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Jim Beviglia

As a full-time broadcaster and public relations professional, there’s always
been some element of writing included in my work. But I didn’t start freelance
writing until around 2004, when, on a lark, I started contributing, for free, to
a music blog. They liked my work enough to start paying me, and so began a
journey that has been more rewarding than anything I ever could have imagined.

My two passions have always been music and sports, so it’s been cool that
I’ve been able to write about those two subjects throughout my career. On the
music side, I’ve been a featured contributor for American Songwriter
magazine for nearing a decade now. Also, I’ve written five books on music. My
latest, Playing Back The 80s: A Decade Of Unstoppable Hits, featured
interviews with over 60 of the era’s top artists telling the stories of their
most famous songs. I love doing interviews with artists since I consider myself
a fan first and foremost and enjoy the chance to pick the brains of these people
with such immense musical talent.

I’ve also been a rabid sports fan since I was a kid, where if I wasn’t
playing a sport, I was watching one or simulating playing one (through video
games and Strat-O-Matic.) When I started freelance writing, I carved out gigs
writing about Fantasy Sports, the NFL, MLB, college hoops, and, thanks to this
excellent gig at, just about everything else. My full-time job
is as a broadcaster for horse racing, so I’ve enjoyed writing previews on major horse racing events, while also contributing articles about:

I’ve had about a million other writing gigs and might have about a million
more before all is said and done. I even do some part-time work ghostwriting
dating profiles, which might sound bizarre but is quite entertaining work. And
that’s usually how I try to choose which writing I do these days, based on the
quality of the experience, which is why I’m so lucky to have hooked up with

I’ve also been thrilled to be part of some fun videos with Drew Goldfarb and
Taylor Smith, as we give our picks for MLB and College Football. Also, I do a
lot of content writing for, learning cool stuff about the gambling
world and translating that into articles for anyone wanting to learn as well.

I was born and raised in Old Forge, Pennsylvania, and, save a four-year-stint
at Syracuse University, have lived here my whole life. I’m blessed by getting to
share my experience with my wonderful wife Marie and amazing daughter Daniele.

More About Jim Beviglia

Fun Facts

  • I’ve interviewed music artists ranging from Huey Lewis to David Crosby
  • My full-time job is as a track announcer at a harness racing track.
  • Only one of my favorite teams from the Big 3 sports has won a
    championship while I was alive and old enough to enjoy it (The 1990
    Cincinnati Reds.)
  • I’m a distant, distant relative of one of the Popes (I can never
    remember which one.)
  • I can sing the lyrics to just about any 80s song that comes down the
  • My hometown is unofficially known as the Pizza Capital of the World,
    serving only Sicilian style.

Favorite Movie?

I go back and forth on this, but Rushmore probably wins the day.

Favorite Thing to Bet On?

Ironically enough, even though I write about it, I don’t have the constitution for heavy gambling. I don’t even put $1 in an NCAA hoops pool anymore because I go through agony watching the games if my teams are losing.

How Many Hot Dogs Could You Eat in a Contest?

Back in college at Syracuse, I was partial to Dome Dogs. They put some sort of lubricant on them so they’d slide down your gullet smoothly, so I think I can hang with Joey Chestnut if I got a hold of those.

How Fast Can You Throw a Baseball?

There’s a reason they always put me at first base in slo-pitch softball. Rag-arm.

How Do You Feel About Putting Pineapple on Pizza?

In my hometown, people who put anything on the pizza risk being banished, so that’s a big no.

Favorite Blog

2019 Kentucky Derby Preview

I liked my article previewing the 2019 Kentucky Derby, because I picked
Maximum Security to win and had Country House as a live long shot. Even though
the stewards ruined it all on me, I looked like I knew what I was talking about
on that one. I also enjoyed my article on betting the Grammys. For a music guy,
my picks were all wrong, but still, a blast to write.


Year Born

1988 – 1989

Part of back-to-back Pennsylvania State quarterfinal basketball teams as a way undersized power forward.


Graduated Syracuse University


Finally thawed out from four years spent at Syracuse.


Briefly hosted a sports talk show. Considering the state of current sports talk radio, very glad it was only briefly.


Daughter Daniele is born. Light of my life.


Met my future wife Marie. Somehow convinced her of a second date, and here we are 15 years later.


First year as a harness-racing track announcer.


Wrote long-winded articles for a now-defunct music, including a series where I counted every Beatles song from worst to best. Eventually, that would lead to my Counting Down series of books.


Began writing for American Songwriter magazine, first time that my stuff was in print.


Began a part-time gig writing dating profiles. Anyone who knows my dating history before I met my wife has a good laugh at this fact.


My fifth book, Playing Back The 80s, comes out, featuring interviews with 65 of the top artists in that era. As a kid who grew up idolizing that music, what a thrill to speak to those folks and find out that they are great human beings as well as great musicians.

2018 –

Started writing at My best gig yet!

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