Uptown Aces Mobile Casino App

Uptown Aces LogoUptown Aces has already established itself as an excellent choice for online gamblers thanks to all the features it offers as one of the top gambling websites. With the Uptown Aces app, they now have transferred all the top features to the mobile sphere. This is done through a mobile site rather than a download, meaning that you can play instantly.

  • US Players: Yes
  • Website: UptownAces.eu
  • Welcome Bonus: 250% Up To $2,500
  • Software: Real Time Gaming
  • Banking: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Skrill, Neteller, ECO Card, Direct Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Transfer

In the following article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the mobile Uptown Aces app. We’ll explain how it works, what bonuses are in store for you, and what games will be available for you to play. On top of all that, we’ll explain how you can get started with the app, and we’ll also answer any popular questions that are often asked about the app.

Uptown Aces Features

There are two ways that you can access the Uptown Aces gambling app on your mobile device. You could do it via a download. As this is an app tied into the site and not to an app store, this process can take a bit longer and get more involved as you might have to go into your device’s settings.

In truth, there is nothing much you’ll get from the download that you won’t get from the mobile site itself. That’s why we suggest that use the Uptown Aces mobile site as an app. You won’t have to download, worry about data limits, or check to see if you have memory on your phone.

Once you’re on the mobile site, you can play for real money on the Uptown Aces app instantly. And that means getting all the amenities that you can find on the main gambling website. Here are some of the features you can expect playing on the Uptown Aces app.

Customer Service and Information

Customer service is an underrated part of most businesses, but you’ll be disappointed when you don’t have it in place. At Uptown Aces, you can contact them by calling one of two numbers (one of which is toll-free) or by reaching out via email. The Uptown Aces app is relatively rare in that it also keeps up a blog with steady posts coming your way. Many of these posts do a great job of relaying information about the new games and promotions that are available.

Banking Versatility

Many gambling apps will let you make payments with the major credit cards and perhaps one of the popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. But the Uptown Aces app provides you with one of the most extensive lists of payment options in the online gambling world. That really lets you choose the method that makes the most financial sense to you.

Tournaments and Jackpots

Most online casinos give you the chance to play your favorite games for real money. But the Uptown Aces app lets you change it up a bit with daily tournaments that allow you to compete against other players for big prizes. And speaking of prizes, the mobile Uptown Aces tells you where the top jackpots are among the games that you can play.

Newest Games

The Uptown Aces is constantly going through its catalog of games and updating the list with new titles. Doing this means that you can stay fresh with your play. If you keep checking in on the new games section, you’re likely to find something that immediately moves to the top of the list in terms of your personal favorites.

Rewards and Bonuses

We’ll talk more in detail about the perks that you’ll get from the Uptown Aces in a section below. But what we can tell you right now is that the Uptown Aces mobile casino app gives equal weight to both new players and those who have had an account for a while. As a result, you’ll feel like a treasured customer the entire time you’re using the Uptown Aces casino app.

Reliable Software

RealTime Gaming stands out as perhaps the dominant name in the entire online gambling industry in terms of the software used to drive the games. With this software in place, you can play your games knowing that you’re going to have fair results. And you can also expect the sounds and the sights attached to the games to be enjoyable.

The Uptown Aces Online Casino App

When it comes to variety of options for real money gameplay, the Uptown Aces truly stands out as one of the best in the industry. There are quite literally hundreds of games available on the site, a few of which you can even try out for free. That means you can test them out before you decide to play for real money.

The Uptown Aces is also set up so that you can find the game that you want quickly. If you’re interested in new games, there’s a link to those. Or if you want to play a game with a progressive jackpot, which is a jackpot that rises the longer that it isn’t hit, you can go right to those as well.

The variety within the Uptown Aces app extends to the different ways that you can play each family of games. You really won’t have any trouble finding a favorite. Here are some of the top categories of games available.

Online Slots

Uptown Aces Slots on iPhoneThe real money online slots available on the Uptown Aces app are a quite impressive group. They stand out in terms of the originality of the games. You’ll find many that come attached to themes and stories, often with special video and music included just to spice up the action and make for an exciting gambling experience.

