Bitcoin Poker Guide

If you’re a serious online poker player, you have probably heard about
Bitcoin Poker. Bitcoin, or BTC, is a digital currency that has taken the online
gambling industry, and the world, by storm.

This new currency has slowly been gaining momentum since it was first
launched in 2009, and these days you would be hard-pressed to come across a top
online poker site that does not offer Bitcoin as a payment option.

Where to Play?

The list of places that accept Bitcoin grows every day, with more and more
businesses becoming open to this new and improved way of purchasing goods and
services over the Internet.

In fact, Bitcoin has revolutionized the way we do things on the Internet,
including playing poker. Bitcoin can be traded between people around the world,
including chips at online poker sites.

Online poker with Bitcoin offers fast gaming action safely and privately from
the comfort of your home. Poker has always been a highly competitive and popular
game, and using Bitcoin just adds to its appeal. Online poker is a game of
skill, patience and strategy, making it a good option for serious players, but
easy enough for new players to enjoy.

Add Bitcoin to the mix, and you have a rewarding gaming experience at some of
the top poker sites in the world.

Recommended Bitcoin Poker Sites

Our recommended list of Bitcoin Poker sites has been thoroughly reviewed and
tested to ensure they meet our strict criteria. We check every aspect of the
website including gaming options, security, licensing, certification, trust,
reliability, customer support, usability and of course, banking options.

With this information, we compile a list of what we think is the best
websites at which to play Bitcoin Poker.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that can be sold and traded between
individuals all over the world. An unknown person under the alias of Satoshi
Nakamoto created it in 2009. When it was first introduced to the market, many
vendors steered clear of this new and untested digital currency.

Since then, the currency has gained momentum in many industries and sectors,
and is now one of the most in-demand cryptocurrencies in the world. Many
sectors, including online gambling sites, have accepted Bitcoin as a valuable
and reliable banking option.

How It All Works?

While the concept of Bitcoin may seem complex to the uninitiated, it is
basically a form of digital currency that is created using mathematical
computations and generated by millions of users around the world.

Bitcoins are stored in digital ‘wallets’ on an individual’s computer or in
the cloud. Bitcoins can be used to purchase goods and services over the
Internet, and because it is not operated by any bank, it is completely
anonymous, fast and reliable, with no additional fees involved.

This makes it a very popular option within the gambling industry and
eliminates many of the disadvantages of using traditional methods, including
transactional fees and extensive waiting periods for withdrawals.

How Bitcoin Poker Works?

Bitcoins can be acquired in numerous ways, with the most common being buying
them from certain websites, receiving them as a form of payment or receiving
them through a process called ‘mining.’ Anybody can become a Bitcoin miner by
simply installing the application on your computer.

Once a Bitcoin is mined, an electronic signature is added, which means the
currency permanently exists in the network for distribution and trading.

Bitcoin Poker Deposits and Withdrawals

To make use of Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals at poker sites, you will
need a Bitcoin wallet, which is similar to eWallets like PayPal. The difference
between using a Bitcoin wallet and an eWallet is that the latter is connected to
a bank account.

Also, Bitcoin wallets are generally considered more secure, as there has
never been an incident of frozen accounts or unexpected chargebacks as is common
with traditional banks. This wallet needs to exist on your hard drive with its
own address, although you won’t have to provide any other personal or financial
information, guaranteeing anonymity.

Once you have gone through the process of creating a wallet and purchasing
your Bitcoins, you must find a suitable Bitcoin poker site for your needs. You
will then need to visit the cashier/banking page of the website after
registration and choose Bitcoin as a payment option.

Advantages to Playing Bitcoin Poker

While Bitcoin continues to grow in popularity and value, more and more online
poker sites are accepting this currency as a legitimate deposit and withdrawal
method. That being said, there are many advantages to using Bitcoin at your
favourite online poker site.


Transactions take place instantly, so no more waiting around for your
funds to become available. As Bitcoin uses a peer-to-peer system to exchange
with other people, you can send funds directly to any recipient without needing
the assistance of a bank.


Because the currency is decentralised, you do not have to provide any
personal information except for your email address and Bitcoin address, making
it an excellent option for those wary about sharing your sensitive data online.


Bitcoin’s operational costs are cheaper, which means that many poker
rooms have a lower rake charge, allowing players to keep a greater portion of
all wins when playing Bitcoin poker. This means that using Bitcoin is not only
the safe, more secure option, but it also allows you to save and win more money,
making Bitcoin poker one of the most lucrative games available on the Internet.


Poker has always been a popular option for serious bettors and novice gamers
alike, and thanks to the introduction of Bitcoin, these games are becoming more
accessible than ever before. Bitcoin poker offers safe and affordable gaming in
a secure environment.

The anonymity aspect allows players to gamble in comfort and complete
privacy, while the fact that there is no third party involvement from any banks
means no waiting times and no transaction fees.

Bitcoin poker is quickly becoming a leading option for gamblers all over the
world, with many poker sites developing their services to meet this demand.