Bitcoin Esports Betting Sites

If you’re interested in betting on esports using Bitcoin, you’ve come to the
right place. We’ve developed this guide to help sports bettors of all levels
learn how they can use this popular cryptocurrency to wager on their favorite
esports action. Even if you don’t have any experience doing this, we’ll help you
learn everything that you need to know so that you can get started.

In our complete guide to Bitcoin esports betting, we’ve gathered up loads of
useful information. In the sections below, you’ll find suggested sites,
advantages of betting with Bitcoin, frequently asked questions, and so much
more. By the time you wrap up reading this page, you’ll have much more knowledge
on the subject than you arrived with.

Some of you may be ready to get started right this second betting on esports
using Bitcoin. If you fall into that bucket, then don’t miss our list of top
picks below. Here, we’ve gathered up our hand-picked selections of the best of
the best when it comes Bitcoin esports betting sites. To learn more about why
we’ve selected this list of online sportsbooks, be sure to see the next section.

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
125% Up To $2,500 Visit Site
BetOnline Sports
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
Bovada Sports
50% Up To $250 Visit Site

Many of you may not be ready to select an online sportsbook just yet. For
those of you, we’ve packed this page with tons of information to help you learn
more about Bitcoin esports betting sites. Once you’ve gained all of the
knowledge that you’d like, you can circle back to this section to begin
investigating potential gambling sites to use.

If you’d like to soak up the most information possible, then we’d suggest
that you read this entire guide from top to bottom. However, we understand that
some of you may be pressed for time or only looking to gain detail on certain
things. For those of you, we’ve included handy jump links below that will take
you to specific sections of the page. Just click on the ones that you’d like to
head directly to.

Why These Sites?

Many of you are probably wondering why you should trust our suggested top
picks above, and we don’t blame you. What you’ll see below is just how in-depth
our selection process is. Instead of picking names out of a hat, we’ve done
detailed research on each one of our recommended sites with the goal of only
bringing you the cream of the crop.

Something that you should be aware of is that we never accept payment from
sports betting sites to be featured in our top picks list. Unfortunately, some
other review websites out there do, but that causes an issue as it can lead to
them suggesting sites that are not indeed the best. Here, the only way for a
website to make our list is to be a legit online sportsbook.

As we are working to compile our suggested picks, we take a hard look at ten
different criteria. Each one of these items is an important aspect that helps
make a sports betting site a top-notch one. To help you visualize all of the
things we scrutinize, we’ve developed the infographic below. Using this, you can
get a high-level feel for what we seek. If you’d like to learn more about our
criteria, click on the infographic to see greater detail on what we look for.

Bitcoin Banking Options
We’ve only recommend sites with broad Bitcoin banking options
We’ve only recommend sites with broad Bitcoin banking options

Coverage of Esports
It’s critical that our recommended sites have a broad coverage of esports you can bet on.
It’s critical that our recommended sites have a broad coverage of esports you can bet on.

Security and Safety
Every website that we recommended is a trusted space for you to do your wagering.
Every website that we recommended is a trusted space for you to do your wagering.

Competitive Lines
Our suggested sites all offer some of the most competitive lines in the industry.
Our suggested sites all offer some of the most competitive lines in the industry.

We spot-check the track record and history for each one of our suggested sites.
We spot-check the track record and history for each one of our suggested sites.

Ease of Use
Our suggested sites are all easy for you to navigate and utilize.
Our suggested sites are all easy for you to navigate and utilize.

Withdrawal Speeds
You won’t have to wait forever to get your money from our top picks.
You won’t have to wait forever to get your money from our top picks.

Bonuses and Promos
Our suggested sites all offer you the opportunity to earn loads of bonus cash.
Our suggested sites all offer you the opportunity to earn loads of bonus cash.

Customer Service
Receive top-notch customer service from some of the best in the industry.
Receive top-notch customer service from some of the best in the industry.

Mobile Compatibility
Take advantage of the convenience of playing from your phone on these sites.
Take advantage of the convenience of playing from your phone on these sites.

Bitcoin Logo

Bitcoin Banking Options

It would be crazy for us to bring you a list of suggested Bitcoin esports
betting sites and have a website on there that doesn’t accept Bitcoin. We’ve
personally checked with the cashier portion of these websites to make sure that
you can bank with Bitcoin if you’d like. It’s worth noting that many of our
recommended sites allow banking in other methods like Skrill, credit card, and
bank transfers if you want to change things up at any point.

