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CS:GO betting has become a rapidly growing niche with plenty of people testing their luck on various CS:GO betting sites. Some do it just for the thrill, the added betting factor improves their overall viewing experience. Others, however, do it for the money. Similar to traditional sports where there are a ton of betting enthusiasts pursuing constant profits, the esports betting section also fumes with up-and-coming bettors. That said, it comes as no surprise to see a ton of new StarLadder Major betting sites with generous odds and amazing coverage of the most important CS:GO event in the remainder of 2019.

And that’s pretty much everything needed to jump on the CS:GO betting bandwagon. If, however, you’re still not sure which of the StarLadder Major betting sites to go for, perhaps this next section answers your prayers.

Where to Place Bets — Best StarLadder Major Betting Sites

Finding StarLadder Major betting sites isn’t that difficult. All it takes is a quick Google search and you’ll find a lot of options. However, finding the best StarLadder Major betting sites is a different pair of shoes. Google, unfortunately, won’t be of much help here since you’ll need to dig deeper in order to find the crème de la crème of CS:GO betting platforms.

In fact, here are the three main aspects you should look for in your next esports betting site of choice. If you’re too lazy to read all that, you can always refer to our best CS:GO betting sites guide and learn more.

Wide Array of Betting Options

The first thing you need to search for is the CS:GO betting category. It’s usually under esports, but some bookies tend to have it separately. However, it’s not enough to just have a CS:GO category and call it a day. Nope! You need to assess the level of coverage inside the category itself. More precisely, assess the StarLadder Major coverage, prop bet diversity, and long terms. If you’re satisfied with your options, feel free to move to the next step.

Recognizing Profit Margins

The next step is all about recognizing the profit margins of a given bookie. Profit margins basically represent the percentage (or cut) the bookie takes off each wager. The lower it is, the higher the odds are. Never settle for StarLadder Major betting sites that take big cuts or have low odds. This will hurt your overall profit as low odds greatly influence your returns, especially if you love experimenting with accumulators and systems.

Good Online Reviews

Lastly, if you’ve found a bookie that has a plethora of CS:GO betting options and great odds, the final step is to take a closer look at what other people have to say about it. Once again, don’t just Google for answers and use the info on the very first page that pops up. Instead, go on Reddit and check out subreddits related to CS:GO betting and best esports bookies. Additionally, you can also check some of your favorite forums for potential info. Having a broader approach and taking into account the opinions of actual people rather than paid reviews ought to help you find the best StarLadder Major betting sites.

Pros of Joining Multiple StarLadder Major Betting Sites

Did you guys know having accounts on multiple StarLadder Major betting sites is a great way of increasing your profits? Well, it’s true. Joining more than a single bookie will allow you to compare your returns, experiment with extra options, and exploit their welcome bonuses. Yep, that’s right, you can snatch a welcome bonus off each bookie you join if that bookie supports welcome bonuses.

StarLadder Major Berlin Preview — Interesting Facts

  • StarLadder Major betting sites are already packed with options. The best ones have a bit of everything, from various in-game specials all the way to long-terms. If you’re interested in betting on the CS:GO StarLadder Major Berlin, you can already start placing your first bets.
  • This is the fourteenth CS:GO Major Championship installment. It’s the first one happening in Berlin, in fact. The glorious Mercedes-Benz Arena is the venue of choice for the playoffs while the initial two stages will be held at the Verti Music Hall.
  • The event kicks off on Friday, August 23rd and will last until Sunday, September 8th. More than two weeks of top-level CS:GO action is ahead of us. Let’s just hope this Major fulfills all of our expectations!
  • As far as the prize pool goes, StarLadder Major will feature $1,000,000, just like the last few iterations. Half of that amount ($500,000) will go to the winning team. In addition to the $1,000,000 in prize money, Valve will also give 50% of the money from Viewer’s Pass sales to participating players and organizations.

Tournament Format

At first glance, StarLadder Major Berlin’s format might seem a bit confusing. However, if you’ve watched past iterations, you’ll be alright. After all, it’s basically the same exact thing. There are three stages in total, the Challengers Stage, the Legends Stage, and the Champions Stage.

The first two stages are played in the exact same format (16-team swiss system with top eight advancing to the next stage). The Challengers Stage features the Returning Challengers and the Minors Challengers. The eight best teams advancing to the Legends Stage will have to make their way through the Current Legends.

The final stage is basically a simple single-elimination bracket. At this point, there are only eight teams left in the competition, so the bracket kicks off with the quarterfinals. Both quarterfinals and semifinals are played as Bo3 (just like all deciding matches in the initial two stages) with the grand finals being reserved for a grandiose best of five contest.

StarLadder Major Top Challengers Stage Teams

After checking out the best StarLadder Major betting sites, it’s time to say a word or two about the most notable competing teams. More precisely, the top Challengers Stage teams that begin their competition on Friday.

Only eight of 16 Challengers Stage teams will advance to the Legends Stage where they’ll have to go up against the Current Legends. So, let’s dive right on in and check these teams out!

