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Gary Stone

I started writing for in 2019 and genuinely enjoy the creative freedom I have here. I write about political and entertainment betting, so I get to keep an eye on serious legislative matters and pop culture blabber for a living. But as someone who enjoys media consumption as much as the next person, I’d have to say that writing as a scandalmonger and gambling my way out of debt is a rather whimsical way to live life.

There’s honestly something really bizarre about writing about myself. Who would want to read about the humble beginnings of a boy from Milwaukee?

I’ve been writing since college and didn’t think it would amount to anywhere. In 2005, I got a business degree from UWM. In 2012, I moved to Las Vegas and to this day, I don’t really plan on leaving. After the 2016 election, I saw the rise of political betting and have been hooked on it since. Nevada’s a real battleground state, and it’s interesting to witness history from this standpoint.

For, I have the real pleasure of writing about:

Beneath my comedic and colorful take on whatever I’m talking about, there lies a hard-hitting exposé—an informative and objective view made to *actually* help fellow gamblers find good betting value.

Most days, you can find me writing until the wee hours of the morning, riding my bike, and reading the latest news.

Fun Facts

  • My favorite cartoon character is Squidward Q. Tentacles.
  • In 2016, I watched Clinton and Trump debate live at the Thomas & Mack Center in UNLV.
  • I’ve never had a pet.
  • I won my second-grade spelling bee.

Favorite thing to gamble/bet on?

Bernie Sanders

How Many Hot Dogs Could You Eat in a Contest?

Probably more than Bernie Sanders

How Fast Can You Throw a Baseball?

A lot faster than Bernie Sanders, that’s for sure.

What is in Your Fridge Right Now?

Bernie Sanders

What secret conspiracy would you like to start?

You know, I’m not too sure, but I’m convinced there’s something up with the moon landing. Have you seen that footage? I’m not saying humans are incapable of landing on the moon, especially when you consider today’s technology, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was a hoax. They claim the video is blurry because it “traveled through multiple stations.”

Favorite Blog

Area 51 Blog

Storming Area 51 – Odds & Predictions

I’m sure you’re familiar with the set of memes born from the Joe Rogan podcast that turned into a worldwide witch-hunt for extraterrestrials. It got two YouTubers arrested and convinced a bunch of Naruto fans to leave their homes—a true turning point in human history. Writing this blog was worth every second and is pretty much the epitome of society at this point in time.


Year Born


Graduated from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Moved to Las Vegas, Nevada


Began career as freelance writer


Began writing for

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