10 Best Sports Betting Podcasts

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Sports Betting Podcasts

There has been a flood of new sports betting podcasts hitting the scene over the past few years.

Here’s the rub:

Many of the podcasts aren’t worth your time.

Having so many choices can also bury the ones of actual value amongst the heap of also-rans. Whether you prefer humor or cold analytical chatter, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you in my list of the 10 best sports betting podcasts.

1 – Bet the Board

In this podcast, you get Payne the professional gambler and sports bettor throwing out some of the best insider information you’ll find anywhere. Alongside him is former Vegas oddsmaker Furhman providing top-notch interviews.

Together the duo offers a plethora of first-rate insight into the world of professional real money sports betting. They cover matchups, injuries, line movement, coaching schemes, personnel, and much more.

They drop their audio goods every Monday and Thursday, just in time for the week’s NFL action. You can also find weekly college football podcasts (assuming we have college football this year).

They are careful not to influence the action one way or another. These two are all about the facts and understanding the different markets.

Bet the Board has grown a consistent and loyal following with its straightforward approach, and deservedly so. These guys present a consistently good podcast.

2 – Bang the Book

Bang the Book is excellent for the advanced to professional sports bettor because you get a new episode daily. Adam Burke hosts the podcast and never fails to deliver some of the best guests available.

The guests range from sportswriters to professional handicappers. You’ll hear these experts discussing their fresh opinions and unique analysis paired with Burke’s head-on approach to delivering the goods.

Burke delivers the latest on NFL, NBA, and MLB every day. The man is a machine and works hard to bring you the most up to date information you’ll find in a podcast.

3 – Beating the Book

Gill Alexander consistently busts into the top of the charts on iTunes with his podcast Beating the Book. Gill covers a diverse range of sports betting issues, from college football to golf. Gill’s favorite topic of all is by far the MLB.

Why does Gill Alexander go to the lengths that he does to deliver reliable content?

Sports Betting

Because he wants sports bettors to improve their skills and get as proficient as possible at their craft.

Gill is widely considered as being on the leading edge of innovation due to his implementation of sabermetrics in MLB handicapping. Beating the Book will provide you with an in-depth analysis of matchups and provides listeners with unique strategies for winning.

Alexander also hosts an NFL centric podcast, A Numbers Game. If you’re looking for a fact-first look at all of the goings-on in the league, it’s a can’t miss.

4 – Behind the Bets

Behind the Bets is an ESPN Chalk podcast brought to you by a panel of experts. The crew of Doug Kezirian, Ben Fawkes, Chris Fallica, and Stanford Steve go far beyond your typical nonsense and get into the culture of sports betting.

The posse looks at just about anything you could care to bet on, covering contests from basketball to horse racing and all points in between. These guys are some of the most competent minds in the game with a vast array of sports knowledge.

The group mixes in always on point guests to share their own points of view and a fresh perspective. For everything from great conversations on the culture of sports betting to key breakdowns of upcoming contests, Behind the Bets has you covered.

5 – Bet the Process

Bet the Process is brought to you by the dynamic duo of Rufus Peabody and Jeff Ma. Rufus Peabody is perhaps most famous for getting the hose from DraftKings, and Jeff Ma is a former member of the elite and infamous MIT blackjack team.

This is another podcast that relies heavily on analytics. The pair break down and analyze most major sports, but they stand out in their football coverage, both NFL and collegiate.

Bet the Process delivers 2 sharp guys with industry insights, challenges for aspiring professionals, and the latest news on the U.S. sports betting scene.

6 – Sports with Facts

Sports with Facts is an easily digestible daily podcast. JJ Apricena uses his wit and self-deprecating style to offer up his daily picks. A typical episode is under 15 minutes, making Sports With Facts perfect for the on the move sports bettor.

Suppose you require more in-depth analysis and speculation. In that case, Apricena offers more sports betting “how-to” in a series of deeper cuts. You can have all your questions answered about subjects from tout services to bankroll management in these longer episodes.

JJ Apricena is one of the more humorous voices in the industry. He offers his material with a unique blend of sarcasm and utter transparency, making Sports With Facts a can’t miss for any sports bettor looking to hone their skills.

7 – Cash Considerations

Dave Sharapan is one of the sharpest and most entertaining characters in sports betting. On GT’s Cash Considerations, old school oddsmaker, Big Dave, is joined by Alan Berg and Motoi Pearson.

These guys give new meaning to the phrase “three’s company.” You’ll be blessed with stories so epic you’ll wonder if they’re fact or fiction.

Sports Betting

Obviously, with so much knowledge in one room, you’ll get amazing behind the scenes views on the best plays of the week.

It’s not uncommon for the episodes to go well over 2 hours. So, you’re going to need to carve out some time during your commute or throw the earbuds while you do work around the house.

8 – Even Money

Even Money gives you two unique perspectives in Fezzik and former NFL star Ross Tucker. Tucker is the standout in this podcast.

His tremendous depth of knowledge on the NFL shines bright. He easily translates his years of on the field experience for the common man. His sense of how certain games take a toll on some players’ mentality and his pureness of talking the Xs and Os of the game are impressive.

It’s like having Madden working the telestrator directly into your ears, indeed an exquisite feat. The pair also grade their past performance. This is a great way to learn from past missteps and also learn to find the best value in your picks.

Episodes are under half an hour. So, you won’t need to set aside hours of your day for a listen.

9 – Against All Odds

If you’re a fan of Jimmy Kimmel, you’re no doubt familiar with Cousin Sal. Sal has been a hardcore sports bettor for years, and he shares that knowledge with all of us in Against All Odds.

As you’ve probably guessed, much of what happens on the Against All Odds podcast is utter nonsense. He and his buddies will invent lines on anything they can imagine laying bets on which is wildly entertaining to me — probably because my buddies and I do the same thing.

Sal will also have special guests pop on to chat about various prop bets ahead of significant events. Sometimes he even gets well off the beaten path for things like WWE betting.

If you want a good laugh and some reliable sports betting talk, Against All Odds may well be your next can’t miss podcast.

10 – Gamble On

Gamble On is likely the podcast that more industry insiders are listening to. John Brennan and Eric Raskin cover the biggest stories in the gambling world every week. They have a heavy focus on sports betting—particularly sports betting in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the respective home states of the veteran journalists.

Raskin and Brennan offer up a diverse group of guests on their podcasts from politicians to bookies, and of course, plenty of professional sports bettors. Don’t fret, though. No matter who their guests are, they close each episode making picks, placing varying wagers, and doing their best to avoid making a litany of real sucker bets.

Gamble On is the perfect blend of serious sports betting news and breakdowns paired with a good bit of goofing off and hamming it up for entertainment’s sake.


Any of the podcasts on this list are sure to keep you entertained and listening.

Did I leave your favorite off the list?

Leave a comment.

Who knows?

Maybe your favorite will make my next list.

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