BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles 2019 Betting Predictions, Tips, and Team Overviews

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Hello and welcome to our comprehensive BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles betting tips. Let’s start off by stating that the whole ESL One Cologne tournament was one big spectacle. The best CS:GO teams gave their everything on the battlefield, and in the end, the greatest North American team of all time, Team Liquid, went home with over $1 million USD in their pockets. They’re still the reigning champions, and BLAST Pro Series LA will be their first event on home soil after their spectacular Intel Grand Slam feat. Yep, I’m sure it can’t come soon enough for Twistzz, EliGE, and the rest of the boys in blue.

Obviously, it will be interesting to see how Team Liquid squares up against the toughest competitors in their own region, as well as the ever so oscillating FaZe Clan, whose players already have their eyes set on creating an upset just like the one in Miami roughly three months ago.

As the title implies, BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles betting tips will be our focal point here. As always, I’ll make sure you get the freshest information regarding all participating teams, their recent matches, and impressive individual performances. Once we’re done with crunching all numbers, stats, and whatnot, I’ll point out a few BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles betting tips that could prove handy in either single or accumulator combinations.

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BLAST Pro Series LA 2019 Preview |Interesting Facts

I know you came here for those sweet BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles betting tips, but you’ll have to bear with me here. Instead of jumping straight to the tips, we’ll assess the event facts, format, stories surrounding it, and team overviews. Obviously, this will allow us to make a more informed judgement and increase our chances of correctly predicting the outcomes.

General Event Info

The next BLAST event takes place on Friday and Saturday, the 13th and 14th of July, in Los Angeles. The event will take place at the HD Buttercup Building. As usual, there’s $250,000 in prize pool money, half of which goes to the winning team. But, more importantly, there’s also 10 BPS points on the line for the winning team, the prize Team Liquid hopes to win, just to cement their BPS Global Finals ticket.

Team Liquid’s Aspirations

As mentioned above, Team Liquid achieved a remarkable accomplishment by winning the Intel Grand Slam Season 2 with four consecutive wins on ESL or DH Masters events. This is, by far, the greatest achievement of North American CS:GO, and it will go down in history books. However, this will also put a huge target on Team Liquid, which seriously threatens their BPS LA aspirations. The first obstacle is the group stage, and I just can’t wait to see how it pans out.

Current BLAST Pro Series Global Finals Standings

Astralis is still at the top of the table with 20 points in total. Nothing surprising, considering they’ve competed on all three BLAST events this season. They got 10 points in Sao Paulo, two in Miami, and eight in Madrid. They’re eligible for two more events and will not be competing in LA. Team Liquid has 16 points from two tournaments, with BPS LA being their third. There are two second-places for Team Liquid (no pun intended), behind Astralis in Sao Paulo and FaZe Clan in Miami.

FaZe Clan and NiP are the remaining two teams that hold the Global Finals tickets, at least for the moment. With 12 points for FaZe, and 10 for NiP, they’re closer to the fifth and sixth place than they are to the first two.

NaVi, MIBR, and Cloud9 are currently below the top four list that’ll play in the BLAST Pro Series 2019 Global Finals. NaVi has eight, MIBR has six, and Cloud9 has only two, which they acquired in the latest BPS iteration in Madrid. Unless automatic and his goons create an upset in Los Angeles, I’m afraid their chances of qualifying for the global finals will be merely theoretical.

Here’s a closer look at the entire Blast Pro Series Global Finals ranking table:

BLAST Pro Series Global Finals Standings

Tournament Format

Nothing much to say about the format, really. There’s only a small change to the way the playoffs pan out. If you’ve watched any of the previous BLAST Pro Series iterations, you’ll know what you’re dealing with here and really only need BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles betting tips. Overall, the tournament is a short event, spanning across two days. It features only six teams which go head to head against each other in seven rounds of group stage matches. The four best teams advance to the playoffs where they’ll face off for 10 ranking points and $125,000 in prize money. This is the change I mentioned earlier. Instead of having two top-placed teams play the grand finals, RFRSH Entertainment decided to spice things up a bit and introduce semifinals too. Besides that, everything else has remained identical.

