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The internet is a big place. You can find just about anything you want if you look hard enough. The internet has also changed the way we bet on sports for the better. Now, instead of driving to your nearest casino and fighting your way through big crowds and smoke-filled casino floors, you can place as many real money bets as you want from the comfort of your own couch. How can you beat that?

The speed and convenience of betting on sports online has also made it easier to wager on lesser-known sports. Everybody knows that betting on football, basketball, soccer, and golf is big business for betting operators. What you may not have known is that you can also place bets on a number of less popular sports at the very same online betting sites!

What lesser-known sports can you bet online? We’re glad you asked.

1. Darts

You may think of darts as a casual game you play at the bar with your drinking buddies, but the sport has quietly grown exponentially in recent years. Nowadays, the sport has a number of professional leagues all over the world with massive followings, and it fares decently well in terms of TV viewership, too.

The most popular way to bet on darts is to bet on the winner of a specific match. With this bet, you’re simply selecting one of two players to win. You can also wager on the winner of a darts tournament, for example. Darts betting sites also accept correct score bets, which means you are trying to accurately predict the final score of a game ahead of time. Some sites will even take live bets on darts matches and tournaments!

Placing a bet on darts online is a fun and easy way to make watching the match even more enjoyable. For more information on how to bet on darts online, check out our detailed darts betting guide!

2. Snooker

Snooker is another game you may be familiar with as a casual game you play with friends. For those unfamiliar, snooker is just a variation of billiards or pool. You’ve probably played a game of pool before, but the pros take the competitiveness to a whole new level.
There are various high-level snooker tournaments and leagues happening everywhere. The sport is particularly popular in the UK, but it’s starting to gain a legitimate following in the United States as well.

Yes, you can wager on snooker online if you so choose. Most legit sports betting sites offer odds on big events like the UK Snooker Championship, which is the most popular snooker event in the world on an annual basis. You may also find odds on the World Snooker Championship and the Masters Tournament.


Betting on snooker online is convenient, and you can find more snooker betting options over the internet than you would at a traditional land-based sportsbook. In-play betting and props are a couple of other ways you can bet on the sport, and placing your bets online means you can take advantage of the various bonuses and promotions offered at snooker betting sites!

If you’re interested in learning more about betting on snooker online, read our breakdown of the best snooker betting sites!

3. Handball

Handball is essentially a combination of basketball, soccer, and hockey all rolled into one sport. You have two teams of seven players apiece going toe-to-toe in the traditional version of the game. The team that finishes the game with the most goals wins. Easy enough, right?

You may have played handball in PE when you were a kid in school. Well, some have turned what may have been a fun schoolyard game into a professional career, because there are several pro handball leagues in the US and abroad. Handball is one of the world’s oldest team sports, with roots dating all the way back to Ancient Greece!

If you don’t feel like playing, you might as well bet instead.

Handball is growing in popularity worldwide, and betting on handball is becoming increasingly popular, too. You bet on handball the same way you bet on traditional sports like football or basketball. Handball betting sites feature point spreads, moneylines, over/unders, props, futures, and live in-play betting odds!

The best handball betting sites offer odds on the European Handball Federation Champions League, the Handball Bundesliga (Germany), and Spain’s Liga ASOBAL, among others. For a much more in-depth look at all handball betting sites have to offer, click over to our handball betting sites page.

4. Boat Racing

You’re surely aware that sports betting sites accept bets on things like horse and auto racing. What you may not know is that you can also place bets on boat racing, if you’re so inclined. Betting on all forms of racing has been a pastime for centuries, so why should boat racing be any different? From powerboats to sailboats to rowboats, you have no shortage of options when it comes to wagering on boat racing online.

The Boat Race, which puts some of England’s top universities against one another, is one of the most popular betting events in the UK every year. The schools compete against one another in the 4.5-mile race down the River Thames for the ultimate prize. Australia’s Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is another popular boat racing event that you can bet online!

You may be surprised at how many of your favorite sports betting sites take bets on boat racing. Simply placing a bet on the winner is the most popular way to bet on any boat race, but some sites accept pari-mutuel wagers and prop bets as well. For more info on betting on the sport, consult our boat racing betting sites breakdown!

5. Badminton

Badminton is more than just a fancier looking game of tennis. In fact, badminton is an incredibly popular and competitive sport overseas, especially in China. You may have had difficulty finding betting odds on badminton at land-based sportsbooks back in the day, but nowadays, you should have no trouble finding odds on badminton matches taking place anywhere on earth! And you have the internet to thank for that.

Betting on badminton futures and in-play betting are a couple of the more popular ways to bet on this sport.

