2017 NBA Finals: Game 3 Prop Bets and Picks

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The 2017 NBA Finals continue at the Quicken Loans Arena on Wednesday night, as the Cleveland Cavaliers try to climb out of a 2-0 hole. The Golden State Warriors have proven to be the far better team through the first two games of the league’s title series, but they were up 2-0 in this same series a year ago and still lost.

The doubt Cleveland created after storming back from a 3-1-hole last year has to exist to a certain degree for the Dubs, as well as NBA bettors. That could give us a perfect opportunity to make good on Cleveland’s insane value (+650 at Bovada) to come back from yet another hole.

It’s fair if many don’t buy into a Cavs comeback for a second straight season. Golden State really does look like the better team at this point and a win on Wednesday all but locks up their second title in three years. Of course, betting on the outcome of game three (or this entire series) won’t be our only avenue to big money during the NBA Finals. Thanks to BetOnline and other top NBA betting sites, we can target some interesting NBA Finals player prop bets and potentially win big.

Let’s go over the best prop bets over at BetOnline and see which way you may want to lean with your bets:

Will Draymond Green Record a Triple Double?

We get the ball rolling with Draymond Green being able to register a triple-double or not. It’s a fair bet, considering Green is one of the more versatile players in the league and is no stranger to racking up points, rebounds and assists:

  • Yes +700
  • No -1000

Betting the “no” feels safe simply because triple-doubles are still pretty difficult to accrue if you’re not Russell Westbrook. Green dropped a triple-double on these Cavs earlier this year during the regular season and he’s proven he is a threat to land a TD even without shooting the ball well.

I wouldn’t say the odds are strong for Green to make it happen in game three, but considering it hasn’t happened through the first two games, we could be getting closer to seeing one out of him. This bet is very viable due to the fact that Green is always a triple-double threat and the playability is quite tempting.

It’s worth targeting, but if you’re not aiming high with the “yes” side of this bet, it’s otherwise one to avoid.

Will LeBron James Record a Triple Double?

We get the same bet with LeBron James, who is even more used to posting triple-doubles than Draymond Green. James is obviously a much more reliable scorer, while he always seems to have his hands on the ball. Does that make him a solid bet to post a triple-double in a huge game three at home?

  • Yes +240
  • No -280

James is a pretty good bet to come out and have a huge game in a contest the Cavs absolutely need to win. The points and dimes will be there and the rebounds aren’t a bad bet. James has already been wrecking in these Finals and literally just got done putting up a huge triple-double in game two. He was also two dimes away from another triple-double in game one.

With this being a huge game at home, we should expect vintage LeBron James, win or lose. We can safely target the “yes” side of this bet with considerable confidence.

Kevin Love: Total 3-Pointers Made

We move from triple-double projections to how the top players will perform beyond the arc. The first one up is the sharpshooting Kevin Love, who was fairly absent in game one, but popped off in game two (27 points). Love still only connected on two threes’ in that game, though, so should we buy him getting even hotter in game three?

  • Over 3.5 (+175)
  • Under 3.5 (-205)

Kevin Love would need to connect on four threes to win you this bet, which would be one more than he’s made through two games in the NBA Finals, combined. It seems like a lot to ask for, but if the Cavs are going to win this game, they’ll need big performances out of everyone.

At home with his back against the wall, it’s not at all crazy to bet on Love hitting four or more threes’ here.

Klay Thompson: Total 3-Pointers Made

You’re getting less value with the same number of three balls with Klay Thompson, so it’s a little less attractive on the other side:

  • Over 3.5 (+150)
  • Under 3.5 (-170)

Part of that is because Thompson is the better outside shooter by the numbers, while Thompson eclipsed the Over on this bet in game two already.

Thompson is an elite shooter and seems to have found his stroke, so even though the Cavs could tighten up defensively, the only play here is the Over.