Additionally, the third-place team gets to pick their show match opponent from the remaining three. The show match, dubbed as the BLAST Pro Standoff, is basically a series of five 1v1 duels on a specialized BLAST Pro Series map. These 1v1 duels are easily the most entertaining parts of each BPS. But shhh, don’t tell anyone I said that!

BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles Team Overviews

Now, we’re in for the fun part of this BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles betting tips page! The actual team overviews section is here and it’s ready to serve the freshest information and backstories of all six competing teams, including their latest track records, campaigns, and stand-out individual performances.

Team Liquid

Let’s start off with the number one CS:GO team at the moment, Team Liquid. After winning the ESL One Cologne as well as the second season of Intel Grand Slam, they’ll be hoping to transition their brilliant performances to home soil. Needless to say, the electric LA fans will welcome them as true legends. The five horsemen in blue are ready to march on with in-form EliGE and NAF.

Their map depth looks incredible and, after finally breaking the second-place curse, Team Liquid looks to be set on creating their own era right after the fall of Astralis. Looking at the starting roster, there’s really not a single weak link to point out. Liquid is a well-oiled machine, and with the home crowd cheering for them the whole time, they are the team to bet on as far as BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles betting tips are concerned.


Until last week, Cloud9’s ELEAGUE Major win from 2018 was the biggest accomplishment of North American CS:GO. However, that’s in the past now, with Team Liquid conquering the Intel Grand Slam from just four attempts. Now’s time for Cloud9 to strike right back at them. Not only that, with a bad performance in Los Angeles, C9 will basically put a nail to the coffin of their Global Finals aspirations. They desperately need a good campaign as their last few adventures ended up as total disasters.

Unfortunately, I can’t see autimatic and the boys doing anything noteworthy here. Perhaps they manage to snatch a win against Renegades, but that’s about it as far as I’m concerned. The best way to pursue their fixtures, especially against the likes of MIBR and Team Liquid, is to go with total rounds under bets, depending on the given numbers.


Needless to say, coldzera and FalleN are still the main fraggers of this MIBR team. However, the rest of the bunch seems to be struggling lately. Don’t get me wrong, their stats aren’t that far behind, but their in-game presence has been lacking for the last few months, resulting in several poor campaigns. Their ESL Pro League and ECS Finals were absolutely atrocious and fans have every bit of right to be worried.

When it comes to their BLAST Pro Series performances, they’re pretty flimsy, too. They had terrifying losses on home soil (BPS Sao Paulo), but a solid overall run in Miami (3rd place and BLAST Pro Standoff win), to be precise. When it comes to BPS LA, I reckon we’ll see them in a better light. While I doubt MIBR will be a proper competitor for winning the group stage, the runners-up spot will be up for grabs. Overcoming NRG and FaZe will be of crucial importance for their grand finals aspirations.

FaZe Clan

Even though they won BLAST Pro Series Miami with him, FaZe Clan decided AdreN was unfit for his role. In came NEO, a completely different type of player, one that will take the IGL role and allow NiKo to focus on the frags. Unfortunately, the plan doesn’t seem to be working, at least for now.

However, perhaps it’s too early to judge FaZe Clan. After all, NEO arrived less than two months ago and only had the chance to play at three proper events. Unfortunately, his synchronization with the team will have to be much better if FaZe wants to achieve anything in LA. It will be tricky, no doubt about it, but if NiKo and GuardiaN start snowballing early on, against NRG and Renegades, they could lead their team to the grand finals. That said, if Team Liquid gets to be on the other end, I reckon it’ll be a clean sweep in favor of the boys in blue.

However, with the newest rumors surrounding another superstar signing, perhaps FaZe Clan will finally be a proper threat for the likes of Team Liquid. It would definitely spice things up at the very top, that’s for sure!


