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By Michael Stevens in Casino & Gaming on April 2, 2017


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I’ve gathered a list of 19 craps books for all players. These books include information for people who know nothing about craps, to people who are on their way to being professionals. These books are all written by popular gambling professionals, with seven of these books from Frank Scoblete, the most well-known craps author of all time.

1 – John Patrick’s Advanced Craps

John Patrick’s Advanced Craps was written by John Patrick and published in 1995. This book is intended for players that already have a good understanding of the fundamentals of craps.

It introduces players to the Patrick system; this is where you bet on the pass line and don’t pass at the same time. He claims this gives you the best odds. Patrick lays out the information in this book in an easy to read approach that the casual player or high roller can benefit from.

He gives players information on:

  • Money management
  • Keys to success
  • Discipline
  • Bankroll
  • And more

Patrick focuses on winnings over time, his book is not a one and done win. With his strategies you’ll learn how to make smaller consistent wins.

2 – Casino Craps

Casino Craps was written by Frank Scoblete and published in 2010.

Here’s a look at some of the topics covered in this book:

  • How craps is played
  • Golden Touch
  • Developing your own golden touch throw
  • Buy bets
  • 5-Count
  • Best bets
  • Worst bets
  • Gaining an edge
  • Controlling the dice
  • And more

Scoblete’s book was written to turn the beginner into a pro. It starts with explaining the basics of the game and then goes into betting strategies, after this he talks about getting the most from the casino. A majority of the book is focused on controlling the dice with a golden touch.

He also includes anecdotes and stories for entertainment and knowledge.

3 – Craps Take the Money and Run

Craps Take the Money and Run was written by Henry J. Tamburin and published in 1995. The main point of this book is to teach you how to win the money and the leave the table with a pocket full of cash.

Tamburin has over 25 years of experience in gambling, along with that he has taught countless people how to better their game at craps through his schools, seminars, and instructional videos. He puts all his knowledge into this book to teach players how to win at craps wherever they’re.

Here’s a look at some of the topics covered in this book:

  • Basic rules
  • How the game is played throughout the U.S.
  • Game etiquette
  • How to make bets
  • How bets win or loose
  • Best bets to make
  • Casino edge
  • Increased odds playing
  • New crap games popping up in casinos
  • Money management
  • And more

4 – Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution!

Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution! was written by Frank Scoblete and Dominator and published in 2005. This book was written before their other book, Casino Craps, and has a focus solely on dice control and how to use it to win craps. If you’re interested in only dice control and not the basics or betting information offered in Casino Craps, then Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution! is a better fit for you.

Here are the topics they cover:

  • Scan
  • Dice sets
  • Stance
  • Grip
  • Grap
  • Pickup
  • Backspin
  • Throw
  • Bounce
  • Where to land the dice
  • How to land the dice where you want it
  • Hitting the back wall
  • Which arc to use based on table
  • Betting to get the edge
  • Betting against random rollers
  • Spreading techniques
  • 5-Count
  • Camouflaging your dice control
  • Bankroll
  • Educated risk takers P.O.W.E.R plan
  • Common problems that affect your shooting
  • Dice control teams

There’s also advice and tips from craps instructors:

  • Howard “Rock ‘n Roller”
  • Jerry “Stickman”
  • Billy the Kid
  • Street Dog
  • Wordslayer
  • Finesse
  • Bill Burton
  • No Field Five
  • Chip
  • Tenor and Satch
  • Pit Boss

5 – Winning Casino Craps

Winning Casino Craps was written by Edwin Silberstang and published in 1979. Silberstang wrote this book to teach players just as much about craps as anyone else knows. The information he provides gets you to the same level as casino managers, dealers, pit bosses and other players. It’s also the first book to put into print some strategies that had only been word of mouth before.

Silberstang wrote this book in an easy to understand and enjoyable format that teaches everything you need to learn about craps. You’ll learn from the basics of playing to the strategies that win. You’ll learn about odds, the best bets to make, and more.

6 – Beat the Craps out of the Casinos

Beat the Craps out of the Casinos was written by Frank Scoblete and published in 1991. This book is great for everyone, even beginners that have little to no knowledge about craps.

This book is not a how to book, it’s written in a narrative that is easy to read and comprehend. Scoblete covers his three-point rule, super system, bankroll, and the 5-count.

7 – The Dice Doctor

The Dice Doctor was written by Sam Grafstein and published in 1981. With over 60 years of experience at the craps table, Grafstein puts all his knowledge on the game into this book.

He covers:

  • Qualified shooters
  • Locking up wins
  • Converted come bets
  • Legitimate winning steaks and how to find them
  • Bankroll control and protect
  • Making 5-10 times more on a hot roll
  • 21 strategies
  • Professional plays
  • And 30 charts and tables

8 – Cutting Edge Craps

Cutting Edge Craps was written by Frank Scoblete and Dominator and published in 2010. This book is written in an easy to understand format and includes pictures to further readers understanding.

Here’s a look at some of topics covered in this book:

  • Betting styles
  • Playing methods based on player edges
  • Dice sets to hit selected numbers
  • Dice shooting evaluation
  • Pyramids
  • V-Spread
  • Single Point Pop
  • Dice Correspondence
  • Super-bouncy tables
  • Group play
  • Team play
  • Throws
  • Dice setting
  • Non-dice-set casinos
  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Railbirds and thieves
  • 5-Count
  • 147-number roll
  • And more

9 – I Am a Dice Controller

I Am a Dice Controller was written by Frank Scoblete and published in 2015.