Controller Logo

Coverage of Esports

Along with making sure that you can bank in Bitcoin, we also wanted to ensure
that you can bet on esports. However, we didn’t just stop there. We made sure
that every one of our top picks above has a sizeable collection of esports games
that you can bet on. Our goal here is to allow the ability to do all of your
esports betting in one centralized location.


Safety and Security

Because we don’t want you to end up wagering on a website that’s not secure,
we’ve researched all of our sites listed above to make sure that you’re going to
be protected there. Our goal is to make sure that you use a trusted sports
betting site that will protect your private details and the cash in your betting
account. We’re confident that all of our suggested sites have the proper
security measures in place to give you a safe betting experience.

Competitive Lines

Competitive Lines

Something else important to us is the competitiveness of the lines being
offered by online sportsbooks. When you’re doing your esports betting, you’ll
want to know that you’re getting the best lines possible so that you’ll yield
higher profits on the wagers that you correctly pick. We’ve scrubbed our list of
suggested sites above and compared their lines with the rest of the industry to
make sure that they offer competitive lines on their esports action.

Gold Ribbon

Reputation and History

If you’ve been around online sportsbooks long enough, then you’re probably
aware that not all of them have the best reputation or past. However, folks new
to sports betting sites often don’t have a clue about website track records.
That’s why we’ve applied our detailed knowledge of the industry players to
ensure that we only listed reputable sites with a history that’s trustworthy.

Thumbs Up

Ease of Use

Another thing that we test out for any site that we’re considering for a top
pick is the ease of use of their website and betting platform. Here, we go in
and see just how good their user interface is. When it comes to sports betting,
you don’t want to do it on a site that’s hard for you to navigate since you
sometimes need to place wagers very quickly. Based on our hands-on experience,
each one of our suggested sites is very easy to use and find what you’re looking
for so that you can quickly place your wagers and go on about your day.

Gold Ribbon

Bonuses and Promotions

One of the best perks of betting on sports online is the bonus cash that you
can earn while doing it. This is especially true when you’re depositing with
Bitcoin. In some cases, you can receive double the bonus by depositing with this
cryptocurrency as opposed to using another banking method. We’ve scrubbed our
list to make sure that the sites we suggested all bring some of the best Bitcoin
esports welcome and reload bonuses in the industry.


Withdrawal Speeds

When you’re able to make some profit betting on esports, you’ll want to know
that you can withdraw your Bitcoin in a timely fashion. All too often, we hear
about sports betting sites that have terribly slow withdrawal speeds. Luckily,
you won’t have to deal with that if you choose to wager at one of our
recommended websites above. We’ve stacked up their withdrawal speeds with the
rest of the industry to make sure that you’ll have your funds quickly.

Message Bubbles

Quality Customer Service

Another important criterion for us is quality customer service.
Unfortunately, this is something that many sports bettors overlook. However, we
always stress this since it’s vital that you’re in good hands when you need
support. We’ve personally tested out the support of each one of the suggested
picks above to make sure that we’re confident you’re receiving some of the best
support in the industry.


Mobile Compatibility

One final thing that we seek in our top picks is Bitcoin sports betting sites
that offer the ability for clients to wager on esports from a mobile device. The
beautiful thing about this is that it makes it very convenient to bet from your
phone or tablet instead of needing to be at your desktop or laptop. Thanks to
this mobile compatibility, you can place wagers on your favorite esports at any
time from any location as long as you have a mobile device and a connection to
the internet.

What Is Bitcoin?

Some of you visiting this page may be asking yourself this question. Perhaps
you’ve heard all of the

Bitcoin buzz
, but you don’t really understand exactly what it is. If that’s
you, then this section is perfect for you.

At a high level, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. In fact, it was the first
cryptocurrency ever to be developed. Bitcoin was launched in 2009 and has nearly
a decade of history at this point.

If you’re new to cryptocurrencies, you may be wondering what they are. Simply
put, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that utilize computerized
automation to generate and verify fund transfers.

For those of you seeking to gain a more in-depth knowledge of Bitcoin and
cryptocurrencies, we’ve included loads of helpful information in our additional
resources section below. There, you’ll find all kinds of guides that will allow
you to expand your understanding of digital currencies.

What Are Esports?

At their core, esports are a type of video game. But unlike some video games,
all esports are multi-player games that allow players to compete against one
another. If you’re new to esports, we’ll give you an overview of some of the
most popular esports games currently in the space in the next section below.