In addition, you’ll be able to find games that give you many different ways to win compared to the traditional slot machine you’d find a casino. Look for games that have special bonus features attached to them that can be extremely lucrative. Included among those ways to win are:

  • Free play: You get a certain number of spins where you don’t have to bet anything but can still win.
  • Bonus rounds: Similar to free play, these usually come attached to special, enhanced pay tables.
  • “Wild” symbols: When they appear, they can be turned into whatever symbol it takes to give you one or more winning lines.
  • Multipliers: Instead of your usual payback for a winning line, you get it multiplied by a certain amount.

On top of that, another perk that you get from the slots available on the real money Uptown Aces app is the chance to play multiline action. Instead of just the normal horizontal lines, you get to branch out into lines that zig zag all across the screen. When you play in this manner, you get many more ways that you can win.


Blackjack is a favorite among many casino-goers for a number of reasons. On the one hand, it’s not that difficult a game to learn to play. Yet once you do learn and get the strategy down pat, you can actually reduce the house edge to an extremely small level.

That’s why it’s such a good deal that the Uptown Aces app offers blackjack to you. The other boost you get from Uptown Aces is the fact that they offer you different ways to play. Take a look at the three main versions of blackjack found on the site:

  • Classic: This is the game that most people know and love. You have to try to beat the dealer with cards that get as close to a value of 21 without going over. If you get 21 on two cards, that’s a blackjack and pays a little bit extra.
  • European: The big difference in this version of the game is with the dealer. Instead of being able to check for a blackjack, the dealer must leave one card face down until the player finishes playing their cards. It slightly alters the odds for the player.
  • Pontoon: Pontoon actually preceded blackjack before losing popularity to the adjusted game. But it still makes for an interesting twist on the basic format. You don’t get to see the dealer’s cards in this version of the game, which changes the strategy quite a bit.

Video Poker

Uptown Aces Video Poker on iPhoneYou might not realize it, but video poker actually shares a lot in common with blackjack. Both games are easy to learn if you want to just play the game in a basic fashion. But both games also reward expert strategy with payback percentages that are among the best in the casino world.

With the real money Uptown Aces app, you get to play some of the top brands of video poker. The game is played essentially the same, no matter which version you choose. You’re still trying to make the best five-card poker hand out of a deal and a draw.

But when you change up the pay tables and add wild cards, things can really change in terms of your strategy and payback. These are some of the versions of video poker that can be found on the Uptown Aces mobile casino app:

  • Jacks or Better: Jacks or Better essentially gives you the closest approximation to standard Five-Card Draw of all video poker games. The winning hands are ranked in pretty much the same way. As such, it’s an excellent game for beginners.
  • Aces and Eights: Card players know that aces and eights are sometimes called the Dead Man’s Hand. But in this version of video poker, you’ll want them involved in your hand. The pay for hands involving those cards is boosted.
  • Deuces Wild: Wild cards are cards which can be turned into any other in the deck to make your hand better. They allow you to achieve hands that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. In Deuces Wild, you get four wild cards (the twos) in the deck of 52, meaning they’ll come into play often.
  • Joker Poker: In Joker Poker, the deck being used includes 53 cards instead of the standard 52. The extra card is the joker, which is a wild card. This game therefore splits the middle between the extreme wild card action of Deuces Wild and the straightforward play of Jacks or Better.

Caribbean Poker

Don’t confuse Caribbean Poker with the poker tournaments you might see at your local casino. It’s a one-player game against an automated dealer. The Uptown Aces app doesn’t provide for any poker tournaments.

But this game is an interesting substitute. There are elements of both blackjack and video poker involved. You decide how to play your hand without knowing what the dealer has until the hand progresses.

At the Uptown Aces app, Caribbean Poker can be played for a progressive jackpot, which you’ll receive if you achieve certain hands. Different versions of the game include the following:

  • Stud: You won’t have the chance to exchange cards in this version, but neither will the dealer.
  • Draw: You get to replace cards from your hand with others from the deck.
  • Hold’em: You and the dealer will share certain community cards in your hands but will have different hole cards.

