10 Secrets for Tipping the Dealer

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It’s not only first-time casino gamblers that have trouble when it comes to tipping the dealer. Some novice gamblers will fail to give a cent for the dealer’s effort. At the same time, I see many others “over-tip” for fear of looking cheap or inexperienced.

These 10 secrets for tipping the dealer will be your guide to not only why you should tip the dealer but also when to maximize your generosity.

1 – Tip if They Taught You a Thing or Two

Dealers are incredible resources for casino gamblers. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen new players guided along by a great dealer.

The fact is that most dealers know more about the game they’re dealing with than almost anyone who’s playing in the casino. This can be extremely advantageous to the recreational gambler.

I believe that most dealers don’t really care if players win or lose. However, all good dealers will go out of their way to ensure all players are enjoying themselves.

This will sometimes include a brief lesson on the dos and don’ts of gameplay. You may very well still lose during your session.

Still, I encourage you to focus on the amount of money you were spared by the time and courtesy put forth by the dealer.

2 – Tip When the Cut Card Is in Your Favor

The dealers in most brick and mortar casinos have little impact on what the results are in the end. Their focus is on running the game efficiently and deal with the cards.

However, they do have one specific area that lies solely at their discretion. That being where to place the cut card.

In casinos using a cut slot, this discretion is extinguished. There are casinos where the dealer still has full control over where the cut card is placed.

Casino Dealer

If you notice that the dealer is consistently placing the cut card in the players’ favor, you should reward their generosity.

You shouldn’t expect to have this advantage every time you sit down to a casino game. When you get the cut card in your favor, it can be extremely beneficial.

3 – Tip When You’ve Won

Look, there’s no such thing as over-tipping. It’s at your discretion how often and how much you tip.

I regularly see players win hundreds of dollars or more in a session and color up to leave the table. Sometimes the players leave with a full rack.

I’ve watched several of these players try to balance two $5 chips atop over $2000 carefully. I had to fight the urge to slap them onto the table and push them towards the dealer.

I know, I constantly advocate for every penny saved in the casino is as good as money won. There’s a line, though, and human decency wins every time on my ledger.

Throwing the dealer an extra $10 bucks after you win $500 or $5000 isn’t going to make or break your session.

That same $10 may very well make the dealer’s day. Don’t be a scrooge when you’ve won at the tables.

4 – Tip to Show You’re on the Up and Up

It’s widely known that advantage players don’t tip the dealer. It cuts into their bottom line, and they aren’t at the table to be entertained anyway.

Occasionally sliding the dealer, even a modest bet will indicate to the casino staff that you’re on the level.

You may very well be on the up and up. Still, even the most unassuming casino gamblers will prefer not to be scrutinized by the pit boss or security.

Of course, if you are counting cards, tipping the dealer could cast a useful shadow of doubt on the casino’s suspicions.

Try tipping after a run of losing hands and making a joke to the dealer about buying a little luck. Advantage players don’t believe in luck.

So, when you eventually get on a run, you can point out that that luck you bought is really paying off.

5 – Tip Anytime the Dealer Has Been Overly Cordial

Casino dealers don’t have the most envious job on the planet. They’re on their feet all day, for starters.

Also, they’re regularly bombarded by drunks and jerks while keeping a professional and friendly demeanor.

I was a bartender in college, and I feel a certain special connection with dealers. Unfortunately, I did not maintain a high level of professionalism and courtesy that most casino dealers exhibit.

So, when a casino dealer has gone out of their way to be exceptionally cordial to you, reward that effort. Winning or losing, casino gambling is far more pleasant when you have a friendly dealer on the table.

6 – Tipping Shows That You Appreciate Their Effort

The most basic and possibly the most important reason to tip the dealer is to show your appreciation.

If the dealer keeps the game flowing void of undue delays, they have earned a reward in my book.

Simply presenting the game in a friendly and succinct manner is enough to garner my appreciation.

When the game becomes disjointed or sloppy, it has an adverse effect on my play. More importantly, it begins to diminish the amount of fun I’m having.

Casino Games

I was once sitting at a blackjack table in a Las Vegas casino. The dealer had to stop the game at least 7 times because they either allowed a misplay or completely flubbed the deal.

This can be extremely frustrating to the players. 

Conversely, a good dealer adds something to the game. They are the table captains, navigating the players through the ups and downs of casino gambling. 

Show them that you appreciate the hard work.

7 – Tip When the Floor Staff Is Watching

This is more significant for the advantage player than the typical casino gambler. Waiting for the floor personnel to be watching when you tip will, again, give them a clue that you’re not an advantage player.

However, this can be a benefit for the casual player, too. How you treat the casino staff from cocktail servers to dealers goes a long way in all other staff members’ eyes.

You may find the pit boss in a position to help you out down the line, and I assure you that they’ll remember your generosity.

8 – Tip When Another Dealer Is Watching

To really maximize your appeal when tipping the dealer wait until the dealer is being swapped out.

Even if you have recently tossed the dealer a few bucks while real money gambling, toss a couple more their way when they leave the table.

How does this help?

Because not only are you showing the dealer a final sign of appreciation, but you’re also showing the new dealer that you plan to take good care of them also.

You’ll also be under the ever-watchful eye of the floor personnel, and this tip will only further cement what a great person you are in their mind.

I’m not saying you should post pictures of your charitable nature to social media. Still, you can definitely take advantage of having several sets of eyes on the table when you provide this goodbye tip.

9 – Tip the Scales in Your Favor by Stashing Chips Away

Look, some days are better than others, and not all dealers are created equally. 

Occasionally, the last thing on your mind or in your budget is tipping the dealer. This can be a tricky area to work through.
You are trying not to offend the dealer, and you definitely don’t want to seem cheap.

So, how can one slip away from the tables without tipping the dealer and still save face?

There’s an old trick that I’ll let you in on, but don’t use it too often.

Try discreetly slipping chips into your pocket occasionally. It’s important to be discreet because you want to create the illusion that you’re actually losing.

By casually pulling from your chip stack, it reinforces that you are losing at the game.

It’s much easier to forgive being stiffed on the tip when you think the player just lost all or most of their money playing.

Still, I encourage you always to throw at least a few bucks to your dealer.

10 – Tip After a Losing Session

When you endure a long losing session, it’s tough on the dealer, too. They want everyone to have a fun and memorable experience because happy players tip more.

I always try to give the dealer a thank you and a tip when I leave, even after a bad loss.

I figure at that point, a few more dollars isn’t going to break me, and it could be of better use in the dealer’s pocket.

Besides, the dealer will be much more appreciative of the tip from someone leaving the table after being beaten up by the games.


These 10 secrets for tipping the dealer won’t necessarily put more money in your pockets. However, the gambling gods may very well smile on your generous nature.

Regardless of whether you win or lose, there’s no replacing being a decent human being.

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