Biography of Chris and Colin Weir

Colin and Chris Weir Holding Winning Check

A plethora of EuroMillions jackpot winners decide to remain
anonymous after winning such a huge amount of money and the
Weirs certainly debated doing the same, but sharing their
financial blessings with others would be hard to accomplish if
no one knew where their funding was coming from.

Colin and Chris got married in the early 1980s, spending the
majority of their marriage living a modest lifestyle with their
average incomes. Now they will be able to spend the rest of
their lives with a seemingly endless amount of money to purchase
anything they could possibly want while also having plenty of
extra money to help others in need.

Winning the EuroMillions

In July, 2012 Chris checked the EuroMillions numbers results
on the internet and was in shock after realizing that every
single number on their ticket matched up. She immediately called
Colin just to double-check that she hadn’t made a mistake, but
she hadn’t. The couple stayed up all night talking about their
win and processing the reality that everything was literally
going to change overnight.

The next morning, they turned in their winning lottery
ticket, bringing home nearly a quarter of a billion dollars, an
unfathomable amount for the couple. After their story was
released to the press, all the locals in their small town in
Scotland rushed to the store where the Weirs had purchased their
ticket in hopes that they too could strike it big.

Lifestyle Change

Soon after they collected their fortune, Chris retired as an
NHS senior nursing manager at a local hospital and Colin gave up
his job as a STV cameraman after committing nearly twenty0four
years to the job. During his career, Colin had the privilege of
filming many famous actors including Robert Redford and Cliff

Chris once said in an interview with The Daily Mirror
Magazine, “We want to enjoy the experience, but we are not
flashy people. Once we have shared our good news, we will get
back to just being us.”
The couple did spend some of their
money on luxuries for themselves, but they certainly didn’t go

Colin’s big purchase after the win was a box at the soccer
stadium in Barcelona and he hopes to visit China, Australia,
Thailand, and Cambodia in the near future. Chris’ desire is to
have a second home built for them in an exotic location, but for
now she’s content with their three bedroom house in the quaint
town of Largs, Scotland, realizing their first house will always
have a special place in her heart.

The Weirs are currently 430th on the European all time money
list, just ahead of bookmaker Victor Chandler, Nectar card
founder Sir Keith Mills, and the Marques of Bath, all of whom
have just under €161million.

The Weirs Give Back

Nearly 80% of donations to Scotland’s pro-independence
campaign (Yes Scotland) over the past few years have come from
the Weirs, as they are very patriotic citizens of their country
and have always wanted to financially back their political

The Weirs have also donated millions of dollars to The Weir
Charitable Trust
which financially supports other organizations
in the areas of athletics, recreational facilities, animal
welfare, health advancement, and cultural preservation.

They are constantly supporting new projects and their own
website even states, “The Weir Charitable Trust aims to support
Scottish-based community groups and small charities to provide
services across Scotland to help the Scottish community.”
Weirs are constantly accepting new applications on their site,
which are reviewed by a board of trustees who decide if the
cause meets the credentials that the Weirs are searching for.


In the past couple years, there have been hoax messages
claiming that the Weirs have chosen people to be the recipient
of millions of dollars. The scammers have used the couple’s real
name and photograph to make their emails seem more authentic so
that more people will buy into their scam.

If a person responds to the email in an effort to claim their
gift, they are asked to provide confidential contact information
about themselves, which scammers use to steal their identity.
Scotland’s police department sent out a warning to all computer
users to bring to their attention that these false emails
continuously pop up from time to time.