10 Techniques That Will Put More Cash in Your Pocket Now

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Gambling Techniques

Gambling is a thrilling form of entertainment for millions. Many gamblers find the activity relaxing and are able to leave their daily troubles behind for a few hours.

However, another section of gambler’s sole focus is on leaving the casino with house money. Unfortunately, doing this is much easier said than done.

Check out these 10 techniques that will put more cash in your pocket now. While your main objective should always be to have a fun experience, it never hurts to take home some of the casino’s cash.

Play More

It may seem blatantly obvious to some, but this could be counterintuitive to the novice gambler. After all, wouldn’t playing more only lead to more losses?

That is entirely possible.

Still, for advantage gamblers or those who have found an edge, playing more often could very well increase profits.

Advantage players have an expected hourly win rate. So, it makes sense that increasing your hours played will lead to more profits.

This is accurate in theory, but we all know the unpredictable nature of casino games and sports betting. Still, if you’ve found even the slightest edge over the casino, this will translate to a higher long-term profit.

Be warned, playing more will only lead to more cash in your pocket if you’ve found an advantage. If a player simply spends more hours at the roulette wheel, they will only burn through their bankroll quicker.

Start Narrowing the Gap

I just talked about the ability to exploit an advantage by playing more hours. However, it requires you to find an edge over the casino or other players in poker.

There’s an easier way to start putting more cash in your pocket now. By narrowing the gap between yourself and the casino, you’ll extend your bankroll and have a better chance of winning.

To accomplish this, you’ll need to start diminishing the house edge. By lowering the house edge, you will not only be able to gamble longer, but you’ll leave with more cash.

Some games give you a much better opportunity to cut the house advantage. Slot machines won’t provide any room to push the return to the player.

However, you could seek out the games with the highest RTPs and focus your efforts there.

Blackjack’s basic strategy can dramatically cut the house edge, but the casino will still hold a slim advantage. Unless you become a card counter, you should still expect long-term losses.

Still, the basic strategy will undoubtedly have you winning at the blackjack table more often.

Think Outside the Box When Sports Betting

Sports betting is often considered one of the most lucrative gambling activities around. Many sports bettors that have cracked the code have made hundreds of millions in the discipline.

That level of success takes years of trial and error coupled with some forward-thinking to achieve. For the casual or even advanced punter looking to start putting some more cash in their pocket now, the required patience and perseverance may be too far out.

Sports Betting Odds

You may dramatically slide your overall return by looking for a sportsbook with a reduced vig. Typically a sportsbook will have you wager $110 in order to win $100.

By shopping the top online sportsbooks for the best lines, you can dramatically affect your breakeven point. For the standard +110, you’ll need to win over 53% to make any profit.

When you find wagers at +105, you can drop your necessary win rate by nearly 2%. Of course, for the best results, you’ll need to look for someone to take your action straight up. If you can eliminate the vig completely, you won’t be losing more than you win on each bet.

Strike and Move

One strategy that many casino gamblers try is the strike fast and move out. This won’t work every time you walk into a casino, but it will regularly put more cash in your pocket.

The idea is that you hop into the games with a strict win limit. The house edge is designed to slowly take your money over time.

Sometimes, this will happen quickly and you’ll immediately get into a hole. However, at other times, you’ll start off with a winning streak.

In these cases, it is paramount that you get off the tables before the math comes around and you see those wins diminish.

Setting a strict win/loss limit will ensure that you don’t watch your winnings dwindle to nothing. At the same time, having a solid loss limit will protect you from burning through your bankroll.

So, getting in and out when you rack up some quick wins will put more cash in your pocket as you head out of the casino.

Start Betting More

Most skilled advantage gamblers understand the fundamental necessity of solid bankroll management. You’ll rarely see an advantage player with more than 2% of their total bankroll in play.

That number will be slightly higher for poker players, but their total buy-in is almost always 5% or less of their entire bankroll.


By increasing the average bet amount, you’ll be leveraging the advantage you have over the casino. So, if your expected hourly return is $40, you could double that number by doubling your wager amount.

You don’t have to be an advantage casino gambler for this strategy to work. Anyone will see a significant impact by increasing their average bet amount.

However, you’ll also put yourself at twice the amount of risk. You should always consider this carefully before making the decision to increase your average bet size.

Stop Getting Wasted in the Casino

If you are deadly serious about putting money in your pocket now, stop getting trashed on the casino floor.

You’ll never be able to play at your best after you’ve overindulged on complimentary alcoholic beverages. There’s a line that I see many gamblers cross between responsibly enjoying a couple of drinks and becoming reckless with their decisions.

The free drinks lower your inhibitions and cloud your judgment in a way that may not be realized until the following morning. Not only will your decision-making begin to unfurl, but you are more likely to start wildly chasing losses or greatly varying your bet size.

Save the drinks for after you’re done gambling for the day, and you’ll be much better positioned for leaving with more cash in your pocket.

Go Fishing

For the poker players in the crowd, putting more dollars in your pocket is as easy as finding the fish. You don’t have to be a highly skilled poker player to make money in the poker room, but it helps.

Poker Hand

All anyone needs to do to make money playing poker find a table where the competition is worse at poker than you. Poker games across the US are full of fish. These unskilled players are the chum that feeds the entire poker industry and brings in the sharks.

Be careful, you may find the table ripe with fish, but you could very well be another fish to a better player.

Get Bankrolled

I can’t think of a better way to keep more cash in your pocket than to be bankrolled. Poker players regularly put up a portion of their winnings for being staked in a poker tournament.

So, you could sell a portion of your winnings to get the funds to gamble. If you win, you’ll pay the investors a percentage of your winnings.

When you lose, the investors are out of that money. Having an individual or a group bankrolling you will leave more money in your pocket.

Unfortunately, when you win, you’ll be giving a chunk of your winnings away to your investors.

Stay Fresh in the Casino

Drinking too much isn’t the only way gamblers ignore taking care of themselves. Whenever you are gambling, you must take proper care of yourself mentally and physically.

Ignoring things like sleep and food comes relatively easy within the casino. The casino floor is designed to make you lose track of time.

If you aren’t watching the clock, you’ll be more inclined to miss essential breaks. Set an alarm and take regular intervals in the casino.

Taking this critical step will keep you in tip-top shape while gambling. Ultimately, you’ll put more cash in your pocket.

Wheel and Deal

Every dollar you can save in the casino is just as good as a dollar you’ve won in the games.

Comps can go a long way towards helping you put more cash in your pocket. Still, there’s a lot to be desired when comparing a $20 meal to the hundreds lost on the tables.

However, if you are playing for enough money, anything is possible. Some high-rollers can negotiate tremendous cashback agreements with the casino.

If you can start getting 5% or more back, you’re going to put more cash in your pocket immediately.


Beating the casino is always a wonderful feeling. These 10 techniques that will put more cash in your pocket now will have you leaving the casino with that special feeling more than ever.

Please, carefully weigh the pros and cons before employing some of these strategies. Unless you’re an advantage player, the casino will almost always win in the long run.

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