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Since the spring of 2018, I’ve called my home. After one
meeting, and a lengthy conversation about the Buffalo Bills, I was hired as a
sportswriter, and this employment was off to a fantastic start. With roughly a
decade as a fulltime freelance writer under my belt, I finally found a company
that would provide me with the opportunity to use all of my writing skills,
experiences, passions and personality to spread my wings like a peacock.

Both and myself have grown during our time together, just like any
good marriage should. I expanded their horizons on sports such as:

Currently, I’m referred to as the “King of the Blog” for It’s a title
I wear with pride along with my superhero t-shirts during our Odds On
sports betting podcast each and every week on YouTube. I’m aiming
to add the title “King of the Vlog” to my role with the company as well, but
there’s only so much that the viewers can handle of this pretty face.

It’s hard to view my role with as a full-time job because it is a
full-time blast for me. I enjoy all of the topics I write about even sports
betting news topics. In my 10+ years as a full time content provider, I’ve come
a long way from my first projects on erectile dysfunction and funeral home
services to covering some of the most significant sporting events in the world
like the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, Miss Universe pageant, the Daytona
500, Tour de France, and WrestleMania.

More About Rick Rockwell

Fun Facts

  • Every Friday I eat a large pepperoni pizza by myself. I’m a
    self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur.
  • I also consider myself a modern day Indiana Jones as I hike and
    explore throughout my home state of California.
  • I am a trained professional wrestler
  • Spent many years as a personal trainer
  • I spent a day with Mike Tyson and lived to tell about it
  • I’ve interviewed well over a 100 MMA, Boxing, and Pro Wrestling stars
  • I love Bob Ross

Favorite Thing to Gamble/Bet On?

Pro Wrestling, Football, and Cycling

How Many Hot Dogs Could You Eat in a Contest?

One More than Miki Sudo

Will You Be at the Area 51 Raid?

I will be selling T-shirts, water bottles and mixed tapes to all of the raiders.

What 2 Celebrities Would You Like to See Fight Each Other?

Me and Justin Bieber

How Fast Can You Throw a Baseball?

Fast enough to break a window and run away.

What Is the Stupidest Thing You’ve Done Because Someone Dared You To?

To quote the great Will Ferrell “We’re going streaking.”

Favorite Blog

Rick Favorite Blog

2018 Tour de France Betting Odds and Predictions

It was the first time I’ve ever been paid to write about one of the world’s greatest sporting events. I wore a yellow jersey for three weeks as I felt like a champion of life.

2019 National Spelling Bee Odds and Predictions

It was a very humbling experience writing this article as I realized there were thousands of prepubescent kids that made me feel insecure about my spelling skills. Thankfully, I use a spell checker!


Born sometime before 1980


Had First Child


Accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior


Had Second Child


Became a fulltime freelance writer

2009 – 2015

Health and Fitness writer for

2010 – 2014

Credentialed media member for and covered numerous UFC, Bellator, Boxing and Wrestling events


Hiking through Yosemite National Park changed my life forever


I had my Al Bundy moment when I won all three of my fantasy football championships and took home nearly $2500 in winnings.

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