Kyrie Irving: Total 3-Pointers Made

The same bet carries over to Kyrie Irving, but the odds will flip with Vegas only offering value if you think Irving will make two or less three balls:

  • Over 2.5 (-120)
  • Under 2.5 (+100)

This doesn’t look like a friendly bet on the surface, as Irving has been very active as a scorer to get the Finals started and that should be even more so the case at home in a huge game three. We’ve already seen Irving hit 2 and 3 long balls in this series, so suddenly expecting him to go ice cold at home is a bit of a reach.

We don’t like the Under here, so we’d either go hard at the Over or simply avoid this bet due to a lack of payout upside.

Stephen Curry: Total 3-Pointers Made

The same bet continues with Curry, who for his career is the best three-point shooter among these long ball bets. His Over is understandably the highest, with BetOnline allowing us to bet on him making five three balls or four or fewer:

  • Over 4.5 (-110)
  • Under 4.5 (-110)

Curry is a lot healthier for this Finals series than he was a year ago, which has played a big role in allowing for him to have a lot of early success against the Cavs. Having Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson around doesn’t hurt, either.

There is understandably some reason to imagine Curry and the Dubs have a tougher time scoring on the road on Wednesday, but betting against Curry in any fashion feels like a considerable gamble. Curry has been red hot to start the 2017 NBA Finals, as we saw him hit six deep balls in game one and another four in game two.

That puts us in the middle of this bet, meaning he’s hit the Over and Under once each so far. The bet is even and this is Stephen Curry were’ talking about here, though, so we’d aim high and target the Over.

LeBron James: Total Free Throws Made

This is a very interesting bet, as despite a very aggressive style, LeBron James has only attempted 17 free throws through the first two game of the Finals. He put up 12 in game one, but somehow only got to the charity stripe five times in game two. That puts us somewhere in the middle as we consider this free throw bet:

  • Over 7.5 (+120)
  • Under 7.5 (-140)

It’s been weird to see James struggle to finish or get to the line consistently, but even if the Cavs lose in game three, we highly doubt it will be due to King James being passive. James should be as aggressive as ever as Cleveland eyes their first win of the series and that has to involve him getting to the line a ton.

The value lies with the Over here, so given how aggressive James has to be in game three, it’s a bet worth making.

Stephen Curry: Total Free Throws Made

Vegas loves the same bet for Curry, likely because the sharpshooter went to the line an uncharacteristic 14 times in game two. That is not the norm for the star guard, but we get to bet either way thanks to BetOnline:

  • Over 5.5 (+110)
  • Under 5.5 (-130)

Curry is not a guy really known for drawing a ton of free throws, and that’s made obvious by zero trips to the free throw line in game one. The spike to 14 in game two was surprising and you can bet Cleveland will be very focused on keeping him from lighting them up. Sending a 90% free throw shooter to the line repeatedly isn’t a great way to ensure that happens.

Curry isn’t a fun guy to bet against, but he needs six free throws to nail the Over and he only average 5.1 attempts during the regular season. He could easily hit this either way, but we’d go for the Under or avoid this bet, altogether

Draymond Green: Total Points Scored

We’re elevating to total points scored here, with the versatile Draymond Green being our first bet to consider. Green can really do it all and absolutely could pop off for several buckets, but is far from Golden State’s top scoring threat:

  • Over 11.5 (-130)
  • Under 11.5 (+110)

Green could actually be due to top 11.5 points in game three, seeing as he hasn’t topped 10 yet in either of the first two games in this year’s Finals. He doesn’t get many scoring opportunities, however, as Curry, Durant and Thompson take most of the shots.

Green is a viable play for the Over, but his game so far favors the Under. That’s where the value lies, too, so we’ll settle there and hope Dray scores 11 points or less.

Kevin Durant: Total Points Scored

It should be fun to bet on all of the top players and their scoring outputs, but few will be more fun than KD, who is a threat for 40+ points, let alone the 30+ BetOnline is daring you to bet on:

  • Over 29.5 (-110)
  • Under 29.5 (-110)

Durant was a monster in the Finals the last time he faced a LeBron-led team (30.6 points per game) and he fit in nicely with the Dubs (25.1 points per game) during the regular season. He’s also flexed his scoring muscle early and often in this series and leads all scorers with over 35 points per game.

