Clive Holt

Holt has made quite a name for himself in the world of horseracing by constantly winning small amounts of money from races, which have accumulated to millions of dollars over time. He contributes his success to keeping detailed records of his past betting experiences and by dedicating huge amounts of time to improving his skills and increasing his knowledge.

You may be surprised to learn that Holt isn't particularly fond of horseracing or even horses for that matter. In fact, he often talks about giving up his career as a professional horserace bettor, but he just can't seem to find another career that's as equally gratifying but that also gives him a challenge.

How It all Started

Holt was introduced to gambling at a very young age, as his father owned several greyhounds that competed in god races in the 1960s. Sometimes Holt would join his father, as he went to the dog races, developing a desire for the thrill you get from winning a bet very early on.

When Holt was of age, he sought out employment at the, Electricity Board, an electric company that was willing to take him on. Holt didn't make a lot of money, so he turned to the racetrack to make his fortune. At first, he wasn't as faithful as he should have been about keeping proper records of the bets he made, so he had no idea what his percentage of return was on the bets he had previously placed.

A New and Successful Career

"It was only when I started recording all my bets that I could see that betting in multiples had yielded me nearly 50 per cent clear profit on total outlay, whilst betting in singles would have yielded slightly over 60 per cent profit," Holt noticed after analyzing his newly organized records.

In just a matter of two months, Holt was making more from the racetrack than he could make in a whole year as an employee for the electric company. This is when he started taking his professional gambling career even more seriously, spending the majority of his free time learning more about racehorse betting and keeping better records of the bets that he places.

His first significant bet was when he placed just over $100 on the horse named, Western Jewel, at the Haydock Park Racetrack, over doubling his initial bet. By 1975, Holt was making enough money to quit his day job and to embrace a full time career as a professional gambler.

Holt devoted his life to horseracing, going to various tracks at least four times a week. While many professional bettors prefer to have other people attending these races and placing bets for them, Holt desires to do all of the work by himself, plus he doesn't want to have to pay someone for something he could easily do on his own.

Holt could easily be considered old-fashioned in his ways, as he only places bets in person at the racetrack because he dislikes betting in shops and refuses to bet over the internet. He also prefers attending the racetrack Wednesday through Saturday, so that he can spend the first part of the week with his family.

Personal Life

To this day, Holt typically brings home about $1500 every time he places a bet at the racetrack, which has easily accumulated over the years to millions of dollars. Holt quickly adapted to his extravagant lifestyle by taking exotic vacations and by purchasing luxury vehicles, including Jaguars and BMW's.

He also was finally able to buy a country house in Georgia, where he lives with his loving wife and their four beautiful children. On his property are several stables, where Holt and his children admire and tend to their seemingly countless thoroughbreds.

Holt has a passion for sharing his knowledge with others and that's why he wrote about all of his past experiences, useful tips, and the variety of lessons he has learned over the course of his professional horseracing gambling career so far in the form a books.

Several of his books have been published including, Profitable Betting Strategies, Be a Successful Punter, Fine-form Winners Guide, and lastly Profitable Winners Always Back Value Winners. These books have encouraged thousands of people who are interested in knowing more about horserace betting.

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