Gambling App Reviews

The online gambling industry is highly competitive, with thousands of sites
vying for your real money deposits and play. These days, the battlefield has
moved from the PC to mobile devices. With the improvements in smartphone
technology, it is no longer enough for a site to have a great web-based

Gambling apps are quickly becoming the norm, and while there are still
restrictions on what countries can access downloadable pieces of software for
phones and tablets, that isn’t stopping casinos and their suppliers from putting
apps out in the market.

Today, depending on where you live, a search of the app store from your
device could bring up hundreds of options for gambling apps. Being able to
quickly determine which real money online gambling apps are better than others can make a significant
difference in your overall playing experience.

That is why sites like ours exist
– we have brought together a staff of casino experts to evaluate every gambling
app we can find and to do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. This page
will give you an idea of what goes into our gambling app reviews and how you can
do the research yourself if you want to be even more informed.

Our Highest-Rated Gambling Apps

Let’s start our journey at the end – the sites that we think have the best
gambling apps on the market. Some of you don’t want to do any research on your
own, relying instead on experts like us to send you in the right direction. We
recognize that, and we want to give you the best choices for gambling apps
whether you use an iOS or Android device.

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The sites you see on this list are from across the gambling world, but they
all have one thing in common – an excellent app version of their companies.
After reviewing hundreds of different casinos, both for PC and mobile, our team
has determined that these sites bring players the most value in their apps, and
if you click on any of them, you can be assured that you will have an excellent
time playing your favorite games.

Reviews of Real Money Gambling Apps

We have taken the time to comb through these sites to provide you with these real money gambling app reviews. We look at everything these mobile apps offer, from their sports betting offerings to their casino gambling options. Check out these reviews to find out more:

Gambling App Review Criteria

Now, to come up with a list like the one above, our team has come up with a
set of criteria that we all use when reviewing a site. We won’t go into all the
minutiae of what goes into our full reviews, but this section will cover many of
the main topics that you will find when reading up on a casino app. Some of you
may want to do some of your own research, and we have no problem with that, so
we think you should be armed with the tools necessary to make informed
decisions. Here are some of the items that our reviewers look at when rating
gambling apps.

Operating System

This may seem like something that would be obvious, but given the legal
climate around online gambling around the world, ensuring that a gambling app
from a site is available on both Android and iOS is critical. The app world only
opened its doors to gambling in the last few years, and even then, there are
different rules for approval between the platform providers.

Android has been a
little more lenient when it comes to approving real money gambling apps, whereas
iOS has taken a very conservative approach. Even today, there are many countries
where gambling apps are not allowed, and this is something you will want to know
before reading on to find out about the quality of the app in question.


This also may not impact many of you, but when you are using an app of any
kind, it takes up space on your phone. Mobile device memory is expensive and
often used right to the limit, so finding a site that offers as much of what you
want in the smallest download package can impact many of you. Some sites send
all the graphics for every game to the app when someone installs it, while
others allow you to download each game individually. Depending on what you want
out of your gambling app, you may be looking for one or the other. We ensure you
know which apps where you can win real money take up the least space on your device.

Game Selection

It goes without saying that if you can’t find the game you are looking for,
your overall experience will be negative. When we review a gambling app, we list
all the games that are available for play. In some cases, some games are
available on the web-based version of the site that aren’t in the app for some
reason. If one of the missing games is one of your favorites, you may be better
served just playing from a browser.

Payment Mechanism

Getting your money to and from a gambling site can be tedious depending on
where you live. Adding in the extra layer of complexity that an app brings can
make the process downright painful. The best gambling apps have a seamless
connection to their payment processors, not requiring you to leave the app in
order to make your deposit.

This may come down to integration with a specific
payment method, but for the most part, you should be able to make deposit and
withdrawal requests right from the app itself.


This is another area of a gambling app that is of great importance to our
review team. We all know that things could go wrong when playing online, whether
it is in a browser on a PC or on a mobile device. However, in those moments,
players want to know they are able to contact someone from the site in real time
without having to go back and forth between a browser and an app. Many sites
offer live chat agents right from their real money gambling apps, giving players a chance to chat
with a customer support rep from the app. This can make it easier to toggle
between the chat and the area causing an issue, which may result in finding a
solution more quickly.

We don’t necessarily think that every site has to have support through their
apps, but this seems to be the way the industry is headed, and having fewer
hoops to jump through is going to result in a happier group of players.


The gambling app world is growing at an exponential rate. As the industry
grows, with it comes more decisions for players to make regarding where to play.
Our team tries to stay on top of every gambling app launch, but we may miss one
here and there. If you find it before we do, then you can use the criteria
discussed on this page to make your own informed decision.

Our team strives to bring you honest, comprehensive reviews of gambling apps,
so when you click on any of our reviews, you should know that we have no skin in
the game. All we want is to bring you the most detail on every site as possible.
We encourage our readers to be a part of the process, so if you have any
feedback about a gambling app you want to pass along, please let us know. We are
a community, and if we find your feedback is something the rest of our readers
would benefit from, we will update our reviews accordingly.

Gambling App Reviews FAQ

Why Do Some of These Sites Have Android Apps but Not iPhone or iPad Versions?

Well, this comes down to how conservative Apple is when it comes to reviewing
and approving apps. This isn’t limited to gambling apps – the company has always
taken a measured approach to its App Store. When it comes to online gambling,
Apple now follows the lead of the local government, only approving apps in
jurisdictions where the law is clear. Also, some forms of gambling such as
lottery are looked upon in a different light than games like blackjack, so you
may find that in your country of residence, you can find some apps available
while others are still blocked.

Are Real Money Gambling Apps Safe?

Definitely. When we review apps, we look to see what software is being used
and also what jurisdictions have approved gaming licenses. Sites that are
licensed from strict gambling regulators have to go through regular audits of
business practices, so your deposits remain safe. Also, Android and iOS will
require companies to provide audits on the games to ensure they are all playing
with the correct math. Finally, both operating systems provide a list of
security protocols that apps have to meet in order to be approved. With all of
these measures in place, your gambling experience should be equally as safe
either from an app or from a browser.

Are Gambling Apps Faster Than Playing in a Browser?

This is up for debate. Some players swear that playing in an app is faster
than in a browser, but we don’t see enough evidence when we are testing the
games. While there are more graphical elements stored in the app, it makes sense
that the packets of information should be smaller traveling both to and from the
games. However, browser-based games also have a lot of static content. What
speed really boils down to in mobile real money gambling is the quality of your connection
to the internet. Someone with a full broadband wifi connection will have a
faster setup than someone on a 3G cellular connection. You want to give yourself
the best opportunity to play your favorite games at the highest possible speed.

Which Mobile Gambling Apps Are Better: Android or iOS?

This tends to come down to personal preference. The way a game plays in the
app is going to be essentially the same, as the buttons at a table will be in
the same spot. Some of the navigation tools will be different depending on your
operating system, but the quality of the games will be the same for either iOS
or Android. The quality of your device is far more important – the older the
device, the less memory it will have, and the graphics may not pop as much as
they would with the newest phones and tablets.