CS:GO StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 Early Outright Winner Betting Predictions

This is the CS:GO event we’ve all been waiting for ever since the end of IEM Katowice. The next CS:GO Major Championship iteration is roughly two weeks away and we’re here to bring you up to speed as far as StarLadder Major outright winner betting tips are concerned.

However, between then and now, a lot of things have changed on the CS:GO competitive scene. Believe it or not, Astralis is not the heavy favorite to win their third consecutive Major title. Instead, the USA giant Team Liquid is enjoying the beginning of their era with astonishing performances over the course of the last few months.

In addition to the big duo, Astralis and Team Liquid, there’s a handful of additional teams that will fancy their chances in Berlin. Even though the German CS:GO scene isn’t enjoying its best moments, there are plenty of other countries with top-tier competitors. In fact, there is not a single German player participating in the event which just goes to show you what a mess the German CS:GO currently is (more on that down below). For now, let’s focus on the StarLadder Major outright winner betting tips and check out the best esports betting sites to use for betting on StarLadder Major!

Where to Bet on StarLadder Major Berlin

There are a ton of esports betting sites you can use for betting on CS:GO’s grandest of stages, the Major Championships. But, since there are so many of them, it can get a bit difficult to find the ones yielding the highest profits.

Some esports bookies focus on other esports titles besides CS:GO, featuring much higher odds on the likes of LoL, Overwatch, or Dota 2 matches. Others, on the other hand, primarily focus on CS:GO and have coverage on all notable tournaments. They feature superior odds, greater bet depth, and are often known for having generous welcome bonuses.

Long story short, instead of looking for the best esports betting sites out there, you should focus on finding the best CS:GO bookmakers—the best StarLadder Major Berlin betting sites, to be more precise.

If you’re on the lookout for new bookies to join, our in-depth CS:GO betting sites guide ought to help you out. Not only does it feature the best CS:GO bookies at the moment, but it also gives you some insight on what makes them the most viable options for betting on the upcoming Major.

CS:GO Major Championships | Fun Facts

This part of our StarLadder Major outright winner betting tips guide will be all about interesting facts surrounding CS:GO Major Championships. It’s a short read but a highly informative one, for that matter.

  • StarLadder Major Berlin is going to be the 15th CS:GO Major Championship. Thus far, 10 different teams took the CS:GO Major Championship title. Eight teams have done it once, while Astralis and Fnatic have won three times each.
  • In Berlin, Astralis will have a chance to win their record-breaking fourth Major title (third consecutive one) and surpass Fnatic. The Swedish team, however, won’t be competing in Berlin, so they won’t be able to sabotage Astralis’ plans. In fact, this is actually the first Major that Fnatic won’t be competing in.
  • Since MLG Major Columbus in 2016, the prize pool has been upped from $250,000 to $1,000,000, bringing the total prize pool money of Major Championships to $9,750,000. StarLadder Major Berlin included.
  • This is the fourth CS:GO Major Championship held in Germany. However, it’s the first one in Berlin. Thus far, all three Germany-based Majors were held in the esports capital of western Europe, Cologne.
  • Berlin 2019 is the first iteration of Majors hosted by the Ukrainian event organizer, StarLadder. They’ve been in the business since 2013 and made themselves a constant presence in the world of competitive CS:GO, being responsible for several outstanding events.

Prize Pool

In terms of the prize pool, the upcoming CS:GO Major Championship in Berlin will feature the typical $1,000,000. Half of that goes to the winning team, which means there’s a lot more to it than pure prestige and glamour. For a more detailed look at the StarLadder Berlin Major prize pool, check out the table below:

Placement Prize
1st $500,000
2nd $150,000
3rd to 4th $70,000
5th to 8th $35,000
9th to 16th $8,750

StarLadder Major Outright Winner Betting Tips

This is it, guys! This is the main part of our StarLadder Major outright winner betting tips guide—the actual betting tips! Basically, the following teams are, at least in my book, the heavy favorites to reach the Champions Stage. Yep, all eight of them! But as far as winning the title is concerned, we’ll discuss the reasons why some of them could win it and assess the outright winner odds value. Spoiler alert: Some of these values are rather messed up…

Team Liquid

We’ll be starting off with the most dominant CS:GO team in recent months, Team Liquid. Ever since 2019 kicked off, there has been something different about their roster and the way they approach the most crucial matches. Their iBUYPOWER Masters IV triumph, in which they defeated Astralis in the grand finals (for the first time), was the perfect depiction of what came to be several months later. Even though ENCE surprised them during the IEM Katowice Major, Team Liquid quickly bounced up and had a terrific run that kickstarted the end of the Astralis era and the beginning of theirs.

