2018 WWE Hell in a Cell Betting Preview, Odds and Predictions

by Rick Rockwell
on September 14, 2018

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On Sunday, September 16th, WWE’s Hell in a Cell will be live from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. The Network Event will begin at 6 PM ET with a Kickoff Show and the Main Card will follow at 7 PM ET. The HIAC currently features 8 matches, including six title bouts. The main event of the night will be Roman Reigns defending the Universal Championship against Braun Stroman inside the Hell in a Cell.

Other notable matches on the card are: a WWE World Title match as AJ Styles defends the belt against Samoa Joe, both tag-team titles will be up for grabs, as will both of WWE’s Women’s titles. This means that Ronda Rousey will also be on the card defending her RAW Women’s Championship in a rematch against Alexa Bliss.

Previous WWE Hell in a Cell Events

The 2018 edition of Hell in a Cell (HIAC) is the 10th installment in this PPV’s (Network) history. The first HIAC PPV was held on October 4, 2009, as it replaced WWE No Mercy. The WWE took the Hell in a Cell name from a highly popular steel cage match that first debuted at Badd Blood: In Your House on October 5, 1997.

The term “hell in a cell” refers to a steel cage design that encompasses the ring and most of ringside. Additionally, it has a caged roof that is designed to keep the wrestlers in, while also providing enough support in case the wrestlers want to fight on top of it before, during, or after the match. In total, there have been 38 hell in a cell matches in WWE history. The 2018 HIAC event will hold two more of these types of matches.

The following is a list of the previous HIAC PPVs with their respective main events:

Event Date Hell in a Cell Main Event Location
Oct 4, 2009 Tornado tag-team HIAC match: DX vs The Legacy The Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey
Oct 3, 2010 World Heavyweight Championship HIAC match: Kane (c) vs The Undertaker The American Airlines Center Dallas, Texas
Oct 2, 2011 WWE Championship Triple Threat HIAC match:

John Cena (c) vs CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio

The New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana
Oct 28, 2012 WWE Championship HIAC match: CM Punk (c) vs Ryback The Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia
Oct 27, 2013 WWE Championship HIAC match: Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan (HBK special ref) for vacant WWE title The American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida
Oct 26, 2014 Hell in a Cell match: Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose The American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas
Oct 25, 2015 Hell in a Cell match: The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar The Staples Center in Los Angeles, California
Oct 30, 2016 WWE RAW Women’s HIAC title match: Sasha Banks (c) vs Charlotte Flair The TD Garden in Boston Massachusetts
Oct 8, 2017 Falls Count Anywhere HIAC match: Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens The Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan

2018 WWE Hell in a Cell Wrestling Matches

The following is a list of matches that have already been confirmed for the show. Keep in mind, WWE has a history of adding matches at the last minute and “card is subject to change.” The majority of betting odds are according to BetOnline. However, there are a few matches with odds from other oddsmakers.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship: (C) The New Day vs Rusev & Aiden English

Although they weren’t able to capture the titles at SummerSlam, The New Day got a rematch against then champs the Bludgeon Brothers on the August 21st episode of SmackDown and won the titles. Since then, SmackDown held a tag-team challenge to crown a #1 contender to take on the champs. SmackDown GM Paige scheduled 2 tag-team triple threat matches with the winning teams facing off against each other for the #1 contender spot. Eventually, it was Rusev and Aiden English making their way past The Bar to earn the title shot against The New Day at HIAC. Unfortunately for all of those who celebrate Rusev Day, I don’t see them winning the titles.

I find it hard to believe the WWE will remove the belts from New Day less than a month after the trio won the titles. Instead, I believe they will retain at HIAC and there’s a better chance of Rusev and English imploding than winning. The WWE has slow burned this implosion and what better time to blow up the duo than at HIAC?

WWE Bet: New Day

Raw Tag Team Championship: (C) Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre vs Rollins & Ambrose

From the Blue Show to the Red Show, we have the RAW tag titles on the line at HIAC in a match between two teams that have definitely captured the WWE Universe. When The Shield reunited and prevented Braun Strowman from taking out Roman Reigns and winning the Universal Title, based on Strowman cashing in his MITB contract, it forced Braun to go find teammates of his own. Well, to everyone’s surprise, Strowman chose the dastardly duo of Ziggler and McIntyre who have run roughshod on RAW for the last few months.

Ambrose and Rollins have had their encounters with Dolph and Drew, but the stakes were raised even higher with the RAW titles on the line. Ziggler and McIntyre won the belts on September 3rd, which makes me think that they will retain the belts on Sunday. However, this could be one of those matches where The Shield wins the match by DQ or count-out and the champs retain the belts. With no stipulations against these types of finishes, it’s a good bet that this will be the likely outcome.

