Ashley Revell Biography

Ashley Revell risked everything he owned on a single spin of
the roulette wheel at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.
His life changed in the blink of an eye as the roulette ball
landed on red, doubling Revell’s money in a matter of seconds.

One would think, like other big winners who blow all of their
money on meaningless possessions, that Revell would be no
different. However, Revell surprised us all when he actually
saved the majority of his winnings, settled down, and started a

Life Before His Big Win

Revell’s journey began while at the bar, drinking with his
friends, when they started talking about how great it would be
to go to Las Vegas and bet everything you had on one spin of the

Although he had been drinking when this idea first popped
into his head, the next day he still thought it would be a good
idea. If he was going to go through with this, now would be the
best time, because he was still single, with no family or
obligations to worry about.

Despite his parents’ efforts of trying to talk him out of the
idea, Revell had a gut feeling that this was the right thing for
him to do. He began selling everything he owned from his Rolex
watch to his golfing clubs, leaving only necessities for
himself. He auctioned the more expensive items off and held a
garage sale for the smaller items.

A UK online bookmaker took pity on Revell, giving him a
significant amount of money to stake on his bet. To show his
appreciation, Revel officially changed his name to, Ashley Blue
Square Revell.

After all of his efforts, in six months time, Revell had
managed to scrape together $135,300. He took all of it and
headed off to the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Revell didn’t know ahead of time which color he was going to
pick, he only knew that he was ready to risk everything on a
single spin of the roulette wheel. Moments before the wheel
spun, Revell randomly chose red, confident that he was destined
to win.

Life After His Big Win

Time seemed to stand still for Revell as he waited for the
results of the spin, and sure enough, the ball landed on number
7, a red! Revell had managed to double his money in a matter of
seconds, giving him a grand total of $270, 600.

Revell’s win was broadcasted on Sky One, a realty mini-series
that was broadcasted in the UK. In an interview after the bet,
Revell said, “That was the most amazing experience I have ever
had in my entire life,” and we certainly believe him.

When Revell made it home, he completely changed his lifestyle
around, but certainly not in ways you’d expect. He realized that
before this adventure he had a lot of unnecessary “things” in
his life that really had no true value. He didn’t go off and buy
a lot of expensive items, but he instead focused on making

He travelled across Europe on the back of his new motorbike,
which he only bought because he had sold his car prior to the
bet. On his trip, he met his future wife and they are now
happily married with two children.

Revell’s win still amazes people to this day. He has been
featured in an E! Documentary special called, “THS Investigates:
Vegas Winners & Losers”, and “Red or Black?,” a game show hosted
by Simon Cowell is said to be inspired by Revell’s big win.

Revell launched a website called,
which helps link online gambling companies to qualified job
applicants. Applicants can upload their resumes to the website
for employees to view or they can specifically apply for posted
jobs they are interested in.