Team Vitality

Team Vitality Logo

Currently ranked as the second-best team in the world, Team Vitality is certainly a heavy favorite in the Challengers Stage. To be honest, I don’t see them having difficulties with many of their Challengers Stage opponents, especially not with ZywOo out there doing all his magic.

At the moment, the 18-year-old Frenchman is ranked as the best CS:GO fragger in the world. Just recently, ZywOo surpassed the long-reigning champion s1mple with his round clutching performances and sick 1vX comebacks. ZywOo is in superb form and definitely worth the aforementioned flattering title. What s1mple is to NaVi, ZywOo is to Team Vitality. It’s as simple as that!

We’re talking about a relatively new team here, but a team which already has several notable titles to their tally. Most notably, ECS S7 Finals and cs_summit 4, both of which were held in the span of last three months. In other words, Team Vitality is coming to Berlin in great form, and I don’t see a scenario in which they fail to qualify for the Legends Stage.


After failing to qualify for the last Major Championship (IEM Katowice), Mousesports made a proper roster refresh and will be looking to make a proper impression in Berlin. Looking back at their recent campaigns, they’re coming into this event with pretty good form. Sure, they won only one somewhat notable event (DreamHack Open Tours) in May, but their approach focuses on the process instead of results.

In other words, Mousesports has been playing very well during the last few months despite not winning a whole bunch of events. In addition to DH Open Tours, the mice also had a successful ESL Pro League S9 Finals campaign where they ended up with a semifinals finish. Even though the two latest ESL One events left much to be desired, I’m still confident in woxic’s and chrisJ’s ability to lead their team to the Legends Stage.


North CSGO Logo

JUGi joined North back in May and, ever since his arrival, the Danish team’s campaigns improved significantly. Even though they failed to qualify for ESL One Cologne, their performance on ECS S7 Finals marked their return to the top of the CS:GO foodchain.

As far as their StarLadder Major Berlin aspirations are concerned, North should succeed in qualifying for the Legends Stage. Their individual qualities are miles ahead of some of the competing teams, and that’s definitely something they’ll take advantage of cometh the crucial Challengers Stage matches.

At the moment, Kjaerbye and valde are their toughest players. Aforementioned JUGi is doing himself a world of good too. The only weak link I see right now is gade. Not only is he doing a poor job duel-wise, but his overall positioning and angle hunting seem far from ideal. If the 24-year-old Dane doesn’t improve on those points, I’m afraid the Legends Stage will be too tough for North to handle.


FURIA’s average player age is just over 20 years, making them one of (if not the) youngest rosters to ever compete on a Major. And they have pretty high expectations, too. Last time out, in Katowice, their Challengers Stage displays left a lot to be desired. They were plagued with inconsistency and prone to making a lot of silly mistakes. In the end, their IEM Katowice Major journey was cut short.

This time around, FURIA aims to break the deadlock and qualify for the Legends Stage. It won’t be easy, but judging by their recent campaigns, I believe it’s doable. Obviously, they’ll have to take a stance on Nuke, especially in crucial Bo3 matches set to decide their Challengers Stage fate.

KSCERATO and yuurih need to be at their best to lead their team forward. In the last two months, their K/D totals are well in the green, acquiring more than +600 difference. Needless to say, if they want to qualify for the Legends Stage, they’ll have to keep those numbers and perhaps even improve upon them.



Just like Vitality, NRG is also among the best CS:GO teams in the world at the moment. In fact, if you’ve come here to find StarLadder Major Betting sites for long term bets, chances are, you’ll want to place your money on NRG. Yep, NRG is the team to bet on in the Challengers Stage. They’re coming off of an amazing series of performances: semifinals finishes on ESL Pro League S9, ECS Season 7, and StarSeries Season 7 and a second consecutive Americas Minor win.

With Stanislaw’s arrival, NRG’s tactical superiority is going to be on a whole new level. This talented in-game leader, often dubbed as the NA’s best, ought to bring more stability and consistency in NRG’s matches. And that’s exactly what this team needs. With in-form Brehze on their side, this NRG roster doesn’t need much more for a successful Challengers Stage journey.

If they manage to improve their performance on Inferno, which is currently their weakest map, things could end up looking great for NRG. And I’m not just talking about the Challengers Stage but the Legends Stage as well. Last time out, they left the competition much earlier than most of us expected. This time around, with Stanislaw as their IGL, I really can’t see that happening.


G2 Esports is the next team on our list. The second-best French team at the moment is coming to Berlin with high hopes of reaching the Legends Stage. A quick reminder, KennyS and the boys failed to reach the Champions Stage last time out. To be honest, their opponents were pretty difficult. G2 lost against NaVi, MIBR, and ENCE, with the former two defeating them pretty easily on Inferno.

