2019 CS:GO Asia Championships Betting Preview and Where to Bet

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With the finish of ESL Pro League qualifications, the CSGO esports scene is turning its attention towards the next big competition. CS:GO Asia Championships 2019 is the name, and it brings forth a lucrative environment and splendid presentation in Shanghai, China.

The second Asia Championships iteration, organized by Perfect World, is set to start on Wednesday, November 20th.  The event features six outstanding participants that got their tickets through the international round of invites. TYLOO is here as the Chinese invitee, with Vici being the only team that had to go through the qualifiers to earn their spot for this event.

As far as Asia Championships betting sites are concerned, the following section ought to shed some light on the matter.

Where to Place CS:GO Bets | Best Asia Championships Betting Sites

Before we start the discussion about the safest Asia Championships betting sites, you might want to take a look at our comprehensive CS:GO betting sites guide. It features three top-notch betting platforms and gives in-depth looks at the central ranking criteria. In other words, it explains the stuff that makes the best CS:GO betting sites.

Of course, you can always disregard our advice and look for esports betting websites on your own. If you’re lucky, you might stumble upon a good one. If not, then you might get yourself in a ton of trouble. If you get stuck with a lousy bookmaker, not only will you not have the optimal online esports betting experience, but your personal info could potentially be at risk. That’s why you should stay on the safe side and check out the above-linked piece!

CS:GO Asia Championships 2019 Preview | Interesting Facts

  • The event kicks off on Wednesday, November 20th with the first group stage matches. The venue of choice is the famous Jing’an Sports Center that’s bound to pack a ton of electric CS:GO
  • There’s $500,000 in the prize pool, making this Asia Championships event one of the most lucrative ones in 2019. To put things into perspective, IEM XIV Beijing finished ten days ago, and it had “just” $250,000 in prize money.
  • This event sports a rather unique group stage. It features two groups with four players each, nothing unusual so far. However, the playoffs qualifications system takes a weird twist. Both group winners advance straight to the semifinals. Second and third-place teams advance to the quarterfinals. And, obviously, both bottom teams are out of the competition!
  • The best Asia Championships betting sites already sport both outright winner and match-winner wagers. They became available yesterday, which is why this piece is coming out later than usual. Still, there’s plenty of time to drum up a few winning tickets before the start of the initial group stage matches.
  • Duncan “Thorin” Shields will be leading the analysts’ trio in Shanghai. The commentating talent looks great too, with experienced names such as ddk, moses, and Anders as the front runners. Such a high-quality broadcasting staff means Asia Championships 2019 is going to be one heck of a CS:GO spectacle!

Asia Championships Betting Tips

After showing you the safest Asia Championships betting sites, it’s time to show you two matches you should consider betting on. More precisely, this section focuses on two matches featuring stats-driven Asia Championships betting tips targeted to both newcomers and experienced bettors alike.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right on in!

Evil Geniuses vs. MIBR Betting Tips

The first match we’re going to analyze today is EG vs. MIBR. Of course, given their recent successes, Evil Geniuses is rightfully dubbed as the heavy favorite. They’re the first name in group A, but there won’t be a lack of competition with G2, MIBR, and TYLOO, hoping to snatch a spot leading to the playoffs.

The biggest strength of EG lies not only in their recent successful campaigns but in the sheer brilliance of their two in-form players, Brehze and CeRq. They’ve been putting on quite the show in recent months, getting their team out of numerous sticky situations and singlehandedly winning crucial rounds.

Talking about individual performances, Stanislaw’s stats aren’t painting the real picture. The 25-year-old Canadian in-game-leader isn’t doing himself any justice in terms of KDA ratio. However, that was never his strong suit. What he does excel at are the mind games, tactical preparations, and game sense, factors that pushed Evil Geniuses to the #1 spot on the HLTV.org rankings.

As for MIBR, Coldzera’s departure is still a burning issue for the team. The Brazilians are finding it challenging to get back to their usual form and have fallen to the 15th position on the world rankings. Even though their form has been pretty good lately, six wins and two losses, they weren’t playing against the top-level teams.

Overall, I can’t see MIBR doing much against EG’s well-oiled machine. 2-0 for Evil Geniuses is the realistic end result here, and at -105, it offers decent value too.

Evil Geniuses to win 2-0 at -105

AVANGAR vs. Mouz Betting Tips

If you’re looking for Asia Championships betting sites, chances are AVANGAR vs. Mousesports is the match you wish to bet on. And I can’t blame you; this matchup has all the flair of a proper cracker. Two prime candidates for the top spot in group B, ready to spoil ENCE’s role as the favorites.

AVANGAR is coming to Shanghai in a pretty stellar form. Four wins in their last five matches. However, similarly to MIBR, they weren’t playing against top-flight teams. In other words, take AVANGAR’s form with a grain of salt.

Mousesports, on the other hand, have just two wins in the last five matches, raising alarms for the European CS:GO giants. To make matters worse, mousesports is losing against the likes of Heroic, Virtus.pro, and M1X, teams they should comfortably outplay in Bo3s. And yes, all three losses were in Bo3 matchups.

Mousesports is much more successful in head to head matches, winning four of them, the last one being on StarLadder Major Berlin earlier this year. Maps-wise, mouz is excellent on Overpass, Dust II, and Train. Train and Dust II fit AVANGAR’s style of play, but Overpass not so much, which could be a ticket for Mousesports’ victory here.

Be that as it is, the safest bet in my books is a good old maps total over 2.5. At the moment, it’s sitting on +105, which yields great value considering this match has all the potential to be a tightly contested one.

Maps total over 2.5 at +105

Outright Betting on Asia Championships 2019

Obviously, Evil Geniuses are the first name on the team sheet for this event. The best NA side is coming into this competition with fine form. Yes, perhaps they failed to meet expectations in Beijing, but their StarSeries Season 8 triumph in Turkey must’ve been enough to satisfy their cravings.

Unfortunately, at +125, Evil Geniuses to win outright doesn’t yield the greatest value. Sure, you can drop a high stake on it and expect a decent enough return, but it’s just not worth it, especially knowing the competition in Shanghai.

Instead, a lower stake on G2 at +600 might be worth the hassle. The French side that’s just recently been upgraded with CR4ZY’s star players finally seems to be syncing up. They successfully qualified for the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals after defeating North and BIG with sleek 2-0 on the scoreboard.

G2 to win outright at +600
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