keno, scratch cards, or board games. Use the bonus code “WAGGINGTAILS” up to 5 to claim your Red Dog Casino bonuses.

24/7 Bonus

It’s nice to have a welcome bonus for new players. But what about those players who have already signed up and still want to get a little something extra for what they put into their account. The Red Dog Casino app has an answer for that with their 24/7 bonus.

You can make a deposit at the mobile Red Dog Casino app any day at any time and get a bonus on top of that. Take a look at the correlation:

  • $30 = 120% bonus
  • $75 = 135% bonus
  • $150 = 160% bonus

On top of that, if you should make the deposit in either Bitcoin or Neosurf, you’ll get an extra 25% added onto the listed bonus. With the 24/7 bonus, the real money Red Dog Casino app is giving you a nice incentive to keep going back to the well with your gambling capital. All you have to do is enter the bonus code, “SUPERDOG“, and you’re ready to start gambling for real money.

Game of the Month

Red Dog CasinoThe idea behind this promotion at the Red Dog Casino app seems to be that players should feel welcome to try out new games. With this bonus, you’re incentivized to do so. Each month, the app will come up with a new game as its centerpiece.

For example, at the time of that we wrote this review, the game in question was the online slot known as Frog Fortunes and the bonus code is “GOLDENFROG“. And here were the bonuses available:

  • $10 deposit = 120% bonus and 20 Free Spins
  • $50 deposit = 135% bonus and 30 Free Spins
  • $75 deposit = 145% bonus and 40 Free Spins
  • $100 deposit = 160% bonus and 50 Free Spins

We’re assuming that the numbers for the bonus amounts will be about the same no matter what game happens to be spotlighted in a specific month at the Red Dog Casino app. But you should always check out the terms and conditions when you sign up for a bonus so you don’t get caught unaware.

Restrictions and Requirements

In the case of all three of the bonuses listed above, there are of course rollover requirements involved. You have to play through 35x the sum of your deposit and your bonus before you can collect your winnings that you’ve amassed at the mobile Red Dog Casino from the bonus in question. This might seem like a lot, but keep in mind that you’ll also be churning through winnings to help you meet that number.

Keep in mind that these bonuses are also limited to specified games at the Red Dog Casino mobile app, so you can’t expect to just use them at the game you want. In addition, the Welcome Bonus limits the amount you can win from the bonus to 30x your initial deposit. These kinds of restrictions are pretty par for the course at gambling apps, so you shouldn’t let them scare you away from taking full advantage of them.

Red Dog Casino App System Requirements

In this age of technology, most people have just what they need to handle gambling apps without too much trouble. And the mobile Red Dog casino app certainly doesn’t present any special road blocks that might cause you some hesitation in signing up for it. But here are just a few things you should consider:

  • Internet speed: It’s always better if your internet speed is competitive and allows you to download apps without much trouble. In the case of Red Dog Casino app, you should be able to put it on your device of choice without too much trouble. You can expect it to be loaded in a matter of minutes.
  • Web browser: If you choose to eschew the Red Dog Casino gambling app and simply play from the website online, all the major browsers will give you the ability to play the games with no problem. If you can do it, we’d recommend a download however. Once you have an app downloaded, you don’t have to worry about loading problems in the same way you would using a browser.
  • Smartphones: Again, unless you’re using some strange smartphone unsupported by major systems and app stores, it’s likely you’ll be in the clear with whatever one you have in terms of using the Red Dog Casino app. Remember that if you do download the app, it will take up space on your phone. If you’re running out of that space, you might have to delete something so you can use the app.
The Red Dog casino app is only for those over the legal gambling age of 18.

Again, you shouldn’t sweat the technological stuff too much. As an established app, it has already cleared all of those hurdles, and you should be good to use it in just about any format you might imagine.


Red Dog Casino App for iPhone

When you’re talking about the iPhone, you’re talking about the top of the line in terms of smartphone technology. And on Apple devices, you’ll find the Red Dog Casino iPhone app. Apple might cost you a premium, but there is a reason it does, as it delivers just about everything, including the world of online gaming, in top-notch fashion.


Red Dog Casino App for Android

Although there are some upstarts, you can pretty much break down the mobile world to Android and Apple. Apple might get a lot of the headlines, but Android delivers the goods, often at a little bit of a discount from the iPhone and its kin. The real money Red Dog Casino app has an excellent home among the many gaming options at the Android app store.

Red Dog Casino App FAQ

How Much Money Can I Win Using the Red Dog Casino App?

While there are limits on how much you can win using the Welcome Bonus on the Red Dog Casino mobile app, there are no limits in terms of your regular play. Of course, winning real money requires you to put money at stake in return, and the more you bet, the better your opportunities to win big. But with an online slot machine, you can easily win big for a very small investment.

Does Red Dog Casino Offer Any Sports Betting Options?

Sadly, there are no sports betting offerings on the Red Dog Casino app. In some cases, if an app has the online casino part down so well, you actually might be grateful they don’t try to spread out into areas. That’s when problems can arise. If you’re looking for a mobile sports betting app, check out the page linked below.

What Are the Best Casino Games to Play on the Red Dog Casino App?

Obviously, a lot of that comes down to personal preference. But if you’re looking for long-term payback potential, we would suggest blackjack, video poker, and European roulette. These are the games that offer payback percentage that reduces the house edge to a minimum.

Can I Play in Poker Tournaments on the Red Dog Casino App?

As far as we can tell, there are no options for poker tournaments via the Red Dog Casino gambling app. While there are ways to play poker on the app, they are more of the one-person poker variety. Hence, you’d have to go elsewhere to get your poker tournament action.

What Is the Best Bonus I Can Use on the Red Dog Casino App?

We would suggest the welcome bonus for those signing up for the first time, since it offers an excellent 225% bonus on top of your initial deposit. For those who are already signed, the 24/7 bonus gives you the chance to earn bonuses daily. Look also for specific bonuses that pop from time to time to see if they fit what you’re seeking.

Is Red Dog Casino a Trustworthy Real Money Gambling App?

The apps that have established a brand name in the online gambling industry are the ones that you should trust. Sites and apps that have just popped up out of nowhere may not be able to achieve that trust level right off the bat. Luckily, the real money Red Dog Casino app has been around long enough, and has earned enough positive feedback from other gamblers, that you can trust it with your money.

Conclusion – Get Started at Red Dog Casino Now!

If you’re looking solely for an online casino experience in a mobile setting, it really is hard to top what you’ll get out of the Red Dog Casino app. It covers all the bases, offers a wide variety of games, delivers worthwhile bonuses, and operates on the up and up in a smooth fashion. When it comes down to it, the simplest way to say it is that this is a highly recommended gambling app.