Esports games are played either on a computer or on a game console like the
Xbox 360. Some games are available on both, while others can only be found in
computer versions.

In recent years, esports have rapidly gained in popularity. Now, there are
massive competitions taking place regularly, and the number of players and
spectators of the sport is growing. It’s so popular that some colleges are
beginning to offer esports scholarships to their school applicants.

If you’re new to esports, then don’t miss our guide to betting on them in the
additional resources section below. In this guide, we’ll talk about the basics
of esports, including the origin and lingo. Then, we’ll provide you with other
helpful information including betting strategy and more.

Popular Esports Games

When it comes to esports, many different games are lumped under the esports
umbrella. However, there are a few esports games that are very popular and
account for a significant amount of the popularity behind the sport. Below,
we’ve included some high-level overviews of three popular esports games that are
currently dominating the industry.


The full name of this game is League of Legends. However, it’s often just
referenced as LoL. This game is one of the oldest esports games with a launch
date dating back to 2009. In this multiplayer game, players battle each other in
an arena-based video game. This esports game is playable from both Windows and
Mac-based computers.

Dota 2

Another variant of an esports multiplayer battle arena game is Dota 2. This
game was launched in 2013 and has quickly risen to one of the most popular
esports games in the industry. If you’d like to play this esports game, you’ll
need to do it from a Windows or Linux-based computer.


Finally, another popular esports game is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
Commonly referred to as just CS:GO, this game has been around since 2012. CS:GO
is a first-person shooter multiplayer video game. The game is playable on some
popular devices, including Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Advantages of Betting on Esports with Bitcoin

If you’ve never used Bitcoin to bet on sports before, then you may not be
aware of the advantages that come along with doing it. In this section, we’ll
highlight a handful of the reasons why it can be advantageous to bet using
Bitcoin instead of more traditional banking methods.

Added Incentives

Our favorite perk of betting on esports with Bitcoin is that it often means
that we’ll be able to earn some additional bonus cash or perks versus using
another banking method. Bitcoin is quickly becoming popular in the
online sportsbook
realm, and sportsbooks are clamoring to have you utilize it to fund your sports
betting. In many cases, you can earn significantly higher welcome and reload
bonuses when using the cryptocurrency at a sports betting site.

Transaction Times

One of the most significant advantages of banking with Bitcoin is the speed
at which it transacts for deposits and withdrawals. Unlike some banking methods
that can take days or weeks to happen, Bitcoin transactions tend to happen
nearly instantly. It’s one of the fastest ways for you to pay or be paid in the
industry, which is why we’re a big fan of using it for our esports betting


At some Bitcoin esports betting sites, you can wager on esports anonymously.
Unlike traditional online sportsbooks that take down your name, home address,
and other identifying information, these websites only require an email address
and your Bitcoin address. While not all Bitcoin esports betting sites operate in
this fashion, it is an option if you want to do your esports betting without
them knowing who you are.

Additional Resources

One thing that we never want to do is leave you without access to all of the
information that you may need. For those of you that are new to Bitcoin or just
looking to gain a greater understanding of it and
other cryptocurrencies,
this is the section for you. Below, we’ve included links to some of our most
popular cryptocurrency and esports-related guides.

Guide to Betting on Esports

Many of you may be new to betting on esports in general. If that’s the case,
then be sure to check out the link below to our guide to betting on these games.
In it, we’ll walk you through the basics of esports betting and get you quickly
up to speed so that you can begin wagering as soon as you’re ready to get things

Getting Started with Bitcoin Guide

For those of you that are new to using Bitcoin, be sure not to miss our
getting started with Bitcoin guide. In this comprehensive resource, we’ll get
you loaded up with all of the details that you need to know to begin using this
popular cryptocurrency. Even if you have some experience with Bitcoin, this
guide is still probably worth a look to make sure that you’re properly up to
speed on everything that you should be.

Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency

To go along with our getting started guide to Bitcoin, we’ve also developed
an excellent beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency in general. If you’re interested
in learning about cryptocurrencies outside of Bitcoin, then this guide is an
excellent one for you to check out. Using the link below, you can learn from the
ground up about digital currencies.

Detailed Cryptocurrency FAQ Page

Another great resource that we’ve developed here is our detailed
cryptocurrency FAQ page. Due to the complexity of cryptocurrencies, many folks
have unanswered questions about them. If you don’t have all of your digital
currency questions answered yet, then head on over to this page using the link
below. Here, you’ll find our most in-depth collection of FAQs on cryptos.

