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Based out of London, I began freelance writing for the UK section of in October of 2019. Having worked in the gambling industry for almost 10 years, I now have the pleasure of adding this site to my list of accomplishments as a casino writer.

I was born in Brighton in the winter of 1984 and studied Economics at Merton College, Oxford. Writing wasn’t something that came naturally to me at first, but I’ve always enjoyed the casino. Previously, I worked as a Promotions and Casino Manager for a boutique gaming operator in London. This is where I learned more about the gaming sector and the growth of the online betting (iGaming) industry.

I started blogging shortly after that position and have enjoyed writing ever since. Online, I found a community of people who enjoyed what I enjoyed:

In my spare time, I enjoy being at home with my wife Elaine, our daughter Emilia, and our British Shorthair, Morrie. When I’m not with my family, I spend some afternoons playing video poker and keeping up with the latest news. Apart from gaming, I have always loved music and have been playing the saxophone since I was a teenager.

Through this site, I’d like to cover the best of the gambling industry as it continues to evolve today.

Fun Facts

  • I am a really good cook and make a mean Sunday roast.
  • In my late twenties, I was an aspiring professional poker player.
  • My middle name is Benjamin.
  • Leeds is one of my favorite cities in all of Europe.
  • I’ve never read or watched Harry Potter.

Favorite Thing to Gamble/Bet On?

Right now, I’m enjoying political betting. Online, I take the chance on slots.

What 2 Celebrities Would You like to See Fight Each Other?

James Corden versus ANYBODY.

What Is the Stupidest Thing You’ve Done Because Someone Dared You To?

I tried to tackle my younger brother on a dare when I was 12 and chipped my front tooth.

Is Cereal Soup? Why or Why Not?

Cereal is NOT soup, nor should it ever be classified as one. Gordon Ramsey would not approve.

How Do You Feel About Putting Pineapple on Pizza?

I’d hate to admit it, but I truthfully don’t mind pineapple on pizza.

Favorite Blog Blog Screenshot

UK General Election 2019 – What the Bookies Say

Politics is a subject that affects the world, and the fact that you can bet on it makes it that much more interesting.




Graduated from Merton College




Started working in the casino industry


Daughter Emilia was born


Began professionally writing for online publications

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