Mixed Tag-Team Match: Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella (-420) vs The Miz & Maryse (+300)

What has been a longtime feud between Daniel Bryan and The Miz, has now turned into a marital melee between two real-life married couples as Bryan’s wife Brie Bella returned to help out her husband after The Miz’s wife Maryse interfered at SummerSlam.

Speaking of SummerSlam, most people thought that Bryan would win, but we were pleasantly surprised when The Miz won via usage of brass knuckles that his wife Maryse gave him when the ref wasn’t looking. This is what led to Brie Bella returning and the set up for this match.

It appears that all the signs are pointing to Brie and Daniel Bryan winning the match. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Miz and Maryse win via cheating or outside interference. It would certainly keep the feud going longer and could possibly set up a match for Brie vs Maryse at the all-women’s PPV.

I love the value with Miz and Maryse, but I have to go with Daniel and Brie evening up the score in the marital feud.

WWE Bet: Daniel Bryan and Brie (-420)

SmackDown Women’s Championship: (C) Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

This is the one match that could sneak up and steal the entire show. These two women are highly talented superstars and they should be able to work well against each other in the ring. If given enough time, I expect this match to be great.

At SummerSlam, Charlotte defeated Carmella and Becky in a triple threat match for the title. After the match, Becky snapped and attacked Charlotte. The former best friends have now turned into bitter rivals and it has been enjoyable to watch. Becky has an edge to her that really suits her personality, look and in-ring work. Unfortunately for Becky and her fans, Charlotte is the queen for a reason. And, that reason is because she’s the best female wrestler in the WWE.

The WWE can go one of two ways, either have Becky cheat to win the match and capture the belt or have Charlotte win and Becky beat her down after the match, leaving the queen in a pool of blood. The graphicness would captivate the WWE Universe even more and take this feud to another level. I expect Charlotte to walk out of this event still wearing the title.

WWE Bet: Charlotte to win

Hell in a Cell Match: Jeff Hardy (+220) vs Randy Orton (-300)

The only thing good about this match is the anticipation for what Jeff Hardy is going to do off the steel cage. Hardy has said that he would do something unforgettable and I believe him. This HIAC structure is perfectly suited for Jeff’s daredevil bumps. It’s also suited for Randy Orton who has been in 6 HIAC matches prior to this event, which is good for the 3rd most HIAC appearances in the history of the company. Randy has gone 3-3 in his career inside the steel structure.

Orton is the big favorite over Hardy in their upcoming match, but I’m struggling to see why. Having Jeff win this match doesn’t hurt what the WWE is trying to do with Orton. Furthermore, if Jeff was going to do a high spot in this match then it would be better for him, and all of the fans, if he were to do it in a victory and not a loss. Yet, WWE has already set a precedent with Mick Foley taking crazy bumps and losing the match. However, I believe the WWE would be silly allowing this to happen with Jeff.

It would be cool if Jeff did the swanton off the cage onto Orton who was on the announce table. Then all of the refs, backstage officials and Mick Foley, who will be there to ref the main event, will come out.

If I could give the WWE some free advice, have the match end with both competitors being unable to finish the bout after Hardy hits the swanton off the steel cage onto Orton. Please don’t have Orton move out of the way and Jeff crashes through the announce table. That would be pointless.

As for the bet, I can’t see all of the favorites winning on this show, so I’m going with the upset and taking Hardy.

WWE Bet: Jeff Hardy (+220)

Raw Women’s Championship: (C) Ronda Rousey (-650) vs Alexa Bliss (+420)

Let’s get this out of the way right now, there’s no possible outcome that sees Ronda losing the belt to Alexa Bliss. Rousey is the company’s meal ticket and mainstream media magnet. She’s going to run with that belt for quite some time before losing it. Bliss is a very talented heel, but she’s no match for Ronda in the ring.

Rousey is the biggest favorite on the show and it’s easy to see why. We might get some outside interference or other types of shenanigans in this bout, but it still won’t result in Ronda losing the RAW Women’s title.

I expect Ronda to win this match in 12 minutes or less. I don’t see how the WWE will give it a lot of time considering Rousey is still relatively “green” in a lot of ways. To her credit, she has improved a lot. However, she’s still got a ways to go. I’m intrigued to see how well she will perform at next year’s WrestleMania after competing for a year.

As for this match, it’s not even worth placing a flier bet on Bliss. Save your money and use it on another bout.

WWE Bet: Ronda Rousey (-650)

 WWE Championship: (C) AJ Styles (-160) vs Samoa Joe (+120)

Once again, most fans and pundits that I’ve seen or talked to have picked AJ Styles to lose. Keep in mind, he was expected to lose at WM this year, but shocked the world when he beat Nakamura. Styles would go on to beat Nakamura at a few more events, stunning WWE bettors each time he walked out of the arena with the belt. After finally ending his feud with Shinsuke, Styles would end up taking on the Bulgarian Brute. AJ easily dispatched of Rusev to keep his belt and put a damper on Rusev Day.