In May, June, and July, there were seven trophies for Team Liquid, including the special Intel Grand Slam Season 2 award for managing to win four IGS events within 10 tries. Fun fact: Team Liquid did it in four. Talk about dominance and consistency, huh?

But where did all of this come from? After all, Team Liquid spent more than a year living in Astralis’ shadow with no real outstanding campaigns to boast with. Well, that’s true, but being second-best to Astralis in their prime, and doing it constantly, takes an extraordinary amount of effort. Plus, their map pool depth is now at an all-time high, establishing Vertigo, Mirage, and Overpass as their safe havens. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about Bo1, Bo3, or Bo5 contests, there’s not a single team out there that can contest Team Liquid’s map pool right now.

Come to think of it, there’s not a single team that can strategically outplay Team Liquid in a Bo5 series. Their strength is in their individual brilliance, as well as pitch-perfect team cohesion—something they’ve acquired with the arrival of Stewie2K back in December last year. Even though the 21-year-old rifler hasn’t been showing off the greatest of stats, his presence can definitely be felt round in and round out.

Coming into this tournament, Team Liquid is on a massive 22-game winning streak when it comes to LAN matches, and just one defeat in their last 28 matches. That’s unbelievable stuff! In fact, their last defeat dates back to June 18th, when they lost against North in the ESL Pro League S9 Finals group stage. Need I remind you, Team Liquid ended up going through the lower brackets and winning the event without too much hassle.

With all that in mind, it’s no surprise to see Team Liquid dubbed as the heavy favorites to take the upcoming Major title. As for my StarLadder Major outright winner betting tips, I reckon Team Liquid really is the most likely team to take the trophy. However, odds at +175 is not the greatest value out there, so if you’re a value hunter, you may want to stay away from this one.

Team Liquid to win StarLadder Major at +175


The Danish giants are the second team we’re going to discuss here. After being at the top of the CS:GO rankings for more than a year, Astralis players have finally been dethroned. Ever since that happened, I can’t really say they looked impressive or determined to take that flattering title back to Denmark. Their 2019 trophy cabinet seems pretty shy with just two trophies. While that would be a notable achievement for most other teams out there, only two titles in 2019 isn’t up to their usual standards, even though one of them is a Major.

Dupreeh and the boys only won one event after their triumph in Katowice, BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo. And that was in the same month as the Major itself. Since then, their most notable campaigns were on BLAST Pro Series Madrid and ESL One Cologne, where they reached the finals and semifinals, respectively. Plagued by inconsistency, general confusion, and bleak individual displays, Astralis players look like mere shadows of their former selves.

Still, most esports betting sites have the Great Danes as the second favorites to take the StarLadder Berlin Major (right after Team Liquid, of course). At +350, is Astralis a solid choice for a long-term Major bet? Well, let’s crunch some numbers and find out if these odds hold any value.

Six wins and four defeats in the last 10 matches aren’t that bad to begin with. But it’s Astralis we’re talking about here, they’re supposed to do much better than that. While the Great Danes are still a powerhouse on Inferno (87.5% win rate in last three months), they seem to be struggling on Dust II and Nuke. Yes, Nuke. It’s the map that became the trademark of their success and their record-breaking playground. It has now fallen to 50% in the last three months—three wins and three defeats. The numbers should serve as a wakeup call.

If Astralis can come to their senses on Nuke and Dust II, and if their players stop running aimlessly around the map, perhaps +350 on them wouldn’t be such a bad idea for our StarLadder Major outright winner betting tips. After all, consistency has been their focal point since the end of the Katowice Major, and those above-listed issues were the main culprits. Knowing zonic, Astralis’ coach, he already has everything figured out and is almost done with preparing his team for winning their third consecutive Major title.

Astralis to win the Major at +350


Just like Team Liquid dethroned Astralis from the number one spot, Vitality did so with the number two spot. Yep, Astralis is currently the third-best CS:GO team, with the tenacious and immensely aggressive Frenchmen taking ahold of the runners-up place. And it’s nothing surprising, really. Many will say Team Vitality’s success is all thanks to the rise of ZywOo. Don’t get me wrong, that’s correct, but only partially. Allow me to elaborate…

The rise of ZywOo, in essence, brought a lot more confidence to the entire team. Sure, his individual brilliance is what wins them rounds more often than not, but it’s the overall approach to their matches that’s been drastically changed over the course of the last few months. And believe it or not, it has a lot to do with just how brilliant ZywOo has been performing.