Bitcoin Gambling Guide

For those of you seeking to use Bitcoin to bet on a broad assortment of
things from sports to casino action, we’ve developed a great all-in-one guide to
Bitcoin gambling just for you. In this guide, we’ll talk about all of the
different ways that you can use the popular cryptocurrency to place wagers.
Click the link below to visit this valuable resource.

Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites

Many of you may be seeking to bet on other sports along with esports. If
that’s the case, then don’t miss our guide on Bitcoin sports betting sites. In
this guide, we’ll give you information on how to locate the best all-around
online sportsbook for general sports betting across a broad assortment of
sports. We’ve also included our recommended top sports betting sites for the use
of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Online Casinos

If you’d like to use your Bitcoin funds to bet at online casinos, we’ve also
got a dedicated page on Bitcoin casinos. On this page, we’ve pulled together our
recommended online casinos that are the best for using Bitcoin. In addition to
that, we’ve also got a full lineup of other helpful information that will assist
you in locating the best online casino for your Bitcoin betting needs.

Bitcoin Poker Sites

Fans of online poker gaming should check out the link below. Here, you’ll
visit our page dedicated to Bitcoin poker websites. If you’re looking to play
poker online with Bitcoin funding, this page is a must-see. On this page, we’ll
provide you with our top picks for the best sites to use along with tons of
other useful information.


To help close things out, we’ve included a collection of FAQs below that pertain to Bitcoin esports betting. If you still have not found answers to all of your questions above, we hope that this section will assist you in locating what you’re searching for. To view the answer to one of the questions below, simply click on the question, and the answer will drop down for your viewing.

Which Esports Betting Site Is Best for Me?

The answer to this question will depend on many different factors. Because of this, we can’t provide a one-size-fits-all reply here. As you check out potential esports betting sites, you’ll have to consider the sports you want to bet on, banking options that matter to you, bonus needs, and much more. If you don’t have any current leads, consider checking out our list of recommended sites at the top of this page. The chances are that one of these would make a great online betting home for your Bitcoin esports gambling needs.

Do I Have to Use Bitcoin to Bet on Esports?

If you’d like to bet on esports with some form of currency other than Bitcoin, that’s an option. Luckily, many sports betting websites take multiple types of deposit banking methods. Common alternatives include credit cards, bank transfers, Skrill, and Neteller. As you’re scoping out potential online gambling sites, make sure that you find one that provides you with banking options that meet your needs.

Is It an Option to Bet on Esports Using Other Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum?

Yes. For those of you that want to bet with other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, that is an option at some sports betting sites. Keep in mind that it will be a bit harder to find sites accepting cryptocurrencies outside of Bitcoin, so you may need to search a bit longer. Since Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency at this time, it is the most prevalent cryptocurrency accepted by these online sportsbooks.

What Esport Should I Wager On?

Unfortunately, there is not a universal answer to this question that will apply to all folks reading it. If you’re new to betting on esports, we’d suggest starting by betting on the esport that you know the most about. By doing this, you’ll have a better chance of winning your wagers. If you don’t know a ton about any esports at this time, consider learning about some of the different games before wagering real money on the sport. Once you get some experience betting on the esport that you know the most about, you can then expand into betting on other esports games when you’re prepared to do so.

Can I Make Money Betting on Esports?

It is possible for you to make money betting on esports. Just like any other form of sports betting, it’s always a possibility. However, it’s critical that you know it is not a sure thing. Since you’re gambling, you should never assume that any bet is a sure bet. That’s why you should make sure that you’re only betting with funds that you can afford to lose. For you to have the best chance at earning a profit while betting on esports, you’ll want to develop a bankroll management plan, learn about esports, and make educated wagers on the sport.

Do I Need to Use More Than One Bitcoin Esports Site?

It’s not a requirement for you to use more than one sports betting website when wagering on esports. However, many folks do use this strategy, and we’re big fans of it. The reason behind this is that by using multiple online betting sites, you can shop the lines on your esports wagers. By doing this, you’ll ensure that you’re getting the best lines possible on your bets. In turn, you’ll make more money on your wagers when you can pick them correctly.


Hopefully, you’ve gained all of the knowledge that you were looking for about
Bitcoin esports betting. If this is your first time visiting our site, be sure
to poke around and check out all of the excellent resources that we have on our
website. We’ve built this site with the goal of helping bettors of all levels
get more out of their gambling. Thank you for visiting our page, and we wish you
good luck in your future esports betting endeavors!