At SummerSlam, Styles took on his longtime friend and foe Samoa Joe. The wrestling fan in me geeked out over this match as did millions of other fans around the world. These two superstars have wrestled each other for the last 15+ years and have done so around the world. Their chemistry and in-ring talents are the ingredients for a wrestling masterpiece.

I could sit here and write a 5,000 word article on these two wrestlers facing each other, but I will spare you bettors and I will just stick on topic. At SummerSlam, I picked Samoa Joe to win the title. He didn’t win the belt, but he did come out the winner in the match. As I’ve stated all along, AJ Styles is my favorite wrestler in the business. So, when I pick against him, it hurts my soul.

With that said, every time I pick against AJ, he keeps winning or retaining the belt. So, let’s go with Samoa Joe finally winning the WWE championship and getting what he deserves – the recognition as one of pro wrestling’s top superstars. Also, this will be the match of the night.

WWE Bet: Samoa Joe (+120)

Hell in a Cell Match for the Universal Championship: (C) Roman Reigns (-320) vs Braun Strowman (+240)

If there’s one wrestler that I enjoy in the ring with Roman Reigns, it’s Strowman. I think these two guys work really well together and they have put on some very entertaining matches in the past. I fully expect them to put on another entertaining and hard fought bout that has a lot of blood.

The wild card in this match is Mick Foley. He took a match where most people believed that Strowman would win, and he created reasonable doubt. In fact, I think he really gave the WWE an “out” in this title match where Strowman can lose, but not cleanly. I also wouldn’t be surprised if somehow Foley took a significant bump in this match at the hands of Strowman.

It would be cool to see the other Shield members get into this title bout by hiding under the ring or cutting their way through the chain-mesh fence. Reigns isn’t losing the belt anytime soon as he just beat Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam to finally become the champ. This buildup of Reigns over the last few years would crumble if he loses in his first big title defense at a major event. Of course, we all would love it if Roman Reigns lost the title.

Some way, somehow, the WWE will find a way to have Foley or The Shield cost Strowman the match. I’m picking Reigns to leave the arena as the champ.

On a side note, it would be interesting to see The Undertaker make an appearance in this match especially since Foley is involved and the WWE has been pushing the dead man’s upcoming fight against HHH in Australia next month. What if the lights go out during the match and The Undertaker shows up to tombstone Foley and take out both competitors?

WWE Bet: Roman Reigns (-320)

Top Favorite to win at Hell in a Cell

Without a doubt, the lock bet for this event is Ronda Rousey winning. There’s absolutely no way they would take the belt off her so soon. Her -650 odds are the largest of the show and 99.9% of the WWE Universe believes she will win.

WWE Hell in a Cell Betting Value

I think the best Hell in a Cell betting value is with The Miz and Maryse at +300. These two have a hit TV show on USA Network, are SmackDown’s top heels and have really endeared themselves with the mainstream media. In other words, they’re a golden goose for the WWE.

I picked Bryan and Brie to win the match because it’s the safe/smart play, but there’s a lot of value here. We could easily see Zelina Vega and Cien Almas come out and interfere and costing Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan the match. Or we could see Miz and Maryse cheat once again. We could also be treated to something even more bizarre, R Truth interjecting himself into the match.

With plenty of possible finishes, I believe this is easily the best value of the entire WWE show.

The Best Hell in a Cell Underdog

Jeff Hardy is the biggest underdog that I picked for the event, but I believe Samoa Joe is the best one to take for betting on. Although his odds are only +120, it’s time for the “Samoan Submission Machine” to get his WWE title run even it comes at the expense of AJ Styles. If you are looking for a “highly likely” upset then go with Joe. If you want a riskier bet then go with Jeff Hardy.

2018 WWE Hell in a Cell 3-Count

I am definitely excited for the Hell in a Cell event. I can still recall watching the HIAC match where Foley was thrown off the top of the cage and thinking it was one of the greatest moments in WWE history. That moment also endeared me to this eventual PPV.

I believe that Styles vs Joe, Becky vs Charlotte, and The Shield vs McIntyre & Ziggler are going to be very entertaining matches based on talent and feuds. I’m also intrigued to see what high spot Hardy comes up with and the finish to the Strowman vs Reigns match.

In the end, I think there’s plenty of talent and storylines for the HIAC event to deliver a great show. Hopefully, the booking of these matches doesn’t ruin the expectations and the optimism of the WWE Universe. I’m betting that the WWE will deliver on this card.

HIAC Betting Recap

  1. The New Day
  2. The Shield, but Ziggler and McIntyre keep belts
  3. Charlotte
  4. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella (-420)
  5. Jeff Hardy (+220)
  6. Ronda Rousey (-650)
  7. Samoa Joe (+120)
  8. Roman Reigns (-320)
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