Durant could finally have an off game on the road against the Cavs, but the bet is even and he’s been ablaze. We’ll take the Over.

Kevin Love: Total Points Scored

The same bet trickles down to Love, who didn’t really show up offensively in game one and then erupted in game two with 27 points. He’s a viable scorer in a must-win situation for the Cavs, but we need to gauge if he’ll score 19 points or not in game three:

  • Over 18.5 (+100)
  • Under 18.5 (-120)

This is not a lock for Love, who draws Draymond Green when on offense most of the time he’s on the floor. Golden State’s defense in general has been fantastic, so Love will need to take advantage of open looks and will have to find a way to get some easy buckets. He did average 19 points per game during the regular season and enjoyed a strong playoff run, while this is a huge game for both sides.

Love will be needed, so aiming high with the Over isn’t a bad bet. He just needs to hit his season average and score slightly below the 21 points per game average he has through two games in these Finals.

Klay Thompson: Total Points Scored

The same bet could be tough to pinpoint for Klay Thompson, who really looked out of it in game one before chipping in 22 points in game two. Which version of Klay Thompson will show up at Quicken Loans Arena on Wednesday night?

  • Over 17.5 (-120)
  • Under 17.5 (+100)

The nice thing here is Thompson is an elite shooter and he seemed to get his swagger back in game two. This series does shift to the road, but Cleveland’s defense has not been a problem through two games and Thompson actually averaged a career high 22.3 points per game during the regular season.

Thompson could always go ice cold again, but the 18 points we need for the Over is well below his average. That’s not where the value lies, but he could easily hit 18+ points in a huge game three. That has us shooting for the Over.

Kyrie Irving: Total Points Scored

Cleveland’s star point guard really hasn’t had much trouble putting points on the board, but there’s no denying he’s had some issues with efficiency. Irving can shoot the lights out and dominate the paint in any setting, but we need to wonder if he’ll do it in game three:

  • Over 25.5 (-110)
  • Under 25.5 (-110)

Irving has not been consistently elite through the first two games of these Finals, as he’s yet to top 25 points. That could change with the series shifting to his home base and we need to consider he averaged 25.2 points per game and can pop off for 40+ points on any given night.

The bet provides the same value both ways and this is a huge game, so we’ll bet Irving figures it out for a game and chase the Over.

LeBron James: Total Points Scored

I’m not loving the value associated with some of these players scoring prop bets, but we get another one with King James in his home base. James has been awesome through two NBA Finals games and we need to decide whether or not he’ll score 33 points in game three:

  • Over 32.5 (-110)
  • Under 32.5 (-110)

If we’re chasing this bet, this is certainly the game to do it, as James will need to bring his A game with Cleveland’s backs very much against the wall. James hasn’t topped even 30 points yet in the 2017 NBA Finals, but that time could be coming.

This is a high scoring Total and there isn’t slanted value, but we don’t mind targeting the Over given the circumstances.

Stephen Curry: Total Points Scored

Our last NBA Finals player prop bet lies with Curry and how many points he will score. Curry is slaying right now, averaging just over 30 points per game through the first two games of the Finals.

BetOnline doesn’t give us betting value, but they do offer some value in the sense that they’re not even asking Curry’s Over to be the amount he’s averaging to this point:

  • Over 27.5 (-110)
  • Under 27.5 (-110)

This looks like a pretty good Over to target, as Curry has topped it both times so far in these Finals. Cleveland has a mild edge with the series going to Ohio on Wednesday, but Curry has been balling lately and is going to be very tough to bet against.

The value is the same either way, so we’ll ride a hot Curry and target the Over.


That does it for our look at game three at the latest 2017 NBA Finals prop bets. We can still win big in a variety of ways and several of these bets allow us to do so specifically in just game three. Regardless of which bets you target or which side, we wish you luck!

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