What Are the Best Apps to Play Slots?

Slot machines have come a long way since the first games were introduced over
a century ago. We have for the most part seen the industry move away from games
with physical reels to a fully digital offering, which has allowed the online
slots business to cross over very well into land-based facilities.

The introduction of the mobile smartphone changed the way that most people
interact with the internet, and this is especially true of the online gambling
industry. Playing real-money casino games from a phone or tablet became very
popular, and in some countries, it has taken over from PC gaming as the most
popular delivery method.

Slots players in particular love to play from their mobile devices. The
screen size of these devices is perfect for displaying a slots game, and taking
these games on the go means that players can play from wherever they like. When
downloadable apps became the go-to method of accessing information from a
smartphone, the online casino community was only too ready to be involved.
However, the system providers had a very conservative feeling about gambling,
and for the longest time, slots apps, along with other gambling apps, were shut

Over the last few years, companies like Apple and Google have started to
change their tunes, and now you can find hundreds of slots apps available in the
app store on your device. We want to give you all the information we can on the
slots apps that are on the market today, so we built this section of the site to
do just that. Here, you will find information on the different types of slots
apps available, along with an explanation of how we review and rate these apps.
By the end, you should be able to make an informed decision about which apps you
should select and play.

The Best Slots Apps Available

Let’s start our journey with the best part – the apps that we love to play
and would completely recommend to our readers. The review process is a long and
detailed one – our experts have decades of experience in the industry and take
the time to look at each aspect of a casino’s slots app. When we complete a
review, a rating is given signifying our overall pleasure with the app. Taking
the best slots apps that we have reviewed to date, we present to you here a list
of recommended apps that we are certain you will find enjoyable. Just by
clicking on any of these links, you will be taken to a full review of the casino
site, including our thoughts on the app itself, along with a place you can
download the app to whatever device you are using.

Why Use a Slots App?

Some of you may be wondering why a player would take their slots apps on the
road with them. Well, there are many reasons, some of which we cover in more
detail below.


This is the most clear-cut reason anyone would download a slots app to their
mobile device. Now that players are not forced to be sitting in front of their
PCs in order to spin the reels, it has opened up a whole new level of
convenience. Players using a slots app are more likely to access the games more
often than those who have to go to their laptops. This instant access to games
through the app is also more convenient than using the mobile browser to pull up
a site, as all the player credentials are usually stored right in the app.


Convenience and mobility go hand in hand when talking about most apps. For
slots players, not only can you open your app to play a few spins at any time,
but you can also start a session from anywhere you have an internet connection.

These days, with strong cellular connections and Wi-fi available almost
anywhere, the only thing stopping a player from playing their slots app is a
geographic restriction.

With slots apps, a player can release the boredom of an
activity without having anyone notice what they are doing. Overall, mobile
access to casino games is going to be how the industry continues to grow, and
apps are a huge reason for this continued success.


This one may seem like a no-brainer to you, but there are some nuances to
discuss. The majority of people who play slots for real money are in it to WIN
MONEY, of course! However, the advent of social slots apps has changed the
dynamic slightly. These apps allow players to use real money to buy chips for
entertainment purposes only. As far as we are concerned, we are going to focus
our attention on those who want to walk away with more cash than they started
with, especially those who are hunting for the big progressive jackpots. Winning
cash is a great reason to play slots, even if the odds are somewhat stacked
against you.

Types of Slots Apps

When an online casino decides they want to release their games in app form,
they turn to the software supplier providing games for the PC version of the
site. These vendors typically have some form of mobile app development already
done, needing just some branding and customization for each client. However,
this isn’t true of every software company or of every platform operator. Here’s
a breakdown of the different types of slots apps that are the most common.

iPhone Slots Apps

The iPhone is an iconic piece of technology. The beauty of its design
combined with its capabilities made it one of the most popular phones ever
built. There have been many iterations of the phone in the last decade, but one
thing is clear – iPhone users are loyal to a fault.

While iPhone apps have been readily available for the last ten years, it took
until recently for real money gambling apps to be approved. With this now out of
the way (at least in some jurisdictions), you can choose from many iPhone slots
apps. Our review of all the best iPhone slots apps, as well as the criteria that
goes into the reviews, can be found by following this link.

Android Slots Apps

The majority of mobile phones on the planet are using the Android operating
system. A company purchased by Google back in the 2000s, this open-source
platform allowed mobile phone manufacturers to build custom versions for their
users, and an agreement between the three largest manufacturers secured
Android’s future.

Slots players will be happy to know that Google has also loosened its stance
on gambling apps, even more than Apple in some cases. Slots apps are available
in the Google Play store for you to download, and we show you what to look for
to find the best ones for your Android device, no matter who built it.

Windows Slots Apps

While it isn’t nearly as popular as Android or iOS, there are still a fair
number of people who use a mobile phone with the Windows mobile platform. For
the most part, these phones are far less intuitive than the other platforms, but
there are indeed apps that can be downloaded, and this includes slots apps. Most
developers don’t bother building apps for this type of device, so the options
are slim, but you can find a few that may be worth your while.


With more and more gamblers turning to their mobile devices to play slots,
the slots app is going to continue to gain traction around the world. With so
many changes to come in mobile phone technology, slots app developers will need
to stay on their toes to provide the latest features and functionality. We will
continue to monitor the space and will update these pages as we see new apps
that you should be made aware of.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If My Connection Drops While Playing on a Slots App?

A slot machine is a game played between the computer and one single player.
As a result, when you click the “Spin” button, the result of the spin is
automatic, even if it takes some time for the animation to complete. Should your
connection drop in the middle of a spin, your game freezes, but the outcome is
already determined, so when the connection picks up again, the game should
continue from the very spot you lost it.

Can I Use a Slots App Without WI-Fi?

While there may be some free-play slots apps that allow you to download the
entire game engine to your device, as it stands today, there are no real-money
slots apps that allow you to play without a connection. Your device needs to be
able to communicate with the central game server in order to complete spins, so
while you can use your cellular connection and don’t need Wi-fi, you won’t be
able to play without some form of connection.

How Do I Know a Slots App Is Safe?

Slots apps require different levels of security in order to be added to our
recommended list. First, all the system providers require sites to meet their
minimum requirements for data security before they can be approved for download.
Slots software can be audited for integrity, and the best sites are those who
use these companies and proudly display the logos of the auditing firms.

What If I Live Somewhere That Doesn’t Allow Online Gambling?

There are still a few countries, most notably the United States, which do not
allow players to download real money gambling apps. For these people, the only
option is to play slots via a mobile version of the game, which can be accessed
on the browser of most phones and tablets. We have a full section dedicated to
mobile gaming
, which may provide you with valuable information on the topic.