Here’s a look at the topics covered in this book:

  • Sets
  • Stance
  • Throw
  • Grip
  • Backspin
  • Proper betting
  • Arc
  • Landing
  • And the 5-Count.

He also includes stories of the past 25 years playing with dice control experts and the betrayals he has faced during that time and the “The Arm” a woman who he calls the greatest dice controller ever.

There’s also information from:

  • Chris “Sharpshooter”
  • Jerry “Stickman”
  • Pawlicki
  • Bill “Ace-10” Burton
  • Howard “Rock ‘n Roller”
  • John “Skinny”
  • Bob “Mr. Finesse”
  • [email protected]
  • Daryl “No Field Five”
  • Arman “Pit Boss”
  • Randy “Randman”
  • Billy “the Kid”
  • Mark “Dice Pilot”
  • Tim “Timmer”

You’ll also read about dice control teams:

  • The Lee Brothers
  • Marilyn “the Goddess” and Charlie “Santrap”
  • The Five Horsemen
  • The Captain’s Crew
  • Pat “Dr. Crapology” and Janis “Alligator Rose”
  • And Heavenly Kitten and Star Shine

10 – The Smarter Bet Guide to Craps

The Smarter Bet Guide to Craps was written by Basil Nestor and published in 2003. Nestor has a series of different Smarter Bet Guides.

This book includes:

  • Table layout
  • Analysis of craps bets
  • Mathematical strategies
  • Dice-shooting techniques
  • Advantage shots
  • Most common gambling mistakes
  • Possible combinations
  • How to make smarter bets
  • Wagers
  • Gaining an edge
  • And more

This book is small enough for you to carry around and refer back to. You can use the charts and strategies on the go to improve your game.

11 – Fundamentals of Craps

Fundamentals of Craps was written by Mason Malmuth and Lynne Loomis and published in 1995. The authors of this book made this an easy to understand and follow guide that has the math involved explained so easily that anyone could understand it.

This book is not a dice controlling guide, like many other craps books. They start with basic information about the game. They then give you a simplified look at the layout of the game. They teach you about right and wrong bets, odds, and other various topics relating to craps.

Craps can be intimidating to players that don’t understand it but with this book you learn everything you need too in order to win.

12 – Get the Edge at Craps

Get the Edge at Craps was written by Sharpshooter, was published in 2002, and has a foreword by Frank Scoblete.

This book is all about dice control and how Sharpshooter uses it to win. You’ll learn how to roll the dice to increase the odds of certain numbers appearing. This book includes some mathematical calculations and with those and disciplined practice you can get as good as Sharpshooter at dice control to win the game of craps.

13 – The Craps Answer Book

The Craps Answer Book was written by John Grochowski and published in 2001. This book is for players that already has a good understanding of the game and have practiced playing it before.

This book is all fact, and rids players of any misconceptions they have about the game. It has loads of knowledge all put together to answer any questions you have about the game. It also has fun trivia, lingo, and is set of in a quiz format that tests your knowledge and teaches you everything you need to know.

14 – Forever Craps

Forever Craps was written by Frank Scoblete and published in 2004. This book is a life story of Scoblete and tells about his life from his Brooklyn childhood, to his title of Captain of Craps. This is an entertaining book that gives you background on a famous gambling professional and teaches you about craps along the way.

15 – The Craps Underground

The Craps Underground was written by Frank Scoblete and published in 2004. The title says it all for this book. It’s a look at the professional craps players who have mastered dice control and how they’re winning millions of dollars from casinos.

This book is several stories about these craps players compiled together for readers to learn about who they’re, where they’re from, and how they got here.

16 – No Nonsense Craps

No Nonsense Craps was written by Richard Orlyn and published in 2008. This book is all about putting to rest table charting, dice control, point counting and other popular craps methods. It gives a straightforward look at the two-dice probability theory, betting, and money management skills to win the game. You also get a look at Orlyn’s trademarked personal strategy, Table Time Plus.

17 – How to Make Your Living Playing Craps

How to Make Your Living Playing Craps was written by Larry Edell and published in 1996.With this book, Edell teaches you how to change your whole lifestyle.

Topics in this book include:

  • Free gambling coupons
  • Free diners
  • Free rooms
  • Free shows
  • Making up to $640 a day
  • Making up to $200 an hour
  • Making up to $300 an hour before they established the point
  • And more

This book teaches three main systems which are Sixes and Eights, Horn Bets, and Pre-setting the Dice. He also includes a glossary and several charts.

18 – Learn to Play Craps from Part Time Dice Pros

Learn to Play Craps from Part Time Dice Pros was written by C. “Judge” Johnson and Bryan Bonshell and published in 2011. This book was written for players of any skill level, from beginner to semi-professional.

It talks about Johnson and Bonshell’s story about how they become professional craps players and the strategies they use. It teaches you from the basics of how to play to advanced methods they use such as dice control.

19 – Wong on Dice

Wong on Dice was written by Stanford Wong and published in 2005.Wong teaches math and logic with his book and is intended for readers that already have a good understanding of the basic fundamentals of craps.

While reading you learn how to play, why to play that way, and when you’re good enough to play at casinos without losing it all. Wong teaches dice control and the physics of it to get a deeper understanding at how to properly control the dice. After learning how to control the dice he gives you the knowledge to keep your edge on the casino and come out a winner.


By reading the books on this list you’ll learn winning strategies like dice controlling, mathematical methods, and probability. You can also find entertaining tales and tips from famous craps players.

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Michael Stevens has been researching and writing topics involving the gambling industry for well over a decade now and is considered an expert on all things casino and sports betting. Michael has been writing for GamblingSites.org since early 2016.

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