If there’s a player on your team that’s got a nasty clutch potential, it will drive you to become more aggressive, push higher, and try to catch those opening kills to close out rounds before they even begin. More often than not, such aggressive plays can yield profits. And when they don’t, there’s ZywOo who’s developed a habit of stealing impossible rounds.

When it comes to their recent campaigns, they won three notable events, Charleroi Esports 2019, cs_summit 4, and ECS Season 7 Finals. The latter is, by far, the biggest one. ECS S7 Finals is basically the event that brought Vitality to the top of the CS:GO food chain. Can they build on it in Berlin?

Even though they’re currently ranked as the second-best team on HLTV.org, most bookies have Vitality as the third or fourth overall favorite. Liquid and Astralis are always the top duo, while the third-place battle seems to be a three-way tie between ENCE, NaVi, and Vitality. At the moment, Betway has Vitality to win the Major at +600. You got to admit, it’s a pretty good value considering ZywOo’s form and the current state of affairs in Team Vitality.

Vitality to win the Major at +600


If there’s a team we’ll all remember the IEM Katowice Major for, then it’s definitely ENCE. There was nothing indicating that allu and the boys will be so dominant out there. They were, by far, the biggest surprise of the entire tournament and were one good match away from stealing the trophy from Astralis and creating one of, if not the, biggest Cinderella stories in CS:GO history.

Fast-forward to today, it seems as though ENCE players still have some of that fire left from Katowice. Arguably, they were the team that kickstarted Astralis’ downfall and, thanks to a few solid campaigns, have established themselves as a tough competitor for pretty much anyone.

As far as individual performances go, sergej and allu are still leading the charge. With a ton of fragging potential and good team communication, they’ll be the team to play against in the Legends Stage. Even though many people see them as somewhat of an underdog team, I’m certain ENCE players will show off their best form in Berlin.

The best StarLadder Major Berlin betting sites have ENCE to win outright at +700. While it’s not exactly the greatest value, it’s still solid, especially considering both their individual and team-based strengths. Their biggest weakness, in my books, is a relatively shallow map pool depth. Their Overpass strats need some love, that’s for sure. Hopefully, Twista, ENCE’s coach, has already realized that and is working on a new approach for the upcoming Major.

ENCE to win the Major at +700

FaZe Clan

Even though they’re not in the greatest of forms, bookies still consider FaZe Clan as one of the top six favorites to take the StarLadder Berlin Major trophy. At +1200, they’re comfortably sitting at the sixth place, right below NaVi, Vitality, and ENCE, all of whom are swinging around +600 and +700.

But why is that so? FaZe Clan hasn’t won a single event (or performed well enough on a single event) since BLAST Pro Series Miami… And that was in mid-April. The only somewhat notable campaigns afterward were BPS Los Angeles (runners-up) and DH Masters Dallas (semifinals).

Well, it could be the fact NiKo and GuardiaN are on that team. NiKo is still among the top three fraggers, and GuardiaN is among the top three AWPers, at least in my books. Their snowball potential is absolutely ridiculous. If these two have their say in a match, it’s almost certainly going in FaZe Clan’s direction. That’s just how they roll.

Obviously, they’ll be starting from the Legends stage thanks to their short-lasting Champions Stage endeavor in Katowice. That means they won’t have to suffer through the Challengers Stage and potentially get eliminated by second-tier teams. And let’s be realistic, that’s exactly the kind of stuff I’ve come to expect from this ever-oscillating FaZe Clan roster.

As far as FaZe Clan StarLadder Major outright winner betting tips are concerned, +1200 yields pretty solid value and I’ll probably invest a small amount in this bet. If NiKo gets hot as soon as the Legends Stage kicks off, we can expect great things from FaZe cometh the Champions Stage!

FaZe Clan to win the Major at +1200


The biggest news regarding Natus Vincere happened near the end of May when Edward got replaced by Boombl4. This pushed the team balance slightly, but I’m sure NaVi will have plenty of time to sync up before the Legends Stage kicks off. As far as the 20-year-old Russian prodigy’s performance is concerned, it still hasn’t reached its potential. There’s no doubt we’re talking about a talented player here, but as always, it will take a bit of time before he gets on the same wavelength as the rest of his teammates.

When it comes to Natus Vincere’s chances at winning the Major, the story is pretty standard. It all depends on s1mple and his ability to close out crucial rounds and matches. Even though ZywOo has taken over s1mple’s flattering title of the best CS:GO rifler in the world, the Ukrainian superstar is still as hot as they come. Plus, ZywOo will motivate s1mple to try his best in Berlin.