Besides Team Liquid, NRG is the only NA team worth mentioning at the moment. Sure, Cloud9 and Complexity are there too but, at least in my books, they’re nowhere near the grandiose duo. As far as NRG’s latest performances are concerned, they’re doing surprisingly well—three semifinals in the last three months and all three were on S-Tier tournaments: ESL Pro League Finals, ECS Finals, and StarSeries.

Brehze is still the leader of the pack, but others aren’t too far behind either. Seven wins in the last 10 matches is definitely a good sign, even more so when we take into account the teams they defeated (the likes of Astralis, G2, and FaZe, among others). That said, NRG is definitely among the teams that’ll compete for the grand finals. Liquid is the heavy favorite, of course, but NRG, FaZe, and MIBR all have good chances of usurping their top spot.


Lastly, Renegades… A team which showcased their might at the Katowice Major and showed good spirits at the StarSeries S7 in Shanghai, but then entered a huge slump of performances and don’t appear to be getting out anytime soon.

Jks’ and jkaem’s performances stand out, but the overall lethargy that plagues the team seems to be an unresolvable problem at least for the moment. When it comes to their chances of reaching the grand finals, they’re pretty slim in my book. The best they can hope for is to get picked for the BLAST Pro Standoff, giving them a chance for extra $20,000 in their pockets.

BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles Betting Tips

Finally, we reach the BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles betting tips, the part which you all came here for! If you’ve read everything thus far, you ought to have a solid picture of what to expect from each team. If you’re still puzzled, check out the following two sections focusing on the most interesting group stage fixtures.

FaZe Clan vs Team Liquid

From my point of view, this is going to be the most interesting group stage match in LA. Unfortunately, it comes in the sixth round of matches and is the penultimate match of both teams. That said, a lot of things can happen in their first three matches, so it’s going to be difficult to predict.

The last three head-to-head matches saw Team Liquid win two times. However, they failed to win arguably the most important encounter, the BPS Miami grand finals. That said, it’s pretty clear Team Liquid is the favorite to take this one. However, it will not be an easy task. Especially if they end up playing Dust II.

As far as the odds are concerned, there’s really no way to predict them at the moment. Each team has three matches to play before this one, so there’s a huge question mark above both of them. That said, the safest bet, in my book, is to go with total rounds over 24.5 or even 25.5. Match-winner bet on Team Liquid seems like a solid option too, but I’m not sure if the odds will be worth the investment.

Total Rounds Over 24.5 or 25.5


If both teams are successful on their way to this match, this could turn out to be the deciding match for the second place leading into the grand finals. If NRG wins this, they’ll have to overcome Cloud9 in the final round and could very easily be set for the grand finals. MIBR, on the other hand, goes up against FaZe in the last round, a direct competitor for the second place. That said, a win against NRG might not even be enough to clinch their position.

As far as NRG vs MIBR BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles betting tips are concerned, NRG should have the upper hand. But, once again, form means a lot in these short, tightly-packed events, where a single good match can decide the grand finals fate. Still, knowing the slump MIBR is currently in, even if they start off on the right foot, Team Liquid ought to extinguish the flames in their Round 5 fixture. Coming into this one, in case of a rough defeat, you know what to do… Match-winner on NRG and perhaps even total maps under 25.5. If Team Liquid stomps them in Round 5, I doubt MIBR will be successful against NRG and FaZe.

NRG to Win

Outright Winner Betting Predictions

As for the outright winner betting predictions, Team Liquid obviously has the highest chances of success. Bookies recognized that and have -150 on TL to win the event. That said, while I do think Liquid has the highest potential to win this here, -150 is barely worth the hassle.

MIBR seems like a great contestant too, especially considering the odds. They’re currently sitting at +1000, so a small stake single on this is definitely worth it. As for me, I’ll have my money on FaZe Clan with hope they’ll repeat their BPS Miami triumph. At +600, FaZe Clan to win outright yields great value!

FaZe Clan at +600 or MIBR at +1000
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