Betting sites that take bets on the Olympics will offer odds on badminton at the Summer Olympics, but you can also find odds on other major events like the BWF (Badminton World Federation) World Championships, the Super Series, the Sudirman Cup, and the Thomas and Uber Cups.

Taking the time to learn the rules of the game is obviously recommended before you dive head-first into betting on badminton online. Once you’ve got them down, though, betting is a great way to make the viewing experience more rewarding and, hopefully, profitable!
We have a more detailed look at how to bet on badminton online if you click here.

6. Swimming

Swimming certainly isn’t something you’d call a mainstream sport, but some of the most noteworthy American Olympic heroes in history have made names for themselves in the pool. Michael Phelps is arguably the greatest Olympian to ever live, while Mark Spitz, Katie Ledecky, and Jenny Thompson are all household names for even the most casual American sports fans. You can add Ryan Lochte to that list, for better or worse.

Of course, you don’t have to wait four years to bet on swimming. There are countless major events happening all the time that have nothing to do with the Olympics. Events like the Swimming World Cup, US Open, European Championships, and Duel in the Pool are big events in which avid swimming bettors can wager over the internet.

Michael Phelps

There are various different styles, including freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. You’ll also find team relays and individual medley races, which require participants to use all four aforementioned strokes in the same race. Swimming betting sites typically take bets on the winner of a given event, but you can also place a futures bet on major tournaments like the Olympics.

For more information on sites that take bets on swimming, dive into our swimming betting sites page.

7. Cricket

Cricket may be a fringe sport in the US, but it’s one of the most popular sports worldwide. The UK, Australia, and India are hotbeds for cricket, and it is one of the most popular sports for betting in most places other than the US. However, you don’t have to be overseas to bet on the sport online. All major sports betting sites available to American players will take bets on cricket, too.

These sites know that cricket is a huge betting commodity internationally, so they certainly don’t skimp with their betting offerings.

You can find competitive lines on cricket leagues all over the planet. Placing bets on match and tournament winners is a common way to get action on the sport, but hardcore cricket fans may also want to wager on batsman and bowler props, or odds on which player will win Man of the Match for a certain contest.

In-play betting is also massively popular for cricket betting sites.

Speaking of cricket betting sites, we have a comprehensive look at the best sites currently accepting cricket bets right here!

8. Virtual Sports

When betting on real sports isn’t enough, why take a shot at a bet on virtual sports? You can bet on just about anything these days, and we really mean anything. Some sports betting sites will even take bets on sports simulations that you can bet on just like any other actual game.

Betting sites will run simulations of sports like basketball, football, soccer, or even horse racing. You can place moneyline bets on the results of these simulations, and some of the sites will even broadcast the video game-style simulations themselves so you can follow along!

Virtual Sports

Bookmakers will determine when the virtual sporting events will occur, but everything else is up in the air, as is the case with standard sporting events. You can place your moneyline bets accordingly, and some sites even offer prop bets on the side.

Betting on virtual sports is a great way for you to make some extra cash if you happen to run into a slow part of the sports calendar. For more information on sites that take bets on virtual sports, check out or virtual sports betting sites page!

9. Cycling

As is the case with swimming, cycling has produced some of the biggest names in sports over the years. Lance Armstrong may be the most recognizable one for Americans, but Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault, and Jacque Antequil are a few other big names you may recognize if you’re a fan of bike racing.

Cycling has a number of major events every year, including:

The Tour de France is essentially the World Series of cycling, but you can find betting odds on every major race happening on an annual basis. Our top-ranked cycling betting sites offer competitive odds on the sport, in addition to excellent bonus offers, comprehensive safety measures, and excellent customer service.

Cycling is a hugely popular sport overseas, but you can also easily bet on the action in the United States thanks to the internet. If you’d like to learn more about the best sites for betting on cycling online, click over to this page!

10. WWE Wrestling

WWE LogoIs wrestling a sport? Absolutely! Is WWE a sports league? Debatable! While World Wrestling Entertainment may be more theater than an actual competitive sport, that doesn’t mean you can’t still place bets on the action online. WWE has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and sports betting sites have upped their WWE offerings as a result.

You may find some WWE betting options at select land-based sportsbooks, but the internet is where you want to be for more complete WWE betting coverage. It may sound silly, but betting on WWE is a great way to boost your betting bankroll while making the viewing experience even more entertaining!

You can bet on WWE the same way you can bet on other combat sports like boxing or mixed martial arts. WWE betting sites offer moneyline odds, futures odds, and prop bets. Our betting blog is constantly being updated and offers WWE betting analysis. You can find more information on the best sites to bet on WWE online on this page!

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