Leading NaVi to their first-ever Major title is not going to be an easy task. Bookies, however, don’t seem to share the same opinion. At the moment, NaVi to win outright sits at +600, the same as Vitality. And while I do believe the betting value is slightly on the lower end of the spectrum, knowing s1mple’s fragging potential, I won’t blame you if you put a small to medium stake on them.

NaVi to win the Major at +700


The Brazilian youngsters are really enjoying themselves out there. FURIA showed up on the scene at the Katowice Major where they showed off solid performances in the Challengers Stage. Even though they managed to take just one win in Katowice, FURIA definitely showed the world they mean business. More recently, they had an amazing run in Dallas, reaching the semifinals after smashing the likes of Vitality, NRG, and Fnatic. They failed to reach the grand finals, but they put up a decent fight against Team Liquid.

As far as their Berlin Major aspirations go, I reckon they could qualify for the Champions Stage. Yes, the Challengers Stage competition is very tough, but if they make it through to the Legends Stage, only the sky is their limit. Who knows, perhaps FURIA is on its way to becoming the new Major sensation just like ENCE in Katowice.

Bookies have FURIA to win the Major at +1600. While I do think they might qualify for the Champions Stage, it’s highly unlikely they’ll go all the way. That said, +1600 doesn’t seem like a valuable investment from my point of view. In fact, the likes of G2 and MIBR (even Mousesports) have a better chance of going all the way despite having larger odds. In other words, unless you know something I don’t, it’s better to stay away from FURIA outright winner bets. If you can find a bookie that features ­team to qualify for the Champions Stage, then by all means, go for it!

FURIA to win the Major at +1600


Coming into this Major, MIBR is probably the team with the most interesting backstory. As most of you already know, coldzera, one of MIBR’s key players, decided to leave the team. Needless to say, it will be really difficult to find a proper replacement. However, MIBR wouldn’t even need a replacement since coldzera offered his services for the Major. However, his former teammates politely declined the offer and in came zews (MIBR’s coach) as the substitute.

Even though many people expected zews to be a major flop for MIBR, his initial performances were actually not that bad. Sure, his stats are nowhere near coldzera’s, but for what it’s worth, he’s proved like a solid substitute after all. With his knowledge about the ins and outs of in-game strats, he just needs to brush up on his actual aiming and positioning skills before the start of the StarLadder Berlin Major. Luckily for everyone involved with MIBR, there’s still enough time for zews to master his gameplay.

Due to the fact zews is going to be playing as a substitute, the odds on MIBR to win the Major are at an all-time high. BetWay has them at +2000. To put things into perspective, that’s more than G2 and FURIA, who are teams that have just recently reached a proper form.

As stated above, there is still a ton of time before the Major kicks off, and even more so for MIBR since they are not starting their journey from the Challengers Stage. That’s roughly three more weeks of practice for zews. Three more weeks of in-game practice could do the 31-year-old Brazilian Counter-Strike legend a world of good. With that in mind, a small wager at +2000 seems like a solid choice. If zews’ three weeks of training yield good results, boom, you’ll be in for a major pot! If not, it was a small wager, so it’s not the end of the world.

MIBR to win the Major at +2000

StarLadder Major Outright Winner Betting Tips | Long Shots

There are two additional teams that I had to leave out of the above-featured list. I’m referring to Mousesports and CR4ZY. If there’s going to be a huge upset at this Major, then it’s definitely going to be created by one of these two teams.

Mousesports is the favorite of the two, coming in at roughly +2000 to take the trophy. The highly aggressive Balkan team, CR4ZY, are at +3500 odds, yet their recent spell of performances gives the assumption that they’re a lot tougher than most people think.

Led by huNter (FaZe NiKo’s cousin), and nexa, this Balkan-based squad ought to freshen things up in the top levels of CS:GO. With their aggressive, fast-paced playstyle and chaotic presence, CR4ZY has successfully conquered the likes of North, Sprout, and Fnatic. In fact, CR4ZY is the team that made Fnatic miss out on their first Major ever. If that’s not enough to invest a small amount of money on them (at +3500), then I really don’t know what is.

Mousesports, on the other hand, had a season packed with fluctuations. At one event, they’re firing on all cylinders, securing easy wins, and establishing themselves as the dominant force. But if you fast forward to the next event, they’re being smashed around by second-tier teams. Their most notable achievements in 2019 are DH Open Tours win and ESL Pro League S9 Finals semifinals finish. Overall, at +2000, they could be worth the investment—small stake, of course.

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