When it comes to their Berlin adventures, I’m certain we’ll see G2 reach the Legends Stage once again. KennyS is still in good form with players such as shox and AmaNEk also stepping up for the occasion. They’ll need every last bit of firepower once the Legends Stage starts. The competition is tough, and I can’t wait to see the man, the myth, the legend, KennyS try and lead his team to berlin glory.



Let’s face it, AVANGAR doesn’t seem to be at the same level as Vitality, Mousesports, and NRG are. However, they got one thing that goes in their favor, and that’s the sheer number of events they participated in during the last few weeks. Yep, while most other teams were having boot camps and offline skirmish matches, AVANGAR were enjoying full-on competitive events. Sure, they were tier-B events with not that difficult competition, but competitive environments always beat offline skirmishes no matter how well detailed and planned they are.

That said, I expect great things from AVANGAR as far as the Challengers Stage is concerned. In terms of the Legends Stage, however, I can see them going out pretty soon even with 0-3 as their end score. And it’s not because of their players, especially not because of Jame who has established himself as one of CIS’ greatest AWPers. It’s because of the obvious lack of international experience that ought to show as the event progresses.


The last team we’re going to talk about here is CR4ZY. Or ex-Valiance, should I say. We’re talking about a relatively new team that just recently reached notable importance in the CS:GO esports spectrum. This is their first Major, although they almost qualified for IEM Katowice. Back then, they managed to conquer Mousesports (old roster) but ultimately failed to qualify after losing to ENCE and Team Vitality.

This time around, CR4ZY will be hoping to take another step forward. They already reached the Major and the next step is to qualify for the Legends Stage. By looking at their opponents, their task will be everything but an easy one.

Their individual qualities are definitely abundant. HuNter and nexa are superb players, contributing to every passage of play seemingly effortlessly. The others aren’t half bad either. EspiranTo and ottoNd, two internationals in CR4ZY’s roster, are doing their fair share of work. LETN1, even though not in the greatest of forms, can still be the decisive factor if he starts off on the right foot.

Teams to Advance

As far as advancing to the Legends Stage goes, those eight aforementioned teams are my picks. They seem to be the best the Challengers Stage has to offer. Additionally, by looking at some of the names we have here, it’s pretty clear some of these teams shouldn’t have to go through the Challengers Stage hassle. NRG and Team Vitality are the perfect examples, both belonging to the top 5 teams at the moment.

Even though “Teams to Advance” wagers on these particular teams won’t yield that much profit at StarLadder Major betting sites, finding a bookie that allows accumulators might be your best option. Having five or six wagers on an accumulator ought to significantly increase your return. It is a bit risky but well worth a lower stake.

Playing the Pick‘em

If you’re an active CS:GO player, then you must get that itchy feeling when it comes to the Pick‘em Challenge at StarLadder Major betting sites. It’s sort of like Teams to Advance betting but, instead of placing direct real money wagers, you have to buy the StarLadder Major Viewer’s Pass to compete in the action. With the Viewer’s Pass, you’ll get access to special in-game items and challenges as well as this Major’s Pick’em.

The premise is quite simple. There are nine fields you have to fill out with your team choices. You’ll have to pick seven teams to advance to the Legends Stage, one team to go 3-0 and one to go 0-3.

It might sound simple, but it’s actually quite difficult, especially if you don’t approach it with the correct strategy. For starters, the 3-0 position is the trickiest one and often leads to the first missed opportunity at grabbing points. Most of the time, people go for the heavy favorite team to advance for filling this spot.

Obviously, that’s not the ideal solution at StarLadder Major betting sites. The ideal solution, in my book, is to nail down the favorites in the Teams to Advance list. If, for example, the favorite loses just one match and you’ve placed them in the 3-0 position, you’re not only losing that 3-0 spot but a safe “to advance” pick as well. Instead, pick one of the potential underdogs for the 3-0 spot and all the heavy favorites in “to advance” spots. This way your chances of getting at least five of them right will be a lot higher.

Here’s what I’m going with:

3:0 – CR4ZY

0:3 – INTZ

Teams to Advance – Team Vitality, Mousesports, North, FURIA, NRG, G2, AVANGAR

Outright Betting on StarLadder Major

Coming into this event, Team Liquid is the obvious heavy favorite at StarLadder Major betting sites for taking the trophy. It takes no genius to conclude that, to be honest. After checking out their performances over the course of the last few months, it immediately becomes apparent what a powerhouse TL really is. They’ve won seven trophies since April, with impressive displays of power and superiority against some of the best opponents out there.

Astralis and Team Vitality are right up there with Team Liquid. The former best team in the world will hope to make StarLadder Major Berlin their official comeback. Even though they haven’t played that well recently, they are still a force to be reckoned with and definitely have the individual qualities to overcome any team that comes their way.

As for Vitality, we’ve already talked about them earlier in this article, so there’s no point in repeating all that. What matters the most for Vitality is in-form ZywOo. If he shows up for the occasion right off the bat, we can expect great things for Vitality.

For a more in-depth approach at this topic, make sure you check out our comprehensive StarLadder Major Outright Betting guide!

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