Specialty Games

Some of the games in the “Specialty” section of the Uptown Aces app will be familiar to those who play a lot in casinos. Others are usually found only in the online realm. They offer different opportunities in terms of potential risk and payback.

You shouldn’t play any of these games on the Uptown Aces app without first looking into them a bit and understanding the rules. Here is a quick overview of the specialty games available on the real money Uptown Aces casino app:

  • American Roulette: Roulette is a pretty standard casino game that even casual players likely know. The wheel spins, and the ball stops in one of the numbered spaces. If your bet has covered that number, you win.
  • Sic Bo: This game looks complicated when you see the betting board. But you’re essentially just betting on a roll of three digital dice. It’s a fun, fast-paced way to try your luck.
  • Keno: This is a luck-based game which requires you to pick numbers on a board. The less numbers you pick, the more you get paid back if one of them is drawn. It’s a take on roulette that can be a lot of fun if you don’t mind not having any control of the outcome.
  • Roaring ‘20s Bingo: Most people know how bingo works. You’ll still be marking off your board hoping for five in a row for a win. But you’ll do it in this game with an antiquated theme to add something a little extra to the game.
  • Treasure Tree: Fans of scratch-off tickets will love the action of this game. You’ll be picking from different spots on the tree to see which amounts come up. If you can match them up, you can win big.

Bonuses on the Uptown Aces App

The bonus structure for many gambling websites is set up to really reward first-time players. But the best sites and apps do a nice job of balancing out the perks among both regular players and those new to the action. We’re happy to say that the Uptown Aces casino app definitely fits the bill in this department.

You can expect an excellent welcome bonus. But the real money bonuses at Uptown Aces keep coming to you as you stay on the app and continue to play. Take a look at some of the top offers.

Welcome Bonus

When it comes to welcome bonuses, the Uptown Aces provides one that is both lucrative and long-lasting. You can stretch it out over not just your first deposit, but throughout your first six. That means that the welcome is actually extended.

Uptown Aces App BonusYou start out with a 250% bonus on up to $2,500 with your first deposit. After that, you get 150% on up to $1,500 on your second deposit and then 100% on up to $1,000 on your next three. With another 188% up to $1,888 on your sixth deposit. On top of that, you’re also eligible for 50 free spins for each of those deposits. The end result is $8,888 and 300 free spins.

Table Games Bonuses

The key to understanding the value of this bonus is realizing that payback percentages are generally much higher for table games than they are for slots. As a result, a bonus on table games has a little bit more weight behind it. Very few online gambling apps single table games out in their bonuses like this.

On the Uptown Aces casino pp, you get 150% on your first deposit and 75% on your next one for table games. Both bonuses have a limit of $750. And both are subject to playthrough requirements of 30x your bonus plus your deposit, which really isn’t that high considering table games are involved.

Low Playthrough Welcome

This is an example of the Uptown Aces app really thinking about what its customers want when designing their bonuses. Many new players want bonuses but don’t play enough to ever meet the rollover restrictions so that they can actually cash them in. This bonus is aimed at those folks.

Uptown Aces App BonusThe rewards are a bit more modest than the typical welcome: 100% on up to $100. But the key is that the playthrough for this bonus is just 15 times. That’s a much more manageable requirement for casual players to meet, making this bonus offer more impactful than you might realize at first.

Weekly Promotions

Here is another area where the Uptown Aces app is considering the regular players. If you go on their bonuses page, you’ll see a dropdown for Weekly Promotions. In this section, you’ll find some bonuses aimed at those who are regular players on the Uptown Aces mobile gambling app.

For example, there are different bonuses and playthrough amounts offered for games like slots and keno. You’ll also find a cashback offer for times when you lose your deposit. Having these bonuses in play means that you’ll have more ways to benefit on the Uptown Aces casino app.

Uptown Aces Casino App System Requirements

Because you don’t have to make a download if you don’t want to in order to use the Uptown Aces app, the system requirements are as minimal as they possibly can be. All you’ll need to play the games at the app for real money is a browser of some sort. Once you have that in place, you’ll be ready to visit the Uptown Aces site and get stared.

As we mentioned above, you can go through the download process if you want. Should you go that route, you might want to check what kind of memory you have left on your device. But if you’re using the mobile site as your Uptown Aces app, you can pretty much use any connected device that you have, whether it’s a phone, tablet or watch.

iPhone Uptown Aces App

The Apple ecosystem allows for interconnected play on the Uptown Aces app across many different devices. Most Apple devices utilize touch-screen technology, which means that you can hop around from page to page easily on the app. Once you access the mobile app site from Uptown Aces, you’ll get the complete experience.

Android Uptown Aces App

The experience will be pretty much the same if you’re using an Android device. You can play all of the games on the app for real money as long as you have funded your account. As Android and Apple takes up much of the mobile market, putting the two together means you’re pretty much covered with the Uptown Aces no matter what device you might have on your possession.

How to Get Started With the Uptown Aces Gambling App

Head to the Uptown Aces App on Your Smart Device
You’ll be taken to a mobile version of UptownAces.eu where you can take a look around at all the different features, check out some of the casino games available, and see what the bonuses are all about.
Sign Up and Create an Account
First, you’ll need to provide your name, email address, and a password for easy entry into the real money Uptown Aces app. You’ll also have to confirm your email.
Fund Your Account on the Uptown Aces Gambling App
Funding can come from numerous sources, as we listed at the top of the page. For whichever method you choose, you’ll have to type in the identifying information as well as decide on the size of your deposit.
Redeem Your Casino Bonuses
Look at your account dashboard to see if there are any offers that you can take advantage of on the Uptown Aces mobile site. You might need to type in a promotional code to complete this process.
Start Gambling for Real Money on the Uptown Aces App
You can use the different dropdowns to find the game of your choice. Make your bets, and go for it!

Uptown Aces Mobile App FAQ

The Uptown Aces app makes for an excellent way for you to play for real money at an established mobile site. It’s sort of like taking an entire casino with you and putting it inside a small portable device. In fact, we’re predicting that people who try out the Uptown Aces app won’t feel the need to go to the casino again anytime soon. If you have any unanswered questions check out our frequently asked questions about gambling with the UptownAces.eu app.

Is There Some Kind of Rewards Program on the Uptown Aces App?

You’ll earn comps every time you play on the Uptown Aces app, with your points earning you cashback and other perks. If you really want to make the most out of your frequent play, you should sign up for the VIP program, which will give you the opportunity to earn more rewards than the average player. As you play more, you’ll find the rewards amplified to a great degree.

Is the Uptown Aces Casino App a Legal Mobile Gambling App?

You don’t have to worry about any legal issues with the Uptown Aces app. That’s because they operate from an area where there is nothing illegal about taking bets from gamblers. As the gambler, you are good to wager and win real money at Uptown Aces.

Which Games Should I Play to Win the Most Money on the Uptown Aces App?

If you’re trying to win a lot of money in a hurry, you should try slots, which offer more jackpot opportunities. But if you want to win steadily over a long period of time, blackjack and video poker are excellent choices. They offer the best payback percentage, which is based on probability and pay table amounts.

How Does a Progressive Jackpot Work on the Uptown Aces App?

Progressive jackpots keep rising from a base level until someone meets the standard set by the particular game to win it. At that point, the jackpot level resets to its base level. When you see a progressive jackpot has risen to a great degree, you should make an effort to go for the jackpot, as they can be extremely lucrative.

How Long Will Have I Have to Wait Before I Receive Payback From Winnings?

You’ll have to make a request for a withdrawal then wait for your request to be processed. But the good news is that the Uptown Aces casino app ranks very well when compared to other online casinos in terms of rate of payback. Payback usually comes within a week or so, although you could speed things up considerably by choosing a banking method, like Bitcoin, with faster settlement times.